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Options May 29, 2015: Live from Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival 2015 - Day 1

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Tentative brodcast schedule for WFMU at Primavera Today (subject to change), Eastern Time:

3:00p Panda Bear
3:20p Arthur Russell Instrumentals (Rhys Chatham, Peter Gordon etc)
3:55p Twerps
4:25p Yasmine Hamdan
4:40p Hans-Joachim Roedelius
5:15p Giant Sand
6:10p Mdou Moctar
6:45p Thurston Moore Band
7:00p Disappears
7:45p Ex Hex
8:35p White Hills
9:30p The Julie Ruin
10:30p The Church
11:15p Sleater Kinney

Artist Track Comments
Brian Turner and Liz Berg    WFMU Central 
Panda Bear  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options The Spread 
Brian Turner and Liz Berg  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options  
Arthur Russell Instrumentals  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Performed by Peter Gordon, Rhys Chatham, Nik Colk Void, Peter Zummo, Ernie Brooks, Gavin Russom, Bill Ruyle, Max Gordon, Gerry O'Byrne, and Tim Burgess. 
Twerps  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Twerps 
Evan "Funk" Davies  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options  
Yasmine Hamdan  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options  
Evan "Funk" Davies  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options  
Hans-Joachim Roedelius  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Christopher Chaplin & Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Collaboration with Christopher Chaplin, seen at right. Roedelius is seated, center, and Florian Launisch is standing on the left, providing visuals on the big screen.
Evan "Funk" Davies  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Banana Piano

The Banana Piano, a feature of the tent next door to ours.
Giant Sand  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Giant Sand 
Mdou Moctar (no longer archived, by artist's request)  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Mdou Moctar 
Thurston Moore & band  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Thurston Moore 
Disappears  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options  
Ex Hex  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Ex Hex 
Liz Brian & Evan  spiel   Options Jumbotron FAME! 
White Hills (no longer archived, by artist's request)  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options White Hills 
The Julie Ruin  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Mediterranean 
BT/EFD  spiel   Options  
The Church  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Breakfast options 
Sleater-Kinney (no longer archived, by artist's request)  Live at Primavera Sound 2015   Options Sleater-Kinney 

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:03pm fleep:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:04pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:04pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Holy heck! I'm all a-sweepy in a vortex of th'RAWK!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:04pm common:

voivod? swans? man, yep.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:05pm thedunkel:

  Fri. 5/29/15 3:05pm cheri:

what's up one and all!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:05pm Claw!:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:06pm Jeff:

Jamón Power!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:06pm Cheri Pi:

can you post pics on the playlist?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:06pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Immaculately psyched to catch HJ Roedelius before end of office day, if the schedule holds...
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:06pm cheri:

hello claw!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:06pm sphere:

oh yeah!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:07pm chris:

it sounds like you're right next door, wow! this is gonna be great!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:08pm JakeGould:

Whoa! I can almost smell the sardine sandwiches and beer!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:08pm Polyus:

So much goodness ahead.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:09pm Cheri Pi:

perfect timing, thanks uncle Roedelius!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:09pm Chris from DC:

Einsturzende Neubaten/Swans back to back. Wow.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...time for the big speakers...
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:09pm cheri:

imagine two cheris on one comment board!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:09pm Hot Bar:

Hey everybody!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:10pm Liz Berg:

Hey everybody, thanks for joining us! Get ready for 2 days of crazyawesomefun!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:11pm MikeY:

Any way to cut the distortion down?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:11pm -Ken:

Liz, mind if I post the full schedule for today on this page?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What's the temperature there, Liz? Is (was) it really hot out today? Feels like summer back here.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:12pm MikeY:

Or is this how they sound ?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:14pm Mary Wing:

Sounds a bit distorted, yeah. Is this recorded through the sound board?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:14pm Liz Berg:

Go for it, Ken! Panda Bear's set was intentionally crazy blown out. As he intended...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:15pm MikeY:

Much better with Pop up Playere
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:15pm Ike:

@3:09, yeah, it's hard to imagine. That definitely requires a lot of imagination. More than most of us can conjure without heavy medication.

Sound is getting less distorted, I think? Yay!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:15pm Liz Berg:

It's been mild here in Barcelona, probably 75 today.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:15pm Mike East:

yum, nice lunch there.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:17pm JakeGould:

@Liz: As long as we’re all asking you questions, who way does the water go down the drain in Barcelona?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:17pm ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Hola Liz!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:17pm MikeY:

Looks like lots of good music for the next 8 hours
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:18pm Mrs. Howell:

Looking forward to Thurston's set.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

May I ask: How long ago was this recorded? (What's the delay?)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Tomorrow at 4PM EDT: Voivod! !! !!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:20pm Liz Berg:

Panda Bear was recorded yesterday.
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:21pm Hot Bar:

Mono stream sounding adequately representational, in case anyone was wondering
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:21pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Umlauts greased up & ready.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:22pm common:

man, i can't believe he pulled that off live. great! ah, technology.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:28pm JakeGould:

See! I knew there were sardines!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:28pm Listener Robert:

Is it sandwich time, Ms. Berg?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:29pm fleep:

Click on pix for more images.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:30pm Webhamster Henry:

Greetings to the Arthur Russell people!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:32pm Queen Carlotta:

WHAT?!!! NO razor clams? We are not amused. Not one little bit.
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:34pm P-90:

Looks yummy and indulgent enough for me. Hi Barcelona!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:34pm V Priceless:

Hey! What's going on here? Ha...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:35pm common:

well...i think it's time for a beersie, vp.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:36pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Hey Primavera people! More pictures of squid and jalapeños!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:37pm Doppler Eye 3:

Where does the rain mainly fall over there?
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:37pm P-90:

Cute booth too.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:37pm Chris from DC:

Would very much like for Roedelius to coincide with beersies, but not going to be able to pull that off.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:38pm Cheri Pi:

whut CfDC said
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:39pm V Priceless:

hey common! Beersies indeed....soon!

