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Some pop, fumbling musicians, bedroom recordings, vocal harmonies with orchestras, elongated notes, tape hiss, one-chord wonders, analog synths + clicking drum machines, loners, breezy country, and brief cacophonous interruptions.

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Options May 24, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Brian Eno  Here Comes the Warm Jets   Options Here Come the Warm Jets  0:00:00 ()
Ethan Persoff  How Long (Has This Been Going On?)   Options 40 Minutes, 40 Memories  0:04:00 ()
Camryn Rothenbury  Racing Against the Void   Options New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here  0:04:38 ()
Flowers  (life) After Dark   Options 7 inch  0:07:40 ()
Brute Heart  Blindfolded   Options Lonely Hunter  0:11:35 ()
Sroeng Santi  Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng   Options Thai? Dai!  0:14:59 ()
Pink Floyd  Interstellar Overdrive   Options Piper at the Gates of Dawn  0:18:34 ()
Klaus Schulze  Mit Jungen Auden   Options La Vie Electronique 1  0:28:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Charlemagne Palestine 
Strumming Music   Options Strumming Music  0:37:27 ()
Sun Ra  Earth Primitive Earth   Options Space Probe  0:46:40 ()
Can  Mary, Mary So Contrary   Options Norweigian wood  0:52:36 ()
Ramases  Quasar One   Options Space Hymns  0:59:32 ()
Two Friends  Old South Bend   Options s/t  1:05:30 ()
Mason Profitt  Were You There?   Options s/t  1:07:58 ()
Bernard Gerard  Maria   Options Jacques Tati:Sonorama  1:12:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Change   Options Spiritual - Mental - Physical  1:16:54 ()
Onmutu Mechanicks  Calyx   Options Echochord Jubilee  1:18:36 ()
Virgo Four  Moskaw   Options Resurrection  1:27:09 ()
No More  Hypnotized   Options German Punk & Wave 1978-1984, Vol. 1  1:32:11 ()
John Bender  Unrelated   Options Pop Surgery  1:33:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
William Basinski 
A Red Score in the Tile (excerpt)   Options A Red Score in the Tile  1:36:15 ()
Gary Higgins  Song to Springtime   Options A Dream A While Back  1:52:40 ()
Padang Food Tigers  Not Coming Home   Options Born Music  1:58:00 ()
Terry Sylvester  Make My Day   Options s/t  2:00:31 ()
Sweet Thursday  Dealer   Options s/t  2:04:24 ()
Shark Move  Evil War   Options Those Shocking Shaking Days  2:10:26 ()
Steve Lacy   Bye-Ya   Options School Days  2:19:28 ()
Annette Peacock  Love Me Tender   Options I'm the One  2:27:33 ()
Mark Beer  The Small Death   Options 7 inch  2:31:16 ()
The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor  To Love Nuclear   Options 7 inch  2:34:58 ()
The Scrotum Poles  Pick the Cats Eyes Out   Options 7 inch  2:40:32 ()
Thin Yoghurts  Girl on the Bus   Options 7 inch  2:44:15 ()
The Kinks  Bald Headed Woman   Options   2:46:14 ()
The Beatles  Julia   Options The White Album  2:53:29 ()
Nick Drake  From the Morning   Options Pink Moon  2:56:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/24/11 3:08pm dave in vermont:

i love tuning in and finding someone new (new to me at least, the name is familiar0 and something to listen to i am excited about
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:09pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I like finding different colors
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

"One chord wonders"? "Analog synths"? (The current) post punk music?

It's looking good!
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:15pm Jeff M:

Welcome back to the Seat of Control. Sounding good.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:17pm Matt from Springfield:

(lighter) THE THAI IRON MAN!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:20pm dc pat:

  Tue. 5/24/11 3:25pm JFC:

Bill, how are we looking?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:25pm dc pat:

need to get ice cream, can you turn it up to 45rpm?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm not looking great, my hair is flat. But Bill can't see that.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:29pm shaque9000:

Interstellar Overdrive? did you know i was listening? thx, shZa
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:30pm dc pat:

DCE: I'm with you, my hair is a complete failure today. I need to go back to bed and start over.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:31pm dc pat:

ok. Ice Cream, <PAUSE>
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:31pm BSI:

aaaaaaahh yes,
i needs me some space. .. let there be s p a c e
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:32pm still b/p:

Someone recently described me to someone else as "that clean-cut guy." I've felt terrible since.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my advice, still b/p, is to not shave for awhile, then they'll refer to you as "that ruffian"
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:36pm Jeff M:

O look, Shaque's in the haus.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:36pm glenn:

don't feel bad. my 16 year old goddaughter recently described me as a moron surrounded by a retard
wrapped up in an idiot, which, i gotta say, is pretty freakin' funny.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:37pm BSI:

also: a strategically sagging posture and slight limp will go a long way to re-establishing your office-beatnik cred. Take it from a well-seasoned and vaguely unwashed professional.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

glenn, it's so funny I think I'd disown her after spewing milk through my nose
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:39pm glenn:

ah, she's a good kid. besides, how can you get mad at such creativity?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:41pm Jeff M:

I poop on sunshine.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:41pm bill:

My thoughts approximately
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: See; Katrina and the Waves.
@still b/p: If all else fails, play WFMU out loud--no one who listens could be thought of by squares as "clean".
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:45pm Oldies Listener:

"How Long" (Has This Been Going On)--
by Ace, not Hall & Oates. Same singer as Squeeze.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Love the Charlemagne Palestine. Very hypnotic, and a cool name as well.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you just don't meet too many Charlemagnes anymore. What a shame.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:51pm BSI:

The collab.LP he did with GOL is one of the grooviest things I've heard in a hundred years.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:51pm bz:

Ah yes ACE i always get a philly bleu eyed vibe with that one
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:52pm dc pat:

<UNPAUSE> Ice cream achieved....my teeth really hurt...
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:55pm R DG:

Jeff: Enough with the scatological. Thanks for the birthday wishes, BTW.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:56pm internegative:

"Mary, Mary So Contrary" is Can. It just happens to be on the Norwegian Wood soundtrack, which features a score by Greenwood.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@dc pat: Was it ice cream, or FroYo? Yogurt hurts teeth more (plus it gives the brain freeze, ice cream doesn't too much). Or else it was just really frozen ice cream?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:56pm aces_up:

hey BZ, is there a higher bitrate real player stream available?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:56pm hamburger / london:

aw man - these fuckers would not stop eating popcorn during norweigian wood ... hi by the way :)
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: You could be Charles "The Great", but that just comes off as...imperial.

This one by Johnny Greenwood RAWKS!
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:57pm Cheri Pi:

I think that this is Can (same soundtrack as Johnny Greenwood)
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:58pm dc pat:

..where ya goin to?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:58pm R DG:

@Tim O.: We gotta meet up and break some sh!t. You ever around these parts?
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:59pm dc pat:

Matt: ice cream, not the best but hit the spot. My teeth are kinda sensitive...
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:59pm Triple B:

Yeha flash is kinda sketch through my boze headphones
. I would dig real player
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:59pm jaycjay:

@aces_up, don't know if this helps you but FYI: I always listen to the 128k mp3 stream sing realplayer.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:59pm still b/p:

Reppin'/reffin' Monkees...?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:00pm aces_up:

thanks J
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Gelato may or may not be available to you, but that freezes at a higher temperature, and my teeth have never hurt from gelato.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

real player just does not work on this computer, maybe my work blocks it, so for me it's flash which quits every 5 minutes or 20k windows.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:04pm FATnFURIOUS:

I can't this Real PLayer to work for me... Flash quality hurting my ears.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

flash is like a dream compared to that 20k...I wish they'd just do a 128 WIMP stream.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:05pm Triple B:

@FnF alright i've been seconded
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:08pm bill:

dce, what about itunes?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:08pm Swami:

Ooh, the flash player rules. So does this set.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:10pm Triple B:

@bz Very chill
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no, at work it seems my only choice is WiMP. I'm not even sure what Flash is but that works (sorta).
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:10pm postmanpaul:

128 thru itunes trailing 3 secs behind flash player may sound extravagant. But it does it for me, occasionaly.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:10pm VilliageGenius:

Real Player who uses Real Player???!!!!It's only Real Dead at 20k
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

This show does rule!

And Flash player stream, without it I couldn't listen live at work--I'm sure streaming is blocked at other places as well! (Until a couple months ago I could use all the MP3 streams--I put Winamp on my computer not-so-licitly!)
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:13pm JFC:

Bill, dump the vip!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:14pm Swami:

Flash is my workplace and like postmanpaul, I do 128 thru itunes at home.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:20pm postmanpaul:

But, you know something, if I was listening in the car right now, just in/out of range, I wouldn't be doing no complaining. Nice tunes Bill.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:20pm Triple B:

Welcome to BZ's soothing sounds of the 70's
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:21pm shaque9000:

@R DG: I am NEVER around those parts. you ever around here (nyc)? you still at mlb?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:22pm VillageGenius:

BZ is sooo mellow sooo deep.It's 4:20pm and I'm relaxing to the sounds.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:22pm bill:

Still hoping for that Empire State Building antenna
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:23pm dug:

ha. just finished listening to here come the warm jets and flipped on wfmu to see you opened with it. nice.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:23pm R DG:

@Tim: I'm in NYC every day. I didn't know if you actually crossed out of your home borough.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:25pm R DG:

Calyx is reminding me of when we used to go clubbing. Wow!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:26pm 93Landolf93:

  Tue. 5/24/11 4:26pm shaque9000:

@R DG: I'm down near Spring & Bway. But sometimes i meet up with alex and matt for lunch all up in the mlb area, maybe we can all get together?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:27pm shaque9000:

awww yeah, 93 in the hizzie!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:29pm 93Landolf93:

ZOMG all MLB streams are down! Who can we call?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:30pm R DG:

Yeah, I remember falling asleep in the clubs, too.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:30pm shaque9000:

z, have mercy, i'm at work, and it's like yr sticking the pipe in my face!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:31pm wildstyle:

@ shaque9000 I did make an expect script that will fix that right up
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:33pm Triple B:

expect is dead baby Ruby is the future!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:33pm wildstyle:

btw if anyone is ever in BK, i dont leave this borough, we should hang out. i try to keep some pabst in the fridge, but if i am out i can always take my ford explorer to pick up a case
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:36pm Triple B:

@WS sure i'll ride over on my fixie and in a half-shirt and we can get bombed
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I have no idea what's going on here
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:37pm bill:

Hold on, I gotta trim my chops
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:38pm wildstyle:

@TripleB I have a half-shirt too! is yours airbrushed?
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:40pm FuzzyNerfHerder:

@wildstyle - Do you surf? I love getting wet and salty before going to work.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:40pm sarah69:

this DJ sounds sexy!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:43pm Triple B:

@WS sho nuff orange mesh with torque wrench sprayed on the back
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:44pm wildstyle:

me too!
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:45pm Badmin:

cat BZ_Show >> Awesome.txt
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

language has evolved into something unrecognizable
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Basinski Zone-Out Complete.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: If I had to guess, I would guess the commenters are computer programmers chatting with technical/coding language in-jokes.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:50pm BSI:

i've eaten my teeth.
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that's what the dr ordered
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:52pm Ludwig:

the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:02pm Handsome Harry:

Padang Food Tigers are killin' it.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:02pm Matt from Springfield:

YESSS! Padang Food Tigers!
I just heard them this early morning on Julie's show. The most trancy item in the new bin in quite some time!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:07pm COBOL:


140 GOTO 100
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:08pm R DG:

@MFL: Can you translate that into Foxpro?
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:09pm Handsome Harry:

Holy crap - another gem. This is a keeper.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:11pm bee boo:

More fake timpani please.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:11pm lolersk8:

hello bill, I am currently stuck in london w/ no money & no phone after our bags were stolen at heathrow airport. Luckily I still have my passport, but I need to be able to pay for the hotel. If you can loan me some money (approx 1500 USD) I'll gladly pay you back an additional 200.00 for your troubles.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@COBOL: Wow, that antique threw me for a "loop". It's hard to get more "BASIC" than that.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Sweet Thursday was sweet indeed! I thought the name was familiar, like they were one of the Woodstock bands. I don't see that in their Wiki, but NICKY HOPKINS was playing keyboards for them!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:15pm lolersk8:

you can email me at lolersk855@yahoomail.id - don't worrky it is a borrow account since I am in internet cafe at heathrow!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:17pm Triple B:

I'll send you some money!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:17pm Jeff M:

Wow, that oddly stumbling, shuffling, slightly muffled drum work reminds me of '70s Krautrock. Like Triumvirat, maybe.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:22pm triumvirat:

Zurat rules OK!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:22pm Triple B:

can we get some salt peanuts while we're on this kick?
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:24pm Mister Ten Percent:

@triumvirat: I'll take my cut now, please.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mark Beer: Awesome. Bravo! I think...

I'm normally the go-to on this, but anyone know the Classical music in the background? It's going to irk me all night!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:43pm bill:

Scrotum Poles, eh? Kinda reminds me of 10,000 Maniacs
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:44pm Mom:

Really? "The Scrotum Poles?" Do you kids actually think you're clever, always trying to shock?

In my day we were more subtle. And we turned out okay.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:46pm Scrotum Poles:

Oh maaaaaaaaa, theres no good names left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:48pm Dad:

Yeah we had names like the Carpet Nailers. much more discreet
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:53pm John Boy:

Super duper show
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:54pm Handsome Harry:

Great show today. Well done.
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:55pm wildstyle:

fantastic show!! i am going to tell all my friends in DUMBO about this station. You rock BZ!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

The White Album holds a special place in my heart, including "Julia". Thank you for being the first person I've heard to play this on the radio.

Your whole show was kickass, Bill, please come back!
  Tue. 5/24/11 5:59pm Jeff M:

Top-notch show, top to bottom.
  Tue. 5/24/11 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Agree, Jeff!

And from White Album to Pink Moon, the perfect acoustic landing just now!
  Tue. 5/24/11 6:00pm shaque9000:

great set, bro, thx!
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