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A weekly adventure in phonography: field recordings, brainwave therapy, rattling noises and other esoteric dance music.

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Options January 8, 2019: the turning return

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Artist Track Album Label Year
FâLX çèrêbRi Feat. Graf Haufen  Nature Is Noise Enough   Options Antimuzick  Artcore Editions  2019 
Jeff Gburek Projects  Acqua Alta   Options Two Cities    2018 
Wu Tsan-Cheng  Crying child / Taipei,Taiwan   Options Taiwan Sound Maps    2019 
Tim Shaw  Snow Melting from Concrete Memorial - Monument to the People of Moslavina, Berek, Croatia   Options Split Frequencies    2019 
Kristian Larsen  Wind Turbines   Options      
Steven Feld  Hiroshima: The Last Sound   Options The Time Of Bells 4  Vox Lox/Earth Ear  2004 
patrick tubin mcginley  barn fridge / Aleksandri, Mähkli, Võrumaa, Estonia   Options Aporee.org    2019 
patrick tubin mcginley  kaluka bottles / Vana-Kaluka, Kaluka, Võrumaa, Estonia   Options Aporee.org    2019 
patrick tubin mcginley  Vana-Kaluka, Kaluka, Võrumaa, Estonia / kaluka insects   Options Aporee.org    2019 
WR  Swinoujscie / Swinemuende, Poland / Germany, northern terminal   Options Border Sounds  Public Record  2005 
Xiang  Midnight trip in the subway, back with friends   Options Tokyo Planktons    2018 
Biosphere / HIA  Meltwater   Options Polar Sequences  Biophon Records  2019 
Howlround  Threip   Options The Debatable Lands  Touch  2019 
Chik White  Flessssh Meme   Options Guts Magnet Sea  (K-RAA-K)³  2018 
Space Afrika  Gwabh   Options Somewhere Decent To Live  Sferic  2018 
Tomoko Sauvage  In Some Brighter Sphere   Options In Death's Dream Kingdom  Houndstooth  2018 
Alex Zhang Hungtai  Yaumatei   Options Divine Weight  NON  2018 
Mkwaju Ensemble  Pulse In My Mind   Options Mkwaju  We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want  2018 
Eszaid  Notre Mer   Options Eurosouvenir  Collapsing Market  2018 
Music behind DJ:
Domenique Dumont 
La Bataille de Neige   Options      
Jamire Williams  IN RETROSPECT   Options ///// EFFECTUAL  Leaving Records  2016 
Forest Drive West  Phaze-Shift   Options Apparitions  Livity Sound Recordings  2019 
Mbulelo  Robotic People   Options The Robotic People EP  Transmat   2018 
lueke  Champion   Options   Les Disques De La Bretagne  2018 
Klein  Stop   Options CC  Howling Owl Records   2018 
Last Life  Ancient Lightning   Options Shared Meanings  Mumdance  2018 
Homemade Weapons  Second Skin   Options Clarion Call  Samurai Music  2015 
Kid Drama  One 6 Eight   Options Mosaic, Volume 2  Exit Records  2013 
Choose  Pledge   Options Crucial Events  Drop Bass Network  1994 
Kelman Duran feat. Amazondotcom  Rara   Options 13th Month  Apocalipsis  2018 
Solid Blake  Contract   Options Warp Room  Seilscheibenpfeiler  2018 

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 7:01pm chresti:

Hi Jesse and noisy things!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:02pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hi chresti!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 7:06pm melinda:

hi all!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:06pm TDK60:

Well there, DJ JK.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:07pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey melinda! Hey there TDK60!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 7:08pm listener james from westwood:

Evening, Jesse and all!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:08pm coelacanth∅:

hi Jesse, everyone
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:08pm Jesse Kaminsky:

hey James! Hi coelacanthø!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:09pm northguineahills:

Fuck dance, let's art!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:09pm quinn:

Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:14pm Jesse Kaminsky:

let's do both!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:14pm Jesse Kaminsky:

hey northguineahills! Hi quinn!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 7:22pm coelacanth∅:

-all 3
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 7:38pm chresti:

Ablelton is hiring @ngh
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 7:59pm Doug Schulkind:

Welcome back/home, Jesse!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:04pm chresti:

Welcome back! Great sound.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:05pm TDK60:

I might guess what you're gettin' at. / surprised there are that many '19 releases in the playlist, only a week so far..
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:05pm northguineahills:

@chresti: I get bored if all I do is code....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:09pm Uncle Michael:

good evening
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:10pm ike:

Hey there my dirty hippies!!!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:11pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey Uncle Michael! Hi ike!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:12pm Jesse Kaminsky:

@TDK60, we're off and running in 2019!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:12pm coelacanth∅:

Doug you're recovered or at least recovering i hope?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:12pm chresti:

I don't know it involves coding@ngh.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:14pm chresti:

I was looking up microphones, when I saw it (Abelton wormhole)
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:20pm northguineahills:

Ooooo, new Biosphere! I always dig Geir Jenssen.