Digging this ARI
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:41pm common:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This link displays all the pictures in one place - www.flickr.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:44pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

No beersies for the clergy, alas. Gonna be a long night of gettin' schtuff done...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:45pm Carmichael:

Holy effing Moly! Hi Primavera!!
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:45pm Nunya:

Haha, Ike. You're so hostile to that commenter, and it's kind of funny to see. What triggered that response to them?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:46pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Ernie Brooks!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:49pm Polyus:

Loose Joints!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:50pm Polyus:

I can't think of this song the same way since Cazwell got ahold of it.
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:53pm marmalade kitty:

Which would you rather see, Damien Rice or Belle & Sebastion?
  Fri. 5/29/15 3:58pm marmalade kitty:

I'm torn!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 3:59pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I didn't see B&S until 2010. I thought it was gonna be all sleepy and boring but it was *amazing*. Saw them again in 2013, same deal.
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:00pm P-90:

Bravo! Great sound quality here back home, too!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:02pm Uncle Michael:

Sounding great!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:06pm Ari:

Sounding great, cheers from Iceland!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:09pm doctorjazz:

This is great! Loving this band and the Arthur Russell Instrumental band!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:10pm rascal yammers:

I like it.
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:10pm dave:

sounding good in eastern Germany too!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:12pm doctorjazz:

Loud and clear in Staten Island!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:13pm Ike:

@Nunya@3:45, it's a small matter, but it's a years-long history of insulting, repetitive shtick, and occasionally being creepy to female DJs and commenters. Hang around for a while and you'll start to see the pattern. I should just focus on this great music right now. A much more pleasant topic!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:14pm marmalade kitty:

Time zones! I'm easily confused..
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:16pm marmalade kitty:

I've missed flights!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:16pm Nunya:

Duly noted, Ike. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for replying.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:19pm Hugo (NL):

:) i was just searching for a picture of twerps live at primavera. then i looked at the playlist again....
this sounds good!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:21pm marmalade kitty:

You can catch Ride later on the primavera web page. I saw them in Manchester last weekend very good it was too!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:21pm Old Dude:

I miss rock sometimes.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:23pm JakeGould:

Another question: What is the fried stuff near the middle of the right side of the plate in that picture? Calamari?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:23pm Chris from DC:

We have to wait til September for Ride here.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:24pm JakeGould:

@marmaladekitty: Curious, but this reunited “Ride”… Did they pretend the later part of their career from “Going Blank Again” onward didn’t exist? Because for me it’s Ride from their EPs to “Nowhere” and past that… Feh…
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:27pm Uncle Michael:

I feel the presence of professional dump button operators.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:29pm Uncle Michael:

I think a friend of mine is seeing Ride in Chicago and Disappears is opening. They're from Chicago.
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:29pm marmalade kitty:

'JakeG; I never listened to anything beyond blank again. I nipped out for a cig when they played an unfamiliar song (not the song) My omnipresence not working properly. I miss the days when i could smoke everywhere at the same time :)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- thot Ride on KCRW in April was very very good: www.kcrw.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:32pm V Priceless:

I hear Air in the background - cool!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:33pm Claw!:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:34pm Claw!:

Missed ya last night on Nick Name's board...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:35pm Bryce:

i can crack walnuts with my dump button finger
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:35pm V Priceless:

hiya Claw! Yeah...mind willing but body weak kinda thing...love Nick's show - need to ketchup on archives.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- nice mix here...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:37pm Stepchild:

walnuts if we're lucky!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:38pm marmalade kitty:

also, people were thinner in those hazy days of smog? can't have your cake and eat it, I suppose..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:39pm cosmic matrix:

weird random metronome.....
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:40pm V Priceless:

Paulie called...he wants his walnuts back.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:40pm efd creeping on Liz B's computer:

What's up everyone? Hope you're enjoying the broadcast so far.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:41pm Stepchild:

got a nice gueuze coming up to room temp and joy is spreading...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:42pm V Priceless:

hey creeping efd! looks beautiful over there!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yasmine wigkey: en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Enjoying it greatly, Liz. Thanks for asking. Which performances will be archived, if that's been established yet?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:43pm Bryce:

1 2 3 4
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:44pm Stepchild:

Thx 11/63! That's good info. I dug that scene in Only Lovers Left Alive. Didn't even realize I was hearing same person again.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:45pm cosmic matrix:

WTF is that drum machine doing?? driving me nuts.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

& homepage: www.yasminehamdan.com
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:45pm marmalade kitty:

I'm attempting to juggle wfmu coverage with the primaver site coverage; a bit like being there and hoverwalkingmanic between sets and stages
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:49pm marmalade kitty:

There is a cross over sweet point between stages where you can hear both sets, a bit like listening to two shows at the same time :p
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:50pm cosmic matrix:

@marmalade--there was somebody playing a set on the next stage over with nothing but a digital metronome?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:50pm cosmic matrix:

@marmalade--wait--you weren't talking to me.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:51pm cosmic matrix:

i guess i'm over it. life has its mysteries.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:52pm Cheri Pi:

this iz so exciting!!!
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:52pm marmalade kitty:

or when you can't decide which show you want to see, dithering hopelessly in between
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:52pm V Priceless:

Roedelius - way cool!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:53pm mrdonutsu:

Any word as to whether White Hills' set will be archived?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:54pm common:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:54pm chris:

Run the Jewels will be on chan 2 of primaveralive in 50 mins... oh my...
  Fri. 5/29/15 4:54pm Hot Bar:

Well here i am with beersies as it turns out. Sounding great in mono by the way.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:55pm Chris from DC:

So of course the office was dead quiet til the beginning of Rodelius.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:57pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

so of course a spontaneous meeting starts up at the beginning of Roedelius.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:57pm efd, not Liz Berg:

I'm pretty sure White Hills will be archived. Their set was great, I saw/recorded that one myself.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:59pm Claw!:

This Roedelius shore is purdy.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 4:59pm V Priceless:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:01pm efd, not Liz Berg:

Very atypical Primavera experience, at least for me: Indoors, in a cushy seated auditorium, and totally silent except for the performance. It was great, really glad I had the opportunity to see it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The news back here in the states included some FIFA shenanigans and perversions of former House speaker Dennis Hastert. And the Republicans have like 19 people and counting vying for the presidential nomination.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:05pm common:

so purdy.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:07pm efd, not Liz Berg:

Yes, I've seen bits of that news drift by when I have a moment to look at something not WFMU/Primavera related!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:10pm marmalade kitty:

'Ken;don't vote, have a revolution instead!? voting in uk failed miserably hahahaaaa
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:11pm JakeGould:

@EFD: In other U.S. news a Kardashian or a Jenner believes in contrail nonsense. Going to take a nap now.
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:13pm BriJet:

Hello all!!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:16pm marmalade kitty:

I can catch Ride tonight and Voivod tomorrow! playing simultaneously on opposing stages can work, but imagine if they were to just jam together?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:16pm efd, not Liz Berg:

hi BriJet!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:19pm BriJet:

Ahoy hoy Evan!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:21pm Rory:

Sounding great!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:23pm efd, not Liz Berg:

this performance has a few minutes left and then we'll be airing Giant Sand's set.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:24pm markreichard:

Hans-Joachim Roedelius is fantastic. I hope this turns up in the Free Music Archive sometime.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:24pm chris:

this is really mind bogglingly beautiful music... wowza.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:25pm Mary Wing:

Hans-Joachim's Facebook page says the third person onstage is Luma Launisch:
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:25pm V Priceless:

the gent on the left may be responsible for the visuals: www.facebook.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:26pm V Priceless:

u owe me a beer, Ms. Wing! Ha
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:27pm Mary Wing:

:-) Great minds...
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:27pm marmalade kitty:

I knew it wasn't Charlie Chaplin..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:28pm Claw!:

V, who *doesn't* owe you a beer?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:29pm V Priceless:

hmmm...now that you mention it, C...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:30pm smonff:

Can't wait for Mdou Moctar ! Especially while playing before Thurston M. Band...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:30pm Mike East:

hey, this round is on me, guys. Cheers, and Happy Friday. (clink)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:31pm efd, not Liz Berg:

I was wondering if that was the case myself, V Priceless. That would make sense.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:31pm Claw!:

Cheers, Mike!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:31pm marmalade kitty:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:31pm Mike East:

sorry I'm late, I'm sure its been said...is yasmine hamdan archived?
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:33pm Dean:

I think you're right, VP. Florian Launisch: http://www.lumalaunisch.com/about-3
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:37pm V Priceless:

ahh..thanks for confirm on that, Dean!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:38pm Marcel M:

Hello! Spain!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:39pm efd, not Liz Berg:

I think archiving Yasmine Hamdan is still tbd, but Brian will know for sure.
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:39pm marmalade kitty:

viva catalonia!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:42pm thehotrock:

Anyone know a way to watch the Sleater-Kinney performance? I'm only finding live streams.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:42pm Mike East:

right on. Its not like I don't check the fmu website 50 times a day anyway. Thanks for your efforts in bringing us the festival sounds, efd, not Liz Berg. (but also Liz Berg, cuz she makes plenty of effort, too)
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:44pm marmalade kitty:

@thr,It has just ended
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:44pm Cecile:

howe always continues to amaze me.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:45pm Cheri Pi:

Serious Q. Do they have Solo cups in Barcelona?
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:46pm thehotrock:

yea, i literally opened the live stream as they finished playing "modern girl" and said Thank you Good Night! awww. If anyone knows of a link to the full video of that...i'd love to check it out! :) THANKS!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:48pm common:

hee, cheri!
  Fri. 5/29/15 5:48pm marmalade kitty:

no doubt it will appear on the youtubes at some stage, if not re-run on the site ;)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:50pm V Priceless:

anyone in Barcelona spotted this guy yet? ; ) en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:50pm Cecile:

they have solo cups, but probably not Solo cups. I wouldn't expect the talent here to break them, hell some of htem might even offer to wash them.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:50pm Cheri Pi:

Yo common!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:52pm Cheri Pi:

I waabthinking that festival goers might be trusted more in the civilized world to carry bottles
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:52pm Cheri Pi:

* I meant that typo
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:53pm chris:

efd has his work cut out for him editing the Run the Jewels performance... watching it now...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...just watched video on PV site: Sleater-Kinney delivered what they do awlright, & I really liked The Church!...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 5:57pm Marcel M:

Oh my lord that photo of the Spanish food... I shall be there eating it in August!
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:02pm Hot Bar:

I always take pictures like that of food after I've already had a few bites. Sounding great in mono.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:11pm Cecile:

WOW! I haven't heard this one live ever.
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:12pm thehotrock:

Thanks miss marmalade kitty! I'm learning the virtue of patience :) Sleater-Kinney never played in my city, so i've been scrupulously watching youtube videos of all the past performances! have a great weekend!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:13pm Cecile:

this is incredible. So buzzy and vicious! Can't believe this song is 30 years old.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:13pm common:

almost got to interview him in my early days.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:14pm Cheri Pi:

I love this
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:15pm Cecile:

I don't usually use this word, but we are so blessed to still have them around.
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:16pm marmalade kitty:

Ride just ripped it up with the opening song from nowhere, a blast of 90's psychshoe
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:18pm listener monica:

Wow great set Howe!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:19pm Cecile:

I know, RIGHT?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:19pm Carmichael:

My wife and I are Sleater Kinney nuts. Their live set will no doubt DELIVER!
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:20pm marmalade kitty:

Rides Laurence Colbert is a top drummer
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:21pm Cecile:

well, I gotta go. Hopefully this will be archived.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(The Sleater-Kinney in D.C. that NPR had is the one to find, perhaps!...)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:21pm Cecile:

this drummer is no slouch, either.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:22pm Marcel M:

Danggg this is HAWT!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:24pm Marcel M:

Wait, when is the Ride broadcast?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:24pm Carmichael:

Mdou Moctar: sahelsounds.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:26pm Marcel M:

Oh I've found the schedule NEVER MIND!
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:27pm marmalade kitty:

'MM; Its going out live now on the alternative stream primavera.com
(I'm cutting it fine don't want to miss thirsty boy moore!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:29pm Marcel M:

@MK: AHhhhh I see, thanks!
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:29pm marmalade kitty:

I'm gonna archive the Mdou Moctar!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:31pm Marcel M:

I wanted to see Ride here in NYC but it sold out super fast... which I really didn't expect at all.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:32pm Claw!:

This is sounding so good!
And now it's time for a beer!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This Mdou Moctar is hypnotic.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:38pm Marcel M:

Yeah.. this is SO great. I'm in summer mode so I'm drinking Hendricks and Tonic with cucumber. Fits nicely!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:38pm Claw!:

V! I stumbled upon a copy of "Bat Out Of Hell" in my 'to be priced' pile just now here at the shop. Should I keep it set aside for you? I just gotta be sure I don't spill any of this Red Stripe on it...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:38pm chris:

RtJ broke the primaverlive stream, so i'm back in time for Mdou Moctar! could this day get any better? beer?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:38pm Claw!:

Damn, Marcel! You fancy!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:39pm Cheri Pi:

Rumps are shaking here at CP/HQ
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:39pm chris:

g&t! nice call, Marcel
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:39pm Stepchild:

Moctar's murdering it, my beer one is done and so...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:39pm Claw!:

@chris - Beer, indeed!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:40pm Cheri Pi:

Corona light with double lime and a side of fat cat
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:41pm Marcel M:

I was craving one all day. Very satisfying.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:42pm Cheri Pi:

I heart Hendricks. You can't go wrong with gin
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:42pm Marcel M:

Agreed! Hendricks is a breed of its own.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:43pm Marcel M:

A friend of mine is a journalist in Spain, and got to go to the Hendricks distillery in Scotland and she said it was a magical place.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:46pm chris:

i don't think you can go wrong by visiting a distillery in Scotland, actually. Hendricks would be an especially nice choice, though.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:48pm Claw!:

Ugh. I just can't do gin. I've tried several times, and I just can't. It's as gag-inducing to me as Jagermeister. I'm more of a whisky drinker.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:48pm common:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:49pm Carmichael:

Clicked the hell out of that performance.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:49pm Claw!:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:49pm Cheri Pi:

Beersies uber alles!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:50pm Marcel M:

I with you common! Love all three!
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:50pm spodiodi:

Gin is for the 40+ crowd.
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:51pm spodiodi:

*sips* gin
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:51pm Marcel M:

I guess I'm old in the heart spodiodi
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:51pm Cheri Pi:

Gin is great for muscle cramps, or "hysteria"
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:52pm spodiodi:

Thurston Moore! Woohoo!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:53pm Cheri Pi:

I'm camping out here tonight for VOIVOD!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:53pm Mary Wing:

Don't forget a station ID, peoples.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:53pm Claw!:

I wanted to like gin. Everyone goes on and on about how refreshing it is, and I always liked the *idea* of some crisp gin beverage on a hot day. Then I drink it and it makes me feel bad. I guess I will have to wait until my 40th Bday to see if my taste buds have evolved.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:53pm Sean B.:

Tuning in just in time...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:55pm Marcel M:

@Claw!: Start with a very small amount of gin in a glass full of tonic and work your way up.
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:55pm spodiodi:

G&T on a hot day is so nice. You could try pinching your nose? Weaker mix?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:55pm Cheri Pi:

Give it time young,Claw grasshopper. I cannot drink whiskey
  Fri. 5/29/15 6:56pm spodiodi:

Or just don't drink. Liver failure kinda blows anyway, from what I've read.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:56pm Stepchild:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:57pm Cheri Pi:

Really really really dig Disappears
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:58pm Claw!:

See, I don't like tonic either. Gin and tonics are out of the question.

Any other ginny suggestions?

And spodiodi - I'll quit drinking when I'm good and ready to! ;-P
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:58pm Mary Wing:

Perhaps Claw should drinking with this crowd:
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:59pm Cheri Pi:

Exactly Marcel
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:59pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 6:59pm Cheri Pi:

Hahaha Mary!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:00pm Carmichael:

This music is brooding.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:01pm Sean B.:

Gin......hmmm. Don't.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:02pm Marcel M:

@Claw!: Well than you are hopeless! The only other thing for me is martinis which is mostly gin, gin, and gin.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:02pm Cheri Pi:

Loved them with Lee Ranaldo
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:03pm Claw!:

Hah. Gin-gerale. Noice.

Yeah, Marcel. I think gin is lost on me. Oh well - more for y'all!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:03pm Sean B.:

Jim Beam on the Rocks & Soda Water.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:04pm Claw!:

Perhaps I shall, Mary... Perhaps I shall...
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:05pm Hot Bar:

I'm no kiss fan but the way to gin is COLD GIN. Definitely the quickest liquor route to gonersville.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:05pm marmalade kitty:

Andy Bell Ride guitarist looks like Peter Cook playing guitar, nothing like Erasure front man!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:05pm Claw!:

I just like a Jameson, neat. I'm pretty minimalist in my alcohol consumption.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:05pm V Priceless:

Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred, here. Bond all the way.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:06pm chris:

if it ain't broke, don't fix it, Claw! :)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:07pm Claw!:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:08pm Cheri Pi:

Claw have you read this clickbait article about lady whiskey drinkers? elitedaily.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:08pm fleep:

Ramos Fizz. You won't even notice it's there.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:09pm Liz Berg:

Nice one, fleep!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:09pm Marcel M:

I'm actually generally a bourbon man. But in the summer, the gin is nice.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:10pm Claw!:

Oh, Lord, Cheri... Friggin clickbait...
I had not seen that article yet. But I will now!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:10pm spodiodi:

Mary Wing, Chris T.'s (awesome) guest last week (Melissa Holbrook Pierson) sounded a lot like you. I was sure it was you until quickly proven dead-wrong. You may want to sue.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:13pm Nick Name:

@Claw! : ever had Genever ? it's still Gin. If you are in Amsterdam go here to try : www.wynand-fockink.nl
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:16pm Claw!:

From the article:

"I doubt any true whiskey drinker is going to laugh her ass off after listening to a penis joke, and that’s a good thing for anyone seeking mature company."


If you're too good to laugh at a penis joke with me, I don't wanna know you.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:16pm Claw!:

Hey, Nick! I have not tried that. Perhaps I shall.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:17pm spodiodi:

Corn Nuts are my favorite petrified snack food.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:17pm Mary Wing:

Heh, spodiodi; I'll have to check out that archive.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:18pm spodiodi:

It's uncanny! (imho. I know nothing.)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...okay - just *hadda* see Ride video
- back to miss Thurston, but told I must check Disappears & Ex Hex here! White Hills long a fave since I saw 'em in Amherst...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:19pm spodiodi:

It's a great listen too. All about kindness and dogs. Everyone who owns a dog should listen to that show.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:20pm marmalade kitty:

Thurston said something in between songs of his songs being poetry relating in antethesis to right wing nonsense Go Thurston!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:21pm spodiodi:

*bites tongue*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:22pm common:

this is all great!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:23pm spodiodi:

I agree with common.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:23pm chris:

i'm hungry for tapas... dammmit... y cervezas frias
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:26pm spodiodi:

tappa tappa tappa! S&V chips w/ organic Zin here.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:26pm Nick Name:

@Claw!: different from London dry gin, by quite a bit. you WILL like it! plus that place in amsterdam has the widest range that I've ever come across, a malt jenever, some spiced, some even fruity, very smooth on palette , and some even tasted like tequila - it was the predecessor to (London) Gin
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:27pm spodiodi:

Plus, Amsterdam is way cheap. You'll drink for days on like 50 bucks.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:28pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...stumbled into two bottles of Pimms: an odd gin-based Brit mixer...gin is from Juniper so tastes like pine(sol) - & this was burnt orange spicey...interesting for a lark...& quick, this is true.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:29pm Claw!:

Can I only get this in Amsterdam??? I live in Baltimore, fer chrissake!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:29pm Cheri Pi:

Yeah what's with the deep-fried Kraken tapas BT?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Anyone familiar with cava? Supposedly the traditional beverage in the Catalonian region. It's a sparkling wine, once referred to as Spanish Champagne.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:30pm spodiodi:

Bawmer has Budweiser.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:31pm Nick Name:

@Claw! you can get Genever here, but you'd have to do your research before purchasing
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:31pm spodiodi:

Sounds delicious, Ken From Hyde Park
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:32pm marmalade kitty:

It's probably safer and much cheaper to make yer own in my experience ;)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:33pm Claw!:

Thanks for the tip, Nick!
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:33pm Dean:

Cava is pretty widely available in these parts (West Coast US), and it tends to be less expensive than hoity-toity Champagnes and sparklers. Watch out for too sweet juice, though. It was so cheap once upon a time that I used to buy cava to mix 50/50 with Guinness stout, the so-called Black Velvet. Yum.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:33pm Nick Name:

@Ken- spain: cava / italy: procesco / France: champagne - all the same thing
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:33pm Cheri Pi:

Sounds soooo good
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:34pm marmalade kitty:

over rated kitchens Gordon Ramsey eyes rolling
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:35pm Nick Name:

Black Velvet is one of my faves
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:37pm Dean:

I once ordered a BV in an Oxford pub. The publican was aghast. "We don't serve those! It makes people crazy!" Okay, I replied. I'd like a Guinness stout and a glass of sparkling wine. Problem solved.
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:37pm Hot Bar:

The only good thing about black velvet is the theme song
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:37pm spodiodi:

Now you have me thinking about Biermischgetränke/Shandies. Yum-o.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:38pm common:

nice, dean
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:38pm Hot Bar:

Oh I thought you were talking about the bottom shelf whiskey!
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:38pm Nick Name:

@Dean: ha ha
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:39pm chris:

Liz B, EFD or BT: will you be interviewing los borrachos who come by the booth? would be nice to get a sense of the festival goers revalry :D
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:39pm Cheri Pi:

Yeah interviews!!!
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:41pm Brian Turner:

Just came back from Ride - streams on WFMU tomorrow at 3ET, you're in for a treat
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:42pm cee:

thurston doing what he does. sounds so good
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:45pm Nick Name:

sounds good Brian, thx
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:46pm Cheri Pi:

BT don't give anything away about you-kow-who-vod!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:46pm spodiodi:

  Fri. 5/29/15 7:48pm Brian Turner:

CP I hadda MISS it, Scott K recorded it. I know. Boo hoo. We're strapped fer personnel in the rush hour Sat night traffik jam so I got other bands.Hope they come to NYC.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:49pm Cheri Pi:

Ahh man!
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:51pm Brian Turner:

Celebrity visit talley today at the fmu tent so far: Don from the Germs (WE DIDNT HAVE WEED), Sonic Boom, Howe Gelb, Steve Shelley, White Hills, a So Cow, David Gedge, Simon Raymonde, Alex from Einsturzende Neubauten, the Black Keys' soundman whose podiatrist is my Music Dept volunteer Sam Segals' pop
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:53pm chris:

And by we *didn't* have weed, you mean, you now do?
  Fri. 5/29/15 7:53pm Brian Turner:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@BT - A T-shirt or other memorabilia with their autographs would be a great marathon premium.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:54pm chris:

but you do have roasted peppers, and that's pretty awesome
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 7:56pm Polyus:

I'm sure Alex was disappointed that Clay Pigeon didn't come to Primavera Sound with WFMU.
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:09pm Hot Bar:

Mono stream coming in loud and clear everybody!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...nice full even mix - but still captures festival ambience; sounding good in other words...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:09pm Cheri Pi:

What IS there message of peace and love to the comments board?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:10pm spodiodi:

"yyyyyip yip yip yip yip..."
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:12pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 5/29/15 8:14pm marmalade kitty:

The rigor morticed chicken breast I just attempted to eat agrees with me that we stick to veg in future except for occasional little treats :p
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:15pm spodiodi:

Hard chicken is for the -20 crowd.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:17pm spodiodi:

(And jerky aficionados.)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:18pm Claw!:

Hard chicken pairs well with a nice cognac.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:18pm spodiodi:

LPT: don't boil your chicken breasts.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:20pm spodiodi:

Can't go wrong with hard chick'n and cognac.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:20pm Claw!:

I like my chicken hot, hard, and damp.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:21pm spodiodi:

*pumps fist*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:22pm Claw!:

*pumps harder*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:23pm spodiodi:

I wish they would play Superball :-B
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:24pm marmalade kitty:

Unfortunately, succulent chicken is not always "free range - organic" and the factory line option, well, the chickens and I also agree we'd rather die than eat.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:24pm spodiodi:

In tribute! For old times' sake! A fan can dream!
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:25pm marmalade kitty:

succulent chicken is a dream!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:26pm Claw!:

Only if it's hard.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:26pm spodiodi:

I've heard organic-fr chicken can be funky. Even GREEN! :O
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:26pm spodiodi:

Five Taste Succulent Hard Chicka Chicka Chicka *****
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:27pm Claw!:

My favorite part of the chicken is the beak!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:28pm spodiodi:

I'm all about the comb, babies.
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:29pm is_potato:

Ex Hex sounds a decade older than they did when they did the live set on Therese's show last year.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:29pm Claw!:

The beak is way crunchier. I prefer to use the comb as a garnish for the beak.
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:30pm marmalade kitty:

What about the claws?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:30pm Claw!:

My mom likes the talons. I leave them for her.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:31pm spodiodi:

I'm not sure your supposed to eat the beak. Unless it's powdered. Then it will bring you excellent fortune and fertility.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:32pm spodiodi:

Go Ex Hex, go!
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:33pm marmalade kitty:

each to their own!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...a good stiff drink ♫ & a bad hard chicken
...baby took a lickin' ♫ & kept me outta the kitchen
...never knew quite ♩what I was in for
...used that meat ♪ prop open her door...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:34pm Claw!:

I use the beak as a performance enhancer. Eat some beak - BLAST right through my workouts. I've eaten so many beaks, and my muscles are SWOLE.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:34pm spodiodi:

My caste doesn't allow for claw ingestion.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:35pm spodiodi:

RR63 *slow clap* -- i tried, but nada. fine show.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:36pm Claw!:

I believe in you, spodiodi. Don't let your caste hold you back.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:36pm spodiodi:

BLASTS through the FLOW
ONLY wantin' to KNOW
WHERE that chick'n SHOW?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:36pm spodiodi:

I read that in a toilet stall... somewhere.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:37pm Claw!:

You spit hot fire!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:38pm spodiodi:

I'm an idiot with hot breath, it's true.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:38pm spodiodi:

This song is also very listenable. \m/
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:40pm Tommy:

EX Hex are awesomely incredible
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:40pm marmalade kitty:

When you die and you become the consciousness of a chicken, will you agree with yourself? chicken karma
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:42pm Ĩkє:

I like your chik-hop there, @Spodiodi. And on another note -- especially fine sounds from Barcelona this year, possibly better than ever before!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:43pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- love getting whole long real sets...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:44pm Chris from DC:

Panda Bear Claws
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:44pm Claw!:

When I die, it will probably be from chicken poisoning.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:44pm spodiodi:

I agree w/Tommy.

Kitty: NO. STOP! (Drinking!)

Īke: many thanks!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:45pm Mary Wing:

Mdou Steak Moctar.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:45pm Chris from DC:

Yasmine Ham Sandwich
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:45pm spodiodi:

A chicken tried to poison me once with an umbrella. NEVER trust a chick'n with an umbrella. ESPECIALLY not the clear plastic kind with Disney® branding.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:46pm Polyus:

Swans Egg Omlette
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:46pm spodiodi:

Thirsty Thurston's Coconut Delight de Howell III - $6
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Giant Sand Wich
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:47pm Old Dave:

The Church Supper, featuring scalloped potatoes.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:47pm Polyus:

Damien Rice & Beans
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:47pm spodiodi:

The Church Pancake Breakfast - $5 All-U-Can-Eet
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:47pm Claw!:

The only good umbrella is a DEAD umbrella.

