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FEB 9: THE BLACK HOLLIES - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is proud to present Jersey City heroes THE BLACK HOLLIES (featuring Rye Coalition alumni Justin and Herb), whose heavy psychedelic freakouts and soulful vocals call to mind the Yardbirds, Gun, the Nazz and the Groundhogs. The Black Hollies will be playing material from both their debut and their new album Casting Shadows (on Ernest Jenning Records) which comes out February 12th. And after hearing them on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, go see one of their record release shows: February 15 - Magnetic Fields in Brooklyn, with the Above; February 16 - Club Midway in NYC, with the Lyres; and February 17 - Maxwells in Hoboken NJ, with the Insomniacs!

FEB 16 - DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is psyched to announce the return of Dan Melchior Und Das Menace to the WFMU studios for an exclusive live set! Melchior tore it up on his last CBC visit back in 2006, and since then he's been on fire with a series of killer releases, including his explosive PINK SCREAM EP on Shake Appeal Records. If you wish there was, somehow, a biting, brisk amalgam of The Fall and Billy Childish, then Dan Melchior's your man!


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OCT 6 - THE CYNICS and THE UGLY BEATS listen to the archive

SEP 29 - ARMITAGE SHANKS listen to the archive

SEP 8 - HAUNTED GEORGE listen to the archive

AUG 11 - THE GOLDEN BOYS and THE STRANGE BOYS listen to the archive - The GOLDEN BOYS from TEXAS play ‘shrooms& coke Psych-country-punk calling to mind at various times GIBSON BROTHERS, GUN CLUB, REIGNING SOUND, HASIL ADKINS, NEIL YOUNG, ROKY ERICKSON, DOUG SAHM, GENE CLARK, SKY SAXON, and LEE HAZLEWOOD (Lord rest his soul). Plus, just added: THE STRANGE BOYS!

July 21: TYVEK and FUCKED UP listen to the archive - From Detroit, Tyvek play intense, fast punk rock along the lines of Wire, The Urinals, or 100 Flowers. They have an amazing full-length album coming out soon on the Whats Your Rupture label. Fucked Up bring over-the-top sick heavy heavy hardcore punk that will slay you! Hear a tasty tease of these bands live on WFMU, and then go see them live and in the flesh later that evening at Southpaw.

July 14: CHEVEU listen to the archive

May 5: SLOAN listen to the archive - Sloan have been serving up their finely tuned brand of power pop since 1991, and now they make their way to the Cherry Blossom Clinic for their WFMU debut. We are proud and honored to have this legendary Canadian quartet do exclusive arrangements of songs from their monumental new album Never Hear The End Of It (Yep Roc)! And make sure you catch them live on Thursday May 10 at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ and Friday May 11 at Southpaw in Brooklyn NY!

April 28: RIVER CITY TANLINES listen to the archive - Featuring Alicia from the Lost Sounds!

April 21: PERE UBU listen to the archive - Stalwart David Thomas has led the seminal art-punk band Pere Ubu since the mid-1970s. Throughout those decades Cleveland's Pere Ubu has created some of the most amazing beautiful, dark, existential pieces of music such as "Final Solution," "30 Seconds Over Tokyo," "Non-Alignment Pact" and "Not Happy." WFMU is honored to have recorded an incredible Pere Ubu live in studio performance! They will play music from their great recent new album Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil) plus some of their older material as well!


Dec 16: THE HUSBANDS listen to the archive - From San Francisco comes this female-fronted, raw garage punk band! These gals play your favorite 60s garage and 70s punk, calling to mind bands like the Sonics, Pleasure Seekers, Gories, Pandoras, the Bags, or the Ronettes (if they'd listened to a bunch of "Killed by Death" and "Back from the Grave" comps rather than Phil Spector!) They'll be playing tunes from their new album on Swami Records, There's Nothing I'd Like More than to See You Dead Check out their myspace page

Dec 9: THE PLIMSOULS listen to the archive - Started by Peter Case after the break up of the proto- new wave band the NERVES, The PLIMSOULS were THE leading power-pop band in the 1980's! The PLIMSOULS created perfect, timeless power-pop that can hold its own next to ELVIS COSTELLO, FLAMING GROOVIES, The EASYBEATS and yes, the BEATLES!!! The PLIMSOULS reunited and played some jaw-droppingly amazing, critically acclaimed gigs in the New York area last month. The NEW YORK TIMES picked their appearance at Magnetic Field as a Top Pick gig to see! WFMU was extremely lucky and honored to capture a great performance from them while they were here. (And seriously of all the bands I've had down this year this PLIMSOULS performance is by far the best and that's no mean feat when you consider I've had incredible bands like MUDHONEY, THE AVENGERS and PORTASTATIC on this year!!) Check out their myspace page!

Dec 2: MIGHTY GO GO PLAYERS listen to the archive - Straight outta France come the MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS! These guys seared thru the USA a few months back and played some great shows and laid down a blistering session for WFMU! MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS music is brutal raw key-board driven garage- and 7Ts punk calling to mind The GORIES, DMZ, The REATARDS, The NOVAS and The MUMMIES! WOTTA GREAT CRAZED PERFORMANCE!!!!!!! Check out their myspace page!

NOV 25: BOYSKOUT listen to the archive - We're stoked to have the fantastic, female -fronted band BOYSKOUT appear for a 2nd time on the Cherry Blosssom Clinic ! BOYSKOUT come from San Francisco and play really great new- wave pop and punk that's somewhere between BLONDIE, ELASTICA, HELIUM and AUTOCLAVE! They'll be playing songs from their sweet new album , Another Life on Three Ring Records! Check them on myspace!

NOV 18: MUDHONEY, DAN MELCHIOR and THE HANK IV listen to the archive - ROCK AND ROLL RADIO HISTORY on WFMU! Not 1, not 2 but THREE amazing rock bands!
First off, the amazing rock and roll legends MUDHONEY bringing their jaw-dropping feirce "classic" rock to the WFMU's studio....damn! Touch me im sick...its MUDHONEY!

Also on the bill from San Francisco the incredible HANK IV (ex-Leather Uppers and Icky Boyfriends) whose full on propulsive sound somehow calls to mind a sick combination of the Volcano Suns and Blue Cheer and Chain Gang! They will no doubt be playing cut from their new album "Third Person Shooter"!

Finally we will have DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE whose dark brooding rock-art will bite u in the heart!

OCT 28: THE BRIMSTONES, HUNCHBACK and special appearance by WRECKLESS ERIC with AMY RIGBY! listen to the archive

OCT 21: THE DEFECTORS listen to the archive

OCT 14: PORTASTATIC listen to the archive - Portastatic is the brilliant Pop music solo project of Mac McCaughan of Superchunk fame. Last year's Portastatic album Bright Ideas was expertly crafted, hook-laden, emotive pop and was in Terre T's Top 10 for 2005! Terre is honored to have PORTASTATIC come to WFMU for a full-on live rock session where they will no doubt feature songs from their new album Be Still Please on Merge Records. Hear them on WFMU on Oct 14 and then that evening go see them at Maxwell's in Hoboken! Check their myspace page and web site!

OCT 7: STEVE MCDONALD OF REDD KROSS listen to the archive - Steve eventually did make it down to the WFMU studios and recorded a great interview! You'll hear about one of Redd Kross' first-ever gigs in a girl's parent's house for her 8th grade graduation party (with Black Flag also on the "bill"), what it's been like to play in a band with his brother all these years, the real story behind Redd Blood Cells (his White Stripes "collaboration"), and why the classic Neurotica lineup is back together, plus way much more! And make sure you check out the Redd Kross myspace page!

SEPT 30: THE NICE BOYS listen to the archive - The Nice Boys hail from Portland, Oregon and play really sweet 1970's influenced power-pop and rock calling to mind Pezband, Milk N' Cookies, Blue Ash, and Piper. The Nice Boys feature former Exploding Hearts member Terry Six and members of garage punk act the Riffs. Check them on myspace!

SEPT 16: MHz listen to the archive - Amazing artpunk a la Von LMO or some crazy Wire/Devo hybrid from Ypsilanti, Michigan! MHz have that aggressive spaztic nerd punk thing going on ---kinda like Steve Albini meets the Embarrassment! Check their website and myspace page!

SEPT 9: THE AVENGERS listen to the archive - That's right, the legendary SF/Dangerhouse punk band plays live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU! Led by the fierce Penelope Houston, the AVENGERS are best known for their punk rock classics: The American In Me, Thin White Line and We Are The One! Catch their live shows at CBGB Fri Sept 8 and Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ Sat Sept 9! Check out their myspace page!

SEPT 2: THE NEW LOU REEDS listen to the archive - From Cleveland Ohio come The NEW LOU REEDS, featuring Cleveland king-rocker Edward Á Sotelo (Cobra Verde, Doug Gillard/GBV), with a sound that calls to mind 7Ts southern /hard rock and also straight up southern ponk like the Oblivians! They stop by for a live set featuring tracks from their new album Top Billin'! Check out their myspace page! AUGUST 26: ONEIDA! listen to the archive

AUGUST 5: YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FACES listen to the archive - All the way from Idaho, these kids (yes, kids! just barely 18yrs olde!) have a great olde skool punk sound like the Avengers or Dangerhouse records bands! You must listen to this session! Look for their s/t LP and CD out now and check their web site and myspace page

JULY 29: ANGRY ANGLES and THE CYNICS listen to the archive - The ANGRY ANGLES feature Jay Reatard (Reatards / Lost Sounds / Final Solutions / Bad Times ) and Alix (The Lids / The Wet Dreams). They play sick, fast punk rock along the lines of the Urinals, The Screamers and primo Dangerhouse bands like the Randoms & Rhino39! They have a full-length coming out on In The Red.

Legendary garage rockers The CYNICS have been around since 1983, specializing in fuzzed ultra-distorted guitar, screaming, moaning vocals, with a straight-ahead no frills rhythm section. The influences are 60s Punk, R&B, and other loud, frantic trash calling to mind The Seeds, The Sonics, Moving Sidewalks and the Count Five! Their latest full-length Living Is The Best Revenge out now on Get Hip. Check their web site!

JULY 15: THE PROTOTYPES listen to the archive - The Prototypes are a completely mesmerizing, in command, pop- punk- wave band who call to mind Blondie and Nina Hagen Band. They just completed their amazing American tour and while here they paid a visit to my show . They’ll be playing songs from their new American self-titled debut, The Prototypes on Minty Fresh Records (which is actually a combination of their 2 albums they put out in France)! Check their myspace page and online at web site!

