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Library music + words + sounds ... 01:00:00 ... speedy - lightweight movement

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Options December 5, 2018: Hi Waisted Modernists #001 - Shredni Vashtar
Library Music + Words + Sounds ... 01:00:00 ... Lightweight Movement

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Alan Parker   Moonscape   Options 0:00:00 ()
Jim Lawless  Keeping Pace   Options 0:02:31 ()
Keith Mansfield  Soul For Sale   Options 0:06:01 ()
Alan Hawkshaw  Action Replay   Options 0:08:55 ()
Keith Mansfield  Teenage Villain   Options 0:12:11 ()
Simon Park  Down Home   Options 0:14:52 ()
Simon Park  Motives 1   Options 0:18:30 ()
Jack Trombey  Underlay #3   Options 0:21:08 ()
John Shakespeare  Fiesta Cha Cha 1   Options 0:23:37 ()
John Shakespeare  A Word in Your Ear   Options 0:25:52 ()
Keith Mansfield  Funky Flight   Options 0:28:22 ()
Keith Mansfield  Motor Show   Options 0:29:38 ()
Syd Dale  Hell's Kitchen   Options 0:32:08 ()
Keith Mansfield  Funky Chase   Options 0:34:00 ()
David Gold  Fine and Funky   Options 0:35:08 ()
Keith Mansfield  Teenage Seadiver   Options 0:37:34 ()
Keith Mansfield  Mono Ski   Options 0:40:19 ()
Keith Mansfield  Jazz Rocker   Options 0:43:03 ()
Gordon Rees  In a Bossa Mood   Options 0:45:57 ()
David Gold  Spanish Waltz   Options 0:48:44 ()
Brian Bennett  Nuplex   Options 0:49:46 ()
Johnny Pearson  Thunderbird   Options 0:50:02 ()
David Lindup  The Zodiac   Options 0:50:19 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 2:15pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Join the Sheena Facebook Group! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 2:56pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Welcome to Hi Waisted Modernists!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm worldsworstrecords:

hey Georgy!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm Martinibomb:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

That's not me :-(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm Rich in Washington:

I decided that's the sound of suddenly materializing in the room.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm Dutchman Jan:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:00pm Rich in Washington:

or boing will do nicely.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:01pm worldsworstrecords:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:01pm Rich in Washington:

kaboom! Hello again, DJ!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:01pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Still not my show :-(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:01pm Rich in Washington:

sometimes they're a bit late.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:01pm worldsworstrecords:

Oh no... what's gone wrong?
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:02pm Mr Fab:

Here we go, with shows not starting on time again...this has happened a few times. no idea why...
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:02pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

As soon as you hear a Speak and Spell announce then it's me ...
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:04pm Otis Fodder:

K - P - M (speak and spell)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:04pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Nope ...
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:04pm Otis Fodder:

Greets all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:04pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Much as I love Lord Sitar ... still not me :-(
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm worldsworstrecords:

Hey Otis
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm Otis Fodder:

This is Friday GG Sitar Musick.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm Rich in Washington:

If it's late, I'll bet the waiter brings us a free order of nachos.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm worldsworstrecords:

Oh, how frustrating for you Georgy
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm Mr Fab:

DH Henry's show started 7 minutes late. Gonna have to tlak to the engineers.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm Otis Fodder:

Sorry missed your show today D. Will catch archives. Just got off a long conf client call.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:05pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Exactly!!! Right music, wrong day! lol
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:06pm worldsworstrecords:

No worries Otis.. that's the beauty of streaming
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:06pm Otis Fodder:

Totally, might start soon and we'll just listen to new shows for a few minutes more each hour (crossing fingers).
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:07pm worldsworstrecords:

Mrs. Miller!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:07pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:07pm worldsworstrecords:

The Renaissance Of Smut!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:07pm Otis Fodder:

Where is my Bruton, KPM, Montparnasse fix.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:08pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Pffffffttttt .... :-(
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:08pm Otis Fodder:

I do love Mrs Miller.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:09pm Mr Fab:

I double-checked - the show is in the folder where it's supposed to be.