Or whichever one you may have handy during a sudden downpour.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:48pm spodiodi:

Dos Equis y Ex Hex Patata
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:48pm Andrew Waterloo:

waiting for White Hills to drown out the annoying party next door till I go out
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Diet Sleater Skinney
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:50pm brycepunk:

Did I just stumble into a White Hills live broadcast? I fucking LOVE WFMU!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:50pm spodiodi:

Derisive laughter @Claw! "Rain" is for suckers.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Roedelius Roadhouse Steak&Fry
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:51pm spodiodi:

hahah RR63. Salad in the house.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:51pm Claw!:

It messes up my hair.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm spodiodi:

Have some hard chick'n, brycepunk. One of us.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm spodiodi:

Twerps Bubble Tea - $4.fiddy
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Wash it all down with Voivodka! !! !!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm Claw!:

Eat it!

I'll eat your beak if you don't want it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm Mary Wing:

FRIDE Chicken!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:52pm Andrew Waterloo:

O'Malley was pretty loud when he played bass with Haino.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:53pm Claw!:

@Ken - !!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:53pm Marcel M:

@Andrew: I saw that show in Brooklyn, I thought it was awesome, where'd you catch it?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:53pm spodiodi:

Giant Sand Worms (Trolli®)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:54pm Claw!:

The Church's Fried (hard) Chicken
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:54pm spodiodi:

Ken wins... again. *lament*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:54pm Andrew Waterloo:

@Marcel, I caught it in Victoriaville.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:54pm Claw!:

Trolli?? Pfft - Haribo is where it's at.
  Fri. 5/29/15 8:55pm Nick Name:

The Julie Ruin your panty's hot Sandwich
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:55pm Chris from DC:

Einsturzende Sauerbraten
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:55pm Marcel M:

Awesome, was one of my favorite shows in the past few years personally.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Where's JakeGould at? He's good at coming up with names.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

dessert & drink special: Thirst & S'Mores...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:57pm spodiodi:

Chris from DC get's **** for Einsturzende Sauerbraten 9/10
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:58pm Andrew Waterloo:

I'm seeing a local stoner/doom band tonight, haven't had a good loud concert in awhile.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:58pm spodiodi:

I have Claw! on ignore. Haribo hooker.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 8:59pm spodiodi:

RR63 Honorable Mention for Thirst & S'Mores
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:00pm spodiodi:

I took over as judge since the DJs are BUSY, yo.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:00pm d¢ pät:

spodiodi gets minus ************* for gratuitous apostrophe [filling in for Ike]
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:00pm Claw!:

So y'all are wonderful and hilarious and I'm really glad we had this talk.

Record shop is now closed, and I am packing up and going home. Enjoy the rest of these hott jamz, and I hope to catch you guys again soon. Hugs to you all. Except to spodiodi. Spodioidi gets a seat cushion I farted into.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:01pm Chris from DC:

I did enjoy Voivodka
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:01pm spodiodi:

dc pat: i was transcribing, g.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:02pm Liz Berg:

Voivodka and Einsturzende Sauerbraten are pretty good indeed!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:02pm Polyus:

Dave and Ego look so cool in that pic.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:02pm d¢ pät:

So my daughter is just complaining to me that she hasn't seen Ex Hex. Mary lives 2 blocks away from us, and here we just miss them in Spain. Sheesh.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:02pm spodiodi:

Voivodka must be the winner.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:03pm spodiodi:

Pat, bring Mary a cake! Everyone likes cake.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:04pm d¢ pät:

She's a very nice person.

My daughter that is...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:04pm spodiodi:

You know, break the ice... next thing you know, your daughter is on tour -- dancing on speakers!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:06pm spodiodi:

White Hills sounds great
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:08pm efd:

Thanks Polyus! (it's my pic) I took a bunch more, I'll give some more to to Liz to add to the WFMUish Flickr group
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:09pm spodiodi:

Thanks for all the pics, EFD. Love 'em.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Trios are Kewl !
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:10pm spodiodi:

The Thurston Moore one is a little confusing. Any context?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:10pm efd:

well they're not ALL mine - we've got a multi-talented group over here.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:11pm Īke:

Thanks @¢D Täp for filling in for me on apostrophe troll duty while I was out!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:11pm d¢ pät:

looks like a pic of the big screen on ol' TM
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:11pm Tome:

..home at last .. [ blah blah blah ] .. ooo ooo White Hills yea ,,, HOLA Barcelona !
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:11pm d¢ pät:

No prob'lem Ike's.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:11pm efd:

Looks like the Thurston pic is a videoscreen adjacent to the stage. Our recording positions are all pretty far back, so sometimes we can't get good pics of the stage itself.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:12pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:13pm spodiodi:

Thanks for the explano, EFD. Total sense made. As I expected. Just wondered if multi-location as result.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:14pm spodiodi:

*air horn*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:16pm d¢ pät:

ooooo Dump City Arizona
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:17pm spodiodi:

When I Get to Arizona... I'll be sweating.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:17pm Liz Berg:

The WFMU logo as shown on one of the jumbotrons:
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:18pm Tome:

OH that is so cool .. I so wanna be there now !
  Fri. 5/29/15 9:18pm Brian Turner:

Yeh I was at the board at the big stage with a heavy crowd so I couldnt get close to get the T Moore pic so he's jumbotronned.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:18pm spodiodi:

¡Nice1, Liz Berg, gracias!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:19pm Liz Berg:

No idea how or why they gave us some prime jumbotron time, but we're taking it!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:20pm common:

well that was grand!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:20pm Tome:

Wooooofffff !~!!! Mooooo!!!! [banging pots and pans ]
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:21pm d¢ pät:

[full disclosure: I can't say "jumbotron."]
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:21pm spodiodi:

The influence is grand. It's real. It's everywhere! VICTORY!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:21pm spodiodi:

Pat you are sooooo lofty. SAY IT!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:22pm jeff-m:

told em to take it down IMMEDIATELY I hope
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:22pm spodiodi:

Tome must have banged pots and pans on NYE too.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:23pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:24pm spodiodi:

Saaaayyy it. SAY it! JUM BO TRON!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:24pm Chris from DC:

Can you say jumbotron? Sure you can.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:24pm spodiodi:

I wish Sam Kinison were here
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:25pm d¢ pät:

there are a lot of words I can't say. Is there a group I can join? I'm pretty sure Ike can back me up on some of these words..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:26pm spodiodi:

PLease, elaborate, D¢ Pät
  Fri. 5/29/15 9:26pm cee:

go see white hills live. they're a lot of fun. really good musicians too!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:29pm spodiodi:

WFMU: Thank you. This is great.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:30pm Tome:

..only wish I was there putting the pots and pans to ,, my better talents ..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Amp caught fire!:
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:33pm spodiodi:

All WFMU DJs/staff on this event: nice; thank you; thank you; thank you. We love it. We love you.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:34pm d¢ pät:

ah, I just hate when everyone starts using a word or phrase because it's popular to do so. I can't stand the use of the word "hipster" now for example. It just means "the people for whom I save my derision." If some one has a beard, they're called a hipster. It's stupid.
  Fri. 5/29/15 9:34pm Old Dave:

As a "provinciano" i can only say thanks again for expanding my musical mind. Great stuff!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:35pm Liz Berg:

Thank YOU all for tuning in and keeping your ears open to all of this crazy music.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:36pm d¢ pät:

Yes, thanks LizEFDBrian!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:37pm Andrew Waterloo:

Wow, have to go, this has all been amazing, can wait till I can tune in tomorrow night.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:38pm fleep:

Overused popular words: The avocados in our market are "hand grown" -- how do you do that? Do you stand under the tree all day and caress them?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:42pm spodiodi:

Not sure I've ever had a "hand-grown" avo, fleep.
  Fri. 5/29/15 9:43pm Old Dave:

If someone says their stuff for sale is "curated" I want to puke then and there. So overused and meaningless!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:44pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:45pm jeff-m:

its on netflix :)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:46pm spodiodi:

Whoa. I thought WFMU was a respectable radio outfit...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:46pm d¢ pät:

It's also more insidious, like being "detained." If you're put in a prison cell and interrogated, and have no access to the outside world, you're not fucking detained. You've been disappeared, basically. BUT I DIGRESS... let's get back to the rawk. ("disappeared" is a term I like)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:47pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:47pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:48pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:48pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:49pm d¢ pät:

by the way, just want everyone to know that my daughter is ALSO pissed that she hasn't seen Sleater Kinney.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:49pm spodiodi:

Je Suis Thurston Howell III
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:52pm Liz Berg:

DC Pat, your daughter can catch Sleater-Kinney here at 11:20pm est tonight! Then she will really be pissed about not seeing them... but they are touring so perhaps!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:52pm efd:

So bummed that I had to edit the line "I'm making bullshit disappear like I'm Hou-fucking-dini." So great!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:54pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:55pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:55pm Liz Berg:

C'mon dad, it's a Friday night! Ha ha, I'm a bad influence on children.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:56pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:56pm d¢ pät:

I have enough of a problem without you people corrupting her!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:56pm jeff-m:

just give her some coffee and candy and let her stay up to hear it
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:57pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:58pm spodiodi:

I'm enjoying this rock-n-roll from WFMU from Spain.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:58pm fleep:

My apathy towers over your apathy.
  Fri. 5/29/15 9:58pm Old Dave:

No, Pat. As the father of a 10YO, I must warn you how tomorrow will go. BADLY!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:58pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 9:59pm d¢ pät:

@Old Dave: 14 years old, going on 25. We were going to see Death last night but I forgot she had a drawing class. Which was REALLY REALLY good. But I'm pissed we missed Death and Obnox.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:00pm spodiodi:

To: Liz Berg. Subjecto: I M v.Dissappoint
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:01pm spodiodi:

*vaguely existing*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:01pm d¢ pät:

[sorry, don't mean to be shanghaiing the comments]
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:02pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:03pm spodiodi:

Throw the cake down.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:04pm Liz Berg:

There are many influential rock ladies in tonight's broadcast: Mary Timony, Kathleen Hanna, the gals in Sleater-Kinney. It's like rock and roll homework for a young 'un!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:04pm spodiodi:

These guys are killing it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:05pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:07pm d¢ pät:

You are right on about that LizB. In all seriousness, we try to hep the girl to that all the time. Great time for women rawkers!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:07pm spodiodi:

*loves WFMU*
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:07pm Tome:

.. is old people :( .
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:08pm d¢ pät:

she will listen to the archives...dammit
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:12pm spodiodi:

I'm at an age when my back goes out more than I do.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:12pm d¢ pät:

.....AND if you don't know, coolest band in DC right now is Priests, 3/4 pissed off wimmen.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:13pm spodiodi:

What is "DC"?
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:14pm Old Dave:

I'm not looking forward to that stage, Pat. But it sounds like everyone involved in this great festival, particularly outstanding female types, have made it to the other side in great shape! All hail Liz Berg!
BTW mine plays a mean fiddle. Music will be the thing connecting us years from now, I bet.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:15pm d¢ pät:

DC is a totally pleasant, flowery, pukey, disgusting, hell, shit, wonderful, nice, exciting, mediocre place to sit down sometimes.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Holy Game 7, Batman! Anyone monitoring the hockey game tonight? The third period is underway.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:16pm d¢ pät:

right on Old Dave, they'll turn out fine.
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:17pm Old Dave:

@Pat, you bet!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:18pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:20pm d¢ pät:

the District of Columbia @spodiodi. Our nation's colony.
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:20pm Old Dave:

Hah! I keep the Harley keys well hidden.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:23pm d¢ pät:

OK, I got a tough soccer match to coach tomorrow morning, so adios LIZB,EFD,BRIAN, and all y'all's. (extra apostrophe for Ike)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:24pm spodiodi:

"DC" is below my caste.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:24pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:26pm efd:

Good luck tomorrow, d¢ pät!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:28pm spodiodi:

BTW, i love our nation's colony.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:29pm d¢ pät:

Hanx, EFD. OK, really going now. But..I think all FMU djs need a DC stars and bars t-shirt. Hmmmm...how many djs are there?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Go get 'em, d¢ pät!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:31pm spodiodi:

I agree with Ken From Hyde Park.
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:32pm cory:

hi all. thanks for taking me to Spain tonight
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Yay, The Church live!

Hey Primaverans and Online-Streamians!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:36pm fleep:

Hey, Matt, we need some reinforcements, east coasters droppin' away like hand grown avocados.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:36pm spodiodi:

  Fri. 5/29/15 10:37pm cory:

has anyone started putting up pics?
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:38pm cory:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm on it fleep! Joining West Coast reinforcements and assorted vampires from around the globe!

