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Playlist for 21 February 2013 Options | If you lived here, you'd be home now (No archive due to computer gremlins)

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Convenient Location, by Stuart Hawkins

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Electric Light Orchestra  First Movement   Options Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer)  United Artists   
Sheila Chandra  Out on My Own   Options Out on My Own  Indipop   
Sister Gertrude Morgan  Let Us Make a Record   Options Let's Make a Record  True Believer  here 
Kazmi With Rickies  Jesus Christ Super Star   Options Who  Toshiba EMI 
Terry Reid  Highway 61 Revisited   Options Superlungs  Astralwerks  re-ish 
Gene Ammons  Son of a Preacher Man   Options Brother Jug  Prestige   
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel   
Dot Allison  Colour Me   Options Afterglow  Arista   
Cornershop  We're in Yr Corner   Options When I Was Born for the 7th Time  Luaka Bop   
Gelbart  Tokomon Rip-off x 3   Options Tokomon  Standard Oil   
Steely Dan  Bad Sneakers   Options Katy Lied  ABC   
Peaches and Herb  I Want to Stay Here   Options Golden Duets     
Music behind DJ:
Shudder to Think 
pH Balanced   Options High Art (soundtrack)  Velvel   
Kropotkins  Everdream   Options Dave Soldier - The Kropotkins  Koch   
Blue Tattoos  Kensington Bop   Options Throbbin' Manhoods  Blue Tattoos  Led by WFMU's Bill Mac! 
Bootsy Collins  So Nice You Name Him Twice   Options The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away     
DJ Bitman  Shine   Options Latin Bitman  Nacional   
Music behind DJ:
Piero Umiliani 
Coast to Coast   Options To-Day's Sound     
MC Solaar  Bouge de la   Options Qui Seme le Vent Recolte le Tempo  Polydor   
Marzipan Marzipan  Angel   Options EP 4  Marzipan Marzipan   
France Gall  Quand On Est Ensemble   Options Lounge Legends  Polydor   
Ennio Morricone  Punto e Basta   Options Ad Ogni Costo     
Perfume  Natural ni Koishite (Fall in Love Naturally)   Options JPN     
Oscar Monopolis  Glow Ball   Options Population of One  Oscar Monopolis   
David Greenberger & the Shaking Ray Levis  Horseshoe-Shaped Organ   Options Mayor of the Tennessee River  PelPel   
Patti Simon  Medley from "Saturday Night Fever"   Options Organ Grinder Pizza, volume 1     
R. Stevie Moore  I Like to Stay Home   Options Glad Music   
watch the video! With Jim Price on drums.
Music behind DJ:
Las Comadrejas 
Oaxacatelas   Options We are Ugly, But We Have the Music  Comad   
Big Three  I'm With You   Options      
Little Walter  Blue Light   Options Best of  Chess/MCA   
Sarah McLawler  Yesterdays   Options Chronological 1950-1953 (Classics Blues & Rhythm Series)   
Ralph Carney  These Foolish Things   Options Ralph Sounds  Akron Cracker   
Monkees  As We Go Along   Options Head (soundtrack)  Colgems/Rhino   
Mildred Bailey  Home   Options Volume 1: Sweet Beginnings  Old Masters   
Music behind DJ:
Nicola Conte 
Fuoco Fatuo   Options Bossa Per Due  Eighteenth Street Lounge   

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:10am Katya Oddio:

“I Want a House” by Twin Sister

Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 11:53am listener james from westwood:

good thursday all, and howdy charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:55am Charlie:

well waddaya know -- i made it back in time :)
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 11:56am Michael:

Morning all and our host Charlie. Hope all are well this cold Thursday.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:56am Brian in UK:

Howdeedoodee Charlie. The shows title reminds me of Firesign Theatres' talking billboards.
Hey Katya & james.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:57am Matt from Springfield:

All those houses made of ticky-tacky, and they all look the same. Well not exactly the same. And is that a goat??!

