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Playlist for 14 March 2013 Options | If you don't strike a match, the fire can't burn

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
My premium CD, yours automatically for pledges of $75 or more.
The Blue Birds  Sun We Bilou Akh Waliya   Options Pakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976 (various artists)  Sublime Frequenceis     
Carlos Malcolm  Busting Out of the Ghetto   Options Living in the Streets Vol 3 (various artists)  BGP    0:02:48 ()
Zia  Helelyos   Options Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of The 60s and 70s  Finders Keepers    0:04:57 ()
Suicide  Dance   Options The Second Album  Mute    0:09:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
Soul Raga   Options Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of The 60s and 70s (various artists)  Finders Keepers    0:12:49 ()
James Pants  Every Night   Options James Pants  Stones Throw    0:23:49 ()
Prince and the Revolution  Take Me With U   Options Purple Rain  Warner Bros.    0:27:10 ()
Dara Puspita  Pip Pip Yeah   Options 1966-68  Sublime Frequenceis    0:31:24 ()
Music behind DJ:
Serengeti Stroke   Options Party Keller Vol. 2 (various artists)  Compact Medien    0:32:59 ()
Jonas Nordwall  My Life   Options Organ Grinder Pizza, volume 1    on my premium CD, "Do Your Own Thing," yours automatically for any pledge of $75 or more.  0:46:33 ()
Marcos Valle  Que Bandeira   Options Garra  Odeon; Light in the Attic    0:51:33 ()
Lue Renney  Your Wiggle and Your Giggle   Options 7-inch single  Bethelehem    0:54:48 ()
Chang Loo  At Three Springtime   Options Asian Takeaways (various artists)  QDK/Normal    0:57:15 ()
Marcos Valle  Garra   Options Garra  Light in the Attic    1:00:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel    1:04:04 ()
Korean Black Eyes  All Dressed Up No Place to Go   Options single  Vitoria    1:14:27 ()
Mad Scene  Lorelei   Options Blip  Siltbreeze    1:16:34 ()
Thaiz Itch  No Place to Go   Options The Square Carnival  Proot  Free download here, from WFMU's Free Music Archive  1:19:18 ()
Nancy Wilson  Don't Rain on My Parade (45 played at 33)   Options Best of  Capitol  on my premium CD, "Do Your Own Thing," yours automatically for any pledge of $75 or more.  1:22:06 ()
Ernie Kovacs  Thoughts While Falling Off The Empire State Building   Options Presents... Percy Dovetonsils thpeaks  Omnivore    1:24:28 ()
Mirtha y Raul  El SueƱo De Andria   Options Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Volume 2  Waxing Deep 
Mirtha y Raul
1:27:19 ()
Mad Scene  T. Rex   Options Blip  Siltbreeze    1:40:08 ()
Yea Big  What We Will   Options The Wind That Blows the Dandelion's Seeds  Illegal Art    1:43:27 ()
Brook Benton  Do Your Own Thing   Options 7-inch single  Cotillion 
on my premium CD, "Do Your Own Thing," yours automatically for any pledge of $75 or more.
1:46:40 ()
TV Girl  Benny and the Jets   Options Benny and the Jets  TV Girl  get download link here  1:51:08 ()
Los Brito  El 4-5-6   Options Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Volume 2  Waxing Deep    1:54:45 ()
Shakers  Que Amor (What a Love)   Options First Album  Fermata    1:56:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Go! Team 
We Listen Everyday   Options Junior Kickstart EP    on my premium CD, "Do Your Own Thing," yours automatically for any pledge of $75 or more.  1:59:47 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 3/11/13 12:20pm Charlie:

For pledges of$75 or more, you will receive my new premium CD, "Do Your Own Thing," a collection of improbably chipper and heart-felt tunes that reaffirm your right to keep on doing whatever the heck it is that you're doing. Pledge here: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:31am Artie:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:06am Charlie:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:33am listener james from westwood:

might be here for only part of the show, but wanted to say good luck and happy listening to charlie and the stream gang, respectively!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:58am ndbob:

morning Charlie and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

heya artie and bob!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01pm ndbob:

heya james!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm glenn:

man. i always forget how much louder the stream is. i had the yo la tengo cranked up to eleven, and when i switched over i almost sharted myself.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:06pm Michael:

Hey now Charlie. And Tip O'My Hat to James, Bob and Glenn. Pretty cool Yo La earlier eh?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:07pm Charlie:

Heya, Artie, James, Bob, Glenn, Michael!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:07pm Mary Wing:

Welcome everyone! THe first prize on offer is the Pomegranates compilation, yours to win with a $15 pledge!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:09pm Mary Wing:

Here's info about the Pomegranates CD:
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:10pm Uncle Michael:

Cranking it to listen-in-the-shower volume...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:10pm glenn:

i have it, and it's a wonderful thing. plej early, plej often.
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:11pm ALEXIS:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:12pm glenn:

(i only like creative misspelling when i do it)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:12pm pacific standard simon:

Hi all.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:12pm Carmichael:

You'll need these speakers then, UM.

Hiya Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:13pm listener james from westwood:

howdy all! if you shart while pledging, station manager ken will subsizide all carpet cleaning.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:13pm Charlie:

Thanks, Mary, quick with the links!
Hi uncle Michael, Alexis, PSSimon.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:14pm ndbob:

Heya Michael, Simon, Alexis, Carmichael
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:15pm Tower:

@Mary Wing: That Julian's Treatment listed on your favorites is supposed to be really good and fairly rare. I'd love to find that on vinyl.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:15pm Charlie:

Carmichael! Tower!
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:16pm honey, ashley, and spalding:

we're listening in vermont xoxo....
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:19pm Carmichael:

Charlie/Mary, the websites at FMU are all jacked up and incredibly slow. Taking minutes to re-load. Hope that doesn't affect your online pledges.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:19pm pacific standard simon:

99 & 1/2 won't do!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:20pm listener james from westwood:

woo! mary wing! it takes two to make a pledge go right!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:21pm Mary Wing:

Yeah, Carmichael, I noticed that too. What's up with that?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:21pm ndbob:

Heya Tower Todd!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:23pm Parq:

Digging the Santana quote at the start of this "Soul Raga".
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:24pm Brian Trauma:

Not just me finding the site slow.
Charlie on site, you missed Doug?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:26pm Brian Trauma:

The expression 'pants' over here means something is not very good.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:26pm Mary Wing:

James Pants self-titled CD is also a prize for this hour, here's more info about it: www.stonesthrow.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:27pm Charlie:

Hi Parq! Yeah, Mr Trauma, slow!
Doug and I were like trains passing in the night (almost literally).
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:28pm Carmichael:

And jeez Mary, didn't I hear you about 8 hours ago? A yeoman's effort!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:28pm Mary Wing:

Tower, I should know better than to favorite a track on Tony Coulter's playlist--I'll never find a copy of it, heh. But that Juilian's Treatment was excellent.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:29pm listener james from westwood:

everybody pants now. pants pants pantspants pants.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:29pm Parq:

Speaking of pants ...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:30pm Doug Schulkind:

Give Charlie a big ol' kick in the p.... (pledge box).
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:32pm Mary Wing:

Question for the board: who is on backing vocals, Vanity or Appollonia?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm Carmichael:

Appolonia Kotero. Song was originally meant for her solo album.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm Brian Trauma:

John Oates!!
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm frenchee:

MS. Wing!

I'm pretty sure it's Wendy and Lisa.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm listener james from westwood:

my guess was wendy & lisa too.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:35pm Uncle Michael:

Carmichael, Uncle Michael has an Uncle Marshall.

Off to the commute...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:38pm Carmichael:

Here you go: en.wikipedia.org...

