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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

Wednesdays 9pm - Midnight (EST) | On WFMU (Info) | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Wed. Feb 20th, 9pm - Midnight: Chris O'Leary, author of "Ashes To Ashes: The Songs of David Bowie, 1976-2016" (More info...)
Wed. Feb 27th, 9pm - Midnight: Gladshot (More info...)

Options March 13, 2013: Fundraising Marathon week 2 with co-host BRIAN TURNER!

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WFMU Fundraising Marathon Week 2!

Just pledge $75 or more to my show and you'll AUTOMATICALLY receive this hand-crafted CD of post-punk/punk/power-pop tunes from the late '70s and early '80s! The Gas, Naughty Sweeties, Manicured Noise, Phil Lynott with Midge Ure (that's right), The Frankies, and more! 20 songs in all!

But wait, there's more!

Pledge $120 (or more!) and get in the running to win SEVEN (7!) vintage issues of NEW YORK ROCKER, the bible of the NYC music scene (and beyond) from 1976 through 1982! That's only $10 per month! Issues that will be given away TONIGHT: #7 (May/Jun '77), #14 (Sep '78), #19 (Jun/Jul '79), #30 (Jul/Aug '80), #36 (Feb '81), #47 (Feb '82), and #49 (Apr 1982). DON'T MISS OUT! Make your pledge of $120 OR MORE to be part of the drawing at the end of tonight's show!

Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
hot chocolate  living on a shoestring   Options       0:00:00 ()
bachman-turner overdrive  give me your money please   Options       0:03:49 ()
bob mould  silver age   Options silver age  merge    0:08:19 ()
the gas  the finger   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD  0:11:51 ()
fat boys  fat boys   Options pizza box set  tin pan apple    0:25:24 ()
sylvain sylvain  14th street   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!  0:34:27 ()
mount carmel  oh louisa   Options real women  siltbreeze    0:50:39 ()
swinging madisons  my mediocre dream   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours AUTOMATICALLY with a pledge of $75 or more!  0:56:04 ()
tim maia  bom senso   Options world psychedelic classics vol 4: nobody can live forever      1:13:50 ()
phil lynott with midge ure  yellow pearl   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours AUTOMATICALLY with a pledge of $75 or more! Call NOW! 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of this page!  1:18:53 ()
tim maia  nobody lives forever   Options world psychedelic classics vol 4: nobody can live forever  luaka bop    1:23:19 ()
the moondogs  heads i win   Options 7"      1:39:49 ()
jeff hill band  somethings wrong with my baby   Options 7"  sing sing    1:42:42 ()
london  everyone's a winner   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours AUTOMATICALLY with a pledge of $75 or more! Call NOW! 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of this page!  1:45:15 ()
the db's  the adventures of albatross and doggerel   Options falling off the sky  bar/none    2:00:39 ()
richard lloyd  number nine   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours AUTOMATICALLY with a pledge of $75 or more! Call NOW! 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of this page!  2:05:56 ()
the db's  that time is gone   Options falling off the sky  bar/none    2:08:50 ()
cleaners from venus  factory boy   Options vol. 1 (3CD box set)      2:26:31 ()
afraid of mice  i'm on fire   Options make your own mayhem iii: the return    my premium mix CD, yours AUTOMATICALLY with a pledge of $75 or more! Call NOW! 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of this page!  2:30:12 ()
gap dream  58th st fingers   Options     Call 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of the page to get in the running to WIN this CD! My #2 album of 2012!  2:45:17 ()
vermillion sands  20 hours   Options 7"    part of the Trouble In Mind singles 3-pack that we'll be drawing for soon! Call NOW! 800-989-9368 or use the pledge box at the top of this page to be in the running!  2:49:32 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Give Evan your money. He'll take good care of it. Won't go to waste.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:07pm Stevel:

How have I not heard this BTO song? Is it because I only bought two albums?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:08pm G:

@BTO: that's what we call takin' care of business
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:08pm robyn:

fortunately there are so many, many good songs about money. loved "living on a shoestring."
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:09pm Nardo:

First LP I ever bought with me own money when I was just a tyke ~ BTO "Not Fragile"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:09pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

For a while BTO just asked fans for money. Not until later did they learn the sophisticated art of writing songs people would like and seek to pay for.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:10pm G:

@stevel: wiki says Gimme Your Money Please is the B side of Little Gandy Dancer, the Canada-only first BTO 45 in 1973, never charted in US
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:11pm Holly in NC:

Hi efd & other friends! See you around 10:30 :-)
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:11pm Sybil:

Good evening, Funksters! I'm contemplating the pledge i am making... imminently.. how about you?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:14pm On the Yazoo:

I had that BTO on eight track.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:16pm Holly in NC:

Bettye LaVette also does a great song from the 70s - "Livin' My Life On a Shoestring" - maybe next year?
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:16pm Chris Crash:

Hey Evan! Believe it or not, this is the 1st live EFD show I'm listening to!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:16pm Caryn:

I'm so glad this premium is already on its way to me. (well, in the sense that I've paid for it with a pledge and will be getting it probably some time in October...)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:16pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I no longer remember how much I've pledged or to whom.
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:16pm Cal Zone!:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:17pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Yes, it is on my short list, too.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:17pm G:

Pledge it up, peeps. Us Heartsters done already pledged it up!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:17pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

You can pledge fingers?
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:18pm 12539:

Has anyone adopted/named the Ticket Giveaway yet?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:18pm Stevel:

Cal Zone: Right on! One of us! One of us!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:18pm steve:

if they reach the goal efd should give the secret of his mysterious nickname
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:19pm G:

Hey, I got a finger right here I can pledge ya, bub. (doing my living-in-Brooklyn impression; yes, i used my horn several times today while driving)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:21pm Caryn:

@12539: yep, it has been adopted
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:21pm G:

@12539: Hopefully, the Camel is tuning up already
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:21pm steve:

G i hope you yelled out in your best Brooklynese "hey... im drivin here!"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:22pm G:

Nah, using the horn exactly the right way is a language all its own. :)
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:22pm Sybil:

Hi Danne!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:23pm Stevel:

Danne D!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:24pm G:

But I did see a guy ahead of me two cars get out of his vehicle and go up to the driver window of the car in front of him and bang on it after being cut off. SRSLY
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:24pm G:

I then beeped at him when he wasn't back in his car again yet, when the light turned green. That scared my passenger :)
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:25pm Sybil:

I'm hoping to get my traditional adoption of the... dare I name it?... again.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:26pm G:

let's just pray the new ticket segment name is better than the last one
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:27pm SeanG:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:27pm tomasz.:

is this the Fat Boys reissue Noah was in some way responsible for? shout to that guy
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:28pm Sybil:

@G Nothing will ever equal Midnight Ticket Oasis.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:29pm Holly in NC:

Fat Boys! Noah! I'm making a dog cross his legs while I throw my hat in ring here!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:30pm G:

@Sybil: Let's hope someone brings back Classic Oasis
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:36pm john:

Hey Evan, and assembled multitudes! Syl Sylvain sometime in the late '80s at our little dumpy hangout in Port Chester, NY in front of about 50 people. Wow.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:36pm Caryn:

I can remember when I thought the Sylvain Sylvain chorus was about how "talk is cheap"...
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:37pm StillNotSureWhatDylansTarantulaMeans:

BTO+Fatboys='s BachmanTurnerOverweight
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:38pm Chris Crash:

FYI: I used to have a Tim Wakefield bobblehead
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:40pm Arad:

Arad Evans did his part, pledged and paid. Keep it goin' on Mr. Funk Davies.
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:43pm Sybil:

  Wed. 3/13/13 9:45pm Cal Zone!:

I pushed the button EFD Fans! It's easy, and I feel better now! You can too! Push the button, or call in your pledge, just like yer old pal, Cal!
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:47pm Chris Crash:

2nd pledge to EFD! We have to support the artisan furniture that is Evan's show! I've had enough of Ikea style radio!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:47pm Stevel:

Preach on the radio! PREACH! Family, to be sure.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:47pm Ike:

EFD, you're thinking of WRXP (v1.0) which never did too well in the ratings and had TERRIBLE clashing segues, unlike FMU of course. Then to a terrible news format which crashed and burned, then to WRXP 2.0, a pretty decent alt rock format that wasn't too repetitive and that performed well with no promotion, but CBS wanted it for sports FM.
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:48pm Sybil:

What Cal said! Pledge that pledge, and you will feel a sense of relief and release equalled by nothing else!... except possibly a Tim Wakefield bobblehead?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:48pm Stevel:

Triple Harry!
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:50pm Sybil:

Wait, 14th Street is on the premium? HOW CAN YOU RESIST?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:51pm Stevel:

Just as soon as Roadrunner is made the Mass. state rock song, the drive for an efd B&J flavor IS ON! Names?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:51pm joe:

East Coast Rocker started out as The Aquarian became EC Rocker and then went back to The Aquarian which it still remains. As a long time reader of The Aquarian/EC Rocker I can gurantee you it was not nearly as cool as NY Rocker
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:53pm efd:

hey folks, thanks for commenting and especially for pledging! I can barely keep an eye on the comments but it's great to see so many folks here.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:53pm Dominick:

Yeah hell! Mt Carmel
  Wed. 3/13/13 9:53pm Sybil:

I have successfully (re-)adopted the Important Blinky Things in the Basement! Yeah! Mux! Demux!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:54pm Uncle Michael:

  Wed. 3/13/13 9:55pm Cal Zone!:

I've been 'HARRY HARRISON BOMBED' and I feel great!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:55pm Uncle Michael:

This had got some ZZ Toppish vibe to it. Gibbonesque.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:55pm Mike East:

I think my old band was written up in east coast rocker. Man, I totally forgot about that paper
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 9:57pm Mike East:

I used to pick it up at the court tavern on my way home from Jersey subs.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:14pm Joe B:

good luck Evan! let's see some support for EFD!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:16pm Holly in NC:

yay Sybil! You *are* important blinky thing woman , much respect!