JULY 8: THE MEASURE [SA] listen to the archive - The Measure [sa] is a punk rock band from New Brunswick, NJ. Starting as a whim between three friends to play in a folky punk rock band they quickly started writing songs that just got louder and faster as they went along. Comparisons in sound have been made to bands like American Steel, The Pogues and Billy Bragg.
Hear them live this Saturday on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, then go see them live that night at the Killing Center in New Brunswick with The Exit Strategy and The Ratchets! Look for their debut album out now on Don Giovanni and Salinas records; check their myspace page and online at web site!

JULY 1: PTERODACTYL and BATTLESHIP listen to the archive- Two completely f*cked up crazy -ass bands this Saturday live on The Cherry Blossom Clinic! First up is PTERODACTYL a powerful crazed trio from Brooklyn NY. They play intense, tight, blistering fast-changing post-rock which has been been compared to to Lightning Bolt , Sonic Youth and Unwound! Then from Oakland , California come on/on switch recording artists BATTLESHIP who play great spazzed out noisy trash punk rock and roll calling to mind early Pere Ubu, Mars and DNA !
Check them on myspace: and

JUNE 10: IMAGINARY ICONS listen to the archive - Based in NYC the IMAGINARY ICONS is a super-group of punk coolness with former of members of the SHOP FRONTS, TIE REDS and MHZ! These guys are one of Terre's favorite new NY bands right now as they are the perfect mix of punk and art, and of noise savagery, and intense sublime sounds. If you like Wire, Swell Maps, early Ultravox, Rocket from the Tombs or the Electric Eels you will love these guys!

MAY 27: RAT TRAPS listen to the archive - THE RAT TRAPS are a crazed, raw brother & sister trio hailing from Henderson, Tennessee comprised of members of Jeffrey Novak One Man Band, Reatards, Oblivians and Dutch Masters! The Rat Traps play killer blistering punk Americana style, calling to mind the best Dangerhouse L.A. circa 1978 records! These guys will totally kick yer ashes with their quick belligerent scorching guitars, thrashy drums and astounding shouts and shrieks! Check out their myspace page!

MAY 20: TIMES NEW VIKING listen to the archive - From Columbus Ohio, TIMES NEW VIKING are a young trio playing pop songs coated in with equal parts punk and art noise. Their excellent album from 2005, 'Dig Yourself,' was produced by Mr. Mike Rep, (the lo-fi mastermind behind GBV’s Propeller album just for example). Times New Viking sound is circuit-y "fly-in-the-bug zapper" guitars, trashed-out drums and tremulous keys played with tons of energy. It actually sounds like an exact cross between a 90s era Siltbreeze noise band and utterly simple, teenage garage punk. Think of TIMES NEW VIKING as Alastair Galbraith meets the Alarm Clocks or early Modern Lovers? And Mr. Mike Rep is on hand for this session to "Lovingly Feck With" Times New Viking's sound! Check out their web site and myspace page!

MAY 13: PRIESTESS listen to the archive - Hailing from Montreal, Canada come the heavy but melodic hard-rockers Priestess! These guys are Heavy Metal in a 1970s way, calling to mind Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Nazareth and AC/DC. The crowd at a Priestess show is a total mixed bag: stoners, garage rockers, punks, indiekids, dirtbags and metalheads, because they mix equal parts of cranking heavy rock with melody and and hooks. Priestess recently caught the the attention of Lemmy from Motorhead, who had Priestess opening for them on Motorhead's last tour!
They're in town this week for shows Thurs May 11 at the Mercury Lounge and the Rocks Off Boat Cruise Friday May 12, and after you hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic you can go check them out at Maxwell's! Check out their web site and myspace page!

MAY 6: LES SANS CULOTTES listen to the archive - Formed in Brooklyn in 1998, LES SANS CULOTTES are NYC's first and original real-fake French rock band! Les Sans Culottes play high energy French rock n roll inspired in equal parts by Serge Gainsbourg and the Kinks. Their live show is a BUH-last, and they bring a veritable Cirque de SLAY stage presence! Les Sans Culottes has made five recordings and will soon be making a new recording for the upstart Vibratone label. Listen to them live on radio on WFMU and see them that night at Sin-e with the Dansettes! Les Sans Culottes are also playing 6/3 at Pianos and 6/17 at the Hook (w/ the Slackers)
They're on the web and on myspace!

APRIL 29: THE MODEY LEMON listen to the archive - From Pittsburgh PA, for the 2nd time the CherryBlossom Clinic is proud to present the Modey Lemon ! These guys bring the insane intense rock calling to mind MC5, Oneida, Ram Jam and Golden Earring. Modey Lemon also use Moog and synths and other noises to complement their heavy rock sound making it very hypnotic ( and almost ominous ) at times!
Their album "The Curious City" (2005 Birdman) was Terre T's 3rd Best Fave record of 2005. Listen to them live on radio and see why! And see them live on Thursday May 4 at Rothko Club Midway (***NOTE NEW LOCATION*** 25 Ave B, btwn 3rd and 4th Sts; fmrly Scenic) with the Victoria Lucas! Peep their site or MySpace them!

APRIL 22: M.O.T.O. listen to the archive - Hailing from Chicago, Singer/guitarist Paul "Jet" Caporino formed M.O.T.O. (Masters Of The Obvious) in the early 1980s. MOTO are ponk rock cult legends and Terre is proud to have them on! M.O.T.O. play lo-fi propulsive, energetic, pop-infused buzzsaw punk that's also funny as hell! M.O.T.O. have been tenaciously slugging away at their pop-hook laden lo-fi ponk rock for so long that they are often called the "punk rock Guided by Voices!"
Peep their site or MySpace them!

APRIL 15: THE CHOKE listen to the archive - THE CHOKE is a New York City Punk n Roll band dedicated to urban odes of lust, longing and human desperation. Their sound filters soul, garage and girl group influences through the raw attack of punk rock calling to mind bands like the The Bags, The Avengers crossed with the Shangri-Las crossed with the Dead Boys! THE CHOKE is currently finishing its debut full-length LP with Tony Barber, bassist/producer of the legendary Buzzcocks, again behind the boards. This summer they will hit the road in the USA!
Hear why THE CHOKE'S demo was in Terre T's Best Faves of 2005, and see them live 4/28 @ TRASH BAR. Check them on myspace!

MARCH 18: LOVE IS ALL listen to the archive - Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Love Is All stops by WFMU studios to play songs from their new album, 9 Times That Same Song on the local What's Your Rupture? label. LOVE IS ALL play scrappy, darkly happy DIY pop utilizing keyboards and sax in an old school DIY way. Think of LOVE IS ALL as a modern day counterpart to Kleenex , Essential Logic, X-Ray Spex and Au Pairs! Check them on myspace!

FEB 18: LEATHER UPPERS listen to the archive - From Toronto by way of San Fransisco come The LEATHER UPPERS live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. This crazy 2 piece started in the early 9Ts and featured peeps from cool off-kilter bands like Icky Boyfriends. These cats’ sound is a mix of punk, garage and classic rock! And laydees these fellas dress in their suave-est finest dress pastel suits circa 1975.…mmmm! And lord, do they bring the funny! And they're putting out a new recording on Goner Records this year! YEAH!

JAN 28: THE TAMPOFFS listen to the archive - Terre T is proud to present all the way from Boston the insanely legendary band the TAMPOFFS! These guys rokkit like u wouldn’t believe! And their legend is purely based on audience reaction and word of mouth because these guys have no records out and rarely plays shows out of Boston! A rare treat indeed! Check out their website and myspace page!
track on Gotham Garage comp of NE garage bands (Enoch Records - 2003)
3-song demo CD
15 Tampoffs Fans Can't Be Wrong (10") - "tribute" album of their friends' bands playing their songs

JAN 21: DC SNIPERS listen to the archive - From Jersey City come hot-as-hell ponk rockers DC Snipers! They have great songs played with a special, fevered edgy aggressiveness rarely found these days. The DC Snipers have a new album "Missile Sunset," out now on Dead Beat Records and the music sounds like something you'd hear only on an old Killed By Death comp!
Hear the DC Snipers on the radio on Jan 21st then go see them at their big record release party Fri 1/27 @ Union Pool in Brooklyn NY. And check out their myspace page!

JAN 14: ROXY PAIN listen to the archive - From NYC come ROXY PAIN live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. This super group features a who's who of downtown coolness: OJ from Mob Stereo, Oneida collaborator Kayrock, his partner in screenprinting Wolfy, and others. These disturbo punx sound like John Carpenter meets Hawkwind meets Chrome meets the Weirdos! Yes! Their self-released CD 'Best of the Last 40 Years' was one of Terre's Best Faves of 2005; find out why when they play live on the air, then see them live at Tonic on Thursday Jan 19! You can also check them online!

JAN 7: THE DANSETTES listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is proud to present from NYC: The Dansettes! Comprised of a trio of mod young gal vocalists and a 4piece band rockin a Hammond organ and Wurlitzer-electric-piano in suits and ties, these guys bring a fresh turn to an old school 6Ts Soul & Pop sound. Though the songs are new they call to mind Stax / Atlantic / Tamla Soul / Brill Building Pop.
Hear why the Dansettes "Oh My!" EP was in Terre T's 2005 Best Fave Singles list! Check out their site!


DEC 17: MIMI LA TWISTEUSE listen to the archive - Terre T is honored to have Mimi la Twisteuse guest DJing on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. Mimi's first radio show, "Dans le Garage", in the early 9Ts on CISM, Universite de Montreal radio, was one of the few programs to feature French '60s pop on a weekly basis (this prior to the Ultra Chicks and other '60s French pop comps craze!)
She has compiled volume 10 of the infamous "Girls in the Garage" series on Romulan records, an all-French volume of '60s go-go girls. She currently hosts the wildly successful dance party DJ night, "Zoi Zoi" in Toronto. Check out some of the crazy files she has up!

DEC 10: TRALALA listen to the archive - From Brooklyn NY, come Tralala! Comprised of three fellas who play catchy simple pop and four fab femmes who sing and harmonize, Tralala call to mind classic girl group sound without being overtly retro! They will be playing songs from their sweet and poignant self titled album on Audika, as well as special Christmas songs from their new ep Fa La La La La with TRALALA! See them live this Saturday Dec 17 at the Mercury Lounge, and check them online!

DEC 3: LOVE STORY IN BLOOD RED listen to the archive - Hailing from Chicago, Love Story In Blood Red features ex-Means frontman Jason Frederick and they play amazing dark,yet melodic, pretty yet edgy, folkish rock. Calling to mind Jonathan Richman (pre-"I'm A Little Dinosaur") or Village Green'/Arthur-era Kinks, Love Story In Blood Red is a perfect amalgam of twisted pop and pretty yet disturbing folk. Their full length album on Backwards Masking is one of Terre's Faves for 2005!!!
Check out their web site!

