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Options February 8, 2019: The Flange & Frigate #016 - Stairway Scare Dan Dare Who's There?
Taking you in and out, down and dirty with the best of British psych, mod, fey pop, lounge, and more, this week I'm reading your birth chart, aligning your chakras, and telling your horoscope with the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds of artists like #MortGarson, #PinkFloyd, #TheGordianKnot, #TheNice, #TheTranspersonals, and more! MIND THE GAP!

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
Pink Floyd  Astronomy Domine   Options The Piper at the Gates of Dawn  EMI  1967  0:00:00 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Aries the Firefighter   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra  1967  0:07:52 (MP3 | )
The Idle Race  Days Of The Broken Arrows   Options Single Release (45)  Liberty  1969  0:11:16 (MP3 | )
The Bee Gees  Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man will Show You   Options Bee Gees First  Polydor  1967  0:15:01 (MP3 | )
The Misunderstood  Children of the Sun   Options 45rpm  Fontana  1969  0:19:33 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Gemini the Cool Eye   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra  1967  0:25:04 (MP3 | )
The Transpersonals  Silver Star   Options A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Volume 2`  Platipus  2009  0:28:00 (MP3 | )
Lomax Alliance  The Golden Lion   Options Lost Soul  RPM Retrodisc  2010  0:29:59 (MP3 | )
Jason Crest  Juliano the Bull   Options 45rpm  Philips  1968  0:32:46 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Leo the Lord of Lights   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra   1967  0:37:50 (MP3 | )
Cat's Pyjamas  Virginia Water   Options 45rpm  Direction  1968  0:40:31 (MP3 | )
The Spencer Davis Group  Morning Sun   Options With Their New Face On  United Artists Records  1968  0:43:24 (MP3 | )
The Gun  Sunshine   Options Gun  Epic  1969  0:47:05 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Virgo the Perfectionist   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra   1967  0:53:41 (MP3 | )
Ramases & Selket  Mind's Eye   Options 45rpm  CBS  1968  0:57:03 (MP3 | )
The Kinks  Love Me Til The Sun Shines   Options BBC Top Gear Sessions  BBC  1968  0:59:40 (MP3 | )
The Movement  Head For The Sun   Options 45rpm  Big T  1968  1:02:45 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Libra the Flower Child   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra  1967  1:08:21 (MP3 | )
Louise  Look at the Sun   Options 45rpm  EMI Disc  1967  1:11:53 (MP3 | )
Knocker Jungle  Sunburnt Virgin Trousers   Options Knocker Jungle  Ember Records  1970  1:15:21 (MP3 | )
Ray Davies' Button Down Brass  Heavy Water   Options I Believe in Music  Pye  1973  1:17:50 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Scorpio the Passionate Hero   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra  1967  1:25:03 (MP3 | )
Nirvana  In The Courtyard Of The Stars   Options The Story Of Simon Simopath  Universal Island Records  1967  1:28:13 (MP3 | )
The Gordian Knot  The Year of the Sun   Options The Gordian Knot  Verve Records  1968  1:30:44 (MP3 | )
Magic Fixture  Moonbeams   Options The 49 Minute Technicolor Dream  Past and Present Records  1984  1:34:03 (MP3 | )
Mort Garson  Aquarius the Lover of Love   Options Zodiac Cosmic Sounds  Elektra  1967  1:40:34 (MP3 | )
Joker  Festival of the Harvest Moon   Options Looking at the Pictures in the Sky  Grapefruit Records  2017  1:44:39 (MP3 | )
The Nice  The Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon   Options Elegy  Charisma  1971  1:47:52 (MP3 | )
Harry Stoneham  Wade in the Water   Options I Feel Good, I Feel Funky  One-Up  1976  1:51:21 (MP3 | )
Cilla Black  Aquarius   Options Surround Yourself With Cilla  Parlaphone  1969  1:57:04 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 12:31pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hi everyone and welcome to The Flange & Frigate! Don't forget to join our Facebook Group :-) www.facebook.com...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 12:31pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Now, make yourself a cuppa, settle in, and enjoy the show!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 12:59pm Jan Turkenburg:

signed in! Hi Georgy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 12:59pm Rich in Washington:

Is it OK to let the cat that's scratching at the door in?
You DO have a cat, right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 12:59pm Rich in Washington:

Hi GeorgyGirl!
Hi Jan!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 12:59pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Bring the kitties in! The weather's horrid out there!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:00pm Jan Turkenburg:

Hi Rich!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:00pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hello Jan and Rich :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:01pm Otis Fodder:

