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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 9, 2011: Marathon Week 2 (with co-host Woody)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Andy Harlow  Superstar   Options   Vaya  1972  45   
The Dead Kenny G's  Purgatory   Options Bewildered Herd         
    Survival of the Dead trailer         
Finntroll  Fiskarens Fiend   Options Nattfodd  Century Media  2004  CD   
Earth  Descent Into the Zenith   Options Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I  Southern Lord  2011  CD   
Zu  Tom Araya Is Our Elvis   Options The Way of the Animal Powers  Public Guilt  2011  LP   
Slayer  Gemini   Options Undisputed Attitude  American Recordings  1996  CD   
Ravi Shankar  Anxiety   Options Transmigration Macabre  Cherry Red  2006  CD  First released in 1967 
Che Shizu    Nazareth  PSF    CD   
Olivia Block  Live at WFMU (Excerpt)   Options          
Bill Dixon  In Search of a Sound   Options 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur  Aum  2007  CD   
Mary Halvorson & Joe McPhee  improvisation   Options Live at WFMU         
Joe Morris  Crow   Options Thicket  Aum Fidelity  2009  CD   
Fennesz   Saffron Revolution   Options Black Sea  Touch  2008  CD   
Jen Syu  Mother Cow's Companion   Options Live at WFMU         
Jen Shyu  Sofia Sofria   Options          
Chuck Bettis and Berangere Maximin  improvisation   Options Live at WFMU         
Rodd Keith   Graveyard Rock   Options I Died Today  Tzadik    CD   
Rodd Keith  Shome Howe Jehovason Plays (version 1) [most of]   Options Ecstasy to Frenzy  Tzadik    CD  With a reading of Rodd Keith Revealed by Ellery Eskelin 

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/9/11 12:06pm Handsome Harry:

Go get 'em, Kurt!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:07pm Cecile:

Hola! Who is doing this awesome version of Superstar?

Wow, you're getting Eddie Trunk on in a few weeks? I like him. He actually knows about the bands he interviews.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:07pm Woody:

$75 gets you in the running for a giant grand prize: Phil Niblock mega cd bundle.

Do eeeeet! Pledge now!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:11pm BodegaMan:

too bad I have lunch and a meeting that will keep me from listening today.

But I have enough time to pledge! Can I say that this show, um, rocks? I enjoy it immensely and all the folks commenting.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:12pm Dan B:

Love hearing the super-scratchy Superstar.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:13pm Danne D:

hoping this calms me down - work got irritating just now.

The reading of pledge cards will have a calming effect - please call 800-989-9368 and pledge now!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:15pm Cecile:

Andy Harlow is great. He was the mind behind "Hommy", the salsa version of Tommy, right?
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:16pm WOOOOOO!!!!!:

I am the ghost of Kenny G Past Present and Yet To Come, doomed to walk the comments board haunting those miserable sinners who mistakenly assumed they could ever escape me.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:17pm Dan B:

@WOOOO! ! ! ! !: prove it by farting.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:19pm 37:

I AM pagan metal.... maybe.... maybe not I guess...
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:19pm Cecile:

No, that was Larry Harlow.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:20pm WOOOOOO!!!!!:

  Wed. 3/9/11 12:22pm Woody:

$15 or more gets you in the running for one of the two awesome DVDs:

1 - Romero's Survival of the Dead
2 - Bill Zebub's Pagan Metal doc

Pledge 1 800 989 9368 or use that box!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:22pm WOOOOOO!!!!!:

Or I could read an entire Marshall McLuhan lecture transcript, or 24 hours of traffic reports from WINS. Up for it?
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:24pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

The medium is the message: WFMU! 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:24pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Pledge nowwwwwwwwww.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:25pm dc pat:

wait. Amanda's going to be on Irwin's show?? Really?
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:26pm minnesota jeff:

Oooo, nice. I have been wanting to hear something from this new Earth album.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:27pm Dan B:

Due to dangerous coma-inducing boredom raining down on all other routes, all travelers are advised to detour to either 800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:28pm ?:

wasn't 'Earth' Black Sabbath's original name?
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:28pm 37:

this is great
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:29pm Woody:

Do you hear Earth on those other non-commercial stations (cough cough)? PLEDGE NOW!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:29pm 37:

just pledged
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:31pm G:

Amanda has been live on Irwin's show before, and even was on the comments board one week a few months back. She's been his sole premium two years in a row. My guess is that it is the now-32-ish Amanda the Power Child on his show today, not any other Amanda associated with FMU. Hypothesis: It's worth tuning in to find out...
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:33pm G:

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I came out Feb 22, per amazon.com
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:34pm Danne D:

could it be the frozen in time Amanda? I've heard that Irwin is in possession of a time machine.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:35pm Wikipedia "Black Sabbath":

"After shortening the name to Polka Tulk, the band changed their name to Earth (which Osbourne hated)[10]"
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:36pm G:

@ Danne: On verra. Trois heures.
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:37pm 37:

this is a great documentary!!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:41pm Woody:

$15 or more gets you in the running for an aweseom Ravi Shankar DVD, "Raga: A Journey into the Soul of India"

  Wed. 3/9/11 12:43pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Fantastic transition from Zu to Slayer, Kurt!!!!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:44pm minnesota jeff:

Ravi Shankar & Slayer fans: this is the current prize/music comination of your dreams!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:45pm Woody:

Word up Jeff.

Use that pledge box friends of WFMU!
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:53pm Danne D:

@ G
que? :)
  Wed. 3/9/11 12:57pm G:

@Danne: We'll see. 3PM.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:02pm Woody:

$15 or more gets you in the running for one of two prizes:

1) Che-Shizu - Nazareth CD
2) Olivia Block - 3CD bundle

  Wed. 3/9/11 1:08pm Ike:

Stop making hand-pulled noodles sound dirty! Heh. Hmm, that makes me want to go back to Xi'an Famous Foods.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:10pm Chinatown Street Hawker:

Hand-pulled noodle, hand-pulled noodle. 30 dollah, 10 minute.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:12pm northguineahills:

How did I miss the Olivia Block live set!!!. Must go look (after the marathon)
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:13pm Ike:

Ugh, I'm not eating that. And if it takes 10 minutes, you're doing it wrong.

Don't wait until the last minute, punks! Pledge now!
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:14pm Terry's Conoco:

I was told there would be Foghat here.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:15pm Woody:

I heard there was some frogurt here
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:16pm Keanu:

Is there Dogstar?
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:17pm seang:

@ dc pat, when you said you were crying at how hilarious that outoftune Ringo tune was--man, I've just been laughing to myself all day about that song and comment
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:17pm minnesota jeff:

I was told to come here for some fondent.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:19pm Russell:

What about 30 odd foot of grunts?
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:20pm jesse:

beards are the new moustaches
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:21pm Bearded One:

Less time shaving, more time jamming.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:21pm Bands With Beards:

We blame Scott Williams.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:21pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Beards are the new heads.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:21pm minnesota jeff:

Russell, I loved you in Virtuosity!
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:22pm Stoner:

Does that make me a potbeard?
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:23pm Russell:

I love me in everything.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:23pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@stoner: indeed, indeed it might. Haha.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:25pm dc pat:

seang: totally with you.when his voice first came in, I literally spit out some coffee. FUNNY. AS. SHIT.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:26pm Woody:

$15 or more gets you in the running for one of two great prizes:
1) Bill Dixon "17 Musicians..." CD on Aum Fidelity
2) Joe McPhee "Trinity" on Atavistic
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:36pm dc pat:

my gateway moment to WFMU:

  Wed. 3/9/11 1:39pm Danne D:

@G gracias
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:40pm G:

@Danne: Potty probleme. (no prob.)
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:40pm Ike:

Hey serial pledgers and prize vultures, don't wait until the Sunday grand finale when everybody else is rushing in too. Your prize chances are a bit lower then, I suspect.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:42pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Maaaaan, I love Kurt's schowww!
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:43pm Ike:

In other words, pledge now, you frakkin' punks. 1-800-989-9368.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:44pm glenn:

frakkin? isn't that a veronica mars - ism?
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:45pm northguineahills:

Aki Onda is one of the special people of the universe, and he is genius behind the tape decks....
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:46pm dave:

Woody's filtered "Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Polly" acetate is one of my prized posessions.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:47pm dave:

err, lathe-cut, not acetate, but you get the idea.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:47pm glenn:

are you referring to open reel scratching? or whatever it's called.
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:47pm Woody:

Dave, you should get Kurt's premium as that's the only place to get my version of this other version of "Yesterduh"
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:48pm northguineahills:

I've been sending in my pledges, 1/2 the previous pledge. Although at that rate, I'll never reach my goal....
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:49pm miss v:

on your way to Technology Curse Cabana
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:49pm miss v:

on your way to Technology Curse Cabana
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:49pm Woody:

$15 or more to get in the running:
1) Joe Morris: Wildlife CD
2) Bill Frisell : Solos DVD
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:55pm jesse:

Kurt, who is that playing saxophone on this Joe Morris track?
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:56pm DJ KG:

petr cancura sax w/ joe morris
  Wed. 3/9/11 1:57pm jesse:

nice, sounds great!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:02pm nathan:

pledged for the jitterbug waltz! thanks to you and phil niblock for sharing this version.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:05pm Woody:

$15 or more to get in the running for this dope Fennesz import cd.

$180 to adopt this playlist. You live here. Dooooo eeeeet.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:06pm maja:

Yes Kurt is best! And the rest too by the way.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:11pm Woody:

Last chance: $15 for Fennesz, also in the running for Jen Shyu.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:14pm maja:

this is so beautiful
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:23pm emmagineering:

Great show! Wow that Niblock prize has me drooling all over these mini monitor minotaurasauruses. Go Woody and DJKG!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:25pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

The volume of pledges made to the station by its volunteer DJ's, in addition to their time, effort, energy, and creativity, transcends the admirable. I am working to become more WF MU in my everyday.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:26pm Woody:

$15 to win the Brown Wing Overdrive (Tzadik people!!!!) or the Berengere Maximin CD.

  Wed. 3/9/11 2:31pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Kurt's show: aural krack.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:33pm Looms:

Okay Woody, let's do eeet!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:36pm hh:

Can anyone advise: I pledged Swag for Life during the 2010 marathon last year. Since SFL is automatically renewed, does that mean it has already been counted for this marathon or do I need to pledge again?
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:39pm chris in madison:

@hh you're good. get at joe mcgasko to let him know whatcha want and he'll get it for ya, though it's extra too late to set up a prize acct
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:39pm Woody:

You want to own Kurt's playlist?

$180, you get to adopt this. Change the color. Put up some videos. Whatever, Kurt will do it.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:39pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

The song poem documentary,"Off The Charts," is fascinating. For those who have not yet seen it, I highly recommend it. So great!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:45pm Looms:

oh my oh my oh my!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:46pm glenn:

Keith once remarked that he spelled "Rodd" with two d's because "God only used one."
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:55pm glenn:

see, this is why i love wfmu. i'd never heard of rodd keith before today, much less heard him on the radio. now i have something new to obsess over. http://www.songpoemmusic.com/
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:55pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

Mouse of Today pledge can be broken up into payments of only $30.42 per month for a year. $180 pledge can be paid out at $15.00 prt month. C'monnnnnn. 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:56pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@Glenn: your board contributions are live and di-rect. Thank you!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:57pm northguineahills:

I just started a new job, and wore my WFMU tee, and one of my new coworkers commented on it.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:58pm glenn:

"The story of John Trubee's "Blind Man's Penis," the most famous of all song-poems." this can't possibly be less than awesome.
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:58pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@northguineahills: family!
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:58pm Ike:

$15 = €10.79 right now
$75 = €53.93
$180 = €129.44
$365 = €262.47
$30.42/mo = €21.88/mo
  Wed. 3/9/11 2:59pm Adam from Lynnwood, Washington:

@glenn: it is. :-)
  Wed. 3/9/11 3:00pm glenn:

okay, well, the CONCEPT can't possibly be less than awesome.
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