NOV 26: BE YOUR OWN PET listen to the archive - This female-fronted postpunky-garage quartet from Nashville stops by the WFMU studios for a blistering live set that will call to mind Huggy Bear, Bikini Kill, early Sleater-Kinney and even early Patti Smith. And they're still in high school! Their EP Damn Damn Leash was out earlier this year on XL in England, and their new EP Extra Extra is out now on the Infinity Cat label.

NOV 19: ROGER MILLER from Mission of Burma listen to the archive - Terre T is thrilled and honored to welcome Mission Of Burma frontman Roger Miller to the Cherry Blossom Clinic for a rare solo performance, including several Mission of Burma songs, Dylan, Phil Ochs and Beatles covers, even an old Sproton Layer nugget! Roger is in town for the opening of his art exhibit, Beyond Burma, Sunday Nov 20 from 2pm - 6pm at the Abaton Garage, 100 Gifford Avenue in Jersey City.

Nov 12: 2 bands: ART BRUT and THE DEMANDS listen to the archive - ART BRUT play smart-dumb, repetitive two-chord punk that is actually perfectly catchy pop! Last year their anthemic tribute to every talentless wonder who was proud to pick up a guitar, "Formed A Band," was the single of the year for NME, Pitchfork and John Peel! check out their site!
THE DEMANDS' stripped down sound blends old soul, greasy R&B, power pop, and punk rock. Combined with lead singer Jahna's sultry growling and steamy lyrics, their music has been called "sex-themed punk-soul" and 'a teenaged Etta James or Carla Thomas sitting in with their neighborhood garage group for an afternoon. Look for their album Play For You out on the Deep Eddy label.

Oct 22: THE NIGHTINGALES listen to the archive - In the early to mid 1980's the UK's Nightingales were a relatively unknown cult band, but they were the critics favorites in the post-punk music scene. John Peel championed them and said of their relative obscurity: "their performances will serve to confirm their excellence -- and other, infinitely better known bands stand revealed as charlatans".
The Nightingales recently re-formed and played some dates in the US. These underground legends stop by the Cherry Blossom Clinic on Saturday the 22nd and honor us with an amazing session of intricate complex rock!
Check out the their recently reissued album from 1986, In the Good Old Country Way, on Caroline True records, as well as some new 7" releases on Big Print.

Oct 8: THE MUTTS listen to the archive - All the way from Brighton in the UK, the Mutts storm the Cherry Blossom Clinic to blast out an amazing set of early-70s-sounding hard rock. Their one guitarist somehow plays like Angus *and* Malcolm Young combined, giving the band a sound that recalls early AC/DC or Sir Lord Baltimore. But at the same time you'd be hard-pressed to find a review that doesn't mention the Ramones as well. Don't miss this slamming session, and pick up the Mutts' new album 'Life in Dirt,' out now on Fatcat. Check out their site!

Sep 17: THE WILLOWZ listen to the archive - Frequently named the most hated band in Anaheim, this hot 4-piece arrives in Jersey City to blast out a live set on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Their latest album, Talk In Circles (Sympathy), is a propulsive mix of early Damned or X combined with Drive Like Jehu or the Clone Defects. Tune in this afternoon and hear for yourself! Online they're at

Sep 3: Labor Day Weekend Blowout with the TURPENTINE BROTHERS, BBQ and DEMON'S CLAWS! (listen to the archive) It's Labor Day weekend and gas costs too much. So stay home and rock with Terre T on Cherry Blossom Clinic Saturday afternoon! It's a thrash and trash blowout for the last weekend of summer with some garage-punk hip-shakin' blooze from Montreal and Boston!
   The Turpentine Brothers, featuring Tara from Mr. Airplane Man, are a trio from Boston playing a garage-punk blues with an intense gospel fervor akin to The Oblivians if the were abetted by Mr.Quintron. Mark Sultan's one-man band, BBQ, is the perfect mix of the most primitive blues, RnR, R&B, doo-wop trashed by garage punk aesthetic. His most recent record, The King Khan and BBQ Show (Goner) is already being hailed as one of the year's best. Sultan has done time singing in Montreal's legendary Spaceshits and Les Sexareenos. Demon's Claws, also from Montreal, sound like part Gibson Bros, part Back From The Grave, part lo-fi distorted crunch, part young Mick Jagger with a mouth full of pills!

Aug 27: LE NOMBRE listen to the archive - Blasting all the way from Canada come Le Nombre! These Montreal natives play timeless, high-energy, snotty rock that's raw and loud! Combining elements of punk, garage, hard rock and metal, their hook-heavy music calls to mind a cross between AC/DC and the Buzzcocks -- if those bands sang in French! See them live Thursday August 25 at Lit Lounge in NYC and Saturday the 27th at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park NJ! and check them online!
plus an interview with FLIPPER!

Aug 6: JOEL RL PHELPS + THE DOWNER TRIO listen to the archive - Terre T is honored to present all the way from Seattle, rock -and- roll legends Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio! Joel RL Phelps founded one of the greatest rock bands of the 9Ts, Silkworm. After he split from them in 1994, he founded The Downer Trio. Phelps and the Downer Trio, like Silkworm, have made some of the most amazing, brilliantly written, heartfelt music to which very few bands can compare! See why their album Customs (Moneyshot) was in Terre's Top Ten Best Faves of 2004. Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio are playing 169 Bar, 169 E Bway NYC, Mon 8/1; and Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ Sun 8/7. Online they're at

July 23: THE GIZMOS and MISS ALEX WHITE listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is thrilled and honored to present an extremely rare reunion performance from the classic Midwest 70s punk band THE GIZMOS!! Their albums Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's The Gizmos and Hoosier Hysteria (actually a split LP with Dow Jones & the Industrials) are American Punk classics! With members now scattered across the country, this is a rare opportunity to hear these ponkrawk legends!
Also: MISS ALEX WHITE! Imagine a more punked-out Holly Golightly and you'll get pretty close to the sound of Alex White, whose latest release is just out on In The Red. Two former members of Detroit's late great Clone Defects round out the band. Don't miss this show!

JULY 16: HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS listen to the archive - Hot on the six-inch heels of their latest release, Heels 'N Wheels, the High School Sweethearts pay a visit to the Cherry Blossom Clinic to rock out with Terre T. These gals and guys play infectious guitar-driven pop, with some garage-y Farfisa and classic-sounding Brill Building melodies thrown in. And the brilliant singing and songwriting runs in the family: lead singer Cynthia Santiglia's Aunt Peggy was a member of the Angels (of "My Boyfriend's Back" fame). They're the perfect summer-fun band for a hot July afternoon. Don't miss this live set, and check them out online at

JULY 9: THE INSOMNIACS listen to the archive - New Jersey's own Masters of Mod make a return visit to the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Their latest Estrus release, 'Switched On,' is a brilliant blend of freakbeat, power pop and 70s rock -- fans of the Real Kids, Small Faces, Badfinger and the like should definitely take notice and tune in! Then go see the Insomniacs live at Maxwells on Friday July 15 with Holly Golightly and The Woggles!

JULY 2: LOVE OF DIAGRAMS listen to the archive - This three-piece from Melbourne, Australia, stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic to play songs from their latest EP, 'We Got Communication,' out now on the Unstable Ape label. Their songs evoke memories of the the early 80s, calling to mind the musical naivete and experimentation of New York no-wave and the energy and tunefulness of English post-punk. The band's list of their favorite LPs includes The Slits' "Cut," the New York Noise no-wave comp, Wire's "154," the Meat Puppets' "II" and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Fever to Tell." Tune in and check them out for yourself, then go see them live on Thursday July 7 at Kingsland Tavern (244 Nassau Ave @ Kingsland, Bklyn) and July 9th at Summer Camp (698 Flushing Ave @ Throop, Bklyn). Online they're at

June 25: LAURA CANTRELL listen to the archive - Terre T is thrilled and honored to present a live set from fellow WFMU DJ -- and Matador recording artist -- Laura Cantrell! Beloved by John Peel, Elvis Costello and WFMU listeners alike, Laura has one of the most emotional and evocative voices you'll ever hear. Her first two albums earned comparisons to everyone from Lucinda Williams to Kitty Wells; tune in and join Laura as she steps out of the Radio Thrift Shop and into the Clinic next door. Then follow her over to Maxwell's where she performs that night to celebrate the release of her new Matador album Humming by the Flowered Vine. Visit Laura's site!

June 18: HEAVY TRASH listen to the archive - Blues Explosion frontman Jon Spencer teams up with Matt Verta-Ray (ex-Madder Rose and Speedball Baby), and the resulting album (out now on Yep Roc) is a twisted dirtied-up take on rockabilly, r&b and just plain rock'n'roll. Tune in to hear their live set backed up by The Sadies on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. Check out their site!

June 4: GHETTO WAYS listen to the archive; session starts abt 40mins in - Straight outta Brooklyn comes GHETTO WAYS! This 3-piece cranks out blistering R&B based punk. Guitarist Jenna's scorching vocals calling to mind the Bell Rays or Detroit Cobras and their sleazy, crunching guitars take the Detroit soul-punk sound to a grittier, trashier NooYawkSiddy level! Their debut album last year was in Terre's Top50 Best Faves! Tune in and hear them for yourself, and look for their new album Solid Brown out later in June on Alien Snatch. Online they're at

May 28: THE FATALS listen to the archive - Direct from France come the insaniac raw crazed punkrock band the Fatals. These cats crank it out like the Reatards at their scuzziest and most savage, or like a totally blown-out rabid version of Teengenerate mated with the Hunches. Check out the lo-fi distorted crazed 77-sounding punk noise of the Fatals live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. Visitez-vous their site du web!

MAY 21: THE SAINTS listen to the archive - Just confirmed! Led by Chris Bailey, the Saints are a seminal punk band from Australia whose sound is equal parts energy and melody. In 1977 the Saints made rock history with the brilliant buzz-blast of their debut album, (I'm) Stranded. Songs by the Saints like "One Way Street," "Erotic Neurotic," "No Time," "Private Affair," "This Perfect Day," "Know Your Product" and of course "(I'm) Stranded" are all classics of punk rock history! Bailey has been keeping the Saints going since '77 and brings The Saints to the USA after a successful "Burning Bush Europa 2005" tour. Also, fans of Aussie rock n roll can expect a double treat - Marty Willson-Piper of the Church is now playing guitar with The Saints! They have a brand new album, Nothing Is Straight in My House out in the UK on the Cadiz label. More info on their site!
ALSO LIVE ON MAY 21: GIANT HAYSTACKS - This three-piece from Oakland CA (including one Scottish ex-pat) play jangly, catchy and propulsive postpunkpop, drawing comparisons to the Minutemen, Mission of Burma and Gang of Four. Check out their site!