Coffee and speakers up at the desk. Hello all!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:01pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Otis! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:01pm Jan Turkenburg:

Hi Otis!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:02pm Mr Fab:

Woo hoo! Wasn't around much last Fri, but I have planted my fanny on the stool, ordered my first pint, and am in it for the long haul.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:02pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

You know fanny means something different in the UK? LOL!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:02pm Rich in Washington:

Hi Otis, Hi Mr. Fab!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:03pm Mr Fab:

Er...I won't ask...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:03pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

*naughty lady parts* heehee
  Fri. 2/8/19 1:03pm Domenic:

At work all by myself so can control the airwaves! Looking forward to listening to the wonderful Georgy Girl.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:04pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I've got a lot of typing to do tonight!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:04pm Rich in Washington:

I always wondered if Fanny Flag was every clued in if she ever visited the UK.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:04pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Dom!!! Hey there!! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:04pm Mr Fab:

Gotta say, my definitive version of "Astronomy Domine" is the live "Ummagumma" one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:05pm Rich in Washington:

I am hogging the office French press. There's no one here to challenge that.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:06pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Fanny Flag was the rather busty lady on Match Game?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:06pm Martinibomb:

Rich are you listening to both the Flange and Frigate and Hinky Dink time?? Lol
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:06pm Rich in Washington:

Ummagumma was my mindblowing introduction to the wonderful world of pre-DSotM Pink Floyd.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:07pm Rich in Washington:

I am still commenting on HDT, but listening to this. As is my wont.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:08pm Mr Fab:

'Astronomy' and 'astrology' are two dif. things. But I love outer-space-y things, so it's all good.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:08pm Martinibomb:

Hee Hee
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:08pm Rich in Washington:

Also have the House Senate hearings playing but muted.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:08pm Jan Turkenburg:

Hi Mister Fab, Domenic and MB!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:09pm Rich in Washington:

All this while painstakingly annotating a boring engineering document...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:09pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I was throwing in as many planetary things as I could ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:09pm Otis Fodder:

One of my favorite Mort Garson LPs. Must be played in the dark!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:10pm Mr Fab:

"Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds " = first West Coast album w/Moogs. Your Utterly Useless Trivia for the day!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:11pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Shhh - I'm about to say that! lol ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:12pm Jan Turkenburg:

Had my baptism at the new local radio today, met lots of new people. It was a good day and now in my armchair for an evening of musical fun!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:12pm Martinibomb:

From Fab's Fanny comment I went and looked up words that are mild in the US but rude in the UK. Fanny, Spunk, Pants, Bugger, Shag. There's probably more but that's what came up in google
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:12pm Rich in Washington:

When I brought that Sensuous Lovers Mort LP home, I had to let everyone in the house know what I was actually listening to.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:13pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

What on earth is shag in the US??? lol Oh wait - tobacco ... bird?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:13pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

And congrats to Jan!!! :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:13pm Rich in Washington:

I want to make a UK/American English glossary pamphlet to aid pretentious Anglophiles such as myself.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:14pm Martinibomb:

Shag is a hairdoo and a dance in the US
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Rich in Washington:

Shagging is also slang for working hard. A shagger is someone who works in a newspaper printing room. They collect and stack collated newspaper for bundling.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Mr Fab:

Shag in the US=
- a thick carpet
- a Southern dance
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Martinibomb:

Congrats to Jan? What's the news? Something good happen?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Mr Fab:

rug, not carpet.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Jan Turkenburg:

Shag is tobacco in the NL and sonsequently a "shaggy" is a fag. I can't forget the look on a scottish busker's face when a girl at the bar asked him if he could maybe give her a 'shaggy'.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:15pm Rich in Washington:

It's only recently migrated into US usage in line with the British meaning, maybe due to those silly Austin Powers films.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:16pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

"May I join you in this shag, madam?" ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:16pm Martinibomb:

I've always wondered about shag carpet in the UK? do they call it that?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:17pm Martinibomb:

british broadcasters couldn't say the name of the austin powers movie with shag int he title. that's how bad it is over there lol
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:17pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Weirdly it's still shag pile. Presumably so you can have a shag on the shag. :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:17pm Jan Turkenburg:

@MB, it's the gig I told you about before. I have one of the so called "fun item" in the weekly friday show on local events of the past week. I present a peculiar cover rendition of a wllknown song every week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:17pm Rich in Washington:

Only afterwards, MB! Badump BUMP!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:17pm Martinibomb:

that's what I always thought.. shaggin on the shag haha
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:19pm Jan Turkenburg:

This week I stole one from Darryl: The Rubio Triplets' Walk like an Egyptian
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:19pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:19pm Martinibomb:

@jan! oh right! Can't wait to hear it
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:20pm Jan Turkenburg:

The host actually asked a bit further about what I do for Sheena's Jungle Room.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:21pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

That's fantastic :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:22pm Martinibomb:

You didn't give away the secret password to the jungle room I hope? Hee hee
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:22pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Anyone new here - I would urge you to check out Jan's show over on Mixcloud :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:22pm Rich in Washington:

What a great single! Never heard it before!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:22pm Jan Turkenburg:

And one of the other people doing an item, said WFMU? Yes, I know it! Than his guest apaered to be the lead singer of the group that did the killer version of Mr Blue Sky, which I planned for next week :-) It's a small world.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:22pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The Misunderstood are fabulous :-) Glad I could introduce you :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

That Mr Blue Sky was fabulous
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:24pm Martinibomb:

@GG I think last week you mentioned audiogalaxy. I think that's how I know you, right? Or was it a yahoo music group/exotica etc.. ??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:24pm Rich in Washington:

That Mike Melvoin Plastic Cow album continually evades me.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

MB - I *think* it was Audiogalaxy. Happy times :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:26pm Martinibomb:

yeah that was def a cool music community for sure. I miss it - the way the chat and everything worked was brilliant.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:27pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Exactly!! I learned so much from people and made so many good friends along the way. The exotica list kind of spilled into that :-) That's where Dom comes in!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:28pm Mr Fab:

that killer Misunderstood song is in the stream (got it on a Nuggets comp) so you may hear it elsewhere. They played Pandoras Box, eh? That was quite the Sunset Strip hotspot back in the day
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:28pm Martinibomb:

yeah I think that's why they blur together for me
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:28pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

DJ Cheesemaster was at The Residents gig last night :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:29pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

A time machine to the strip would be fantastic!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:30pm Martinibomb:

@Fab if you ever decide to come to Portland for a visit please do so when Nuggets Night is happening. It's awesome! 15min sets from like 50 bands covering the nuggets comps
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:32pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Sorry I'm not as chatty tonight - typing away like a demon filling in all the PRS info. Whew!! Steam coming off my fingers ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:33pm Martinibomb:

yeah being a radio dj is a ton o work :-) Filling in he playlist is the part I hate the most.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:33pm Martinibomb:

I'm going to work on some stuff for awhile but I'm here listening...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

My daughter has volunteered to be my researcher next week :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Work away! Let me be the oil to aid the working day :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:34pm Mr Fab:

Holy cannoli, Nuggets Night? i'd be in heaven!

Likewise, if anyone visits LA, I can take you on a rock n roll magical mystery tour.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:35pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Anyone coming to the UK I can do the London tour :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:37pm Otis Fodder:

I would love to catch a Nuggets Night show, great idea/project there. Alas, last time in Portland was 2010 and want to get back to LA to visit and last visit there was 2006.

Work away here too. I always try to clear my schedule on Mon/Wed/Fri and just chat, sometimes works, but at the whim of the clients' whip.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:39pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Clients whip you, eh? Saucy office! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:40pm Martinibomb:

www.nuggetsnight.com -- to give you an idea. I'm not sure it's happening this year as my friend who's been putting it on for over 10 years is pretty burned out. I think he might be taking a break till next year
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:41pm Otis Fodder:

So saucy, in Sheena's Jungle Room!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:42pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Speaking of sauce ... we haven't had food talk yet :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:42pm Otis Fodder:

10+ years is a long run, wow. Don't blame your pal for wanting to break and refresh.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:42pm Otis Fodder:

I made chicken noodle soup from scratch last night, first time. So much leftover. Dinner tonight and tomorrow.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:43pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

A very satisfying pursuit :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:44pm notsoKWYET:

Better late than never GG!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:44pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hello, lovely!! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:47pm Mr Fab:

I wonder how a Nuggets night would work with all those bands. Who decided who does what? Otherwise, it'd be like "We're doing 'Psychotic Reaction'! No, WE'RE doing'Psychotic Reaction'!" Could get ugly...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:48pm Jan Turkenburg:

I made myself a quick Nasi Goreng àl la Jan today
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:48pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Be like a psych Spartacus ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:48pm Otis Fodder:

I wish there was a weekly Golden Throats night.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:49pm Rich in Washington:

"We reserved Double Shot of My Baby's Love six months in advance and we showed up and someone's already set up their BBQ in it!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:49pm Rich in Washington:

Or a Song Poem night!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:49pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:50pm Martinibomb:

@Fab it all goes through my friend. Usually bands have to submit their playlist and they work it all out ahead of time. Usually jan/feb and then the show is in June/july/aug
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:50pm Rich in Washington:

Wonder is anyone's ever done something like that - audience lyrics submitted on file card prior to show.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:50pm Otis Fodder:

Song-Poems, much better. Golden Throat night is at karaoke joints worldwide.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:51pm Martinibomb:

They preload the stage with drums, amps, mics, keyboard etc.. then people just plug their guitars in and go. It's pretty cool and you see a ton of bands over a two day period.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:52pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

It sounds pretty bloody amazing to be fair.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:53pm Martinibomb:

It's two days. And they get headliners.. last year was LOVE and The Chocolate Watchband
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Bloody hell! That really does sound fabulous!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:55pm Mr Fab:

Er... the members of Love are dead..? So I would definitely pay to see how well they can still play!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:55pm Martinibomb:

Here's Love's entire set from last year. youtu.be...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:55pm Jan Turkenburg:

Yes, We need that overhere in Zwolle too!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:55pm Martinibomb:

@Fab yeah love revisited. I think there's one member living, right?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:56pm Jan Turkenburg:

Yes , I assume it's a Love cover band?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 1:56pm Webhamster Henry:

Yeah that's me ... Virgo!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:57pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

A song for everyone! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 1:58pm Martinibomb:

Johnny Echols
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:00pm Martinibomb:

Hey GG Love is playing in your neck of the woods in late june
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:01pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Aha! Cheesemaster owes me ;-) Many moons ago when they played Brighton (with Arthur) he got me to cover his live gig for him so he could see them ... but didn't tell me who he had tickets for until the actual night. Cheeky bugger. lol!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:03pm Martinibomb:

Looks like they are playing June 27th at the Haunt in Brighton
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:04pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The Haunt? Wow. That's just off the seafront.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:07pm Mr Fab:

Virgo - the "Perfectionist"?! HA HA HA! (I'm a Virgo) HA HA HA!!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:07pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Then I expect your house to be very shiny indeed! :-)
  Fri. 2/8/19 2:11pm Domenic:

Luv this program. So damm bloody cheeky British!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:11pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Thank you, my lovely :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:18pm Jan Turkenburg:

Ah, a hidden piece of Gustav Holst in this track!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:19pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I did not know that - thank you for pointing that out :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:19pm Jan Turkenburg:

a tiny little piece :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:20pm Jan Turkenburg:

And I didn't know about Ray Davies' Button Down Brass...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:22pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

My daughter is currently putting my LPs into A to Z (they got mixed up during decorating) and she found about three albums by the Button Downs! Even I didn't know I had that much vinyl by them!
  Fri. 2/8/19 2:23pm Domenic:

Dave! Its DAVE!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:24pm Mr Fab:

jan: the brass band guy is NOT the Ray Davies from the Kinks, I believe...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Your weekly dose of dave ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:24pm Jan Turkenburg:

Yes, i just googled that out :-) thanks Mr Fab
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:24pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yep - 2 different Ray Davies!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:25pm Otis Fodder:

My ritual of pushing clients away and turning attention to Dave is complete. Thank you Mr. Seagull.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:26pm Jan Turkenburg:

But for a minute I was like: wow, where did Ray find the time to do THIS as well?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:26pm Otis Fodder:

A to Z is the way. I tried by genre once and it was too confusing. Always fall back to A-Z and then comps, soundtracks, and spoken bits.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:26pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I love how much you all get a kick out of him :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:27pm Otis Fodder:

I'm waiting for Dave to guest host the show one week. Ha ha ha. Oh my!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:27pm Mr Fab:

Yes, Jan, I had that feeling when i found an album by The Ray Charles Singers. Esp since it's real white and corny. No internet at the time, either. But it was in fact a dif Ray Charles.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:28pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

@Otis - don't give him ideas above his station!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:30pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

If Dave hosted the show it'd all be yacht rock and 80s AOR. ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:30pm Otis Fodder:

Seagulls are DJs too. Will make protest signs this evening. Haaaaa. It's all so silly.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:30pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

LOL!!!! I love it :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:31pm Martinibomb:

Ohhh I have a soft spot for that stuff. Maybe he should host. :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:32pm Otis Fodder:

2 hours of droll seagull humour.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:32pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I've been made redundant! I shall cry!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:33pm Otis Fodder:

Oh nose! It's not true! No segull could replace Georgy Girl.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:34pm Jan Turkenburg:

no no
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:34pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

He's too busy eating chips and being flatulent ;-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:34pm Otis Fodder:

Segall, being Seagull of course.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:36pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

He has a whole back story on LoriHajiTura. Like, he has an older brother called Ray that he doesn't like. ;-) And a mate called Charles. lol All good stuff.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:38pm Martinibomb:

I can draw seagulls pretty well when you're ready to do the illustrated story book
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:38pm Jan Turkenburg:

I asked a sailor on one of the Dutch isles: "do you know which kind of seagull that one overthere is? His answer: That? That's a larus Patatus Fritus ...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:38pm Otis Fodder:

I will look that up. I need to fully tour your site GG. Articles I have read, I have wonderfully enjoyed.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:39pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

You're all the loveliest of people :-)
  Fri. 2/8/19 2:40pm Domenic:

Dave Always eats alfresko...He can't cook without thumbs.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:40pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Ironically - Nuggets
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:41pm Mr Fab:

Wasn't there a series called 'Boulders,' too?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:41pm Rich in Washington:

I only draw seagulls when I'm trying to eat popcorn on the seaside boardwalk.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:42pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yes!! God! That was the other one! Well remembered. That was driving me nuts
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:43pm Otis Fodder:

And then there is Roy Wood's Boulders. Sorry, I just jump at any chance to further name drop Roy.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:43pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

The man is a God, let's be fair :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:44pm Rich in Washington:

speaking of seaside- the Coast Guard just seized 6,000 pounds of cocaine off the Oregon coast today. Lots of unhappy techbros in Seattle and Portland this weekend.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:44pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

6,000 pounds????
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:45pm notsoKWYET:

Rough day at work and this song is giving me everything I need right now!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:46pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I'm sorry you're having a bad day - but happy to ease that a little :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:46pm Jan Turkenburg:

@ Otis just bought a box-set of Roy Wood at the 2nd hand shop, for the one album I didn;t have yet...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:47pm Jan Turkenburg:

"On the road again"
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:47pm Otis Fodder:

Oh nice Jan!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:48pm Jan Turkenburg:

talking of "nice"...
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:48pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:48pm Jan Turkenburg:

this is such a powerfull song!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:49pm Martinibomb:

They are always seizing coke out there near Astoria. Must be one of the main ways it comes into the NW
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:49pm notsoKWYET:

This Nice track is taking me back to my childhood!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:49pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I've just finished playlist #1 for the pledge CDs - cos Rich spurred me on with his work ethic! :-) Just have to edit it down and do the artwork, and then it's CD #2 :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:50pm Martinibomb:

I like the organ on this track it's super interesting!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:50pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I freaking LOVE this track :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:51pm Martinibomb:

@GG & Rich are you guys renderingISO images and uploading for WFMU? Is that the way to submit?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:51pm Martinibomb:

I mean I can't give em a WAV file I need to submit an ISO right?
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

I was just gonna do an audio file. :-(
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:53pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

And the jpg cover, I mean. As well.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:54pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Nearly at the end of the show! Thank you all for being so fabulous and being here :-) Dave said he might do a shout out for all of you in an upcoming show ;-)
Stay tuned for Otis!!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:54pm Martinibomb:

I suspect that's fine if it's a mixtape style.. and not needing individual tracks
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:55pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Yep :-) Mine are both chunks of sound :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:55pm Rich in Washington:

I'm not sure yet, MB! I haven't gotten quite that far. I'm at burning and proofing my master disc, which I think we need to mail in.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:56pm Otis Fodder:

Thanks Georgy! For anyone sticking around, I'll be over here for 3 hours, www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:56pm Rich in Washington:

My main conundrum involves how to cram the info I want on the 5"x5" back panel. Tempted to make a little booklet and send them in.
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:56pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Going to listen for a bit and then early night - lunch with mum in law tomorrow :-) Have a fabulous evening everyone! :-)
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:56pm Martinibomb:

thanks for the tunes today GG!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:56pm Otis Fodder:

Shout out from Dave! Where do I send payment in fish?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:57pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks, GeorgyGirl! Wonderful show today!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:57pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Hugs to everyone! :-)
  Fri. 2/8/19 2:57pm Domenic:

Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:59pm Jan Turkenburg:

another delicious show, Georgy!
Avatar Fri. 2/8/19 2:59pm DJ GeorgyGirl:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/8/19 2:59pm Rich in Washington:

Bye GeorgyGirl!
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