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2015 knocked me down every time i almost stood up. 2016 looks worse,so far.
losing Ornette was huge; as was losing 2 members of negativland; Errol Brown from hot chocolate; Lemmy and Philthy Animal; Moebius; an early favorite bassist,Andy Fraser; Allen Toussant; many Great session musicians and members of various bands, songwriters,and some people i don't know for music: Leonard Nimoy; Meadowlark Lemon:Judy Carne;Cynthia Lennon...

... pictured are: avatar)David Bowie, Paul Bley,Pierre Boulez and Otis Clay...1)Cynthia Robinson; P.F.Sloan; Steve Mackay; Andy Fraser. 2)Ian Allen; Don Joyce; Pierre Boulez; Dieter Moebius; Lothar Meid; Daevid Allen. 3)Kim Fowley; Paul Bley; John Bradbury; Lemmy; Philthy Animal Taylor; Lesley Gore. 4)BB King; Don Covey; Allen Toussant; Cory Wells; James Last; Chris Squire. 5)Ornette Coleman; Sam Andrew; Errol Brown; John Renbourn. 6)Danny McCulloch; Ben E.King; Tim Drummond; Michael Brown; Dallas Taylor; Edgar Froese; Natalie Cole.

obviously i missed some, but most of these meant a lot to me personally...a few of them not,but were significant in the music world.

rest in peace,y'all.


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