MAY 14: zZz listen to the archive - All the way from Amsterdam, zZz stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic as they kick off their North American tour & album release. They are absolutely sick live -- just two guys: a drummer (who also sings) and an organist. Imagine a more throbbed-out Quintron crossed with a more sped-up Suicide and you'll start to get the idea. First check them out live at Maxwell's on May 12, the Delancey on the 13th, then tune in on Saturday the 14th and re-live the magic live with Terre T!

APRIL 16: THE UNDERTONES listen to the archive - In 1976 a bunch of Irish teenagers formed what would be one of the best bands to come out of the punk movement. The Undertones songs captured youthful angst, love and joy in a three minute pop song. It's telling that the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" was uber- DJ John Peel's favorite song. Though the Undertones broke up in 1983, they reformed in 2003 with all original band members except for a new singer. They have written a clutch of great new songs while still playing the classic favorites, bringing their brilliant brand of punk pop to a new generation. Check out their site!

APRIL 9: BAD POSTURE listen to the archive - This classic 80s San Franciso hardcore band reunites for an exclusive live set on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Their song "GDMFSOB" is a hardcore classic, and they even figured out how to play an FCC-friendly version! 7' tall frontman 4Way can be seen around town with his current band Suicide King (and teaching high school English in Brooklyn!), but this will be one of your only chances ever to hear the original Bad Posture live! Don't miss it! Check them online!

APRIL 2: THE PONYS listen to the archive - From Chicago, the Ponys' album Laced With Romance on In The Red was one of the best rock albums of last year. Their music calls to mind the dark, evocative sound of bands like the Rock*A*Teens, the Chills and even Television in places. Hear their live session and see why the Ponys were in Terre's Top 5 albums of 2004! They'll be appearing at Bowery Ballroom with Bloc Party on April 7th and 8th; both shows are sold out. Also visit their web site.

MARCH 26: WRECKLESS ERIC listen to the archive - Terre T is honored to present a live set from power-pop/new wave legend Wreckless Eric!! He will be performing jaw-dropping, heart-rending new material like "33s and 45s," as well as classics like "Final Taxi" and "Whole Wide World." (When Eric popped into the WFMU studios in January he was was so animated and funny that his impromptu interview generated more email, phone calls and general buzz then any guest in recent memory!) Don't miss this live set, then go see him in person at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar in NYC at 7pm sharp! Last night of his month-long Saturday-night residency! Check out his web site!

MAR 5: SHONEN KNIFE listen to the archive - Terre T is honored to present the legendary Japanese girl group SHONEN KNIFE! These gals have been making sweet, rocking pop since the 8Ts, inspiring groups like Sonic Youth, L7 and Redd Kross to cover their songs. Their 1986 album, 'Pretty Little Baka Guy' is a masterpiece of pure-hearted, nutty, wholesome punked-out pop---like a cross between the RAMONES' Rocket to Russia and Little Eva's Locomotion. Check out their site!

FEB 26: THE SHOP FRONTS and THE DC SNIPERS listen to the archive - These local punk rawkers stop by the Clinic to bring us true three-chord, messed up, sick, loud, stoopit (stoopit-good, as opposed to stoopit-stupid) ponk rawk. The Shop Fronts feature ex-members of Zodiac Killers, Tie Reds and the Primate 5; catch them at Maxwell's on Sunday the 27th opening for Guitar Wolf. DC Snipers will be playing at Trash Bar the night of their CBC appearance with the Black Lips, Tampoffs and many others!

FEB 19: LES BREASTFEEDERS listen to the archive - This French-Canadian 6-piece puts the sex in sextet! The band has 2 amazing singers, a guy and a gal, so their music is alternately evocative, perfect girlpop or catchy rollicking 6Ts garage. Tune in and hear why their album Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe (on Blow The Fuse) was one of Terre T's best fave albums of 2004, then go see them that same night at Lit! And check out their site!

FEB 12: NODDY HOLDER listen to the archive - Terre T is proud to present an interview with Noddy Holder, lead singer of Slade! The voice behind "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," "Cum On Feel the Noize" and other misspelled classix regales us with nutty stories about the making of the movie Flame (now finally available on DVD), Slade's career as the kings of glam rock and their subsequent influence on metal AND punk bands, and the recent release of Get Yer Boots On, the definitive Slade collection (on Shout Factory). Wondering what he's doing now? Listen and find out!

JAN 29: HUMAN TELEVISION listen to the archive - This quartet from Gainesville, FLA, shows off their quirky, minimal indie-pop during this live set on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. Their music calls to mind the Wedding Present, Unrest and Felt (and even New Order). You can see them live at Pianos on Thursday, Jan 27, and pick up their debut EP, All Songs Written By: Human Television. Online they're at

Jan 15: BLUES EXPLOSION listen to the archive - Start the New Year off with a big bang: live music from the Blues Explosion! The Cherry Blossom Clinic is honored to present Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer and Russell Simins with their masterful live set! They'll be playing old and new stuff, and you will be blown away by their amalgam of punk, blues and rock. Check them online!


Dec 11: KILL THE HIPPIES listen to the archive - This punkrawk 3-piece from Kent, Ohio, stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic for a live set. These guys have been described as Buzzcocks crossed with The Eat or Bad Company meets Devo! KTH remind us of the Toy Dolls if they were funnier and smarter and from the midwest of America! Tune in and write your own comparison! Check them online!

Dec 4: MARTIN MOSCROP listen to the archive - from the legendary punk-disco band A Certain Ratio returned to the Cherry Blossom Clinic Saturday Dec 4th. He talked about the early days of ACR and Factory Records, living in NYC and recording the first ACR record in East Orange NJ (!), his new label, and more! He also spun a bunch of ACR tunes and some personal faves.

Nov 27: GORE GORE GIRLS listen to the archive - After gorging yourself on Thanksgiving, let the Gore Gore Girls give your ears a treat! These Detroit girls take their shared love of primal rock 'n' roll, 6Ts girl groups and B-movies and churn out great punk and soul-tinged garage-pop. Check out their new EP, 7X 4 Gore, available via their web site

Nov 20: X-WIFE listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is thrilled to welcome its second musical guest from Portugal! This 3-piece outfit has a raw post-punk sound driven by crunchy and distorted guitars, militant analog vintage drum-machines and dirty synthesizers. Their sound calls to mind Gang of Four and Clinic. Don't miss this session, and see them live the next night, Nov 21, at Sin-e! Check out their site!

NOV 13: BOYSKOUT and NAGG listen to the archive - This week the Cherry Blossom Clinic brings you not one, but two HOT bands coming straight outta San Francisco and both bands are led by tough-as-nails bad-ass women!
BOYSKOUT play songs from their debut album School of Etiquette (2004, Alive Records). They have a subversive yet fun New Wave-influenced sound that calls to mind Martha & the Muffins, Siouxsie, or The Cars!
NAGG also play selections from their self-titled debut album (2004, Dollar Record Records). These guys play a wonderful raucous blend of punk & glam calling to mind bands like Suzi Quatro, the Runaways and AC/DC!

Oct 30: THE PROTOTYPES listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is pleased to present the Prototypes, all the way from France! The Prototypes play really hooky New Wave-influenced rock -- and we mean that in the nicest possible way! When u listen to the Prototypes bands like Elastica, Blondie, Plastic Bertrand come to mind, but their sound is unique and fresh. Pick up their amazing album, "Tout Le Monde Cherche Quelque Chose" on Boxson/Universal France. check them online too!

OCT 23: MIKE WATT listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is honored to present Rock 'n' Roll royalty: MIKE WATT (of the MINUTEMEN and fIREHOSE), back from an astounding tour playing with the STOOGES. He has a new solo album out, "The Secondman's Middle Stand," a punk rock allegorical epic! He's currently on his own "El mar cura todo" tour with the Secondmen, where they will be playing his new album in its entirety. Check out this amazing live session at 3pm, then go see them that night at South Paw in Park Slope Brooklyn, or Sun Oct 24 at Maxwells in Hoboken NJ, or Oct 28 at the Mercury Lounge in NYC!! Online he's at
(note: the Mike Watt set starts abt 15 minutes into the archive)

OCT 16: PAIK listen to the archive - From Michigan, the state of darkened dead car factories comes the somber, interstellar noise-gloom of PAIK. Check their heavy extended feedback drones, immense-core bass riffs and lysergic spacy guitar explorations live on the radio, and pick up their new record, Satin Black, on Strange Attractors.

OCT 9: SONNY VINCENT listen to the archive - Original NYC punk-rocker Sonny Vincent, founder and frontman of the legendary TESTORS, brings his new band (featuring members of the Voidoids and Lazy Cowgirls) to the Cherry Blossom Clinic for a live set! He's been in bands or collaborated with the likes of Cheetah Chrome, Bob Stinson, Moe Tucker and Half Japanese. Tune in for this session with a living legend, then see him live at the Arthur Kane tribute show that night at the Continental.

SEPT 18: THE LOST SOUNDS listen to the archive - "Southern September" goes out like a lion with the roar of Memphis' Lost Sounds! Alicja Trout (ex-Clears) and Jay Lindsey (ex-Reatards) return, tearing thru a set of incredible, intense, dark, crazy keyboard-driven punk garage. Actually they say they play Black Wave (tm) which is a cross between black metal and new-wave!! These guys may be dark but they are also funny as hell. Also note, this may the 1st time Terre's had a band (LOST SOUNDS) on her show that engineered the record of another band she's had on her show (the REIGNING SOUND)! Get their new limited, vinyl only EP Future Touch, out now, and watch for their new self-titled full-length on In The Red in October! Check their site!

SEPT 11: THE REIGNING SOUND listen to the archive - "Southern September" continues with the Reigning Sound, whose members hail from Memphis TN and Asheville NC. Featuring Greg "Oblivian" Cartwright, THE REIGNING SOUND bring their searing soulful garagepunk back to WFMU, and they rip through songs from this year's highly critically acclaimed (and destined for numerous Top 10 lists) Too Much Guitar album as well as older favorites. Find out why the REIGNING SOUND are the South's, no AMERICA's, best rock band! Watch out for their new album of rarities and outtakes, Home For Orphans, coming out this month, and check them online!