Hi Charlie and everyone! I'll be Busy Doing Something today, but want to express my approval of the selections in advance!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:58am Matt from Springfield:

You had to get plumbing supplies, Charlie? I myself bought a squeeze tube of caulk just yesterday!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 11:59am ndbob:

morning Charlie and everyone!
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

@matt, just caulk it up to good timing!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:01pm Carmichael:

Hiya Charlie, hello slackers.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:02pm Parq:

If I lived there, I'd be cold by now. Actually, it's pretty cold down in the flatlands as well. Warm it up, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:02pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi Charlie! I won't be at my computer for much longer, but I am tuned in and ready for your show. Hooray! Busy Doing Nothing!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:02pm Carmichael:

Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha, I will LJFW!

If I don't see y'all, I'll be listening/lurking with delight!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:03pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Ooh, ELO! You must've known I'd be listening. :-)
  Thu. 2/21/13 12:04pm Tower:

Always love ELO.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:05pm Dervish:

Busy Doing Note-ing!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:06pm Brian in UK:

Goat is the new horse over here.

Valve radios are cool.
  Thu. 2/21/13 12:10pm Tower:

@Matt: Thanks for putting The Womenfolk version of Little Boxes in my head. .... Charlie make it go away!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:14pm ndbob:

@Tower that's the shortest song to make the Top 100
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:15pm Charlie:

A belated hiya to: Katya, James, Michael, Brian UK, Matt, Bob, Carmichael, Parq, Wendy, Tower, Dervish!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:16pm Parq:

Most of you probably already know this about the first ELO album title, but ...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:16pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:18pm Charlie:

Did not know that, Parq!
Hi Uncle Michael!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:19pm Uncle Michael:

Hi Charlie. Hi everyone.
  Thu. 2/21/13 12:20pm Tower:

Bob, that I knew, even though I don't like to admit it.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:20pm ndbob:

@parq I didn't either - thanks for the link!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:21pm ndbob:

@Tower I'll admit I like that song - but then again you know my tastes:)
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:21pm Uncle Michael:

Antelope Freeway...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:22pm Uncle Michael:

This shit is brilliant. dangerousminds.net...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:24pm Katya Oddio:

Thanks for the fun links, Parq and Uncle Michael
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Tipsy, I like it!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:28pm Uncle Michael:

Someone should ask Kenzo if the Live Audio Streams links at the top of the GTDR playlists could be to the GTDR stream.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:29pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Soon, soon!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:30pm ndbob:

@michael great link - and a great blog in general
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:30pm Charlie:

Hey, Kenzo, you popped up just in time!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:31pm Uncle Michael:

How is it that you're always everywhere, Kenzo?!

Dangerous Minds kicks ass.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:36pm Uncle Michael:

I have an unconfirmed rumor that Lou Bond has passed away.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:38pm S.A. from S.F.:

Hi, all! My internets made me miss the first half hour.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:38pm Uncle Michael:

Hi, S.A....I take it S.F. is not San Francisco.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:39pm S.A. from S.F.:

@U.M. - Whycome?
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:39pm ndbob:

hello S.A.!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:40pm Uncle Michael:

Because of what you said the other day about your schedule...do you work graveyard?
  Thu. 2/21/13 12:41pm Tower:

@Uncle Michael: This has been updated to reflect that: http://staxrecords.free.fr/lbond.htm
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:42pm S.A. from S.F.:

Um-hum, yup! Working in the night kitchen.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:42pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, Tower.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:42pm Uncle Michael:

You and Maurice Sendak?
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:43pm Charlie:

Hiya, S.A.!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:43pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Steely Dan! One of my favorite guilty pleasures.
  Thu. 2/21/13 12:45pm Tower:

Some choice tunes spinnin' today, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:45pm Uncle Michael:

I only know the Steve & Eydie version of this song.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:46pm S.A. from S.F.:

@Wendy - A favorite sing-a-long.

Hiya, Chollie!

@U.M. - Me and Maurice and the FMU archives.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:46pm Charlie:

I also have a version by Tiny Tim, UM.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:46pm glenn:

if anybody is looking for a good shooting guard. - www.guardian.co.uk...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:47pm Parq:

Dang, that Peaches and Herb track was a treat!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:49pm S.A. from S.F.:

Don't go there, Charlie...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:52pm Charlie:

I'ts excellent, S.A.! But I'll spare ya (today).
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:54pm S.A. from S.F.:

The seat of my pants could use that famous cat-washing monkey.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:58pm S.A. from S.F.:

Bet "The Kensington Bop" is even better live.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 12:59pm Brian in UK:

Throbbin' Manhoods - 7" or 12", Charlie?
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:00pm S.A. from S.F.:

Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:04pm Uncle Michael:

Going over my WFMU pledge marathon mailer which arrived yesterday...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:04pm Charlie:

Haha, Brian, ask Bill Mac! -- it's his band. (www.wfmu.org...)
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:05pm Brian in UK:

'Charlie One of WFMU's best DJs !!!! This song is just him singing, playing nylon string guitar for the bass line, mandolin for the chords, and harmonica.' Bill Mac's quote. No doubt about the opening line.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:05pm S.A. from S.F.:

Tomorrow is National Margarita Day -- forewarned is fore-pitchered.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:06pm Brian in UK:

Poor old Bill still getting over a three fractured leg.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:07pm S.A. from S.F.:

@UM - liking the Dave The Spazz T-shirt.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:08pm Uncle Michael:

I'm thnkin' 'zombies.'
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:09pm Uncle Michael:

Piero of "Manana" fame.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:09pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

2013 DJ premiums: wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:10pm S.A. from S.F.:

I'm going "swag for life" this time.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:10pm Uncle Michael:

Love how all the GTDR premiums are under "More."
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 1:12pm Michael:

I imagine my adoption of Charlie is soon to expire...sigh.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:12pm Ike:

That Steely Dan track was like audio arsenic to my ears. OWWWW, my hippocampus!

But, I have now recovered enough to return and be a snarky gum-wad again. I like MC Solaar.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:12pm S.A. from S.F.:

There's MOAR luv in GTDR!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:13pm Uncle Michael:

If you love something, set it free.
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 1:13pm Michael:

You're right UM -he's all sort of grown up now.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:13pm Uncle Michael:

I honestly cannot fathom anyone hatin' on the Dan.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:16pm S.A. from S.F.:

I have slept with at least 2 women who find the sound of Fagan's voice similar to fingernails on blackboard -- and were driven to tell me so.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:16pm Brian in UK:

The two Dans hate themselves and the world enough that you do not have to hate them. Simple.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:16pm Katya Oddio:

Michael, did you take good care of our Charlie when he was in your custody this year?
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

You need a new, feral DJ.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:18pm S.A. from S.F.:

@Michael - Perhaps Charlie will come back to you... (rubs fingers together)
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:19pm Uncle Michael:

My mailer was actually addressed to "Uncle Michael."
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:20pm Katya Oddio:

Ha! Love it!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:20pm Charlie:

It's been a good year, thank you Michael! I'm now housebroken, but I still like Steely Dan.
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 1:20pm Michael:

I tried my best and of course you know what a fine gentleman he is so it was a wonderful relationship from my perspective. I'm not sure how charlie feels =)
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:21pm S.A. from S.F.:

This Morricone track is halfway between The Tijuana Brass and The Bonzo Dog Band.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:21pm Rich in Washington:

That Ennio song was rather flatulent sounding.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:23pm Katya Oddio:

Rich, adopted a cutie! Ooo, I wanna kiss the top of T's head. Too cute.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:23pm Uncle Michael:

I have two nephews and a niece but I didn't really become 'Uncle Michael' until Calvin, the youngest...at age 2.5, left a phone message demanding, "I want some Uncle Michael music, RIGHT NOW!"
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:25pm S.A. from S.F.:

@UM - U R A "whatever the code is for 'star'"!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:27pm Uncle Michael:

Well, I am to Calvin.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:28pm Katya Oddio:

✩ ✰ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ❂ ✡ ★ ✱ ✲ ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ ✼ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:28pm Holly in NC:

Hi Charlie & all! Yet another archive to catch up with.
Kenzo, if you're still here, ability to dl GTDS stream shows to my android mobile = my @1 desire in whole world.

