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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 2, 2011: Marathon Week 1 (with co-host Scott McDowell)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Donny Osmond  Hey Girl   Options       45   
The Dead Kenny G's  Devil's Playground   Options Operation Long Leash  Royal Potato Family  2011  CD   
Gang of Four  I Party All the Time   Options Content  Yep Roc  2011  CD   
Ari Up and the True Warriors  Typical Girls   Options 'Declassified' @ Santos Party House Oct 20 2008         
Lilliput  Die Matrosen   Options Live Recordings TV-Clips & Roadmovie  Kill Rock Stars  2010  DVD   
The Slits  Deutsche Earthbeat   Options Return of the Giant Slits CD reissue  Blast First Petite  2007  CD  Originally released in 1981 
New York Complaints Choir  New York Complaints Choir Song   Options Complaints Choir  Smog Veil  2011  CD   
Alan Licht  A New York Minute   Options A New York Minute  XI  2003  CD   
WFMU    Runing in Place  WFMU  2008  LP   
Jaap Blonk & Dylan Nyoukis  Ascension of the Speaking man (wet take)   Options Dubbletwee  Ecstatic Peace  2008  LP   
Jaap Blonk  interview   Options on WFMU    2009     
Alan Licht  Another Sky   Options A New York Minute  XI  2003  CD   
Justin Bond / Bob Ostertag / Otomo Yoshihide  King Kong   Options Pantychrist  Seeland  1999  CD   
Bob Ostertag  Massive Ozzie Osmond - 1. Hazzard; 2. Warning; 3. Treacherous   Options Plexure  Avant    CD   
Bob Ostertag / Otomo Yoshihide  Yoshihide Robertson   Options Twins!  Creativeman Disc.  1996  CD   
Olivia Block  Make the Land   Options Heave To  Sedimental  2006  CD   
Christopher DeLaurenti  Ravel's Bolero   Options Live on Miniature Minotaurs    2010     
Nels Cline  Crow   Options Dirty Baby  Cryptogramophone  2010  CD   
Nels Cline  Be Cautious Else We Be Bangin' On You   Options Dirty Baby  Cryptogramophone  2010  CD   
Puttin On The Ritz  The Gift   Options Live on Miniature Minotaurs    2010     
Roy Nathonson  Subway Noah   Options Subway Moon  Yellowbird Records  2010  CD   
William Parker & Hamid Drake  Chatima   Options First Communion + Piercing the Veil  Aum  2007  CD   
Fred Anderson  Job Market Blues   Options Back at the Velvet Lounge  Delmark  2003  CD   

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/2/11 12:05pm minnesota jeff:

! !
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:07pm Carmichael:

Great name for a band!
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:07pm pierre:

Good luck KURT
pledge pledge pledge
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:08pm Handsome Harry:

Present and accounted for, in every cents of the word. BLIZZOW.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:10pm Katherine in Seattle:

I wish I could listen in. Good luck!

  Wed. 3/2/11 12:10pm Cecile:

Can I pledge to get Kenny G back?
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:11pm Sean:

Kenny G will return as Kenneth Gorelick, or as Kenneth Goldsmith? One might be better than the other...
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:12pm Cecile:

I love you Kurt, but you are wrong. It's their Duran Duran record.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:12pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Up and Adam out here in the Pacific NW, and ready to chisel off a bit more from my prize account for Ken's show.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:13pm Scottm co-host:

Pledge now, it's fun!
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:17pm glenn:

there's a town in northern ontario called marathon. have they pledged yet?
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:18pm Cecile:

there's also a marathon Wisconsin. Or as Billy Jam would say marr-a-thon.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:19pm BodegaMan:

The Kurt + Scott McDowell combo seems like a good match.

Unfortunately, I can't pledge today. my wife wants me to use a certain credit card that I don't have on me.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:19pm hamburger:

I'm currently smokin a pack a day but will do a -half- marathon in September :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:25pm BodegaMan:

wait. so. it's possible to pledge on multiple shows and settle up at the end of the marathon? didn't quite get that but figured that's how people pledge on multiple multiple shows.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:26pm Chris in Madison:

Should be a "bill me later" option that would compile pledges post-marathon
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:27pm max:

  Wed. 3/2/11 12:27pm frenchee:

I feel pumped and punked, just pledged!
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:27pm Scottm co-host:

Yes! You can pledge to multiple shows to get in the running for prizes then settle up after the marathon.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:29pm 12539:

When pledging online, you CAN select "bill me later" when the payment page comes up.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:29pm frenchee:

KG: there's a simple rule (always is, with the deutsch) about pronouncing Ie vs. ei...
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:29pm Volunteer Gordon:

Much pumped and punked love, frenchee.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:30pm herb:

wow, great song. and since i spreche a little deutsch, this is what i told my german instructor what my job is: "ich bin ein amerikanen fusbalspieler!". me wanna know more about LILLIPUT. anyway, off to e-pledge...
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:31pm frenchee:

Gordon! I should've added "plinka" for your keyboard kontributions
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:31pm max:

liliput were from swiss
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:33pm Volunteer Gordon:

In fact, it's a pig handpuppet doing the broken keyboard solos.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:33pm Corporal Dingwall:

Donnie O. Nice.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:36pm fred:

I would pledge right now but I have to stick to some old-fashioned values. I don't enjoy that much, but it's a way to give a fair chance to newcomers. I've been around too long, time for the new blood to get a chance.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:41pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Congratulations, Sarah, on being a first-time contributor to WFMU!
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:47pm Sarah:

Thanks and even more thanks for all the great tunes!
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:48pm glenn:

hey carmichael, another good mash up is to sing six days on the road over the chords to san francisco bay blues by jesse fuller.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:50pm herb:

(1) since you mention ALAN LICHT, he wrote a terrific short bk, "an emotional memoir of martha quinn" (2) i'm starting a "donate to wfmu but then add an extra 1%, if you can, plz" campaign. leaflets to be dropped from the sky.
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:50pm Sarah:

This song is kind of amazing
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:53pm Danne D:

Frencheeeeeeeeeee :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 12:55pm Danne D:

You can adopt this comments board!

It's just like adopting frencheeeee and all your other board friends :D
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:00pm Carmichael:

Got it, Glenn! I posted a link on Ken's board to Gilligan/Stairway. Check it out when you get a chance.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:06pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Thank YOU, Kurt and Scott. Still doing calculations but I estimate myself to be 85.672% more interesting now.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:08pm frenchee:

Dannnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee Deeeeeeee!
I loved "Running in Place," nearly spouted coffee on the keyboard.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:08pm glenn:

i watched it. i don't know how to play stairway. one of my life policies is to not learn how to play songs i hate.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:15pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Right now listening to this is getting someone pulled into a disciplinary meeting in an office with an uptight manager.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:16pm maja:

Jaap Blonk! He is dutch too!
I like the Illustration by Emma Ball for the comments board.
It's worth the money!
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:16pm Ike:

That was an outstanding interview.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:18pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

  Wed. 3/2/11 1:18pm Bendte:

Hi Kurt and Scott. My name is pronounced Bendy. The "t" is silent. Love both of your shows!
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:21pm yair Yona:

Sound like Es music
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:21pm Cecile:

throoooooooooooooooooooooooooop throooooooooooopppppp pfffffffffffffffffffft ffffft.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:21pm yair Yona:

Sound like Es music
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:21pm Cecile:

Like Bendte straw?
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:22pm Ike:

That's an awesome name, Bendte. I wasn't paying attn. -- is that Norwegian? Swedish?
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:26pm Bendte:

Yes, like bendy straw. Thanks, Ike. It is a Danish name.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:26pm minnesota jeff:

Did they just give out the prizes? Were both to canadians?
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:26pm yair Yona:

Jaap blank is my new Elvis
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:29pm Danne D:

woooo go University of Illinois :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:35pm minnesota jeff:

Last year I was a prize winning super star, this year I am bombing out. I guess I will just have to compete against weird Europeans at 4:00am to improve my winning percentage.
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:37pm glenn:

isn't weird europeans a tautology? (ha ha)
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:52pm DJ Keili:

  Wed. 3/2/11 1:53pm hamburger:

I first tuned into WFMU from their last marathon, and thought, well I only just tuned in, I'm not pledging, and now, I'm shootin' for a fragmenet mouse :D
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:55pm DJ KG:


thanks for listening and chatting and pledging everyone!
  Wed. 3/2/11 1:57pm Tortoise and the Hare:

I finished the marathon! in world record time
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:00pm pierre:

thank dj KG for playing the sound of wednesday evening
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:02pm Bryant:

Coffee Labs here in Tarrytown, NY, donated some coffee beans to the WFMU-a-thon this year!
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:02pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

@Hamburger, it feels fantastic to do! Good on you.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:11pm minnesota jeff:

I think about it like this - If WFMU was a Juke box hanging on the wall would a put a dollar into it every day to listen? Yes, yes I would. Also, when you give at a Mouse Pledge ($365) level you can pay in monthly installments spread out over the year, pulled right from your credit card.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:13pm pierre:

noooooooo don't say that !!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:16pm hamburger:

I'd want a refund from Kenny G's hour of pain tho :) Sorry Kenny G! (actually I'm not sorry)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:16pm minnesota jeff:

pierre - Don't say what?
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:17pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

In my opinion WFMU is THE radio station.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:18pm pierre:

Kurt was saying that nobody loed his show, and each time i listen to it, there is always people enjoying it. But i agree that on the comment board, its notvery clear what i was talking about.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:19pm pierre:

"loved" not "loed" - sorry
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:21pm jesse:

I'm here to tell you that the prize account works. thanks Kurt for an excellent program!
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:25pm minnesota jeff:

jesse - Good to know. I was getting nervous I was being segregated because of my prize account. I was FLUSH with prizes last year and I am bombing. Good to know its purely crummy luck and not sabotage.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:26pm DJ KG:

aw thanks pierre. i was just playin', tho. and thanks for the coffee!
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:30pm pierre:

300$ in 30 minutes that make 10$ per minutes : GO !
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:31pm Danne D:

maybe you're suffering the dreaded sophomore slump minnesota jeff? :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:31pm Danne D:

But I will say that the wee hours are a great way to up your batting average (and give props to the hearty overnight DJs as well) :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:32pm Former Prize Vulture:

@MN Jeff, sabotage is rare. There are a few MCs who are anti-prize-vulture but not many. Maybe sometimes better to do it in increments of $20 or $25. Also increase in worldwide listeners may make it harder to win.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:33pm Danne D:

I can assure you they play straight up with the vultures :) I really felt like I had won enough last year (and just wanted to use the pledge to do a shout out) and won a couple of things by accident anyway :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:34pm Danne D:

so FPV, your saying listener outsourcing to other countries is partially to blame ;)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:35pm Chris in Madison:

Last year my box o goodies included a copy of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels Season 3, signed by none other than Gene himself... funny thing is, I have no recollection of that ever being offered, much less bid upon by me...

To quote Charlie Sheen: WINNING
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:38pm minnesota jeff:

Chris - I remember that being a prize! I seem to recal it being one of the Sunday evening ladies prizes for some reason.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:38pm hamburger:

@Chris in Madison: Do I have to youtube Charlie Sheen - Bipolar to find that quote?
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:39pm Chris in Madison:

This should be all you need:

  Wed. 3/2/11 2:39pm hamburger:

wonder how many WFMU DJs are turntablists
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:41pm minnesota jeff:

hamburger - I would assume DJ Trent, DJ Rupture, DJ Marty McSorly and DJ Small Change would maybe have some chops in that realm.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:42pm Former Prize Vulture:

@Chris thats probbly a case of a pledge neglected for the intended drawing then slipping into the next drawing. Happens sometimes. I recommend u pledge immediately upon hearing about prize u want. Don't delay. Delaying increases chances of getting accidentally held back. Also better to pledge over phone. Quicker.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:43pm hamburger:

thanks Jeff! (not Andy Breckman? :'( )
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:43pm Chris in Madison:

@MN Jeff: Man... I'm not usually a Sunday lush, but perhaps it was a drunk pledge? No worries tho. It's since become a strangely prized possession :D (cc: FPV)
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:45pm Chris in Madison:

@FPV: Yeah, at work it's a lot more discreet to hit up the online voting, but once I'm home the personal touch of a phone call is the preferred method.
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:49pm Chris in Madison:

wait: voting? what am i talking about? all these madison political scuffles be messin up my mind!
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:51pm Former Prize Vulture:

@Danne u never witnessd anti-vulture MC behavior?! Really?! No way :) But it seems less common lately i'll admit... i think used to happen a lot in late nite. @chris voting ha ha ha, well, u're voting with yr cash to keep free-form ALIVE
  Wed. 3/2/11 2:55pm Chris in Madison:

@FPV: HA! By far the easiest vote I make each and every year!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:00pm hamburger:

ou this pledging talk is bringing out the gambler in me
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:00pm hamburger:

congrats Kurt and Scott!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:01pm wigwambam:

Wow that joyful outburst makes me want to find religion!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:01pm Handsome Harry:

Great show today. Godspeed.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:11pm Danne D:

massive browser failure so I missed the happy conclusion :)
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