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Garbaggio Tastemaker Marathon 2022 Garbaggio Tastemaker Marathon 2022
🌜 I Was Mooned By The Serious Moonlight Sonatas Marathon 2022
🖤 Mona at Midnight Marathon 2022
🎸 Sunrise Lamentations Marathon 2022
Six Degrees Marathon 2022 Six Degrees Marathon 2022
Bryce's Marbles in a Blender Marathon 2022 Bryce's Marbles in a Blender Marathon 2022
🎸 Strength Through Failure Marathon 2022
🍝 Radio Ravioli Marathon 2022
🎸 Transpacific Sound Paradise Marathon 2022
🎸 Scott Williams Marathon 2022
🎸 Daniel Blumin Marathon 2022
🎸 Radio Row Marathon 2022
🎸 Fuji Puzzle Box Marathon 2022
🎸 Put The Needle On The Record Marathon 2022
🎸 Polyglot Marathon 2022
🚩 Arbitrarium Red Flag Raiser 2022
🥁 100% Whatever Marathon 2022
🎸 Spectrum Audio Marathon 2022
🎸 Cratedigger's Lung Marathon 2022
🎸 The Fantastic World of Kitten Sparkles Marathon 2022
🎸 Discobog Marathon 2022
Question the Answer Marathon 2022

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WFMU's Marathon 2021
WFMU's Hellraiser 2020
WFMU's Marathon 2020
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WFMU's Marathon 2019
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WFMU's 2013 Marathon

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My aunt: "Fortunately I am not the first person to tell you that you will never die. You simply lose your body. You will be the same except you won't have to worry about rent or mortgages or fashionable clothes. You will be released from sexual obsessions. You will not have drug addictions. You will not need alcohol. You will not have to worry about cellulite or cigarettes or cancer or AIDS or venereal disease. You will be free."


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