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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 16, 2011: John Cage Special with guests Ne(x)tworks
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra  The Windmills of Your MInd   Options   RCA  1969  45     
Dwight Frizell and Jay Mandeville  Cage-Arrival   Options The Importance of Being Ernst and Indeterminate Moments With John Cage  Lodes Tone  1998  CD-R     
Mari Kimura  Subharmonic Partita   Options The World Below G and Beyond  Mutable Music  2010  CD  Composed by JS Bach   
Hoppy Kamiyama / The Saboten  Goldberg Variations, BWV 998 ~Aria   Options Exa Pieco  Compozila  2009  CD  Composed by JS Bach   
Jean Belliard / Billy Eidi  Portrait de Socrate   Options Socrate; 6 nocturnes  Timpani  1993  CD  Composed by Erik Satie   
Vienna Art Orchestra  Vexations 1611   Options The Minimalism of Erik Satie  hatOLOGY  2010  CD  Recorded in 1983   
Tiara Kese  Reichmann Sum for S   Options AVE <W>  &records  2010  CD     
John Cage  excerpt   Options How to Get Started  MicroCinema  2010  CD    0:45:47 ()
London Sinfonietta  Die eiserne Brigade   Options Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire / Serenade etc.  London  1990  CD  Composed by Arnold Schoenberg; this recording originally released in 1974.  0:52:22 ()
John Cage  HPSCHD   Options HPSCHD  EMF  2003  CD    1:00:41 ()
Margaret Leng Tan  Suite for Toy Piano   Options Daughters of the Lonesome Isle  New Albion  1994  CD  Composed by John Cage  1:10:20 ()
Aki Takahashi  The Beatles 1962-1970   Options Hyper Beatles  EMI  1990  CD  Arrangement by John Cage  1:17:37 ()
Ne(x)tworks  Selections by John Cage   Options Live at WFMU  http://nextworksmusic.net/      Incorporating Solos for Voice Nos. 8, 30, 45, 49 & 67 from Song Books; Aria; Solo for Sliding Trombone from Concert for Piano and Orchestra; Cheap Imitation and Music for Amplified Toy Piano.  1:29:09 ()
John Cage  Excerpt #7   Options Caged/Uncaged  Cramps  1993  CD    2:28:28 ()
David Weinstein & Shelley Hirsch  Cheap Imitation   Options Caged/Uncaged  Cramps  1993  CD    2:29:27 ()
Lee Ranaldo  329 Overtones for John Cage   Options Caged/Uncaged  Cramps  1993  CD    2:32:26 ()
Joëlle Léandre / Le Quan Ninh  The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs   Options The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs  Montagne  1996  CD    2:35:28 ()
Joey Ramone  The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs   Options Caged/Uncaged  Cramps  1993  CD    2:37:51 ()
John Cage  Excerpt #11   Options Caged/Uncaged  Cramps  1993  CD    2:40:12 ()
Ulrich Krieger  Party Pieces   Options The Works for Saxophone  Mode  2010  CD  Composed by John Cage, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison and Virgil Thomson  2:40:48 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD     

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/16/11 12:04pm dc pat:

first. woo.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:04pm pierre:

Bonjour Bonjour
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:04pm pierre:

(damn second)
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:08pm ifny:

wow~ great set mister. kimura + kamiyama, a god for each ear.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:08pm HΘRNΣT MΘNTANA:

Gottschalk was the duke of Benevento from 740
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:10pm Cecile:

MN Jeff, that's a great animation!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:10pm DJ KG:

is that hannah montana on my playlist?

hello, everyone!!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:11pm 37:

great track!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:12pm donna harle:

what was that just playing?
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:12pm BodegaMan:

checking in. The Bach selections were great.

hello fellow MM listeners.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:14pm TheodoreRoosevelt:

This is my first time listening! AMAZING so far!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:15pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hey Kurt! Great selections for this drippy, overcast day. Your last program of this winter. Next week will be SPRING! Ahh...
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:17pm Nathan:

Don't really mind the "WE" thing.. I mean if you're playing music and say "we're going to follow that" I would think you're referring to your listeners as "WE" are on this journey together... :)
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:18pm BodegaMan:

more than other shows, I think that the weather and Kurt's mood dictate the content.

totally un-provable dribble, but that's how I feel.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:19pm HøRNET MøNTANA:

"Gottschalk was a vigorous and original thinker, but also of a violent temperament, incapable of discipline or moderation in his ideas as in his conduct."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:20pm Nathan:

Weather is the same here in London, the clouds tiring of merely hogging our sun have decided to come down and ruin our lives on the ground.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:25pm DJ KG:

Theodore Roosevelt! Weocome to the show! Happy I could play some contemporary things for you.

Hanna Montana, are you reading my mail?

Nathan, good point.

Bodega, Wendy and everyone, thanks for the kind words.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:28pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

Your mail? Hardly.
"A pious and god-fearing man, Gottschalk often accompanied missionaries on their work and augmented their message with his own explanations and instructions."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:28pm DJ KG:

  Wed. 3/16/11 12:33pm Carmichael:

OK, this broad's driving me nuts. Be back in a minute ....
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:34pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"Gottschalk experienced separation from his body and was received to the afterlife by two angels. He was shown a vision of purgatory and then Heavenly Jerusalem - but was not allowed to set foot in it. Instead, he returned to his body."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:35pm CLAUDIO:

very good radio Thanks from Italy
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:35pm Handsome Harry:

I personally don't mind the "we."

