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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 26, 2014: Marathon 2014: Soak Andy and Tattoo Roulette

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At around 6:15pm tonight, there will be a four minute long "soak Andy" period, and any pledge made by phone (800-989-9368) or web during that soak period will be matched dollar for dollar by Andy, who as you know, makes a VERY handsome living. Also, don't forget the huge payout Andy got from his hit TV show "Monk." Wow. What a windfall that was. I still can't believe how much that was.

Following the soak, Andy has also agreed to play tattoo roulette!

The winning tattoo will be applied next Wednesday, March 5th from our new WFMU Performance space in front of a live audience which will hopefully include YOU!

Here's how this will all work:

Following the soak, we will calculate the total that the show has raised. If the thousand dollar number of the total is even, Andy gets the tattoo. If the thousand dollar total is odd, Ken gets the tattoo. Here is the menu of the tattoos that Ken or Andy will have to get:

Pot leaf and "Smoke weed”
The Word "Left" tattooed on the left calf
"I <3 Hippie Noise"
The WFMU Woof-Moo Logo
Che Guevara and “Fight the power!”
The Blimpie's logo
Just the word "Ow!"
Follow me on Twitter @AndyBreckmanMan
Andy's face
Andy gets the logo for the gang, The Bloods
Logo for the gang, The Crips
Logo for the gang, The Sinaloa Cartel
Logo for the gang, Los Zetas
Logo for the gang, The Most Wanted
Logo for the gang, Money Over Bitches

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Ken and Andy  Seven Second Delay   Options

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:59pm People Like Us:

watching you on tv here
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:59pm Mike Noble:

hoo boy, this gonna be good
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:02pm Benjamen Walker:

MAOR belly rubbing Ken! that looks good on the video screen! heh
Avatar    Wed. 2/26/14 6:02pm cklequ:

My crusty old computer can't handle the power of the mighty flash player. I'll have to suffer through this with no video.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:02pm Andrew Waterloo:

Oh the reasons for 2 monitors at work.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Supper can wait. It's time for 7SD Marathon Edition!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:03pm Lizardner Dave:

So does the tattoo happen immediately?
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:03pm mike east:

Damn, wish I could get in on the Andy Beckmann match but I'm on the bus.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:03pm -max-:

Soak! SOAK!! SOAK!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:03pm Skirkie:

Lol "fan base"
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:04pm Mike Noble:

thanks to ken, andy & ange, I can't leave work till 8!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:04pm mike east:

Damn autocorrect
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:05pm Robert:

Still kinda ambivalent about guys I love mutilating their bodies. However, I'm satisfied that Ken's fair game after seeing a tattoo is the least of the abuse he does his body or at least threatens it with. Andy, I don't know about.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:05pm Patrick:

the audio on the video is cutting in and out
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:05pm Mike Noble:

is the new tattoo list a mistake? it doesn't match the new one on facebook. it's just bloods all the way down.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:05pm jack M.:

lost the sound on the streaming video on the home page
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:06pm Ange:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:07pm Patrick:

hey ange - does Kens HVAC zinger count as a "boiler story"??
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:07pm Mike Noble:

I want "Andy gets the logo for the gang, The Grateful Dead" i.e. a dancing bear.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:08pm P-90:

How much is the "Masturbatorium" pledge level?
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:09pm Robert:

Ms. Silenzi, I'm a sucker for ladies tilting their head like that.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:09pm Fin:

Can you soak Andy by pledging online? SOAK TIME!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:09pm InBrkly:

10$ word for "Jerk Station"
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm MikeY:

Is there a live video brodcast?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm InBrkly:

so 10$ pledge I guess
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm ?:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm Caryn:

I wonder if WFMU could switch my Irwin pledge to 7SD during the soak? It's the only way I could take part.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm Andy in Berlin:

Let the Soak begin!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:10pm Mike Noble:

shouldn't that list from 21,000 down read:
21,000: Logo for the gang, The Crips
22,000: Logo for the gang, The Sinaloa Cartel
23,000: Logo for the gang, Los Zetas
24,000: Logo for the gang, The Most Wanted
25,000: Logo for the gang, Money Over Bitches
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:11pm ?:

Kenny K
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm RSB:

ouch the banaid and the mercurochrome
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm Lizardner Dave:

I'm going to guess the punchline is either "A hallucination" or "A kidnapping victim".
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm ScottC:

you call her "Grandma"
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm steve:

Answer: A prostitute?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm Whooda:

"A Police woman"..that's the punch line. Sorry for the spolier alert fail.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:12pm Skirkie:

I'm thinking "a tattoo"
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:13pm Caryn:

That "Ow!" at 17,000 better be intricate, considering how much bigger the 14,000-16,000 tattoos are.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:13pm RSB:

stingy red but love sometimes stings Ken - Ace
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:14pm RSB:

hold on
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:14pm Greg from Bloomfield:

This is me in my office pretending to care about work while the 7SD Marathon show is happening...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"No weaseling!"
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:14pm Robert:

Next year, add to the card an entry for Ken's sing-songy goodbye to a caller, "Thanks, [Name]."
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:15pm Robert:

Who's volunteering to drop off the UStream so it speeds up?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:15pm RSB:

hold on Milton has a Manhattan
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:16pm RSB:

Les Cerisier - so fresh - wow thanks Monks
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:17pm ScottC:

A Happy Meal...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:17pm RSB:

Cognac dans le cave friend
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:17pm djelrock:

You guys look way different than your voices sound.
Avatar    Wed. 2/26/14 6:18pm cklequ:

Is this the best time to harvest my hate?
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:18pm P-90:

The Harvesters of Hate Happy Hour
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:18pm Robert:

I bet Andy makes up a donation to a certain amount even if he has nothing to match.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Wed. 2/26/14 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

If you sow snark, you harvest hate, Andy.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:20pm RSB:

play something goddamn
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:21pm RSB:

flip a vinyl to Jerry Lewis
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:22pm RSB:

out the window
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:22pm Robert:

Johnny, it's all an act--something Don McLean apparently didn't understand.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:22pm RSB:

Big Lou
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:23pm mike east:

Wait you can pledge from the app?! Goddamnit
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:23pm ScottC:

Andy must have started a fire in the guys basement that did $1 worth of damage
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:24pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:24pm RSB:

  Wed. 2/26/14 6:24pm Aner Andros:

Wow!!! The new is a blast!!! Enjoying wfmu is even better now!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:25pm RSB:

Go to the Left
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:25pm RSB:

Avatar    Wed. 2/26/14 6:27pm cklequ:

holy crap..... blood level.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:27pm max is alright:

soaked him good!!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:31pm Studio B Ben:

That wolves logo is for some football club, not a gang.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Death throes, my foot! They're on the upswing the last few months. I think Andrea has been helping them out.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:32pm Patrick:

no one tell andy that there are bloods in NJ..
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:33pm RSB:

How Beautiful
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:33pm dale:

i think andy should get some kind of genitalia jewelry
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:33pm People Like Us:

agreed, wrong logo!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:35pm RSB:

  Wed. 2/26/14 6:36pm ScottC:

Whatevever you do - don't get the "Blloods" wolf logo because that logo is for a football team in Australia. On 2nd thought….
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:36pm Andy in Berlin:

I called for the the punchline - pooey! :)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:37pm Ange:

I changed the menu totals because we've raised more than we ever imagined.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

I've re-appraised Andy--he's even more cheap than I figured him to be!

It may be cold outside, but the hosts at WFMU are gettin' SOAKED!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:39pm northguineahills:

uh, Estonia is in the Baltics, not the Balkans, huge difference.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:39pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:39pm estimo:

en.wikipedia.org... : )
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:40pm RSB:

flow that with the knife
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:40pm Ainotse:

It's okay; Balkanization is what Seven Second Delay is all about.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:40pm ScottC:

that and gin & juice...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:40pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:42pm RSB:

arc de ciel Joan
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:43pm P-90:

@Beth: deploying the kids, CHECKMATE!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:43pm ScottC:

Bitcoins are now only good for propping up a tilty cafe table
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:43pm RSB:

steal that
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:44pm RSB:

  Wed. 2/26/14 6:45pm Robert:

Andy had the best line for Ken's Eagles tattoo, "For an extra $1,000, can you use a duller needle?"
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Why haven't we formed a 7SD street gang yet? Initiations can be drive-by anti-humor, to brutalizing effect.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:46pm Julie:

Ken has scarred his body enough, it's Andy's turn!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:46pm RSB:

toute de suite
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:46pm Mike Noble:

Ken you dig it?!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:47pm -max-:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:48pm Marcel M:

Man they take it outta your account FAST!!! They ain't thankin' me!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:48pm some other guy:

I'm confused. do the bloods even have a logo?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:48pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Are there any 7SD items that can be adopted?
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:48pm mike east:

Crap, forgot to get the punch line
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:50pm ScottC:

Nobody call and Andy gets the ink...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:50pm -max-:

Filled in the 2nd column of the bingo card! What do I win? Another year of 7SD, that's what! Thank you Ken & Andy!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:50pm bb:

i love how happy ken sounds...hes been bummed all day
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@max: Rewards are their own reward on this show!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:51pm Marcel M:

They didn't read my comment! I want a refund!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:51pm ScottC:

don't worry - it's an Australian Football team Mate!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm Skirkie:

Andy, you're not gonna have a street gang, you're gonna have some football team.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm RSB:

he is right
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm Skirkie:

Not that a Crip still wouldn't take umbrage.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm Matt from Springfield:

B-Rad: Malibu's Most Wanted
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:52pm Mike Noble:

Can't andy just wear high socks like a cholo?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

D-J Kei-li!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:53pm RSB:

Jump in the canal. Wow
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:54pm RSB:

take the greyhound on down
Avatar    Wed. 2/26/14 6:54pm cklequ:

I'd settle for another 4 minute soaking next week to get out of the tattoo.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Mike East: Straight Outta Pompton!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:55pm RSB:

respect the women
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:55pm P-90:

@Andy: you'll be good to go in South Central
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:56pm P-90:

Baldwin Hills, OK
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:56pm RSB:

meditate tonight on that - Love You So - Ocean Beacher Richy
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:57pm bb:

4 minutes...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:57pm RSB:

Adela Loves You Too
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:57pm RSB:

ooh Namur
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:57pm davex:

Is this it? en.wikipedia.org...
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm P-90:

Chinatown: Dim Sum shops OK, noodle joints no way, but you can get delivery
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm RSB:

Belgium Baby
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm dale:

but he can't stay at the hotel california, which is just south of the pier
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm RSB:

You Better
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Looks like Andy's going to "win"!

Oh, Namur Belgium!
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm P-Diddy:

I'm trying my friend, can't get through
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:58pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 6:59pm Skirkie:

That's your right, Andy
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:59pm Michael:

The part of "Andy Breckman" is suddenly being played by Alaister Sim.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:00pm RSB:

rue Henri Bles
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:01pm RSB:

near Leopold place
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:04pm RSB:

MAT ici Love
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