Thanks Jesse and friend, out to trivialize my night! salud!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:21pm Jesse Kaminsky:

New reissued Biosphere but still good! Have a good trivial northguineahills!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:24pm Doug Schulkind:

I'm about 75% back. Digestion is still wonky, but at least it's not actively attacking me now.
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:31pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

Any Whitesnake tonight DJ?
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:32pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey DCC, I'm not closing to door on that idea :/
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:34pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

so, you're sayin' there's a chance. Good.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:35pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Extremely slim but yes a chance..
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:35pm coelacanth∅:

Doug, good news! (well, 75% good at least)
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:38pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

don't deny youve got several Whitesnake LPs at home
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:40pm Jesse Kaminsky:

lol I have several Bijelo Dugme LPs, does that count for anything?
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:44pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

Is that Kurdish for Whitesnake?
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:44pm coelacanth∅:

Jesse - hypothetical question: if every possible source of music or other sound somehow because of some technological glitch suddenly became unavailable to you right now, except for a single youboob video -which happened to be a whitesnake video, would you play it?!
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:45pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

you'd al submit to it, eventually
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:46pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

twud be a glorious age
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:46pm Jesse Kaminsky:

@DCC, kind of pretty much yes
@coelacanthø probably yes, maybe several times.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:47pm TDK60:

end-of-the-World choice? ..maybe speed up to 45 RPM so you can get 2 songs in..
  Tue. 1/8/19 8:48pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

it's a silly question coel; Jesse would play a 19 minute toilet flush if it was on purple limited edition vinyl.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:50pm Jesse Kaminsky:

I'd probably slow it down to 16rpm though so we can really get into the sonic space
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:50pm TDK60:

well, if on purple I'd listen to it on 16 RPM and just relax..
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:50pm coelacanth∅:

...you can slow youboob videos down quite a lot and until you get to the slowest speed the sound still plays. even a whitesnake song might sound good at the slowest audible speed. and you could play it fast too and make them sound like sped-up people pretending they sound like chipmunks.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:51pm quinn:

this set is doin' it for me
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:52pm TDK60:

quinn: we've been waiting for this, how do you feel?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 8:56pm passiflora:

I'll have to go back and listen to this one, just woke from an unintentional nap. Aporee!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 8:57pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey passiflora!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:00pm chresti:

What? You're on purple?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:02pm chresti:

I guess what's his name is blowing smoke about now!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:03pm passiflora:

Hey Jesse, thanks for puttin' this together
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:05pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey passiflora, always an honor to be on the air with y'all!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:05pm TDK60:

chresti: Oh! I thought you were talkin' about herb puffing! No, you're talking about that flim-flam man, ain't ya?
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:16pm TDK60:

I'd like to drive west into a forest myself.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:16pm quinn:

me too
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:17pm passiflora:

Me too going too far in where you get nervous
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:17pm chresti:

Right! Haha @9:05
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:21pm Franco Twinkie:

Okay! Every one come to our house. The weather is fine out west, and there is plenty of beans, rice and tamales. Just bring your own pillow.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:22pm passiflora:

start the car
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:23pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Hey Franco! I have a pillow full of tamales ready to go!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:23pm TDK60:

How gracious. Franco & Chresti can open WFMUSpaWest, ha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:23pm passiflora:

that phrase has always stuck with me since a magician in a Borders in delaware said that to his assistant when a trick wasn't going off
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:23pm chresti:

@coel-@8:50, I've done that before, so amusing!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:24pm Franco Twinkie:

Jesse, there's a place waiting for you under the avocado tree.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:27pm chresti:

And when we run out of room here, there's the East Bay Retreat
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:27pm TDK60:

hey, this percussion is makin' me put away the laundry with more verve than usual..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:28pm passiflora:

that's funny to picture
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:28pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:29pm TDK60:

socks here, shirts there..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:31pm passiflora:

I like it. gotta wait for that sock beat
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:32pm Franco Twinkie:

And if any of you folks are going to Easy Rider it, the club house in the east bay has a cement ramp courtesy of the biker gang who were tenants at one time, so you can ride your hog right into the living room. Just look at Chresti's avatar.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:33pm Jesse Kaminsky:

We're moving into undershirts and trousers in a minute
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:34pm Jesse Kaminsky:

@Franco, I did this radio show live from the east bay years ago, in a former church
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:34pm Franco Twinkie:

Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:38pm Jesse Kaminsky:

The Church in Oakland, here's the show: wfmu.org...
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:38pm TDK60:

I stayed in the Oakland hills and the Berkeley flats once. Out in Novato another time. Love the Bay.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:40pm Franco Twinkie:

Thanks Jesse, I'll check it.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:43pm TDK60:

..Oh, you had a reel to reel tape deck; still have?
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:45pm Jesse Kaminsky:

That's actually my brothers equipment, I think he still does along with a ton of film equipment that he used for free film screenings
  Tue. 1/8/19 9:54pm David Coverdale's Crotch:

Epic fucking stuff tonight DJ, way to go! Keep up the strong work.
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:55pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Thanks DCC! I'll get on some whitesnake one day!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:56pm TDK60:

..thanks for the sounds..next time?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:56pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, Jesse.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:57pm chresti:

Damn- we missed it! @Jesse
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/8/19 9:58pm chresti:

Thanks Jesse!
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:58pm coelacanth:

Thanks Jesse!

Franco see ya in in a few weeks! (no hog though; very practical volvo station wagon!)
Avatar Tue. 1/8/19 9:59pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Thanks all, have a great week!
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