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Kind of like taking your parents record collection and getting drunk in a Radio Shack. Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Garage Punk, Regular Punk and Old-Fashioned Weirdos. Hopefully you have the patience for this fast-paced sonic impatience. Not recommended for the fan of 4 minute songs.

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Options December 3, 2018

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Artist Track Approx. start time
THE PORTRAITS  We're Gonna Party   Options 0:00:00 ()
THE MORNING REIGN  Satisfaction Guaranteed   Options 0:03:54 ()
THE DICKIES  Paranoid   Options 0:06:23 ()
LES ROBOTS  One Way Ticket to the Moon   Options 0:08:25 ()
THE BUGS  Pretty Girl   Options 0:10:30 ()
LES SEXAREENOS  Put Out   Options 0:12:27 ()
HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS  You Wanna Die   Options 0:14:47 ()
Your DJ speaks  Your DJ Speaks   Options 0:17:15 ()
BOBBY BENNETT   Before I Blow My Stack   Options 0:18:18 ()
THE GHETTO BLASTERS  Hot Rocks   Options 0:20:15 ()
ROGER WHITTAKER  New World in the Morning   Options 0:22:16 ()
THE TRIUMPHS  Garner State Park   Options 0:24:20 ()
THE GO GO'S  Lust To Love (Demo)   Options 0:26:35 ()
LITTLE BOB  I Got Loaded   Options 0:30:04 ()
Your DJ speaks  Your DJ Speaks   Options 0:32:35 ()
ROGER MILLER  Kansas City Star   Options 0:34:48 ()
JOHNNY CASH  When Uncle Bill Quit Dope   Options 0:37:11 ()
UNKNOWN  Rock Little China Doll   Options 0:39:55 ()
THE SPARKLES  Ain't No Friend Of Mine   Options 0:42:14 ()
THE FLAMINGOS  The Boogaloo Party   Options 0:44:54 ()
JEWELL AND THE RUBIES  Kidnapper   Options 0:47:00 ()
FUN THINGS  Time Enough For Love   Options 0:50:10 ()
THE MUMMIES  The Fly   Options 0:52:48 ()
Your DJ Speaks  Your DJ Speaks   Options 0:55:08 ()
BUDDY ACE  Screaming Please   Options 0:57:40 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 1:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Ready for the party! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 1:53pm recordrouletteclub:

Please secure ALL party hats!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 1:53pm Rich in Washington:

Hello DJ Henry! Hello DJ GeorgyGirl!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 1:56pm recordrouletteclub:

Hello Rich!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 1:57pm Mr Fab:

Are you ready to testify?! I say, ARE YOU READY TO TESTIFY! Right now...right now...DJ Henry unleashes the debut of a new show here in the Jungle Room. Every Monday, we gonna...KICK OUT THE JAMMMSS, you mothers!!!

And fathers. Perhaps not the kids, tho.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 1:58pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 1:58pm Mr Fab:

So let's remake the Bay City Rollers, and sing. "M-O-N! D-A-Y! Afternoon!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Let's go, kids!! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:00pm Otis Fodder:

Hey Hey, we're the Mondays!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:02pm recordrouletteclub:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:03pm Rich in Washington:

You're on!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

C'mon Sheena's Jungle Room machine - do your thing!!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:03pm recordrouletteclub:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:04pm Mr Fab:

Shows start late sometimes, don't know why. hang on, I'm checking!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:04pm recordrouletteclub:

Okey doke.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:07pm recordrouletteclub:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:07pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:08pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

You just got a massive cheer from our living room :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:08pm Rich in Washington:

YAY! Look at that!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:08pm Mr Fab:

Er, guess I hit the right button? Or it just went off when it durn well felt like it?
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:09pm recordrouletteclub:

Party Hat Biz!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:10pm Rich in Washington:

@recordrouletteclub: I distinctly heard a champagne bottle popping somewhere in the aether!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:10pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

This is a hell of a track!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:12pm recordrouletteclub:

This track is a good combo of downer and upper!!
I love those songs.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:13pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

You've introduced me to so many great records :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:13pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:14pm recordrouletteclub:

One of my favorite covers! No one does it like them!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:15pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

My office chair is creaking really loudly in time to my leg. LOL!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:15pm Mr Fab:

The Dickies were just on the stream i think. Glad it wasn't this song.

