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Hosts these programs:

Favoriting LoriHajiTura with DJ GeorgyGirl

Favoriting High Waisted Modernists with DJ GeorgyGirl

Favoriting The Flange & Frigate with DJ GeorgyGirl

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Pledged support to:

📖 Hi-Waisted Modernists Marathon 2024
🏝 Transmissions from Echo Beach Marathon 2024
🌃 Beneath the Underground Marathon 2024

WFMU's Marathon 2024
WFMU's Hellraiser 2023
WFMU's Marathon 2023
WFMU's Marathon 2022
WFMU's Hellraiser 2021
WFMU's Marathon 2021
WFMU's Marathon 2020
WFMU's Marathon 2019

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DJGG The Blue Haired Hippie
Hi-Waisted Modernists, The Flange & Frigate Show.


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