SEPT 4: THE CARBONAS listen to the archive - Terre T kicks off "Southern September" with the Carbonas! This four-piece comes out of Atlanta's Die Slaughterhaus scene (which also includes such bands as the Black Lips and the Lids.) These guys play blistering old skool punk that will also call to mind the Pagans or Teengenerate. Tune in and hear them for yourself! Online they're at

AUG 7: THE CREEPING NOBODIES listen to the archive - These five Torontonians cross the border to visit the Cherry Blossom Clinic and bring you a set of intense artpunk. Their songs call to mind Pere Ubu, the Ex, Swell Maps and early Fall -- in fact, look closely at the cover of the Fall's Grotesque album and you'll see where they got their name. Their EP I-X-U is out now, and they're also featured on the Fall tribute album Perverted By Mark E. Check them online!

JULY 31: THE CHEATER SLICKS! listen to the archive - What do Mudhoney, the New Bomb Turks and the Dirtbombs have in common? They've all covered songs by the Cheater Slicks! This 3-piece rawk band started out in Boston in 1988, blending equal parts rock, blues, punk and psychedelia but always keeping that raw edge. They've influenced many of the newer bands on the scene, arguably including the entire roster of In The Red Records. Hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, and see them live at the Hook on Thursday July 29 with Mr. Airplane Man and Friday July 30 at the Ding Dong Lounge! Check them online!

JULY 24: The Astounding ULTIMATE PUNK ROCK Radio Fest! listen to the archive - Terre T brings you THREE preeminent PUNK ROCK bands from all over the world live on the air: THE KIDS (from Belgium), the CLOROX GIRLS (from San Francisco) and TAXI (from Italy)!

ORIGINAL punk rockers THE KIDS make their FIRST EVER U.S. appearance! These Belgian cult punk heros were 1977 contemporaries of the Sex Pistols. Recent re-issues of their first 2 LPs, plus tracks on the Killed By Death and Bloodstains comps have cemented them as 70s punk legends. Songs like "This is Rock n Roll," "Rock Over Belgium," "No Monarchy" and "Fascist Cops" are punk anthems up there with "I'm Stranded," "New Rose" and "Chinese Rocks."

San Francisco's CLOROX GIRLS have caught the attention of notables including Thurston Moore and Byron Coley, who said "their eponymous Kurt Bloch-produced debut LP (out on SmartGuy) is clean and classic, just like an early 80's SoCal punkband doing Ramones-based tunes... has a basic goodness that is harder to ignore than a trouser-full of antlers."

TAXI from Rome, Italy, play tough 70s punk rock in the vein of The Dead Boys and The Heartbreakers. Their debut CD/LP is out in the US on Dead Beat Records. This show marks their first East Coast appearance.

Experience these bands live after hearing them on WFMU:
The Kids and Taxi play that same night, Sat July 24, at the DOT DASH 2-day Punk RocknRoll festival, July 23-24 at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn! The Clorox Girls play on Sun July 25 at TRASH Bar in Williamsburg with Miss Alex White and the HeatSeekers.

JULY 17: GARY YOUNG'S HOSPITAL listen to the archive - Gary Young is the former drummer from Pavement, and today he comes down to the CBC to play his brand of psyched-stoner prog indie weirdness. His music calls to mind Syd Barrett meets Gong but with a current indie-oddity sensibilty. Plus how could u not love a guy who can write a song like "I'm Going Through the Same Midlife Crisis as Phil Collins (True Love)"??
Their new CD, "The Grey Album," is out on Omnibus. See them live that nite at Pianos in NYC, or see them the week before in Hoboken, NJ on July 10 @ Maxwell's. Check them online!

JULY 10: TROY GREGORY & THE STEPSISTERS listen to the archive - Troy Gregory has played with the Electric Six and is currently filling Jim Diamond's sizable shoes in the touring version of the Dirtbombs. He's also put out two amazing psych-garage solo albums, Sybil and Laura, while still playing with his band The Witches.
But wait, there's more!
His newest band, Troy Gregory & the Stepsisters, stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic this afternoon for a live performance! Be sure to catch the latest from this Motor City Madman! And see them live at the Ding Dong Lounge on Friday, July 9, and at Maxwell's Saturday, July 10! Online at

JULY 3: MOB STEREO listen to the archive - These guys originally hail from California but are currently living in Brooklyn, NY. This must account for their sunny+sweet yet dark+dirty, Blondie thru a buzzssaw sound! MOB STEREO brings it with lilting girl vocals and really rough rock guitars. Think the Supremes meets the Drunx with Guns, or Shop Assistants meets Live Skull. U get the picture! They have a 7" out on, with a new album coming out soon. See them live Friday July 9th at the DotDash Party @ Siberia with Crimson Sweet, Headache City and Sweet JAP (and they're also playing July 15th @ Pianos and July 24 @ The Delancey). Email them at see pictures of Mob Stereo live at WFMU!

JUNE 26: TERMINAL LOVERS listen to the archive - The Terminal Lovers' lineup reads like a who's who of Cleveland rock: frontman Dave Cintron has played with Cobra Verde and the band also includes guitarist Chris Smith (ex-Integrity, currently in Keelhaul) and drummer Scott Pickering (from tons o' Clevo bands, most notably Prisonshake and My Dad is Dead.) So without any other description, we can tell you they rock! Hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, and then go see them that night at Arlene Grocery.

JUNE 19: KNIFE SKILLS listen to the archive - Knife Skills hail from Brooklyn New York but play the kind of dissonant smart rock you might expect from DC! This gal-led trio features ex and current members of bands like the Hissyfits, Thoroughbred, Panthers, and Turing Machine! Knife Skills plays rock that calls to mind Slant 6, Erase Errata, and even Sleater-Kinney! Hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, and then go to their show that night at Sin-e.

JUNE 12: SARA JAFFE listen to the archive - Sara Jaffe, late of Erase Errata, stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic to play solo. She creates beautiful songs about desire, sadness, the sea, and the city that call to mind the folk brilliance of Devendra Banhart and Sandy Denny. These songs are engaging, melancholy and thoughtful, and sometimes disquieting. Don't miss this compelling session.

JUNE 5: THE KONKS listen to the archive - Hailing from Boston, The Konks feature Kurt Davis, former front man for Bullet LaVolta. ( Davis also played with Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott in Kustomized!). These guys play over- the- top sick garage ponk! The Konks have been crowned Boston's best garage band in the Underground Garage Battle of the Bands! Tune in to the Cherry Blossom Clinic this Saturday to hear why, and check out their NY area shows too! They’ll be playing Fri June 4 at Siberia with Andy G.+the Rollerkings, the Stags and the Sleazies AND Sat June 5 at the Hook with the legendary Real Kids plus Some Action and the Shop Fronts!!!!

MAY 15: THALIA ZEDEK listen to the archive - WFMU is honored to present Thalia Zedek. Thalia is one of the most important artists in underground rock from her seminal punk band Dangerous Birds to the dark electro-acoustics of UZI to the downtownNY noise of LIVE SKULL, and the blues-Velvets rock of COME, David Michael Curry on viola (Come, Will Oldham) Daniel Coughlin on drums (Come, Braindance) join her on this WFMU session bringing beautiful, moving, emotional songs calling to mind Patti Smith meets John Cale. And check out Thalia that night (MAY 15) at the Mercury Lounge in NYC and SOUTHPAW in Brooklyn on Sun (MAY16).

APRIL 17: THE AMBER SMITH listen to the archive - Brooklyn's premiere power-popsters pop by the Cherry Blossom Clinic for a live set. This four-piece includes a former BMX Bandit, and their sound calls to mind great pop artists like the Hollies, dBs, Velvet Crush, the Everly Brothers, Alex Chilton, etc. Don't miss this session, and don't miss the Amber Smith that same night live at Don Hill's Tiswas night! see pictures of the Amber Smith live at WFMU!

APRIL 10: MARK E. SMITH of The Fall listen to the archive - Unfortunately the Fall weren't able to play live on WFMU this afternoon, but you can still hear Terre T's exclusive interview with Mark E. Smith! Hear the supersweet Mark E talk about playing live in a wheelchair, his new record, band, touring in the US and his take on playing in Texas!

APRIL 3: THE LABIATORS listen to the archive - This trio of 2 guitars and drums from Asheville NC stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic to rip through songs ranging from from 3-chord punkrockers to extended swirling rock-outs. Their sound calls to mind early Dinosaur, the Cheater Slicks and the Oblivians. Tune in to hear them live on WFMU, then see them live at Lit later tonight! Also check out their new double-7" release on Secret Keeper!

FEB 21: NUMBERS listen to the archive - This band from San Fran, CA brings their crazed robot-on-the- loose singing style, no wave-noisy guitars, homemade synth and quirky precise drumming to the Cherry Blossom Clinic. With elements of Devo, Kraftwerk, and Crash Course in Science you won't want to miss this session! These maniacs have released at 2 new cds in the last 6months ('In My Mind All The Time' on Tigerbeat6 Records and Eh-Uh!' on Troubleman.) Hear why peeps be going crazy fer their recordings! PLUS these guys are so much fun and a total blast LIVE !

FEB 7: DIE ROTZZ listen to the archive - These guys play the kind of punk you don't hear much anymore but wish you did. From New Orleans, they have a sound that calls to mind bands like the Dils, Sham 69, the Controllers, Stiff Little Fingers, and *early* Social Distortion. Tune in and check them out on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, then go see them live at Siberia that same night with the Carbonas and the Shemps!

JANUARY 31: KAITO listen to the archive - Kaito comes all the way from Norwich, England to visit the Cherry Blossom Clinic and put on an amazing show bursting with artpunk intensity and little-girl vocals ! Fans of Deerhoof, X-Ray Spex and the Dog-Faced Hermans won't want to miss this session! Their cd 'Band Red' was one of my Best Faves of 2003-- check it and see!!

JANUARY 24: THE TOKELEYS listen to the archive - This Brooklyn-based 4-piece sounds like no other band out there these days. They call to mind bands like Mission of Burma and Volcano Suns with a dash of Television and Crazy Horse. Their demo was one of my Best Faves of 2003-- tune in and hear why!

Mission of BurmaJANUARY 17: MISSION OF BURMA listen to the archive - Clint Conley and Peter Prescott pay a surprise last-minute visit to the Cherry Blossom Clinic to talk about their live performance and upcoming new album! see pictures of Mission of Burma live at WFMU!