I am very happy to once again be Doug S's Miner Mama - 2nd year of fostering, working on adoption ;-)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:17pm Uncle Michael:

Is this the "Who's That Lady" guitar tone?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:17pm steve:

sweet string arrangement in there
  Wed. 3/13/13 10:17pm bill:

Luaka Bop is so great. I wish they put out more.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:17pm G:

I was just typing that, UM
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:19pm G:

it's Brasilian, about how the dude used to sleep in the street, and now he's living better ("good sense")
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:20pm Uncle Michael:

Great minds, G.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:21pm joe:

Who knew Eddie Hazel was making records in Brazil
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:22pm G:

Yep! It wasn't an especially subtle "borrowing" :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:22pm Sigurdur:

2 2 2
  Wed. 3/13/13 10:22pm kamikaze:

Phil! <3
  Wed. 3/13/13 10:23pm john:

That second Phil Lynott solo album was unjustly reviled. Certainly not designed to appeal to Lizzy fans.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:23pm joe:

As we have said before DK Thin Lizzy or Phil make everything better :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:31pm Uncle Michael:

I saw Roger Clemons throw half a bat at a bus boy at an Old Country Buffet once. It was the most dramatic thing I've ever seen.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:32pm joe:

I love Ray Hudson
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:32pm G:

I saw a Yankee broadcaster being a jerk. it wasn't that dramatic, really -- just another day at the office.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:36pm G:

@UM: steroid rage, maybe? :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:37pm joe:

Doesn't FMU broadcast to Sing Sing now?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:40pm Sigurdur:

2 4
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:40pm Uncle Michael:

I think they were just out of banana pudding.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:41pm G:

now broadcasting at 20-to-life on the FM dial
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:42pm Holly in NC:

Finally, I am home! Walked in, housemate inquired if this was Wednesday (yes), so he immed turned off his Netflix ... someone should pledge for my housemate who really sacrifices on my behalf every week. Really, he does.
  Wed. 3/13/13 10:46pm john:

That wasnt the Moondogs from Ireland, was it? The ones who put out (at least) a few wonderful singles around 1980. They sounded a lot more Beatles-cum-Undertones than that, but thought I'd ask if anyone knew.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:47pm kevin g:

Really, really looking forward to receiving this premium.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:49pm Droll:

Holly, I'm not sure how sympathetic I am for someone is caught by surprise by Wednesday every week. I, for one, look forward to Wednesdays.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:50pm Uncle Michael:

GODDAMIT...another Wednesday caught me napping. Damn you stealthy Wednesday!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:50pm G:

Humped by Humpday
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 10:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

RIP Peter Banks, age 65, original guitarist of Yes.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:00pm G:

Yep, I mentioned that on Ken's board this AM:



Not as appreciated as he should be, but I guess that's a "get in line" issue...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:01pm Holly in NC:

@droll - I didn't make myself clear. Housemate totally not caught by surprise -but him letting me have all bandwidth really is a big deal.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:02pm G:

Holly needs all the household bandwidth for efd :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:03pm Holly in NC:

@G -I do! :-)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:06pm Droll:

Yes has had so many lineup changes I forgot about Peter Banks. Sadly we're likely to hear even less prog during the 'thon than the usual none the rest of the year...

Holly, Still, it barely passes for the minimum of sharing a common resource.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Holly - Are you planning on watching the upcoming WFMU video feeds? You may need to plan accordingly and not upset your housemate if he plans on watching movies at those times.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:14pm Holly in NC:

@Droll - in our house it does, and much, much more.
Whoa! Getting titchy, sorry, not intent, here for EFD & WMFU & the entire friend community.
and Peter Banks :-)
  Wed. 3/13/13 11:14pm Rich:

The dB`s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:15pm Uncle Michael:

I'm really glad I don't have to kick my cat off of Call of Duty to listen to FMU.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:16pm G:

@Droll: Banks was in The Syn and Mabel Greer's Toy Shop with Squire, very early on (psychedelic era). When Squire and Anderson decided to replace a lot of the guitar parts with orchestra arrangements on "Time and a Word" (the second Yes album), Banks was out, and Howe in for The Yes Album. Bank's three Flash albums in the early 70s are worth a listen...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:23pm Droll:

G, You're going to pitch a prog show to the station for this summer? That's great news!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:24pm Holly in NC:

@Ken - I think housemate is already planning on staying elsewhere for (most of) weekend. We are best friends 20+ years, which trumps (most of) other weird baggage.

