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Associate Producer:
Evan "Funk" Davies

With additional help from
Liz "Slave Girl" French (soon to be Ass Prod)
...these guys assist tirelessly with accuplaylist, ticket giveaways, technical aspects, phone slave services, record pulling, gigorama, band wrangling, and TT ass-prod-ing in general.

CBC web site designed and maintained by beleaguered webmaster E "F" D.

contact info

To send me an email, click here. (You have to use this form; to cut down on the amount of spam sent to station email accts WFMU no longer publishes email addresses on its site.)

Please DON'T send any attached files of any type (no flyers, MP3s, etc) or any big emails (30k or larger); my email box cannot accommodate it.
I have very little email access at work (abt 5mins per day) and when i come home from work i need to triage/sort the email.

Which brings me to SUBJECT lines: Please try to give me a clue about what your email is about.
For instance, if you are in a band inquiring about whether i am receipt of your demo PLEASE put tht in subj line, eg: Tokeleys demo? But please do not email asking whether/when i'm going to play it! or even more annoying, "can u email when u play it?" all my playlists are posted online, usually live during my show. Check the playlist and/or listen to the archive to see if i've played it.

As i have limited email time, and as i must handle emails regarding band bookings and gig-listings first it takes me awhile to catch up with regular email. so please don't be offended if i don't get back right away!

Speaking of demos, PLEASE don't send me a link and ask me to listen to/download your music or read all about yr band...I just dont have the time to sit on the puter all day and browse websites and/or download/listen to MP3s.
If u want me to check out yr demo please just send a CD or record to me at the address below. (and u dont have to email me first to ask if u can send it, just go ahead and drop it in the mail.)

You can send your serious/silly Zines, great edgy music (please no cassette tapes), vegan recipes, books, newsletters, propaganda, etc. to:

WFMU - attn Terre T
PO Box 5101
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Also feel free to send or email information about humanitarian groups, charities, social justice/public service organizations as well.

frequently asked questions

1. How do I get my gig announced on your show and/or posted on your gigorama page?
To help organize the announcements, PLEASE put the word GIG along with the date, venue & band in the subject line, like so:

   subj: GIG: Thur Apr 8 . Ding Dong Lounge - Kid Congo/ Wetback

i must get a zillion gig announcements a month so if u follow this format it makes it more likely that i will be able to announce yr gig on my show!
Also, PLEASE do not put *any* correspondence other than gig info in an email with GIG in the subject line; it will be ignored. i am usually putting together Gigorama very fast and have no time to read the email other than whether to add to gigs list. Instead please send a separate email with a different subject line. thanx!

2. How can my band play live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic?
99% of the bands who play my show are invited. That is to say, I contact them and ask them. In general, I do not book bands I've never seen, much less heard, much less heard of.

There are some occasions where i will book a band i haven't heard of based on their demo alone, but you need to send me the demo (as I mention above, don't even think of asking me to go to your website; I dont have time, sorry. do you realize that you're asking me to do extra work so that your band can get on the air?) also, I usually set my band taping schedule at least a month or more in advance so I generally need quite a bit of lead time.

I can hear you saying to me, "but Terre, our band is so awesome! You'll love us!" OK, great! Send me your demo! I'll check it out, but give me some time, though. (Another caveat: it takes me some time to check out all the demos I receive.) You can send it to me at:

WFMU - attn Terre T
PO Box 5101
Hoboken, NJ 07030

if i'm interested i'll let you know.

Sorry for adding so many caveats about sending emails, demos, gigs, etc. Just cut me some slack please---i really do spend an inordinate amt of time on the program believe it or not...I don't get paid to do this and it ain't my fulltime job...i'm jus sayin!

3. What is the bed music you use during your mic breaks? (or, for non-radio geeks: What's that music playing in the background while you're talking?)
This information is listed at the top of every playlist. It's the William Orbit remix of Pierre Henry's "Psyche Rock," taken from the 1997 album Metamorphose -- Messe Pour le Temps Present featuring the music of Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).