It's on the internet, so it's been vetted. HA!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:38pm listener james from westwood:

wiki sez apollonia dueted, but lisa backed for a bit of body.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:39pm sugarwolf:

A few years ago at a craft fair in Brooklyn, I saw someone with a WFMU tattoo on his arm.
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:39pm frenchee:

Yay, Charlie in the house!

Hi Mary!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:41pm Carmichael:

Oh Mary, excellent Steven Wright cut last night! Had me laughing while I was doing taxes.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:43pm Carmichael:

You're not an institution, you're a fraternity. A brotherhood. A loose conglomerate.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:46pm glenn:

lisa did have a bit of a body, if i remember rightly.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:49pm Carmichael:

This is horrible, and I love it! Anyone want to roller skate??
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:54pm Mary Wing:

Third prize this hour is Marcos Valle's Garra CD, originally released in 1971 and yours to win for a $15 pledge! Check it out: lightintheattic.net...
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:54pm gary mitchell:

  Thu. 3/14/13 12:57pm Tower:

It has a meter that is tricky,a bit of wicky wacky-wicky
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:58pm Parq:

I donwanna roller skate, but I'd love a walk in the park with Lue Renney.
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:01pm gary mitchell:

hong kong's answer to Carole Burnette (musically)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:02pm Lewis:

I had Asian Takeaways on my "go get" list for ages, but it never happened. Time to return to raise that priority.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:03pm Charlie:

A late hello to Frenchee, Sugarwolf, and hiya, Gary!
And Lewis!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:04pm Mary Wing:

Prizes are going to be awarded in a minute, get in your pledge!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:10pm ndbob:

pretty much Gary
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:11pm listener james from westwood:

must head out; best of luck, charlie and mary! good thursday, all!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:12pm Ike:

Bouncing back & forth between this and Kamikaze. Groovy vs. grinding.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:14pm Doug Schulkind:

Did you make some reference a few days ago to Rush Limbaugh promising to donate $25,000 to Nachum? Is that true, or did I completely misinterpret your comment?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:19pm Mary Wing:

The Mad Scene EP Blip is one of three prizes this hour; a mere $15 gets you in the running for it! Read more: www.midheaven.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:19pm Ike:

Doug, yes, believe it or not, that happened.

I rarely listen to JM, but I happened to tune in on Wed. morning at around 8:30. Rush actually sounded... nice.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:19pm Uncle Michael:

Ok...I just gotta say that Billy Joel on theater organ was really good but Billy Joel in march time was freaking awesome.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:19pm Mary Wing:

Thanks again for your pledge, James!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:22pm Ike:

(And when I say "rarely" I mean "pretty much NEVER, yak, needs way more klezmer" but Nachum in marathon mode can be entertaining.)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:23pm Doug Schulkind:

Many years ago, Limbaugh made a sizable pledge and then never paid it. I wouldn't hold my breath.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:23pm Mary Wing:

Really, Doug? That's pretty shitty.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:24pm Ike:

Well, Rush's final words this time were something like, "And this time, send me an invoice!" Hmm.
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:26pm Tower:

This reminds me of LuLu's The Boat That I Row. I often play that 45 @ 33 rpm.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:28pm Uncle Michael:

Why would Limbaugh be supportive of WFMU? How sure are you that someone else wasn't just punking the station?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:28pm Mary Wing:

Ernie Kovacs is prize number 2 this hour! Pledge $15 to be eligible to win it! Check it out: omnivorerecordings.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:28pm Charlie:

Hi Ike, and a late hello to honey, ashleay, and spalding!
And Tower (again?)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:28pm Carmichael:

That's pretty typical, actually.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:29pm Lewis:

Alice Cohen does a rocking "boat i row" on the the Losers Lounge comp...
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:29pm Listening Out There:

Thanks for the Percy!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:29pm Uncle Michael:

You know who does a rockin' "The Boat That I Row?" The fella what wrote it!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:31pm Mary Wing:

We've set a goal for this show; help us reach $1000 in the last half hour!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:35pm Lewis:

@unclemichael - I have really tried to like that fella that wrote it, but I keep coming up short... That said, I have not heard him do boat I row and I will give it another shot!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm Ike:

I almost never take that crunky elevator -- don't want to get stuck, & walking up is good exercise.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm Lewis:

@UM - I keep trying because I find that I *really* like other people who sing his songs... It is a conundrum.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:38pm Uncle Michael:

@Lewis A lot of people share you view. I used to. It was certainly the orthodoxy to dismiss him. Then I found it impossible to dismiss the Bang sides and now I find it hard to dismiss most of the first half of his '70s stuff. I adore it.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:39pm Uncle Michael:

Is there bombast? Yes. Is he show biz? Yes. Did the Band invite him to the Last Waltz for a reason. Hell yes.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:40pm Lewis:

@UM - I will track down the Bang sides and it is possible that I have been listening to compilations that didn't do the early 70's stuff justice.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:40pm Doug Schulkind:

Charlie's show is only two hours, so you have 20 minutes left to show your appreciation for the exquisite BUSY DOING NOTHING!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:41pm Lewis:

I have no problem with bombast... it can be lots of fun (see Tom Jones)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:42pm Uncle Michael:

@Lewis I don't take anyone else' taste personally so if it's not to yours, that's cool as cool can be. I recommend the Stones and Tap Root Manuscript albums.

And Tom Jones is the lord god. What's more, he has four testicles.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:43pm Lewis:

@UM - thanks for the recommendations!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:44pm Mary Wing:

Last prize for the show is the great compilation Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Volume 2 which you can win if you pledge $15 or more to Charlie's show right now! More info here: www.waxingdeep.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:48pm Mary Wing:

Be that wrench! Pledge now!
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:49pm gary mitchell:

love it love it!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:49pm pacific standard simon:

I, for one, am in concordance with Uncle Michael's taste for Neil Diamond and Tom Jones. And I wouldn't have been, 40 years ago.
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:50pm gary mitchell:

late period Leiber-Stoller
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:50pm Uncle Michael:

I enjoy Brook Benton's recordings with Dinah Washington so much more since I learned that they didn't get along.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:50pm Mary Wing:

One Mouse of Today pledge would put us right at the brink of our goal, won't you be the person who puts the dog wag on Charlie's playlist?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Holey crikey! Charlie is now only $239 away from reaching the goal! Wow wow wow!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:53pm Uncle Michael:

I wish I was made of money...instead of whatever this stuff is that I'm made of. Ew.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:53pm Charlie:

Download this TV Girl song here: www.facebook.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:55pm pacific standard simon:

Fake fur and naugahyde, UM.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:55pm ndbob:

excellent pledge show Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:55pm Mary Wing:

Six minutes left! Please make a pledge in support of Charlie and the Give The Drummer Radio stream! Your voice matters!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:57pm pacific standard simon:

All of my pledges have been for GTDR streams -- Doug, you are a hero.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:59pm Charlie:

Stay tuned for Matt Fiveash, right here on WFMU's Give the Drummer Stream! Here's the link to his playlist page: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:01pm Lewis:

@pacific standard simon - while I can't claim "all", my pledge has also been heavily weighted to GTDR.
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:01pm Tower:

Another great show, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:01pm Doug Schulkind:

@pacific standard simon
Tag, you're the hero!
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:03pm Tower:

Bye to Charlie, Mary, Bob and everyone else. See ya Sunday, Gary.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:04pm Brian Trauma:

Great job, Charlie 'n Mary.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:04pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the great show, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:05pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks Mary.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:06pm ndbob:

congrats winners!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:07pm Michael:

Thanks Charlie and thanks to Mary.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:50pm Charlie:

Too busy wrapping up the show to say:
Thank you everyone for listening, commenting, and pledging!
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