"Wee-wee," on the other hand, I do not care for.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:37pm dc pat:

I think I'm with the DJ, too many people use "we" in this way. Like, "we have to go wee-wee" or "we just vomited into the big phone"
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:38pm dc pat:

what's wrong with a little "I"?
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:38pm Hincmar:

@Gottschalk: Go back to Orbais, or be whipped, thou villainous heretic.

BTW, "Gottschalk" is a popular medieval German name meaning "God's slave/servant"
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:39pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"According to the police report, Gottschalk had forsaken his usual cycling attire for a "tan bag" which left his ___ exposed when he stood up on his bicycle."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:40pm Handsome Harry:

Coincidentally, I also vomited into the big phone.

So in this case, "we" is entirely appropriate.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:43pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"Gottschalk composed the earliest known feature length film scores, at a time when cue sheets were the norm."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:43pm dc pat:

good point HH, thanks.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:45pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"Although born and reared in New Orleans, Gottschalk was a supporter of the Union cause during the American Civil War. He returned to his native city only occasionally for concerts."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:46pm Hincmar:

@HŏRNξT: Do you know Sting?
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:47pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

I've got more of this if you or the others want it, Hink. I am tempted to answer "yes, I know Sting", but I fear I would be playing into something nefarious.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:49pm Asmodiahan:

Great programmking, and thanks for the wonderful Sinfonia! "Windmills of your Mind"---DJ Steinsky once did an entire hour of this melody, by various artists--Memorable!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:51pm Hincmar:

Just making fun, HŏRNξT. Turnabout is fair play!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:51pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"Gottschalk gained national prominence by announcing that Ronald Reagan had been suffering from diminished mental ability as early as 1980."
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:52pm Hincmar:

Poor Kurt, his comments board will contain a quote from every wikipedia article about someone named Gottschalk...
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:53pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

Fine, I'm done.
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:54pm Hincmar:

You were very thorough, tyvm
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:55pm DJ KG:

ah but hannah, look what i'm about to play:
there is a louis moreau gottschalk MUSICAL QUOTE in the piece!
  Wed. 3/16/11 12:56pm Hincmar:

  Wed. 3/16/11 12:58pm ?:

"Dee AYZ-airn-eh BREE-gah-de", Kurt.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:00pm ranjit:

My dog is slurping water in perfect time to the rhythm of your background music.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:02pm Chef Lom-Bar-Dee:

The man who makes the lines of the football field gots chalk.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:03pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh my goodness, this HPSCHD is fantastic! It's kinda punk rock, non?
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:05pm DJ KG:

cage = total punk!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:07pm Wendy del Formaggio:

This is making me giggle. It's very happy and crazy. I've only recently discovered the music of Cage, but I love his attitude. There was a nice article in The New Yorker about him a few months ago.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:07pm Handsome Harry:

John Cage really knew how to throw down.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:08pm DJ KG:

Really? I missed that article, Wendy. Do you still have a copy?
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:12pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I don't have the issue any more. I just looked on their site and here's the abstract of it. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/10/04/101004fa_fact_ross
If you don't subscribe and can't get the entire article, lemme know. I do subscribe, and I can print ya a copy!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:16pm minnesota jeff:

Ha! My employers network seems to have blocked the animation I made. I hope it looks alright!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:16pm DJ KG:

MNJeff, it looks great! thanks so much!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:16pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Minnesota Jeff, it looks lovely. I dig it!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:17pm DJ KG:

Wendy, that'd be awesome!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:17pm Bad Ronald:

It rocks Minnesota Jeff!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:19pm minnesota jeff:

Thanks! Since I am the adopted parent of this comments board you can look forward to High Quality goofy animated .gifs each week!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:19pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Kurt, I should be at the station on Friday, doin' the FMA thing. I'll put it in yer mailbox.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:22pm DJ KG:

Thanks adoptive godsend MNJess and uber volunteer WendyCheese.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:24pm DJ KG:

MNJeff, I mean, of course.
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:27pm Wendy del Formaggio:

No problem, Kurt!
I want to thank MNJeff, too. I'm looking forward to future gifs. What a nice adoptive dad you have, Kurt!
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:33pm kiemzi:

there was also a subsequent blog post with some links (including one back to the wfmu blog) http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/alexross/2010/09/john-cage.html
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:37pm david:

Kurt - what's the nextworks URL? thanks
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:39pm DJ KG:

  Wed. 3/16/11 1:45pm jeff-m:

sounds great Kurt, loving it
  Wed. 3/16/11 1:54pm ono2010:

Love me some Amplified Toy Piano!
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:02pm bruceleh:

I get the background narration now! It's a *rock* show!
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:32pm oolloo:

is the nextworks part over?
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:54pm MONTREAL:

let us know what your bed music is. thanks.
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:57pm bruceleh:

thanks, great show!
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:58pm BodegaMan:

excellent show.
  Wed. 3/16/11 2:58pm Handsome Harry:

Another fantastic episode of Miniature Minotaurs, of that there can be no doubt.
  Wed. 3/16/11 3:00pm Growth Hormone:

Drat you minotaurs! I'll get you next time!
  Wed. 3/16/11 3:09pm HŏRNξT MŏNTANA:

"Gottschalk studied history and German philology, eventually taking his exams as a teacher for primary and secondary schools; however, it was during this time that he discovered his true vocation: entertainment."
  Wed. 3/16/11 3:42pm DJ KG:

montreal. (i <3 montreal, btw.) in case you check back, the bed music was mancini "windmills of your mind" at the wrong speed. my bed music is always the first track on the playlist, but at the wrong speed (except the first time). or sometimes it's backwards.
  Fri. 4/8/11 5:41pm Marie:

I loved this show. I appreciate your selections.
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