cherry blossom clinic with terre t on wfmu
The Cherry Blossom Clinic is a punk radio show on the free-form station of the nation, WFMU: listener-supported free-form radio in Jersey City, NJ.

The Cherry Blossom Clinic streams live on the internet SATURDAYS from 3pm to 6pm (ET). Check out the CBC archives and listen to a past show anytime! OR tune your radio to 91.1 fm in the greater New York City area, including East/Central NJ. Tune to 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, lower Catskills, and North/Western NJ.

Due the time constraints we can't post GIGS here anymore. HOWEVER fear not, as we have found the perfect Cherry Blossom Clinic Gigs list! And it's on the Garage Punk page:

You can still send yr GIGS to me ---i'll try to read them! Also if u send to me please CC arbguide at WFMU dot org.

love Terre

For more stuff to do, check out WFMU's Arbitrary Guide to Popular Culture. You also might want to sign up for Dan Selzer's awesome NYHappenings list/group.

Also check out Oh My Rockness and NYCSeen for more NYC-area show listings!

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