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Favoriting The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour

Favoriting Norflax Oxdun Sidetower with Nick The Bard

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Personal statement:

I host a radio show that's basically the equivalent of downing a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and chasing it with a bag of Pixie Stix. I also play with toys on the radio.

One time, I made a tiny hat for a grapefruit. Not that I was asked to, but I just made one for it anyway. Before I could find out it's opinion on the matter, it was bought up by someone, and I've never seen it again. I often wonder what happened to the hat more than the grapefruit, but then I remember, I have a burning mill to watch over. That gets kind of boring once the beavers bring in their grenades. They used to go with rocket launchers, but then someone started going around saying "I'd rocket launch YOUR dam if you're not careful" as a means to imply they'd sue a business out of existence, so the beavers rightly got upset on that and started using grenades. What they were using any of that for, I have no idea. They just were and I'm content with not knowing.


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