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Library music + words + sounds ... 01:00:00 ... speedy - lightweight movement

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Options December 19, 2018: Hi Waisted Modernists #003 - Growing Pains

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Heinz Kiessling  A La Bonheur   Options 0:00:00 ()
Keith Mansfield  Teenage Carnival   Options 0:02:11 ()
Ronnie Aldrich  Bright Industry   Options 0:04:46 ()
Syd Dale  All Systems Go   Options 0:06:53 ()
Alan Hawkshaw  Build Up   Options 0:09:33 ()
David Lindup  Stop Look and Listen   Options 0:11:19 ()
Johnny Hawksworth  Chunky   Options 0:14:39 ()
Jean Richard & Sigefroi Mirandola  Sun   Options 0:17:11 ()
Syd Dale  Quite Contrary   Options 0:19:00 ()
Bill Martin & Phil Coulter  Discothik   Options 0:20:43 ()
Alan Hawkshaw  Raver   Options 0:22:23 ()
Johnny Pearson  Caricature   Options 0:24:48 ()
Jean Richard & Sigefroi Mirandola  Illustration No 11   Options 0:28:05 ()
Alan Hawkshaw  Soul Organ Impromptu   Options 0:29:41 ()
Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield  London Hilton   Options 0:32:32 ()
Alan Hawkshaw  Drive On   Options 0:35:00 ()
Syd Dale  Walk & Talk   Options 0:37:55 ()
Johnny Pearson  Grand Prix   Options 0:40:17 ()
Johnny Pearson  Playboy   Options 0:43:27 ()
Werner Tautz  Margarita   Options 0:45:40 ()
Johnny Pearson  Dance Party No 2   Options 0:48:24 ()
Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield  Beat Boutique   Options 0:50:54 ()
Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield  Piccadilly Night Ride   Options 0:52:42 ()
Jean Richard & Sigefroi Mirandola  From Nowhere   Options 0:54:27 ()
Burnell Leonard Whibley  Riviera Bossa Nova   Options 0:57:01 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 1:51pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's episode of Hi Waisted Modernists with DJ GeorgyGirl. I'll be taking you on a journey through the vaults of British library music with added frisson of sound files from the 1950s LP on sexual education by Christopher Recordings. Enjoy!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

And we're off! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:01pm Martinibomb:

off and running
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:01pm Otis Fodder:

I have to run out in 5min. Ahhhhhhh. Archive for me. Will miss ya all.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:01pm Martinibomb:

Catcha ya later OF
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:01pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Enjoy it tomorrow :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:02pm worldsworstrecords:

God I love this track!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

It's a corker! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:03pm worldsworstrecords:

This screams 70s TV to me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:03pm Otis Fodder:

I'm leaving the stream on at the house for my cat Bunjee.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Library music always gets me in the Christmas mood - reminds me of my aunt :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:04pm worldsworstrecords:

I'd forgotten The Freewheelers, but I remember this theme
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:04pm worldsworstrecords:

Your aunt was a library?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:05pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

LOL!! We went to hers and my uncle's every Boxing Day ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:06pm worldsworstrecords:

Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:08pm notsoKWYET:

Making eggplant parm and listening to this. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:09pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yay! :-) Happy you're here :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:10pm Martinibomb:

Damn! This is a great mix today GG! Impressive you're just cracking through it.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:10pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I might be slightly addicted ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:11pm Martinibomb:

It sounds like you put some time into this one and it's only 10mins in
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:11pm worldsworstrecords:

It's all good stuff!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:12pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you :-) It usually takes a good couple of days to get all the component parts done. Although this week I've been REALLY going for it so I can have Christmas off. :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:14pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

But ... knowing that you guys like it is HUGE praise for me :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:15pm worldsworstrecords:

That stirring desire is a killer...
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:15pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Oof. I've just had a doughnut and it was a bit too sickly :-S
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:15pm Martinibomb:

Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:16pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I can't remember if I got in the line about drinking too much soda pop until you want to explode - that's my fave of the "dad's" lines ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:18pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I want to say that Carl (litlgrey) sent me a digital copy of this album in the 90s - I think it was him. The only details are that it's Christopher Recordings, and it has four tracks but it's gold.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:20pm Martinibomb:

Yeah! litlgrey schooled me on KPM back then. He's the one that really got me into this stuff
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:20pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Oh - not KPM, the sex ed record came from Carl :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:21pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

He's still on Luxuria, isn't he?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:22pm Martinibomb:

ohhh! gotcha well Carl is a cool dude. Yeah he still does a show on luxuria
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:26pm RiW:

listening from a diner while awaiting my Reuben sandwich.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:26pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I need an update on that aubergine parm! ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:26pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hey Rich! In a diner? Wow :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:29pm Martinibomb:

A Diner seems like the perfect place for this mix. I hope you're playing it at full volume so everyone else can hear. :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:31pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I could just go a diner breakfast right about now.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:33pm Martinibomb:

I'm sad because the old 60s Diner by my house that I loved - the owner retired and sold the property to some developers. It was a big lot so now I'm gonna have like 1200 new neighbors.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Nooo :-( It's like all the gorgeous old London coffee bars and cafes disappearing. Or just being generally refurbished. All the Swiss chalet style ones that I loved are all hipstered up now :-(
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:35pm Martinibomb:

I'm kinda of tired of the ikea minimalism they replace all the old stuff with
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:36pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Same. I like a bit of character and clutter
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:37pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Wtf am I listening to
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:37pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:37pm Duckman Jan:

Hi Georgy, hi everyone!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:37pm Martinibomb:

Hiya Jan!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:38pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Jan! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:38pm notsoKWYET:

Eggplant Parm is in the oven...now for a bit of chat! I just absolutely love the concept for this show. You've outdone yourself.
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:38pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Was that christian sex Ed?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:38pm Mr Fab:

Hi Aaron - sex ed with soundtrack music. For a groovy kind of love
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:38pm Duckman Jan:

I got in just in time, i believe
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:39pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you all for saying such lovely things :-) I'm all smiley again :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:39pm notsoKWYET:

This is making me nostalgic for incredibly problematic parent sex ed talks bahahahahaha
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:39pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

How is baby Jesus formed?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:40pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

LOL! Remember - your body is holy, Bob ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:40pm Mr Fab:

I love instrumental music, but the tracks can all kind of blend together when taken at length. So the concept for this show - throwing in some speech - is a durn good one.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:41pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you! :-) It's a lot of fun to do, too :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:41pm Martinibomb:

@Mr Fab totally agree!!!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:42pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I kind of wanted to give the tracks a home - because they'd been written and recorded for a purpose but then most of them languished in a vault. So I'm giving them their purpose back :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:44pm Martinibomb:

Library music was kinda made for Voice Over's anyway.. i mean it was for tv/radio
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:44pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Exactly :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:45pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Wow - that's gone by REALLY fast.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:45pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

You all set up, MB? :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:46pm Martinibomb:

yuuuup! ready to go -- got my playlist warming up right now for everyone. www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:46pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Don't forget to head on over there after this show is done, everyone :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:47pm Rich in Washington:

Back now. I've been enjoying this while out doing some xmas purchases and waiting for my reuben at a greasy spoon.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:48pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Ooo! A festive soundtrack! :-)
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:49pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Where did you find that sex Ed stuff?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:49pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I've had it for years ... a friend of mine sent me a copy back in the 90s :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:50pm Rich in Washington:

the aforementioned reuben just slightly exceeds the minimum requirements for said sandwich. sigh. Don't know what I was really expecting.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:50pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Oh no!!!! That's so disappointing! I hate it when that happens :-(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:52pm Rich in Washington:

Wot Mr. Fab said @3:40 - this is a brilliant concept for a show DJ GeorgyGirl. It's a great way to experience library music.
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:54pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you! :-)
I'd just like to say that I've been on a night bus through Piccadilly and it was in no way this convivial!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:55pm Rich in Washington:

to be fair, most restaurants aren't properly set up to really do reubens properly. They usually have inadequate corned beef - or in worst cases, use pastrami instead. They also don't have good sauerkraut. It's usually plopped out of a can and it sort of wrecks the sandwich with its turgid sogginess.
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:55pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

What is the title of this sex Ed record?
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:55pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yuck. That sounds horrible
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:56pm Rich in Washington:

^I wish that was the title!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:56pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

It doesn't have a title but it's from somewhere around 1950 to 1952 and put out by a label called Christopher Recordings. Very little other info unfortunately
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:56pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:58pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

And with that, we're nearly done here for this week. Thank you all for keeping me company - next room is in the company of the lovely Martinibomb, who is awaiting you as we speak! See you all next week :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:59pm Martinibomb:

This is the end! :-(
  Wed. 12/19/18 3:59pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Ho ho ho and happy holidays
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:59pm Rich in Washington:

Wonderful show, DJ GeorgyGirl! Thanks so much!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 3:59pm Rich in Washington:

It's actually called The Christophers, believe it or not!
Avatar Wed. 12/19/18 3:59pm Mr Fab:

you can get some of the Christopher recordings here:
if you scroll waaaay down
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/19/18 4:00pm Rich in Washington:

wow. It's originally available as four 10" 78s.
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