DEC 13: WIDE RIGHT listen to the archive - Their musical critique of Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66 has landed them on Page Six, among other places. Today this Brooklyn-based quartet visit the Cherry Blossom Clinic for what's sure to be a blistering live set. These guys have a killer Detroit soulpunk sound not unlike the Paybacks or Detroit Cobras. Plus, their new album was produced by none other than Mr. Jim Diamond himself! Check out this session and then head out to Southpaw that night to see Wide Right live with the Figgs! Online they're at

NOV 15: FRIGG A-GO-GO listen to the archive - These guys rarely venture north of the Mason-Dixon line, so it's a real treat to have them play live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Singer Ronnie Ramada packs up his capes, crowns and bandmates and delivers songs that sound like a cross between the 13th Floor Elevators and the Amboy Dukes! All while maintaining this hi-larious conceited/pampered persona. Don't miss this session!

NOV 8: METAL URBAIN, broadcast live from the WFMU Record Fair listen to the archive - These legendary French electronic art-noise punx were way ahead of their time 25 years ago! We can't believe they are back and playing in the US. Their music is dark, crazy and funny with songs like "Lady Coca Cola" and "Ultra Violence," to name just 2, and they will either make u spit up yr lunch from laffing OR scare the SHITE outta u...either way it's an electronic explosive expulsive experience!!!! Go down to the Record Fair and watch this set live, then see them again that night at Tonic! And look for the new compilation 'Anarchy In Paris' on Acute!

measles mumps rubellaNOV 1: MEASLES MUMPS RUBELLA listen to the archive - This Washington DC band stops by the Cherry Blossom Clinic bringing their beautiful, edgy polyrhythmic rock which calls to mind early PiL and Throbbing Gristle crossed with their own DC art-punk sensibility. They will be playing compositions from their new Troubleman Unlimited EP, plus other olde and new stuff! see pictures of Measles Mumps Rubella live at WFMU!

dirtbombsOCT 25: THE DIRTBOMBS listen to the archive - What better way to close out DetrOctober than with Mick Collins, Jim Diamond, and TWO skin pounders?! Terre T is thrilled to welcome the Dirtbombs back to the Cherry Blossom Clinic this week as they show off songs from their brand spankin' new album, 'Dangerous Magical Noise', out now on In The Red! Plus special live in studio hijinx and highlights from their live CBC set from July 2002! Online they're at Plus see pictures of the Dirtbombs live at WFMU!

OCT 18: THE PAYBACKS listen to the archive - DetrOctober continues on the Cherry Blossom Clinic (now heard at its new time, Saturdays from 3pm - 6pm) when the Paybacks check in and rock out with host Terre T. Frontwoman Wendy Case belts it out like Rod Stewart post-stomach pump! They'll be doing tunes from the 'Knock Loud' album as well as great new shizzy from their upcoming release. Think early Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, NY Dolls, and early Stones. Don't miss them live at Southpaw on DetrOctober 25th with the Hentchmen (and Shonen Knife and the Gore Gore Girls.) Visit their site!

HentchmenOCT 11: THE HENTCHMEN listen to the archive - It's DetrOctober all month on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, now heard at its new time: Saturdays from 3pm - 6pm! Tune in every Saturday in October for live sets from the bestest Detroit bands! This week Terre T welcomes The Hentchmen, who combine 6Ts garage with Farfisa-fied new-wave (check out the Devo cover!) Hear them performing tracks from their recent album on Norton, 'Three Times Infinity.' And mark your calendar for their show at Southpaw on DetrOctober 25th (with the Paybacks, Shonen Knife and the Gore Gore Girls.) And check out their site! Plus see pictures of the Hentchmen live at WFMU!

SEPT 20: THE EMBROOKS listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is thrilled to host a session with these modern masters of the Freakbeat sound! This UK 3-piece includes a drummer who's been described as "the female Keith Moon" plus former members of the Mystreated and Head and the Hares. Don't miss it! Then see them live at Maxwells that night with the Real Kids and the Reigning Sound! And check out their web site!

RunnerSEPT 13: RUNNER & THE THERMODYNAMICS listen to the archive - This Boston trio brings together all the best elements of 7Ts power-pop and rock calling to mind the Pezband, the Records, Thin Lizzy and Todd Rundgren. They sound great but really have to be seen as well, so check them out during their residency at Pianos on Sept 17, Sept 25, and Oct 1, plus visit their site! Plus see pictures of Runner & the Thermodynamics live at WFMU!

SEPT 6: CONSONANT! listen to the archive - This 4-piece from Boston makes great new music that is refined, thoughtful, well-crafted and evocative. The band includes Clint Conley from Mission of Burma along with Chris Brokaw (Come, Pullman, Evan Dando), Matt Kadane (Bedhead, The New Year), and Winston Braman (Fuzzy). Their second album, Love and Affliction, came out in August on Fenway Recordings. Hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, then go see them live at Northsix the very same night!

AUG 30: guest dj EVAN "FUNK" DAVIES listen to the archive - Back in the early 80s, WNYU's New Afternoon Show was one of the very few radio shows playing the crazy punk & new wave. It was a completely influential show: it's like they say only a few people bought Velvet Underground records back in the day, but every one of 'em started a band? Well, whoever heard the New Afternoon Show got involved in the burgeoning punk/new wave scene: forming bands, starting labels, putting on shows or ...becoming WFMU DJs (har!). Evan "Funk" Davies was the best of the New Afternoon DJs, and he'll be on the CBC spinning hits and obscurities alike. Plus you'll hear original New Afternoon Show airchecks from 1981! This is gonna be a BLAST!!! DO NOT MISS THIS!!

AUG 23: RAH BRAS - Occasionally, Boo Rah, Jean Rah and Isabellarah Rubella emerge from their geodesic dome in Virginia to produce some of the most wacked-out messed-up pop you've ever heard! We're thrilled that they graced the Cherry Blossom Clinic on one of these occasions! Visit their site! A Summer Fun Rerun (originally aired Fall of 2002!)

Aug 16: LOST SOUNDS - From Memphis come this dark, deeply funny, aggressive no-wavish punk rock band! Featuring Alicja formerly of the Clears and Jay from the Reatards, their recent album Black Wave is one of the best things these tired ears have heard in a long time. Check them online! (An encore presentation from the Fall of 2002!)

TallboysJuly 26: TALLBOYS listen to the archive - These 4 Brooklyn women bring slammin new rock 'n' roll that's comparable to Kleenex, early Raincoats and early Au Pairs. They have a modern postpunk sound that ain't no 80s rehash. Catch this session on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, now heard Saturdays from 5-7pm, and you can say you heard them before they were huge. Then go see them live this same night, July 26 at Rare on W. 14th with Hominid. Plus see pictures of Tallboys live at WFMU!

Ted LeoJuly 19: TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS listen to the archive - Ted Leo has been creating some of the best underground rock for over a decade in bands like Chisel. These days he plays melodic, poignant, evocative rock with "modern" lo-fi & distortions. His music calls to mind Nick Lowe, Thin Lizzy, The Kinks, Stephin Merrit, Alex Chilton and The Jam, and his live sets are so intense that he's like the punk-rock Bruce Springsteen! Hear for yourself when he plays live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, now heard Saturdays from 5-7pm. He'll also be at the Siren Fest at Coney Island on Saturday July 19, and look for his great new album Hearts of Oak on Lookout. Check out his site too! Plus see pictures of Ted Leo & the Pharmacists live at WFMU!

July 12: THE LITTLE KILLERS listen to the archive - This powerhouse power trio walks on stage and dominates the joint with their buzz-saw perfect punkrok! Tim Warren loved them so much he signed the band, the first new signing to Crypt in years! Tune in to their live set on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, now heard Saturdays from 5-7pm. They'll be at Sin-E on Friday July 25 so mark your calendars, and watch out for their debut release on Crypt!

Vanity SetMAY 9: THE VANITY SET listen to the archive - The Vanity Set are fronted by Jim Sclavunos, currently with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and previously with Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Lydia Lunch/8-Eyed Spy, Sonic Youth etc. Their music is by turns unbelievably beautiful, intense, dark, lush, evocative and cinematic in the vein of Lee Hazelwood, Scott Walker, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits. Their new album "Little Stabs of Happiness" is out now; check them out on the web at Plus see pictures of the Vanity Set live at WFMU!

APRIL 25: CRIMSON SWEET listen to the archive - This girl-fronted punkrawk trio from Brooklyn knits art-drone with hard rock, sounding something like Live Skull meets Silverhead with a little bit of Avengers--- with a Joe Walsh cover thrown in for good measure. Their debut full-length, "In Strut," is out now on the On On Switch label. NOTE- the Crimson Sweet show tonight at Rare has been CANCELLED!! Check them online at for more info and (hopefully) updated show listings!

APRIL 18: THE AFFLICTIONS listen to the archive - This 5-piece from Chicago features sax and keyboards, but no bass. They've been described as "the Contortions if they'd been obsessed with ? & the Mysterians instead of James Brown." What does that mean?? Hear for yourself when they check in to the Cherry Blossom Clinic for a live set before their show that night at Hank's Tavern in Brooklyn. See them online at

999APRIL 11: 999 listen to the archive - One of the original '77 British punk bands, 999, plays LIVE on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Original members Nick Cash, Guy Days and Pablo Labritain are joined by Arturo Bassick (ex-Lurkers). In these days of retro punk soundalike bands, it will be exciting to be able to experience the real thing! See them live that night at the Village Underground, or Sunday the 13th at Maxwells! Online at Plus see pictures of 999 live at WFMU!

MARCH 28: HOLLY GOLIGHTLY listen to the archive - This mesmerizing singer has taken the 6Ts Freakbeat sound of Thee Headcoatees, the spare blues of Dan Melchior and the garage soul of the Greenhornes and made it her own. She appears live this Friday on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, backed up by Bruce Brand of Thee Headcoats and Jack and Eric from the Greenhornes. Tune in and listen, then go see her live that night at Maxwells with Ko+the Knockouts and Les Sans Culottes!

MARCH 21: FOLK IMPLOSION listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic celebrates the return of Spring with the resurrection of the Folk Implosion!!! After a 4-year hiatus, Lou Barlow is bringing back this legendary lo-fi group with his new band (sans John Davis) featuring Sebadoh drummer Russ Pollard and Alaska guitarist Imaad Wasif. Their latest album, just released on Domino USA, is appropriately titled "The New Folk Implosion." Check them out online at

FEB 21: KO+THE KNOCKOUTS listen to the archive - This Detroit outfit puts together all the best elements of girl groups, Motown, garage punk and soul. The result is a stunning mix of cool covers and great catchy originals that'll be stuck in your head for weeks. Hear them live on the CBC and then go see them live at the Mercury Lounge that same night on Feb 21 (with the Witnesses!). Note: this session starts at about :30 into the archive.

FEB 14: THE WITNESSES listen to the archive - Former members of the Rondelles and the Mooney Suzuki team up in this hot 5-piece combo! Their sound will remind you of Exile On Main Street-era Rolling Stones, but these guys are far from re-treads AND they have way better hair! See them live at Downtime on Feb 16 and the Mercury Lounge on Feb 21.