I saw the Dickies a bunch, but not on purpose. They were always opening for every big punk band. Always glad to see em tho.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:15pm Rich in Washington:

This is wonderful! My fez is off to you!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:16pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Balham and the Angel were always my "saw them but not on purpose".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:16pm Rich in Washington:

The Dickies were just on. You can't have too many Dickies tracks, IMO.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:17pm recordrouletteclub:

These guys are new, but a definite JOE MEEK sound!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:17pm recordrouletteclub:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:17pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Joe Meek :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:20pm recordrouletteclub:

Wooohhooooo!! Love this track. SUch a wild dancer.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:20pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I'm seeing how long you can keep up the "The" list ;-) I'm impressed! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:21pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Another fabulous track!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:21pm Otis Fodder:

LES SEXAREENOS from Montreal! Nice!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:22pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:22pm recordrouletteclub:

Time to rock. I've really been digging this HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS stuff!! Loud with ORGAN
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:23pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Y'all know about my Hammond addiction - this is feeding that nicely, thank you :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:25pm Rich in Washington:

Stellar back-announcin', recordrouletteclub!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:26pm recordrouletteclub:

Great screams in this song!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:26pm Rich in Washington:

Oh, boy. My bandcamp follow list is getting even longer! Never heard of Hank Wood before but that's amazing stuff!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:26pm recordrouletteclub:

Thanks Rich!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:27pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yep, I've got a nice little stack of yellow stars here as the show progresses. Fave this ... fave that ... yes please ... and that one ... lol
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:28pm recordrouletteclub:

Semi-Lo-Fi stuff here with THE GHETTO BLASTERS. Med-Fi?
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:28pm Mr Fab:

Look at Danny, working the controls like a pro. Relaxing a bit now?

I wasn't panicking AS much when the show didn't start on time, since it's happened a couple times before on other shows. Still worrisome, but Sheena hasn't let us down yet. We just have to continue offering sacrifices to her.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:28pm Otis Fodder:

Soundin' great here, super blast off show!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:30pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

She stills owe my for the power cut but ... as long as she gives me cake then we're good ;-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:30pm recordrouletteclub:

Guilty Pleasure? This Roger Whittaker track...
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:30pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Go, I love Roger Whittaker :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:30pm recordrouletteclub:

Its weird to have a mellow song about how short life is. No?
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:31pm Otis Fodder:

Roger Whittaker deep cut. I fully dig this.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:31pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Long story - my aunt's parents on my father's side (aunt by marriage) - her parents were best friends with Roger and his wife. By all accounts THE nicest man ever. :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:31pm Rich in Washington:

Roger Whittaker is still alive. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:31pm Otis Fodder:

You know what's punk? Dropping Whittaker in the middle of this show, that's wha!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:32pm Mr Fab:

Ha, you got it Otis. Kinda one of the concepts behind this station.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:33pm recordrouletteclub:

@Otis Fodder. Hahaha!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:33pm Rich in Washington:

I want an 80s Venice style Suicidal Psycho style shirt with a picture of Roger drawn on the back
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Now I want pizza.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:34pm Otis Fodder:

Early Go Go's rock my world.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yes! What Rich said :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Fuck it. I'm dancing now :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:34pm Mr Fab:

my Valley home girls!

(Wheres my fellow Val dude Don-O?)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:35pm Otis Fodder:

Marathon Tee Idea there!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:36pm recordrouletteclub:

Party hats!!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:36pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Could Eric do Sheena but in his illustration style?
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:36pm recordrouletteclub:

Those GO-GO's demos are so punk rockin'
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:37pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I'm stunned that this is a demo. It sounds perfect to me
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:37pm Mr Fab:

Thanks to that certain song by the Zappas (which I love, btw) the ladies of the San Fernando Valley got a bad rap. But: The Go-gos, Runaways, Bangles... i'd say them Val Gals did pretty well for themselves.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:40pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:41pm Rich in Washington:

I always love Laraine Newman's California girl bit. I think she was the sole Golden Stater of the OG cast.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:41pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Danny has been supporting me on Mixcloud pretty much since I started there. I freaking LOVE his show. He had to be here. Just had to. :-) Welcome to the fam!! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:42pm recordrouletteclub:

I'm just glad to be here. Thanks errbody.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:43pm recordrouletteclub:

Big old Tuba Solo. PUNK!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:43pm Otis Fodder:

Toastin' your way too, welcome to the speakeasy!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:43pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I'm still waiting for my pizza, people. The radio advert said there'd be pizza.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:44pm Rich in Washington:

We're glad you're here too! The stream is just amazing! Getting more solid all the time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:44pm Rich in Washington:

and a sandwich!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:44pm recordrouletteclub:

Hahaha! Pizza Roulette Club. New idea.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:44pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:45pm Mr Fab:

Only an hour long show, but lots of production going into each episode. Love all the between-song sound bits.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:46pm recordrouletteclub:

Finding new samples is just as fun as finding new music sometimes. THanks!! Peps up the show as well.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:52pm recordrouletteclub:

BACK TO THE PARTY!! I lost my hat though..
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I lost one of my socks doin' the boogaloo! It's all good :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:54pm Mr Fab:

i was on those sites like cafepress and zazzle seeing if we could get custom fezzes made. Nah, just baseball caps. Boo...
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:55pm recordrouletteclub:

THis song is all TV references. Took me a little while..But I got it. Before my time, mostly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 2:56pm Rich in Washington:

I think I found a place once for a friend's merch thing a couple of years ago. I'll look around.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:56pm Mr Fab:

Ah, yes, the tv references. Still, a song about kidnaping is pretty weird.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:56pm recordrouletteclub:

DO THE FEZ!! New dance.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:57pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:57pm βrian:

Oh, oh. I get the feeling this party's almost over.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:58pm recordrouletteclub:

I was first introduced to this song through a DEVIL DOGS cover!! Good stuff.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:58pm Mr Fab:

Ha, yeah!

What would be the steps. tho..?
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 2:58pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I think I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say a HUGE congratulations, and thank you for a fantastic show :-) ONWARDS! UPWARDS! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:00pm Mr Fab:

Actually βrian, a technical glitch postponed the show by 7 minutes or so. So it should go that long after the hour.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:00pm Otis Fodder:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:00pm recordrouletteclub:

Good news, Mr. Fab!!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I'd forgotten that! More songs!! Yay!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 3:01pm Rich in Washington:

yes! This is a fantastic show! So glad you're aboard!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:02pm Mr Fab:

Right, don't take off your fezzes yet. Continue jumping on the furniture.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:02pm Mr Fab:

Mummies resurrected theyselves recently. of course i only found out about their local show after it happened...
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I just threw the TV out the window! PARTY!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 3:04pm Rich in Washington:

I nearly flew down for them at Burger Bugaloo but a family illness put the kibosh on all of that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 3:04pm Rich in Washington:

Great debut, DJ Henry!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:05pm recordrouletteclub:

Thanks a HEAP everyone!! Its all a big ball of fun!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:06pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The best channel in the Universe! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:07pm Mr Fab:

next live show here in the Jungle Room: "Stop Hitting Yourself" with Spacebrother Greg in 4 hours. Then, this Wednesday we have the debut of TWO shows here: Georgy's other show, featuring groovy library soundtrack music, and Martinibomb's lounge beatz.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 3:07pm Rich in Washington:

do not taunt happy fun ball.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/3/18 3:07pm Rich in Washington:

See you all at Spacebrother's pad in a few hours!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:07pm Otis Fodder:

Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:08pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

See y'all later, gators! :-)
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:08pm Otis Fodder:

After while, croc-o-diles!
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:09pm Mr Fab:

You did it Dan! Great job. Flawless performance. Just hit "Finish this Playlist" and you're outta here.
Avatar Mon. 12/3/18 3:12pm recordrouletteclub:

I think I got it! THanks again!!
Party hat.
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