Most importantly, he knows what WFMU mean to me, AND he likes borrowing my t-shirts ;-)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:24pm G:

hahahaha, as if that would ever happen, droll!!! you're killin' me here!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:26pm Carmichael:

I got paid today guys, so you did too. I hope I can pledge more ...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:27pm Carmichael:

I got paid today guys, so you did too. I hope I can pledge more ...
  Wed. 3/13/13 11:28pm Tom K:

Looking forward to another year of Fantasy Baseball! No autodraft means I won't be picking up an injured Ryan Howard in the 2nd round! Lookout y'all!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:29pm Droll:

G, I'm jealous of you -- if I were local I'd show up at every staff meeting to complain about lack of A440-type music and prog! I'd earn (a well-deserved) reputation.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:30pm G:

hmm, droll -- i expect to be ignored. i'm very good at it :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:32pm Holly in NC:

Y'all, the Cleaners from Venus comp is superb!
If you like *almost* twee very smart early 80s Brit wave/pop, go for it.
Martin Newell is a great lyricist
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:34pm joe:

My buddy totally just turned me on to Cleaners about 3 months ago after a conversation about XTC I love them so much
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:37pm Uncle Michael:

I've got the bag balm.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:38pm Carmichael:

Congratulations, Andrew!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:38pm Droll:

G, In a world where there is time for fantasy baseball there must be also 3 hours a week for airing 5-6 great prog or classical tunes. Conservatory musicians on LSD and "They Called Me Mad At The Conservatory, I'll Show Them, I'll Show Them All!" music should be bread-n-butter around here. I say go for it, just don't tell them I talked you into it.
  Wed. 3/13/13 11:40pm PJ:

If you like the Cleaners, you should check out Newell's glam band, the Plod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNSwIVZSX_g
And his memoir about dreaming about being in a rock and roll band, and failing at making it at rock and roll, This Little Ziggy, is the best rock book ever.
  Wed. 3/13/13 11:41pm Mrs. Horn:

I've a big soft spot for Tormato. In me head.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:41pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Fell asleep 9:30-ish (too many trips between my namesake locales) and now awake to see EFD still going. It is a marathon miracle.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:42pm G:

Why, is your name mud in some quarters, Droll? :p I've seen that movie!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:43pm G:

Holy cow, Trevor Horn's comatose wife is back, from some offhand comment I made on Pseu's board about two years ago...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:44pm Uncle Michael:

It buggles the mind.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:44pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I dream of someday seeing my name in quarters.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:44pm G:

one more mouse pledge, people! that would nearly do it!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:45pm joe:

@PJ Love thanks for the heads up
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:47pm Carmichael:

Cmon peeple, 7 points away from the goal!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:47pm Holly in NC:

@Uncle Michael-
I keep a tin of bag balm on my kitchen shelf at all times - friends traveling back & forth to New England keep me sourced.
I send White Lily flour, Texas Pete, various & sundry pig parts, sorghum, & some kick-ass 7 pepper jelly in recompense

Gap Dream.
Sam Flax.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:48pm steve:

god I love this album... If I hadnt already pledged several times today now would be the perfect time.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:54pm G:

one mouse pledge *would* now do it!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:55pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Come on, people -- you live beyond your means for so many lousy reasons. Do it for at least one good one!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 11:59pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Holly, I didn't know there was a NC-NE smuggling route. Can you send me up some bbq?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00am G:

The shit that goes up and down I-95 is not to be believed, Pete. Ask any state cop.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00am Uncle Michael:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00am Andrew Waterloo:

Blue string pudding is for Klangers, not WFMU listeners.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01am G:

ta da !!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01am Andrew Waterloo:

No, wait, frig, Clangers
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01am Holly in NC:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01am Droll:

Do we already know what the Midnight Ticket Oasis is going to be called this year? By the time I tried to name Irwin's comments board "1-800-FREE-NOSEJOB.COM Coliseum" it was already too late.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02am joe:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02am Uncle Michael:

Yay Bill!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02am Carmichael:

Yesssss!!!! Way to go EFD & BT!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02am steve:

woo hoo!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:03am Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:03am Uncle Michael:

Night everyone.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:03am Uncle Michael:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:05am Holly in NC:

@Pete - very good chance, once I figure out who's going where/when!
  Thu. 3/14/13 8:31pm Ajax:

EFD is the BST
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