After world peace, of course ;-)
  Thu. 2/21/13 1:29pm Listening Out There:

...great organ bit...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:29pm Uncle Michael:

✡I must locate this pizza grinder record.✡
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:29pm S.A. from S.F.:

@Katya - Show off! PS: Gimme the text file.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:30pm Katya Oddio:

Too lazy for that, S.A.! Here's a cut-n-paste-o-rama
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:30pm Rich in Washington:

@Katya: I took that pic this morning, when he suddenly decided to jump up onto my shoulders. That bit was really cute when he was a kitten and about three pounds lighter. Ouch!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:31pm ndbob:

heya Holly!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:31pm Carmichael:

My mailer was addressed to Listener Carmichael. And I can hate the Dan all day long. Too overplayed (not their fault), and too laid back. I need unsettling music.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:31pm Rich in Washington:

I have one of these Organ Grinder Pizza albums, they were from a chain of pizza places in Portland OR.
One of them has a lively rendition of Tubular Bells on it.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:32pm Uncle Michael:

That was easy: 3791.wallywashis.name...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:32pm Katya Oddio:

Ouch, Rich!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:33pm Charlie:

Nice find, Uncle M!
Here's more info: wayoutjunk.blogspot.com...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:33pm Charlie:

I'd like to hear that one, Rich!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:33pm Charlie:

Hi Holly!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:35pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks Charlie. I was just about to post that link too!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:35pm Katya Oddio:

I miss Way Out Junk. That was a fun one.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:36pm Rich in Washington:

There must be three Organ Grinder LPs then, because I don't have that one.
Yeah, the one I mentioned has the theme from 2001 at the beginning (as they call it) and the theme from the Exorcist (as they call it) played by a teenage whiz on the wurlitzer.
I think I played those tracks when I subbed for Tony Coulter late last year but I can't remember for sure.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:37pm Katya Oddio:

The RSM song most quoted at Rancho Oddio is "Records" -- "Why's everybody watchin' TV? I've got some records, people"
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:38pm Brian in UK:

Mine was addressed to Listener #112025. I am not a number I am a freeform man.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:42pm Holly in NC:

Links @Charlie's link dead, trying to jump through hoops @UncleMichaels
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:42pm S.A. from S.F.:

That's the problem with The Castro Theatre -- they employ a live organ-player, but they don't market an organ album.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:43pm S.A. from S.F.:

Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:43pm Matt F:

Hey Charlie! I got some Little Walter lined up for my show too.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:44pm Brian in UK:

@S.A. no product placement please. That's twice now.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:45pm Charlie:

All right, Matt!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:46pm S.A. from S.F.:

Only if I add an "s" to **snicker**, lad!
  Thu. 2/21/13 1:46pm Tower:

Reminds me of The Blue Light by Zappa on the Tinseltown Rebellion LP.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:46pm Charlie:

Evvybuddy stay tuned for Matt Fiveash right after my show -- here's his playlist link: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:48pm Holly in NC:

Can't get files @ UnclesMichel's link without signing up for dodgy site :-( Will look on soulseek later today.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:50pm Brian in UK:

Nice one, Charlie. Have a peaceful day everone.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:51pm northguineahills:

Got here for the last 35 minutes, digging the last set.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:55pm S.A. from S.F.:

Wait, what? Who's singing?
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:55pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 1:56pm Michael:

Micky SF!
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:56pm Katya Oddio:

Wonder if that new WFMU messenger bag fits LPs
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:57pm Uncle Michael:

Ugh...that site *is* dodgy.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:57pm Dominick:

Thanks for a great show Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:57pm Charlie:

Bye everyone!
Thanks for hangin' out here today -- stay tuned for Matt!
See you next week.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:57pm Uncle Michael:

Loved the show today, Charlie. Thank you.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:57pm Parq:

Charlie, today's show really reminds me why yours was always one of my favorites when you were in NJ. Have a great week. Stay warm.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:58pm Doug Schulkind:

There's no place like Busy Doing Nothing!
  Thu. 2/21/13 1:58pm Listening Out There:

...always liked Mildred Bailey. Great pick, both for your program's theme today + her singing...
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:58pm Katya Oddio:

What a great wrap with Mildred Bailey. Lovely. Thanks once again, Charlie.
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 1:59pm listener james from westwood:

many thanks, charlie! now to make a running jump over to matt's playlist ....
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 1:59pm S.A. from S.F.:

You know what I'd like? A web stream that only plays songs from the first 10 years of sound movies.
Avatar    Thu. 2/21/13 2:00pm Michael:

Wonderful show with a lovely finish. Thanks charlie!
  Thu. 2/21/13 2:01pm Tower:

Enjoyed the show very much, even though I wasn't home at the time.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 2:03pm Rich in Washington:

Fun show, Charlie! Thanks for making radio!
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