@BT: "Kopp-ess". And yes, MWP is out--so looking to see how Powderfinger/Go-Betweens guy plays with them.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:38pm Polyus:

The Church have continued to make good music for a small but devoted group of fans all these years. Just saw them a couple of months ago, still excellent.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

"Reptile", but of course.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:41pm Polyus:

I miss Marty's presence for sentimental reasons, but the new guy plays just as good.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:41pm Polyus:

I miss Marty's presence for sentimental reasons, but the new guy plays just as good.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

"Starfish" may have been their "5th" album in '88, but they had diff Aussie and UK/US releases, and a lot of EPs in the early to mid 80s, so some may have been combined for the US.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:41pm cory:

do they use CHVRCH sometimes, or is that something else?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Same here, Polyus. But Marty and Steve are both great, solo and together, so I myself might explore more of his (and Steve's) older solo releases.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:43pm cory:

oh fuck, i want a banana piano
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:43pm Old Dave:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:44pm Polyus:

Funny you should mention - I just stumbled across a copy of MW-P's 'Art Attack' LP a few days ago.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Art Attack - I believe that's Marty's major solo release, with "Evil Queen" and the like?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:49pm Uncle Michael:

Does anyone know if the White Hills set will be in the archive?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:50pm Chris from DC:

Matt, always liked Steve's "Unearthed". Start there if you haven't heard it.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:51pm Liz Berg:

Tonight's full broadcast will be archived.
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:51pm cheri:

goodnight everybody!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:51pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, Liz.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Chris: Oh wow, that's his first solo album - will need to find that.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:52pm cory:

nini cheri
  Fri. 5/29/15 10:52pm cheri:

night liz!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- saw Church set video earlier on PV's own site - & enjoyed very much. A bit of 'whammy bar' later for us guitarheads...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:53pm d¢ pät:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:54pm Polyus:

@Matt - that's the one. Pretty good overall, though there are a couple of cringers for sure.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:55pm cory:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Skillful station ID there, Liz. You spoke right over the little breaks like a pro.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: Gettin' loaded right now @ the Whammy Bar. But, always good to get some guitar in your head..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- well - here it is...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 10:59pm d¢ pät:

tryina go to bed but.....WTF? Church makes great guitar noise!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...wait till you hear Ride!...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:02pm Matt from Springfield:

@dc pat: Stay awhile! Unless, you've figured out a way to sleep *in between* the noise -- I'll be a rich FMU listener if I could figure that one out.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:02pm Chris from DC:

@Pat, yeah, they've always been great live. Seen 'em a few times.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:03pm Uncle Michael:

How was Disappears?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:03pm cory:

holy whammy bar, rabbitman!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:03pm d¢ pät:

Didn't work out U. Mike.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:04pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

There's the 12-string's 80s Revival!! "Psychedelicate" song, as the Livin In Oblivion liner notes described this.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:05pm Polyus:

Huh, don't think I know this one.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:05pm cory:

oh wow, this song is church?!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I remember this Milky Way song from years ago.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:05pm d¢ pät:

How does this guy have such a good mic?? Jeeze!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:06pm Polyus:

I thought Disappears sounded really good.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:06pm Chris from DC:

One huge hit I never really get sick of.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:06pm cosmic matrix:

they are probably using in-ear monitors, etc
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:07pm cory:

was this 98?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:07pm cosmic matrix:

YAY this song is MAGIC
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:07pm Uncle Michael:

I'm confused. It did work out with Disappears?
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:07pm cosmic matrix:

enter solina
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:07pm cosmic matrix:

this was the 80's
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:08pm d¢ pät:

Sorry U. Mike. I was jes keeding.

I write all my songs knowing I'll have to scream into a shitty pa system. How do you get along with mumbling lyrics???
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:08pm cosmic matrix:

i think. late.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:08pm Matt from Springfield:

That was...the 80s. I'm Matt from Springfield, good night.
Well, maybe after Sleater Kinney. Then, good night...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:08pm Polyus:

The Church are touring with the Psychedelic Furs later this summer, btw.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:09pm cosmic matrix:

let's get nostalgic and make believe we can't google it
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:09pm Marcel M:

Escamarlans y navajas! AIAIAI!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooooooo!!! Go Steve! Go Church!!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:10pm cory:

ugh, then i'd have to open a new tab and maybe kill a fun conversation.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Polyus: Sounds like a fine lineup. I missed a chance to see the Psych Furs some years ago, sounds like the ideal tour to see two great bands!

(The Church has had some good opening acts, Swervedriver and Rob Dickinson of the Catherine Wheel have opened before. When I found out about Flying Nun band Look Blue Go Purple, I felt they would also make a great Church opener).
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:11pm cory:

asking is fun
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Harmonica! (Or maybe even..."HARMONICA" pedal!!!)
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:15pm d¢ pät:

I was really into Psych Furs when I was young, saw them in Harrisburg, PA. They were...eh.. And the Bucklers were pissed that the crowd wasn't into it. Saw Bow Wow Wow couple months later, same venue (wasn't really into them) and they fucking blew the place apart. Weird.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:15pm d¢ pät:

Wait, I'm suppose to be in bed..
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I saw Love Spit Love in Poughkeepsie once. One step removed from Psych Furs.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Mmm, crustaceans in photo, there.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:18pm d¢ pät:

Guten Abend, meinen Freunden!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:18pm cosmic matrix:

i set my friend's hair on fire while i was on acid at GBGB's during a love spit love show. just a little bit. it was really packed in there.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:19pm cosmic matrix:

i mean CBGB dammit
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Guten Nacht, Herr pat aus dc!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@cosmic: Well, those memories (or confused recollections of crazed memories) is what it's all about. Or so I recall.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:19pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:20pm jeff-m:

ha. someone did that to my sweater once. Looked beautiful as the flame burned up all the fuzzies...
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:20pm Chris from DC:

I really should have gone to seem them last time around. Impressive.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:20pm Matt from Springfield:

WOOOOOO! You still RAWK! Great set!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The set from The Church was pretty good, I thought.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:22pm Matt from Springfield:

I think so too Ken. I'm intrigued enough to search for their next tour now.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:23pm cory:

@KFHP, it rocked me pretty hard
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:24pm cosmic matrix:

time to turn on speaker set B and go wash the dishes. that's right, bra, that's how we LIVIN'
  Fri. 5/29/15 11:27pm dezldog:

GAAAAH! SK Rockn'! This is music that is REAL
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I was pleasantly surprised that SK put out a new album recently. I didn't think they were going to regroup.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:33pm JakeGould:

Loving this set! I honestly don’t like their stuff past the first two albums but love them live.
  Fri. 5/29/15 11:34pm dezldog:

@ken - It is a terrific album too!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Yes! S-K always sound pretty great live!
  Fri. 5/29/15 11:41pm is_potato:

Love this song.
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Lovin' this "Rollercoaster"!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:53pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:53pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:54pm cosmic matrix:

these motherfuckers taught me so much about singing
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:55pm fleep:

Super thanks to Liz, EFD and BT for a long, really great day of radio. And more to come!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks to all our WFMU crew for bringing us the Primavera Festival once again!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:58pm JakeGould:

Kudos all!
Avatar Fri. 5/29/15 11:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yes, thanks, crew. Looking forward to tomorrow's lineup. Can you post a sunup picture if possible?
  Fri. 5/29/15 11:59pm dezldog:

Avatar Sat. 5/30/15 12:04am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks to Rich Hazelton for giving up some minutes! The squirrel carcass is going to stay deflated a little longer.
Avatar Sat. 5/30/15 12:06am dezldog:

@wfmu - Thank you for an awesome show!
Avatar Sat. 5/30/15 12:07am Ken From Hyde Park:

Now for some breakfast paellas, right?
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:35pm Jongma:

Can anybody write titles of songs of Disappears?
great Music!
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