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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options February 28, 2013: The Eternal Flame of Failure burns brightly

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Artist Track Album Format Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party    0:00:00 ()
Sun Araw  I'm Gonna Cross That River of Jordan   Options Sun Araw/Spacemen 3 split 7"  7"  0:08:34 ()
Jefre Cantu Ledesma  Speaking Corpses (How to create a Body of Light)   Options Speaking Corpses  Cassette  0:10:40 ()
Faust  excerpt from "tapes"   Options The Faust Tapes    0:30:57 ()
Brent Lewis Ensemble  People   Options Refreshing Hemorrage 7"    0:39:28 ()
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo  The Peeling Spirirt (edit)   Options from tapes & throats    0:44:11 ()
Eliane Radigue  Onward 76   Options Vice Versa, etc...    0:51:56 ()
Eliane Radigue  Transamorem - Transmortem (excerpt)   Options Transamorem - Transmortem    0:55:56 ()
LaMonte Young & the Theater of Eternal Music  Raag Bhairava pt. 2   Options Raag Bhairava    1:05:07 ()
Tempest Storm  The Intimate interview   Options   7"  1:37:44 ()
Tangerine Dream  Journey Through a Burning Brain   Options Electronic Meditation    1:39:13 ()
Hawkwind  Paradox   Options Hall of the Mountian Grill    1:46:49 ()
Franco Battiato  Anafase   Options Fetus    1:52:03 ()
Von Himmel  Rock and Roll Animal (excerpt)   Options Rock and Roll Animal    2:13:41 ()
Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia/Bren't Lewis  The Bottom Half of Augustine's Denture was not found   Options Fix it again Tony    2:16:01 ()
Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia/Bren't Lewis  My Bruise Looks Like Jesus   Options Fix it again Tony    2:16:22 ()
Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia/Bren't Lewis  Bag of Flaming marshmellows   Options Fix it again Tony    2:16:46 ()
Silvia Kastel/Ninni Morgia/Bren't Lewis  T.I.D. Ratio   Options Fix it again Tony    2:17:06 ()
Sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra  Cosmo-Earth Fantasy (edit)   Options Cosmo-Earth Fantasy    2:18:56 ()
Les Conversions  Les Conversions (excerpt)   Options Les Conversions    2:35:19 ()
Aki Onda  Bruise & Bite   Options South of the Border    2:40:09 ()
Horrific Child (J. P. Massiera)  H.I.A.   Options L'√Čtrange Mr. Whinster    2:57:58 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:10pm chocolate monk:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:10pm duke:

Let's toast marshmallows on the eternal flame of failure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 3:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The 20th century has done died and gone to fail. Is the 21st century failing yet?
  Thu. 2/28/13 3:11pm common:

good, mushy noise!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:11pm rob t:

and let us also nosh on the S'Mores of Despair.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:12pm hamburger:

I kinda hear "Everyday people" in this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:12pm rob t:

i didnt know that Sun Araw could freak out like this--nice!
  Thu. 2/28/13 3:16pm dan e.:

enjoying your set fabio!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:17pm Loren:

In California, NY style pizza is a "thing." Howdy fellow failures... hope the day is exceptionally transcendent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:17pm Mike East:

i think fMU is telling me I need to get that Sun Araw/Spacemen3 split 7"
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:20pm YETI BOB:

Was just in the record shop at lunchtime, looking for the Sun Araw 7" (it was sold out). Come back to work and it's playing on the mighty 'FMU! Thanks Fabio! (Love the J C-L track too)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:21pm Ike:

Watch out for those speaking corpses. They might track grave mud onto the carpet.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:22pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:23pm DCE:

yessirreebob, even!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:23pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

that's a Faust YESS, by the way. Good afternoon, fellow failures.
  Thu. 2/28/13 3:26pm nic:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:28pm tim from champaign:

I'm going to see Wadada Leo Smith tonight. Stoked!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:28pm chocolate monk:

one of my all time favourite LPs. Gonna be at Jean Herve Perons farm again this june!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:29pm DCE:

the Lebonese joint down the block just dropped off a complimentary tray...taboulleh for everyone!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:29pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Beautiful, C.Monk. I need to get out there... some good friends played the fest before, reports were all aglow.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:30pm chocolate monk:

yeah, amazing vibes in the beautiful german countryside.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:32pm johnforz:

i recognize that piano.. Faust?
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:40pm Loren:

You're hittin the west coast today...
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:41pm chocolate monk:

that valley girl heckling is from the BLE performance at The Colour Out Of Space Fest, they performed under a huge sheet. thinks thats Leslie Keffer and Angie Tarantism yelling shit out. god damn loud mouth yanks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:43pm hamburger:

these first notes apart from the last sound like paperhouse by can!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:45pm Loren:

Fabio, you weirdo...
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:46pm chocolate monk:

its a God's Gift cover i think
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:48pm Loren:

Choc Monk, you weirdo...
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:50pm chocolate monk:

why thank you.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:51pm Loren:

No, thank you!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:51pm rob t:

commendable track. nice and spooky.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 3:52pm rob t:

ditto on that Loren.
  Thu. 2/28/13 3:57pm <- deep space:

700 + 4 = 704
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 3:59pm Loren:

My bottom eye lid is starting to twitch and my vision is getting fuzzy.. difficult to breathe... searing pain in my my throat... what the hell is going on!?
  Thu. 2/28/13 4:00pm Chester Ryan:

Getting back spasms to this
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:00pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:01pm DCE:

thanks, Cecile, now I'm picturing a very satisfied robot
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:02pm Cecile:

  Thu. 2/28/13 4:04pm nic:

yeah she's awesome !!!!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:05pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Robots ain't got no worries, man.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:06pm Cecile:

I got 99 problems but a bot ain't one.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:06pm DCE:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:07pm Loren:

Dude!!!! This is going to rule!!!! With Terry Jennings? getting out workplace-approved bong...
  Thu. 2/28/13 4:08pm Brett:

I loooove this Indian music
  Thu. 2/28/13 4:10pm Chester Ryan:

Not indian
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:15pm DCE:

Nepalese? Bhutanish?
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:18pm northguineahills:

Considering La Monte was a disciple of Pandit Pran Prath, it's Indian influenced, recorded w/ mostly American musicians (in NYC?).
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:19pm northguineahills:

(John Cale would be one non-American)
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:20pm northguineahills:

(if he's on this recording)
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:21pm glenn:

i swear i hear "if i were a rich man" in there.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:21pm chocolate monk:

Cale was still studying in London in 1960, if thats when this was made.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:24pm chocolate monk:

cale started playing with these folks around sept 1963
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:30pm G:

Bhairava is the personality in which Shiva shows himself when annihilation is coming. The oldest story mentioning Bhairava tells about when Brahma claimed to be the superior god of the whole universe, and Shiva got pissed, created Bhairava, and ripped Brahma's head off.
  Thu. 2/28/13 4:30pm Grammarous:

"There's one, there're two. There's one, there're two ..."
  Thu. 2/28/13 4:32pm paula pc:

really sweet
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:34pm G:


bio, 2006 pic
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:34pm Cheri Pi:

favoriting rampage
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:37pm Special Man:

Ken from Hyde Park, are you really from Hyde Park, London? Visiting London currently and would love a few insights ...
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:43pm G:

I'm here in the NYC area, so I always figured it was the Hyde Park north of NYC. But if Ken from HP's here he'll clarify!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:45pm Cheri Pi:

Ken seems English.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 4:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Special Man - No, Hyde Park, NY. On the north-east fringe of the 90.1 FM signal. Visitors here enjoy the FDR museum, one of the Vanderbilts' mansions and the Culinary Institute.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:47pm Loren:

Gotta go... great show Fabio... take care folks!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:48pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:49pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

sorry, that was my reflex hawkwind whee.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:49pm glenn:

oh, those crazy vanderbilts and their mansions.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:49pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:49pm Cecile:

fabs, you hippie.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:50pm Cecile:

you filthy hippie.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Funny, my copy of Mountain Grill is about as poppy. Feels like home.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 4:52pm steve:

yeah Hawkwind! my boss, who's an old British guy, recently told me he saw Hawkwind about 30 times in the 70s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:52pm braveness23:

Well crap, I missed the Tangerine Dream... stupid meeting
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:55pm Cheri Pi:

Speaking of Hippies-I swear there must be a "Hot Topic" chain store that is catering to the young kids selling them overpriced patchwork pants, baja jackets, bob marley t-to complete the look. Where's the outrage among festival goers towards these hippie poseurs.?
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 4:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

whee again! Haven't heard this Battiato LP since I was an innocent upon the earth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:56pm Cheri Pi:

it was awesome B23-It's still in my brains.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:57pm braveness23:

CP, I was thinking about getting a pair of patchwork pants. You wanna help me shop for them?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:58pm Cheri Pi:

B23-are you curious about the new embalming by hacky-sack method? I'd love to demonstrate it sometime...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:59pm Cheri Pi:

Why aren't the Spin Doctors speaking out against this fashion travesty? I can't be outraged for everything/everyone, can I??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 4:59pm braveness23:

I was thinking we could just do nitrous balloons instead
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:01pm Cheri Pi:

Goodnight-oddballs, until tomorrow.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:03pm Cecile:

see ya then, Cheri.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:04pm braveness23:

Over and out! Thanks Fabstar Intergalacticus
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:05pm Cecile:

because it was a crappy Lou Reed album?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:07pm Nardo:

Was that Von Himmel or Von Zipper?
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:09pm Special Man:

@Ken from Hyde Park, aw man... then London will continue to be a chinese box of chains, franchises, and George Michael at the Hammersmith Odeon for 76£. Those sights sound good.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:09pm northguineahills:

I can still stomach parts of Tangerine Dream's "Underwater Sunlight" in small doses.... but that's an exception in the 80s.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:13pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Farewell chums. I'll iPhone-app this sumbitch until the metro kills the signal.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:20pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:21pm northguineahills:

laters, Cecile!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:22pm northguineahills:

...and ex-BSI Turnip druid dude.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:26pm david_:

Sun Ra's playing is so distinctive... I realized it was him instantly...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:32pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

What time is Clay coming to hijack the show?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 5:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Exactly what I was waiting for....blizzard howling wind noises. Is that what I'm hearing?
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Crrris*p*, Crrrumb, Coating!
Hi Fabio and Clay and everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 5:50pm steve:

i keep missing the end of Fabio and all of Clay because of work schedule lately... what's Clay been up to?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:52pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

The failure of intrusion.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:53pm Ike:

Excellent show!
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: Always hard to say...um, "what Clay's always up to!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 5:55pm steve:

i mean... when i was last able to listen regularly, he'd just gotten a job and replaying lots of old stuff (like Dirty Clown) and doing call in shows, which was a change from the interview tapes
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

An acumenical meeting of two very different DJ types.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:56pm northguineahills:

palabara, superb show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 5:57pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Can't the tape machine play at 1.5x speed ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 2/28/13 5:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

For the marathon show, will Clay and his partner overlap with Fabio and his partner? Going to need some more microphones.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Musthavability is a must, as far as premiums go.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:58pm Cecile:

Clay, you should give That Dirty Clown as a premium.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

I'M waiting to hear 'em! That's the big sword of Damocles around here.
Avatar Thu. 2/28/13 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: You can download that on the Podcast page!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/28/13 6:00pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Clay's premium last year, about which I knew nothing when I received it, was great.
  Wed. 3/6/13 3:01pm moom:

Great show Fabio. You wiped my brain a bit (and it needed it). That first set was amazing.
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