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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 9, 2015: Bob Suren, author of CRATE DIGGER is my Peer Pressure guest at 1pm today!

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Valkyrie  Mountain Stomp   Options 0:00:00 ()
Frumpy  Morning   Options 0:07:35 ()
Frumpy  Floating Part 1   Options 0:11:22 ()
Black Mountain  No Satisfaction   Options 0:18:46 ()
Ufomammut  Revelation   Options 0:21:37 ()
Archon  Desert Throne   Options 0:25:34 ()
Hulk Smash  Heart Mountain   Options 0:40:25 ()
Contraband  Feathered Fish   Options 0:44:30 ()
DOA  001 Loser's Club   Options 0:46:25 ()
Poison Idea  The Temple   Options 0:48:26 ()
Rotting Out  She Sings   Options 0:50:58 ()
Dickies  Give It Back   Options 0:52:45 ()
Adolescents  No Way   Options 0:54:35 ()
Dead Boys  High Tension Wire   Options 0:56:36 ()
Interview With Bob Suren    1:00:52 ()
Hated Youth  I'm Stupid   Options 1:40:11 ()
Failure Face  Human Cancer   Options 1:41:38 ()
Disorderly Conduct   Crawl Down Inside of Me   Options 1:43:42 ()
Raw Power  State Oppression   Options 1:47:12 ()
Reckless Deerhunters  Life   Options 1:49:02 ()
Television  Friction   Options 1:51:23 ()
Interview With Bob Suren    1:56:27 ()
Richard Hell & The Voidoids  Down at the Rock and Roll Club   Options 2:26:23 ()
Cult Ritual  Weak Body   Options 2:30:11 ()
Ataque Frontal  Sobrevivire   Options 2:31:43 ()
Dead Kennedys  Stealing People's Mail   Options 2:33:01 ()
Interview With Bob Suren    2:34:32 ()
bad brains  coptic times   Options 2:55:19 ()
Voivod  M-Body   Options 2:56:23 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:04pm Claw!:

<<bangs head>>
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:04pm V Priceless:

Heya Diane! Therapy, at last...ahh...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:05pm common:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Q: What kind of metal is played on this show?
A: All of it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:06pm MD:

Bring Da Rock!!!!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:06pm Polyus:

Hullo Diane.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:12pm chris:

Hello, Diane, Claw!, VP, common, Ken, MD, Polyus, all others who believe in rawk.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:14pm Polyus:

This Frumpy stuff is totally new to my ears and totally cool.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:14pm Claw!:

Hola, chris!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:15pm V Priceless:

hey Chris!

what Polyus said.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:17pm common:

chris, all
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:18pm Diane Kamikaze:

All of It!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:20pm Diane Kamikaze:

Lotsa punk today, my guest BOB SUREN was a mainstay in the FLA scene with his Sound Idea Record Store, Burrito Record(s) Label and being in a bunch of bands. He is on a book tour for CRATE DIGGER: An Obsession With Punk Records and we'll be talking to him live at 1pm!!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:23pm Claw!:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:29pm V Priceless:

neat neat neat, DK - can't wait!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:35pm coelacanth:

Hi Diane and Machinists

SPECTACULAR first set!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:35pm chris:

well, that opening set was ripper
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:36pm coelacanth:

...but completely ready for punk!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:37pm coelacanth:

hey chris!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:37pm V Priceless:

Archon: gotta be a Star Trek ref
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:38pm Chris from DC:

I missed Valkyrie:(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Anyone else yell "Here we go!" when The Challengers' guitars kick in?
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:38pm coelacanth:

you must have them on the show and ask them how they pronounce it.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:39pm Tito "Pepe" Infidado:

The South Philly Revolution Posse is in Da house!!!!! Kick it and Bust it Too!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:41pm chris:

coelacanth, my favorite typing fish!
  Thu. 7/9/15 12:42pm Geoff:

Thank you for pronouncing Missouri correctly
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:43pm coelacanth:

chris- it's taken me eons to develop this skill!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:44pm Claw!:

Back off, chris - he's mine!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 12:45pm chris:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:45pm V Priceless:

get a room!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:45pm coelacanth:

OH! hey Bear!! i was just... uh...
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:47pm Claw!:

Hussy-ass Fish.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:48pm coelacanth:

YOUR hussy-ass fish!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:49pm coelacanth:

anyway,i saw you!...WEIRD AL ring a bell?!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:50pm Tito "Pepe" Infidado:

Kill it with the "Poison!"
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:52pm coelacanth:

oh man, if this show -somehow- bit it right now, it'd still get a star!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:53pm coelacanth:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:54pm Claw!:

Weird Al? Huh??
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:55pm Claw!:

I love this song!

Damn right, MY hussy-ass fish...
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:55pm GeesyCreesy:

Nice. I forgot how fun that Dickies track is.
  Thu. 7/9/15 12:55pm phat:

Apparently I'm playing a show with Stiff Little Fingers on the 19th. Anybody heard them lately?
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:57pm Polyus:

No, but that's pretty cool, phat.
  Thu. 7/9/15 12:58pm phat:

We'll see. Small bar in Lincoln, NE. Could be interesting.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 12:58pm V Priceless:

Stiv 4ever!
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:04pm Trap_Neuter_Return:

How are Bob's Basset Hounds doing?
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:05pm Trap_Neuter_Return:

Sound Idea was a great distro and great store.
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:05pm Trap_Neuter_Return:

PLay some Failure Face and Murder Suicide Pact.
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:08pm Cooh John:

Sounds like a good companion to "Your Band Sucks" by Jon Fine. I'm half way through it.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:11pm coelacanth:

and my book list keeps getting longer
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:13pm coelacanth:

my closest friend moved to the sticks and came back full-on punk...(ironic?)
he gave me the clash's first album & a pretty things comp.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:14pm Polyus:

Planning on grabbing that Jon Fine book myself.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:17pm Claw!:

Fish, you said you saw me earlier... Where??
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:19pm Dean:

A sad confession: I did precisely that -- "F--- this! -- with my early issues of Flipside and Slash fanzines. Dumb.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:19pm V Priceless:

He who dies with NOTHING wins, IMHO.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 1:22pm common:

i just may win then, vp
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:23pm V Priceless:

there ya go, common! ; )
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:25pm V Priceless:

"de-accumulation" is an art I have yet to master.
  Thu. 7/9/15 1:33pm Dean:

He said, "Crate Digger," but I heard, "Great Tigger."
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:36pm coelacanth:

Bear! just role-playing...you know that!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:38pm Claw!:

Ohhh... riiight... Gotcha.

Well, he *is* my spirit husband.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:39pm coelacanth:

i know,darling.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:41pm coelacanth:

V -i'm working on that,but then i aquire something else...so i'm just trying to replace things i don't care much about with things that i really use.
...but,yeah, a simple life is a more peaceful one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 1:45pm common:

i've learned coelacanth just got done moving. i want my guitar and paper and pens...thats all...and my computer so i can listen
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 1:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Besides the existing record library, does WFMU have a collection of music-related books? I'll bet it would be something so see, if it existed.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:49pm coelacanth:

yeh common, moving can help with identifying priorities. so can living in a car.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 1:50pm common:

absolutely coelacanth
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:52pm Chris from DC:

Yay, Television
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:53pm V Priceless:

agreed; moving is a great purging exercise.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 1:53pm common:

i double that yay, chris
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:54pm Chris from DC:

I do need a purge of a lot of my stuff sometime soon. More space for records that way.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 1:58pm JakeGould:

Nowadays it should be easier to declutter than most think. I ditched my physical media—like CDs and LPs—and couldn’t be happier. Two major moves schlepping that stuff was going to kill me. MP3s weigh not much of anything. Also another healthy attitude is to realize most people hoard things because they are afraid of not coming across them again. But nowadays with eBay and Amazon, you can score tons of stuff from everywhere when you need it. And with eBay I have sold off old stuff I don’t need anymore because why hoard?
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:03pm P-90:

Joe totally won me over with his story and his personality. Seriously cool dude. And the "mix tape within an audio book" idea is brilliant. He may just be anticipating how a lot of music journalism/history may be done in the future...
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:04pm P-90:

sorry, "Bob" not Joe.... Having trouble with the IOS app today...
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:04pm JakeGould:

@P-90: Everyone I don’t know I name Joe!
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:06pm P-90:

Failure Face! I remember the buzz about that record.
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:07pm P-90:

@JakeG: so does my Ipad
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:16pm V Priceless:

MDC! Dave D from right here in Glen Cove, NY! Woo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:20pm Andrew Waterloo:

The record store down the street from where I am now had a bathroom that was absolutely something else. Then one of the owners got a girlfriend.
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:23pm SkilletLiquor:

Will Bob get scr*wed over if I buy the Kindle version of his book?
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:25pm JakeGould:

@AndrewWaterloo: That could be a reality show, “Then He Got a Girlfriend.”
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:26pm Dean:

A fair segue from Television.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:28pm JakeGould:

@Diane: Excellent interview.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:29pm V Priceless:

man, how I miss Quine's guitaring...
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:33pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:34pm Claw!:

  Thu. 7/9/15 2:36pm SkilletLiquor:

Thanks, Diane!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:37pm Chris from DC:

Is there an appearance schedule around somewhere?
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:38pm Dean:

Here's LC's material on so-called mandatory deposit: http://www.copyright.gov/mandatory/index.html

Librarian here. Thanks for the props.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:38pm Diane Kamikaze:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:38pm Chris from DC:

  Thu. 7/9/15 2:40pm Dean:

Come to think of it, Mandatory Deposit isn't a bad band name.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:42pm Andrew Waterloo:

Mandatory is a good word for band names
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:43pm JakeGould:

Band name, “Mandatory New Guy Lunch”
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:43pm Dean:

Perhaps these exceptions prove the rule: Mandatory Booboo, Mandatory Sofa, Mandatory Inventory
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:44pm Chris from DC:

Mandatory Option
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:46pm JakeGould:

They are called castanets, Diane.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Some DJ on a commercial station had Mandatory Metallica time. Not a band name per se, but a use of the term. Stop whatever you're doing and listen to some Metallica.
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:48pm SkilletLiquor:

Mandatory Volunteers
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:49pm Diane Kamikaze:

Thank you Jake.
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:49pm Dean:

"Dock that volunteer a day's pay!"
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:51pm V Priceless:

burn that shit, Bob.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:52pm V Priceless:

(the cheese helmet, that is)
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:52pm coelacanth:

is this a coincidence?
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:52pm Dean:

Mandatory choices...
  Thu. 7/9/15 2:53pm Dean:

Well, except for Queen.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:55pm Claw!:

Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:56pm Polyus:

Unencumbered is nice and all, but just having your crap organized goes a long way in maintaining your sanity. There's certainly stuff I don't use every day that I still need from time to time. Just find a good place to put it.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:57pm Chris from DC:

Last-minute VOIVOD!!!!
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:58pm V Priceless:

@ polyus: well said

thanx for a fun show & great interview, Queen D!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

V o i v o d !
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 2:58pm JakeGould:

Mandatory Voivoid.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:58pm common:

weeeeeeeee voivod
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/9/15 2:59pm sphere:

<clears throat> V O I V O D.
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 3:00pm coelacanth:

Polyus, it's true.

Great interview
Thanks Diane and Thanks Bob

ciao animals
Avatar Thu. 7/9/15 3:01pm Claw!:

Shit, missed VOOOOOIIIVOOOD...

Thanks, Diane!
  Sat. 8/15/15 1:41pm DJ Teeth:

Yes ! Frumpy ! Inga !
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