Just wrote to engineer.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Could be worse ... I could have half a show knocked out by a power cut ;-) LOL Why does WFMU hate me so??? lolol
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm worldsworstrecords:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm Dutchman Jan:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm Rich in Washington:

I'll be listening on my phone from the lunchroom, but the app makes commenting difficult, but I will be lurking and lunching. Hope this gets ironed out. I'm looking forward to this show!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm Otis Fodder:

It's you!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:10pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! FINALLY!!! :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:11pm Rich in Washington:

OOO! It's on!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:11pm Otis Fodder:

Waiting for speak and spell
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:11pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Just had it "You're listening to Hi Waisted Modernists" ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:11pm worldsworstrecords:

I can uncross my fingers now!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:12pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I was getting a bit worried there!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:13pm Mr Fab:

OK, i went into the system and clicked on something. Either that worked, or it started on it's own.

Very sorry, this is happening way too often. Don't know what's going to happen when this show ends and the next on starts, but at least it will be archived.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:13pm Martinibomb:

I love Tom's voice.. one of my favorite voices
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:13pm worldsworstrecords:

teething troubles... bound to happen occasionally
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:14pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

As long as everyone's enjoying it :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:14pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

As far as I'm concerned Tom Baker IS the only Doctor :-)
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:14pm phoney Rich in Washington:

three cheers for Mr. Fab!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:14pm worldsworstrecords:

hey Georgy, how did you add an image to your page? I can't see an obvious link to upload a header/banner
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:15pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you for fixing it, lovely Mr Fab :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:15pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Advanced Show options and it's about halfway down :-) Image top and image bottom :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:19pm Otis Fodder:

Another option I like is from the main playlisting screen you can click "Advanced Program Options" and change the background/font colors globally for all shows if you like. All found in the wiki.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:20pm Martinibomb:

omfg there's so many options in this advanced settings...
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:21pm Martinibomb:

@GG yeah Tom Baker is my fave too he's just so damn good - i love him in blackadder too! Also that show from about 10 years ago called, "Strange" was pretty good and he as a cool role. Patrick Troughton is probably my second fave doctor.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:22pm worldsworstrecords:

Found it! I'll have a play
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:23pm Martinibomb:

Wish I could play Organ like Alan Hawkshaw.. gawd damn he's sooooooooo good
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:23pm RiW:

What a brilliant concept for a show! I am so loving this!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yay!!! I'm so glad :-D
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:25pm worldsworstrecords:

I need to crack on, cheers all... talk soon. Enjoy the rest of the show!
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:25pm RiW:

I loved Baker's segue narrations in Little Britian.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:26pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Bye, sweetie! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:26pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

He has such an amazing sonorous voice :-)
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:27pm RiW:

speaking of carnivals and freaks (in the previous room), Tom Baker plays the baddie in a film called Mutations, aka The Freakmaker.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:28pm Otis Fodder:

Georgy I love this. It's really the perfect backdrop with work.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:28pm Martinibomb:

OHhhh I don't think I've seen Mutations sounds cool.. gotta find it now. Thanks for the tip!!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:29pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you :-) I hope everyone's enjoying it :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:30pm Martinibomb:

Oh I 've seen the poster for Mutations a million times but never watched the film. gonna remedy that tonight
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:30pm Otis Fodder:

Love 70s Simon Park.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:33pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I used Motives 1 for the theme to a horror radio thing I did earlier this year on Mixcloud :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:35pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thumbs up from everyone? Debut shows are always nerve wracking!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:37pm Dutchman Jan:

No worries! Lovely music, Georgy. I have gygabites of libr. music still unistened to. This inspires me to explore the genre further!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:37pm Mr Fab:

Big thumbs up from me. Feel like I should driving around Swingin London in a convertible with Michael Cain, wearing an ascot.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:37pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Excellent :-)
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:37pm RiW:

Tom Baker also had a small part in the UK series Lifes and Loves of a She Devil, which sorely needs a reissue.
not to be confused with the wretched US Roseanne Barr vehicle.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:37pm Martinibomb:

Yeah! I'm loving it so far. This is the stuff I always enjoy a ton. @Jan yeah so much library music.. seems impossible to hear it all. hahah
  Wed. 12/5/18 3:38pm RiW:

Four thumbs up, here!
this is brilliant!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:39pm Martinibomb:

@RiW cool! Thanks I'll give that series a watch as well. Yeah the movie with Barr sucks! haha
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:39pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The weird begining threw me a little!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:40pm spacebrother:

Home and listening. Slick!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:41pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hello, sweetie! :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:44pm Otis Fodder:

Big thumbs up! Is this a rebooted new Sweeny episode! ;)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:45pm Otis Fodder:

The Sweeney that is.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:45pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Lol! Get yer trousers on, yer nicked! ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:45pm Martinibomb:

Good call Otis! Totally
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:46pm Otis Fodder:

I never grew up on The Sweeney, but picked up a 2-LP comp a few years back of library tunes played on the show and since then have watched a number of episodes. SOOOO good!!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:47pm Martinibomb:

I have that two LP comp / didn't grow up on them either but a HUGE fan. I've seen every episode at least 5 times.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:47pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The actual Flying Squad loved it until they realised that their wives watched it, too ... ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:47pm Otis Fodder:

Yea! Shut It! www.discogs.com...
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:48pm Martinibomb:

That's the one! Man we are lucky to get things like that released on vinyl
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:51pm Rich in Washington:

Back in my work-hole. This is effing brilliant, DJ GeorgyGirl! Like a dream!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:51pm Otis Fodder:

Groovy station drop and right back into the episode. This is the nightlife scene, just before the big bust and car chase.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:52pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

So ... I was going to do a backwards speak Red Lodge thing for the idents etc. And I spent a whole day trying. Wow that's hard. I gave up and went for the Speak and Spell instead ;-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:52pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you, everyone. :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:52pm spacebrother:

Perfect for puttering about the house. Makes vacuuming an adventure!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:53pm spacebrother:

For me, anyway.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:53pm Martinibomb:

A friend of mine has a really cool band called , "The Satin Chaps" here in portland. Half the stuff they play is probably covers of KPM artists. It's super fun to hear this stuff performed live. Unfortunately they don't play out that often anymore.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Boogie with that hoover! :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:53pm Rich in Washington:

It made eating my lunch an adventure! That's the groovy thing about library music.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:53pm Otis Fodder:

Would love to see that.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:54pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The KPM concert at the British Library in October was FANTASTIC.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:55pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Alan Hawkshaw live is a revelation :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:55pm Martinibomb:

Whaaat?! Really? You're so lucky!!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:56pm Martinibomb:

I'm hoping I can find some video of the event at the library on youtube
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:56pm Mr Fab:

Ok martinibomb, your show's up next, and a few dif things might happen:
- It actually starts on time! And the remainder of this show will be sadly cut off (but will be heard in its entirely in the archives)
- this show ends and yours starts, and will run 10 mins over. that's ok, no one's following you.
- the show ends, it goes back to the stream, and I'll try to force it to start. Think i got that figured out...

Just heard back from Mr WFMU Engineer, and he's on the case (cue: action music)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:57pm Martinibomb:

okay sounds good Mr. Fab! Thanks for all your hard work. I'm ready to go.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:57pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

It was Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Brian Bennett, Alan Parker, Duncan Lamont, and John Cameron. Organised by Johnny Trunk :-)
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 3:58pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I've got 4 tracks left :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:58pm Rich in Washington:

You're in the chute - Martinibombs are go!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/5/18 3:59pm Rich in Washington:

Wonderful! I will be revisiting this archive for sure! And looking forward to next week!
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 4:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 4:01pm Otis Fodder:

Great show Georgy. Will miss you on Friday. I'll be listening and will leave a chat or three.
Avatar Wed. 12/5/18 4:02pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yes! Everybody comment on Friday!
Avatar Thu. 12/13/18 1:15pm Katya Oddio:

Brilliant mixing in the Baker bits! Loved this show. Well done!
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