FEB 7: special sneak preview of a live session with THE VANITY SET listen to the archive - The complete session will air in March or April, but in the meantime we are thrilled to give a sneak peek of this set! See the Vanity Set in NYC this Thursday (Feb 13) at the Knitting Factory. The Vanity Set is fronted by Jim Sclavunos, who has been associated with a large slice of American punk, no-wave, indie & experimental rock history. He's played with Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Lydia Lunch/8-Eyed Spy, Tav Falco's Panther Burns, the Cramps and Sonic Youth to name just a few, and he is currently with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The Vanity Set album "Little Stabs of Happiness" is by turns unbelievably beautiful, intense, dark, lush, evocative and cinematic in the vein of Lee Hazelwood, the Velvet Underground, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Eno, the Scientists, Scott Walker. Check them out on the web at

PiranhasJAN 24: THE PIRANHAS listen to the archive - These Piranhas will shred your ears off! They are ca-razee!! Think a sick blend of Teenage Jesus, Saccharine Trust, Electric Eels, EARLY Black Flag, and the Birthday Party. Will guitarist Ian get drunk enough during the session to take his clothes off like he usually does? You'll have to listen to find out. Pick up their new album on In The Red, and check them on the web at or at Plus see pictures of the Piranhas live at WFMU!

JAN 17: CLOSET CASE listen to the archive - You loved them in the Special Moments, the Low Down Dirty Dawgs, Fly Ashtray and God Is My Co-pilot -- now members of those bands have teamed up in Closet Case! You've gotta hear what they're doing now... they call to mind outrageous-era Kim Fowley, Richard Hell, Human Switchboard, Couch Flambeau and the Icky Boyfriends. Tune in and check it out!

JAN 10: THE BLACKOUTS listen to the archive - These four fellows from the cornfields of Champaign, Illinois, will have you thinking of great American guitar rock/power pop bands like the Byrds, Real Kids, Syndicate of Sound, and Flaming Groovies! Don't miss it! They're online at


DEC 13: ELF POWER listen to the archive - This Georgia combo has been playing beautiful pop songs calling to mind such greats as Badfinger, Dream Syndicate, Hypnolovewheel and Yo LaTengo for a few years now and its an honor to have them grace the WFMU studios with their witty lovely music. Check them out live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic and also on the web.

DEC 6: ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK listen to the archive - Oh man, these crazee Japanese ponk bands can't stay away from the Cherry Blossom Clinic! These guys will knock you out with their hardrockin sound that will remind you of the MC5, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Sir Lord Baltimore, Motorhead and, yes, Thin Lizzy! Check them on the web.

NOV 29: CHINO listen to the archive - Ex-members of the late great Monkey 101, Philly's Chino have a raw, early Flaming Groovies-ish sound that also recalls bands like the Replacements, DMZ, early Superchunk, Prisonshake, Modern Lovers and early Cheap Trick. Even though Chino have rarely toured and have 2 self -produced cds which got no distribution, they recently opened for GBV on their last tour. Bobby Pollard fell in love with them. Find out why. They're online at

NOV 22: BOBBY CONN listen to the archive - Glam-rock? Prog-rock? Disco-rock? Your guess is as good as mine coz even *I'm* not sure what this nutty 7Ts-obsessed dude is all about. Tune in and hear for yourself when he plays live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, and peep at his site! (NOTE: this session is at the beginning of the archive.)

NOV 15: THE MEANS listen to the archive - From Columbus by way of Chicago, these guys call to mind such bands as Halo Of Flies, Surgery, Negative Approach and Mudhoney. Their album Vil/Viol was an FMU favorite - now hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. More info is at their label's site. See them live at Luxx in Brooklyn on Friday November 29!

NOV 8: RAH BRAS listen to the archive; rah bras start at around 2:00 in - Occasionally, Boo Rah, Jean Rah and Isabellarah Rubella emerge from their geodesic dome in Virginia to produce some of the most wacked-out f'd-up pop you've ever heard! We're thrilled that they'll grace the Cherry Blossom Clinic on one of these occasions! Catch them online!
~~ and also ~~
DONNA SUMMER listen to the archive; donna summer starts at around :45 in - No, not the 7Ts disco diva but WFMU's own DJ and breakcore master! Tune in as Donna Summer brings his (yes, *his*) laptop over to the Cherry Blossom Clinic to work his mixup / cutup / electronic / cheese / disco deathmetal / cocaine-jungle breakcore magic. Check him on the web at!

OCT 25: RADAR SECRET SERVICE listen to the archive - Band members Robbie Vegas, The Halls of Medicine and Double Down travel from Kent, Ohio to rock out on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Some say these guys sound like a mix of Gang of Four and early Joy Division, among others. Tune in and judge for yourself! And check them out online!

SEPT 27: JASON LOEWENSTEIN listen to the archive - Here's the whole session (which we a had sneekpeek of last month) laid down by Indie rock royalty JASON LOEWENSTEIN, formerly of SEBADOH. While Jason wrote and played all the instruments on his new cd 'At 6s and 7s', here Jason plays FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER with his new band! Jason shows his mettle as a great songwriter who can rock out with the best of them!! Check him out on the web!

SEPT 13: SOUL JUNK listen to the archive - Check out this amazing session of the utterly brilliant, hiphop- noise-damaged group Soul Junk! Featuring Glen Galaxy (from the legendary Trumans Water), you will be blown away by his gift for dropping crazed drop-ins, fat beats, sick noise, punk rock and an unashamed love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!! Also playing tambourine, toy piano and singing on this session is Daniel Smith of the Danielson Famile! Soul Junk will be playing tunes from past records and from their great new album :1957! Check out Soul Junk's site too!

SEPT 6: MODEY LEMON listen to the archive- Pittsburgh PA sends us this powerhouse duo of drums and guitar and moog! This band is SO rockin and so original u cant believe they get all that sound from just 2 guys! Think of the great power and songwriting of the Volcano Suns, early Urge Overkill and Golden Earring. Now think of ALL DAT coming from just 2 fellas! DAMN! Their new album is coming out on In The Red this fall! check them on the web, plus See pictures of Modey Lemon live at WFMU!

Aug 23: LOST SOUNDS listen to the archive - From Memphis come this dark, deeply funny, depressive, aggressive no wavish punk rok band! Featuring Alicja formerly of the synthpoppy Clears and Jay from the Reatards, their most recent album Black Wave is one of the best things these tired ears have heard in a long time. Peep at their site!
~ ~ and also ~~
A sneak preview of JASON LOEWENSTEIN's live set, which will air in its entirety on September 27! Check him out on the web!

X27Aug 16: X27 listen to the archive - Featuring ex-members of Chicago no-wave pioneers Duotron, this three-piece throws down lo-fi noise rock using unorthodox tunings and searing guitars. Their primitive sound calls to mind Sonic Youth's very early stuff, the Cramps, Erase Errata or the Coach Whips. Don't miss it! See them on the web! And See pictures of X27 live at WFMU!

tracy+the plastics

Aug 9: TRACY + THE PLASTICS listen to the archive - This one-woman band can go from the newwavesynthrok of the early 8Ts to sampling AC/DC without missing a beat! Tune in as "Tracy", "Nikki" and "Cola" visit the Cherry Blossom Clinic, and visit them online! See pictures of Tracy + the Plastics live at WFMU!

galvanizedJuly 26: GALVANIZED listen to the archive- New York's own Galvanized bring their electro-punk groove to the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Frontwoman Dahlia's cool as ice, disaffected vocals are a sharp counterpoint to the new wavish punk- influenced sounds of the band. Think Tubeway Army or the Stranglers crossed with or Romeo Void or Los Microwaves. (Check em out before they are the next Elastica!) See them live Monday July 29th at CB's Gallery and peep at their website! See pictures of Galvanized live at WFMU!

les baton rougeJuly 19: LES BATON ROUGE listen to the archive- Portuguese punkers Les Baton Rouge have a killer girl-fronted sound that calls to mind bands like the Avengers, Bikini Kill and the Bags! Their latest album is called Women Non Stop -- tune in and hear why. Check out their CD on the Elevator Music label, and see them online. Plus see pictures of Les Baton Rouge live at WFMU!

July 12 : THE DIRTBOMBS!!! listen to the archive - These guys blasted out an amazing set during a quick stop at WFMU on their way to the Bowery Ballroom. Maybe my fave band in the world right now! This session starts about 30 minutes into the archive. Visit their web site! See pictures of the Dirtbombs live at WFMU

~~ and also ~~

new radiant storm kingNEW RADIANT STORM KING - These indie rock veterans are back with a brand new LP, and they'll play a bunch of it live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Their new stuff is grand, textured, melodic, rockin, smart and well played to boot! This set starts about 2 hours into the archive. Check them out on the web! And see pictures of New Radiant Storm King live at WFMU

myles of destructionJune 28: MYLES OF DESTRUCTION listen to the archive- Violin-driven madness from the home of cheesesteaks and the Flyers! MYLES OF DESTRUCTION is a Philly-based destructo bass/drums/violin power trio. The liner notes on their CD say "No Guitars Used. F-- Them." Don't miss this amazing combo of metal/post-punk/hardcore sounds! They have a 4-song self-released CD out now. See pictures of Myles of Destruction live at WFMU, and visit their web site!

peelander-zJune 21: PEELANDER-Z listen to the archive- CRAZED CRAZED CRAZED Japanese punk rock...they call themselves 'the japanese noodle samurai punk band!' I don't know what it is about the japanese and over the top nuttiness, but these guys are out of their gourd! Think Boredoms crossed with Sham 69 on crank??? Checkit online at, and pick up their CD Rocket Gold Star out on, yes, the Eat Rice label. see pictures of Peelander-Z live at WFMU!

creme blush
June 14: CREME BLUSH listen to the archive -This two-girl duo from NYC make tuff+lovely synth pop. Their sound calls to mind OMD, Young Marble Giants, Human League, Girls at Our Best and early Depeche Mode. Their CD New York is out now! Check them out on the web, and see pictures of Creme Blush live at WFMU!

coach whipsJune 7: COACH WHIPS listen to the archive - The Coach Whips are led by John Dwyer of the SF crazed-noise group Pink and Brown. But these cats don't play it that way baby! We're talking extremely rockin, distorted raw blues- based punk reminiscent of Thee Headcoats, Pussy Galore, Royal Trux, and the Gories! What pretty messes...get it on yr dresses! See pictures of the Coach Whips live at WFMU! With a real whip!

May 31: BAD WIZARD listen to the archive - Back to the Cherry Blossom Clinic come hard rockers BAD WIZARD! These guys play a crunching, riff-heavy blend of hard rock,metal and punk filtered thru a 7T's pot filled rec hall. Bad Wizard call to mind MC5, Molly Hatchet, Blue Cheer, white people with afros and way too much booze!

gelatineMay 24: GELATINE listen to the archive - From Japan come the crazed rockers GELATINE! Led by Seiko (a woman who has left audiences dumbfounded in her previous bands), who has put together a group who play an insane, erotic, frightening mixture of Japanese war songs, Hardcore Punk, Retro, Jazz and Heavy metal! Oh man, this is sure to be 'the next big thing' in popular music (not)! Visit their site, and See pictures of Gelatine live at WFMU!

May 17: STEVEN BLUSH listen to the archive - The author of the recently published book American Hardcore: A Tribal History was in the WFMU studios to discuss and spin records by the major players of the first yrs of the American Hardcore scene, including such bands as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Big Boys, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains etc.

cobra verdeMay 10: COBRA VERDE listen to the archive - These amazing Cleveland rockers stopped by the Cherry Blossom Clinic at the last minute! They just finished recording a new album -- maybe they'll give us a sneak preview live?? Listen and find out! See pictures of Cobra Verde live at WFMU!

dishesApril 26: THE DISHES listen to the archive - The Dishes are a quartet from Chicago and they will rock u out with their garage-punk-rock. If u like crazed, fast electric guitar, low-fi percussion, melodic hooks, fierce female vocals all contained in songs under 3 minutes then check out the Dishes (and check out their new cd 1-2 and their web site). See pictures of the Dishes live at WFMU!

tiger mountainApril 19: TIGER MOUNTAIN listen to the archive - Excellent new rock from New York City. These guys play superb power pop calling to mind at times Thin Lizzy, Matthew Sweet, The Kinks and The Yardbirds with the aggression of '77 era punk rock. Extremely catchy and well crafted stuff! (Features ex-members of Girltoucher, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Shake Appeal.) Visit their web site for more info! See pictures of Tiger Mountain live at WFMU!

martin moscropApril 12: MARTIN MOSCROP listen to the archive - Martin Moscrop from the legendary punk-disco Factory band A Certain Ratio visited the Cherry Blossom Clinic Friday April 12th. He talked about the early days of ACR and the Factory/Manchester scene and spun a bunch of ACR tunes and some personal faves. Check out the playlist and see pictures of Martin Moscrop live at WFMU!

insomniacsMarch 1: THE INSOMNIACS listen to the archive - Start out March mod with New Jersey's own Insomniacs, who play excellent 6Ts-tinged power pop calling to mind the Real Kids, the Jam, Small Faces, and the Easybeats! (Go to and check out their discography & bio too!) See pictures of the Insomniacs live at WFMU!

Feb 22: THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS listen to the archive - Brooklyn's, soon to be the world's, best band blow u out the door with their walloping textured guitar, powerhouse drumming and super-charismatic vocals. A totally fresh sound calling to mind a cross between the White Stripes and Glass Candy. Wow! Pick up their ep on Shifty, and go to their website! See pictures of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live at WFMU!

oxesFeb 15: THE OXES listen to the archive - The Oxes are an instrumental, two guitar and drums band from Baltimore. They call to mind Don Caballero, Iron Maiden, The F-ing Champs, and Karp. Their songs have an intriguing mix of aggression, deconstructed in-your-face rock, odd structuring, and a healthy dose of irony. See pictures of the Oxes live at WFMU!

Jan 18th: NIKKI SUDDEN listen to the archive - Former Swell Maps frontman graces the WFMU studios with a full hour of his absolutely stellar, emotive and fragile songs. Nikki gave us a performance of his Jacobites material, and a reworking of a Swell Maps song (done solo acoustic!?!), plus a brilliant song he wrote ON THE SPOT... jeezus! (Terre and engineer Diane were a melted puddle of putty by the time this legend kissed their hands goodbye and walked out the door...) See pictures of Nikki Sudden live at WFMU!

Jan 11th: THE WONTONS and KABOCHAK! listen to the archive - A double shot of ASIAN POWER, baby!! The Wontons hail from Texas, lead singer Dean is from China...but their music is pure A-merican RnR reminding us of the NY Dolls, The Dead Boys and the Oblivions! Kabochak are an all-girl band on tour from Japan playing really sweet, punked out pop! (And yr hostess Terre T is 1/2 Korean. Wow... Japanese, Korean & Chinese, and NO freakin GONGS!!!!) See pictures of the Wontons and Kabochak live at WFMU!

Jan 4th: THE MUSCULAR CHRISTIANS listen to the archive - The Muscular Christians are singer-songwriter types musically, but are knife-twistingly poignant & disturbing lyrically. They remind us of Michael Hurley and Townes Van Zandt crossed with Palace, Bill Callahan and the Frogs! Don't miss something absolutely fresh for the New Year!


briefsDec 14th: THE BRIEFS listen to the archive - God save the Briefs!! This Seattle foursome has a great olde skool '77 punk sound. They just toured with the Damned and they kinda remind us of the Dickies, the Weirdos, Vom & the Ramones! Plus u gotta love any band that can write a song called "Silver Bullet" (with its command to "Kill Bob Seger right now")! See pictures of The Briefs live in the WFMU studios!

Dec 7th: THE STRATFORD 4 listen to the archive - This cool coed band plays lovely pop melodies in a shoegazey, guitar - distortion psyche - haze. Think Elliott Smith type songs enmeshed in My Bloody Valentine & Spacemen 3 type band sounds!

Nov 30th: ERASE ERRATA listen to the archive - From San Francisco. Erase Errata are angular and intense, calling to mind bands like Essential Logic, Fatal Microbes, or Desperate Bicycles. This kinetic, yet cohesive rock band will floor you with their early 8Ts -influenced DIY/no wave sound!

Nov 23rd: THE QUAILS listen to the archive - The Quails play great agitpop dance damage from San Francisco! Ex- Circus Lupus, ex-Electrolettes. Calls to mind Red Monkey crossed with Au Pairs? The Crass with Go Go's? They play really great catchy pop tunes with a nice sharp edge.

Oct 26th: THE LOWDOWN listen to the archive - The LOWDOWN are CRAZED SYNTH NOISE from San Francisco! Their record last year was one of my Best Faves of 2000!

Oct 19th: MARK ROBINSON listen to the archive - We are psyched to have this indie rock legend, nay, godfather down to the Cherry Blossom Clinic! Mark Robinson has been making outstanding, innovative underground rock for a decade in bands like UNREST, AIR MIAMI, FLIN-FLON & GRENADINE. This is required listening!

Oct 12th: KarwrecK listen to the archive - NYC art rockers come down to WFMU studios and grace us with their complex, textured sound. These guys have an old skool NY 1976 feel. Think Theoretical Girls, US Ape, Television, & Human Switchboard with some Velvet Underground thrown in for good measure. These guys have a great original sound, so catch them now!

Oct 5th: THE SECONDS listen to the archive - These Brooklyn cats play catchy, jerky ponk along the lines of the Contortions, the Plastics, B-52s and Richard Hell. But don't call them retro newwave coz their sound is as fresh as it is intense & nutty!

Sept 28th: ROBERT SCOTT listen to the archive - The Cherry Blossom Clinic is thrilled to host a special LIVE acoustic set from this amazing artist known for his work with the CLEAN, MAGICK HEADS and the BATS!
~~ and also ~~
Sept 28th: BARBARA MANNING & the GO-LUCKYS listen to the archive - This was supposed to air Aug 31st, but due to some unforeseen technical difficulties this session had to be rescheduled for today. Formerly of the brilliant, indiepop groups WORLD OF POOH and SF SEALS, The Go-Luckys play great, emotive sexy rock! Don't miss this legend's radio appearance on WFMU! Click the image to the right for a larger photo of Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys at WFMU! (lomo photo by TT)

Sept 7th: The DETACHMENT KIT listen to the archive - This new band rocks a totally fresh DC meets DIY sound. Think Nation of Ulysses meets olde Pavement. Or Fugazi crossed with Unrest. These guys are really good and so is the set they recorded for WFMU so don't miss this session! See more photos of the Detachment Kit live at WFMU!

lost kidsAug 24th: THE LOST KIDS listen to the archive - Ex members of Starlight Desperation. These guys put out one of the best new rock EPs this year on GSL! They draw on all the right references: Gun Club, MC5, and the New Christs! Lord, we are psyched to have these guys on to rock the Cherry Blossom Clinic OUT! See more photos of the Lost Kids live at WFMU!

Aug 17: RED MONKEY listen to the archive - From Newcastle, England, these anarcho punx meld a tense mix of Ex, Circus Lupus and Gang of Four. A brilliant, passionate set (AND hey they're vegans, so u KNOW they're cool)!

Aug 10: PINK & BROWN listen to the archive - These crazed noisters from SF bring a Lightning Bolt-ish thunder crossed with a Men's Recovery Project/BSurfers weirdness to WFMU's studios to blow yr little mind!

Aug 3rd: THE STROKES (rebroadcast) listen to the archive - A summer rerun of the Strokes' first ever radio appearance from December of 2000. These hot NYC punky boys came down and performed a rocking melodic set for the Cherry Blossom Clinic. These are great live versions of songs that will be on their not-yet- released forthcoming cd!

June 22: THE GLANDS listen to the archive - Their record on Capricorn was in Terre's top ten of 2000. The Glands are melodic, expressive, passionate and emotionally spot on. The songwriting is incredible ...u must hear this live in-studio performance!

June 15: THE CONTROL GROUP listen to the archive - Progeria recording artists play breath-takingly sharp punk calling to mind the Minutemen with improvisational elements.

June 8: THE EX-MODELS (sorry, archive not available) - This crisp, angular band calls to mind the post-punk sound of the early 8Ts. Sorta like a fresh cross btwn Gang of 4, Zounds and Magazine! Every time these guys play live, peeps be talking about them for days! Find out what all the buzz iz about!

May 10: SUPERCHUNK listen to the archive - Hear this legendary group play a rare acoustic set, recorded in the Ralph Guild Radio Studio at the The Museum of Television & Radio in mid-town Manhattan. Click the small pics to see the full-size image.

Feb 13th: BAD WIZARD listen to the archive - Bad Wizard play a wicked bitches brew of rock violence calling to mind MC5 crossed with Molly Hatchet, Motorhead & Blue Cheer! Keep high, but stay low, bruthers and sisters! See live photos of Bad Wizard!


coming soon!!

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