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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options June 27, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 1 - Nuclear Toy

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Artist Track
  “Summer 2009 Ep. 1 - Nuclear Toy” - 3:57:39 / 217 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, June 27, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. NYC recordings: Fangface (6/17/09) 22:39, Trump (6/19/09) 20:56, Hello Kitty (6/22/09) 17:04, Cactus (6/23/09) 31:39. Topics include energy drinks, Red Espresso, Michael Jackson, live video streaming, sweeping, Walt Disney World, wooly mammoth ivory guitar pick, Floppy Cube, Japanese TV, and Grand Lizard on Pinball Corner. Phone calls with Nikki from Utah and Boostah in The Philippines. Song “March of the Turtles” by Ronnie Marler. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 6/27/09 2:03am Frank:

Welcome to the show!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:04am Nikki:

hi frank!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:04am nikki:

first one to comment!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:06am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hola frank... is this the 2 hour pre recorded content you were talking about?? lol
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:07am nikki:

hi alex!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:08am peetyL:

I know: I'm veggie too and they put fish, chicken, or beef stock in EVERYTHING!!!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:08am Frank:

Alex, this segment is about 20 minutes then I will be live
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:09am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

awesome can't wait to hear the cactus part...
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:09am nikki:

hi peety!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:10am nikki:

frank, i love when u talk about food
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:11am ?:

Hey Nikki! How's things?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:11am peetyL:

Hey Nikki! How's things? Forgot to put my name in the last one!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:12am nikki:

hi u.... ? LOL... who this?? i'm good
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:12am nikki:

oh ok, LOL... i'm good
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:13am nikki:

frank just said more funner!! LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:13am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hey nikki.
braving the late night hours to listen to frank too eh... i can do it for so long, i've nly had 2hrs sleep fromt he previous night. moving stuff around the house woes.. ;-P
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:13am harviekrumpet:

Hey Fen, greetings from Down under - I am going to listen to your show whilst I plaster a dry wall I have just constructed [doing renovations at home]
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:14am peetyL:

I'm glad you're doin' good, Nikki!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:14am peetyL:

Already tired of math questions...
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:14am nikki:

hey alex, i work nights so i'm good to go LOL... i happened to have tonite off, i'm stoked! hope u can hang out for awhile! where u from?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:14am Huw from Wales:

Morning Frank, sounding good over here
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:15am nikki:

lol i love math!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:15am peetyL:

I LOVE those Golden Books and records---grew up on them!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:15am nikki:

wish i was around in the 70s, the shows sound frikkin awesome
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:15am harviekrumpet:

Hi Huw - nice to know you're still alive!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:16am peetyL:

Oh, I KNOW Nikki--you probably AD0RE this mathematical posting torture!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:16am niki:

hi huw! hi harvie!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:16am nikki:

yes i do, i'm a very math freaky girl LOL!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:17am Huw from Wales:

I was when I last looked, thanks for your concern lol
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:17am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

nikki: new york city. its a nice warm night here. fixing my bedroom as im listening. it's relaxing. u?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:17am peetyL:

I've never heard of the Funky Phantom--but it sounds cool!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:18am huw from Wales:

Morining Nikki
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:18am dadaist:

hi frank, hi krumpet

huw - long time no etc!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:19am nikki:

Alex, thats cool! i live in utah, its nice tonite, i'm just relaxing, drinking a little bit, but very little, its nice...
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:19am ?:

morning huw, what u up to?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:19am peetyL:

Oh, I think I remember this now (maybe)! Was Dingbat a part of their group?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:20am nikki:

hi dadaist, how r u?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:20am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

nikki - sounds awesome drink one for me...
alright, let's listen to this fruit juice talk, haha.
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:20am nikki:

sorry huw, i was the ? LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:20am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

ops, i mean werewolf talk, haha
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:21am huw from Wales:

strange you say that , as my last name is Long! still listening but never got time for forums and stuff. Always behind trying to catch up with Frank.....
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:21am nikki:

alex, this fruit juice sounds good, wish i had some more to drink LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:21am nikki:

LOL alex!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:22am huw from Wales:

just woke up,
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:23am nikki:

alex, i added u to my facebook
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:23am dadaist:

hi nikki - fine, but i have to go to work now!

hopefully catch up with you all before the show ends but maybe not, glad i heard a wee bit of it tho'

mat in edinburgh
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:24am nikki:

bye dadaist!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:25am huw from Wales:

have a good dad mat, it's nice and sunny down here :0)
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:25am nikki:

extreme mammals!! LOL... sounds like an energy drink
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:26am peetyL:

How do you turn the Bride of Pinbot into a real woman? Get the pinball down into the basement level?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:26am peetyL:

The music sounds like a Nintendo game!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:26am nikki:

wow in a german rave... wah wah wah, doo doo
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:27am nikki:

hi frank!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:28am harviekrumpet:

hi dadaist, nikki. I am going to be checking back and forth with the comment board as I am renovating here in Sydney
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:28am nikki:

harvie, sounds good, have fun!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:29am harviekrumpet:

see fen live in studio here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rampler
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:29am roel from the Netherlands:

Hi Frank, and Hi Everybody
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:30am peetyL:

It's late...but perfect for me! I'll listen every week!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:30am nikki:

hi roel! good morning
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:30am huw from Wales:

morning roel
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:30am nikki:

i can only listen one other time next month, live anyways, it sucks!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:31am peetyL:

I don't drink Red Bull Cola: I'm bad, and I drink Mountain Dew...
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:32am Roel from the Netherlands:

I just woke up it's 8:32 AM here
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:33am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

ha ha my fourth shout out on the ONS universe
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:33am peetyL:

Oh, Nikki, that stinks!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:34am huw from Wales:

ustream link is cool, nice shirt Frank
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:34am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

ustream is working, woah, which one is th actual live?!?!? i gotta mute one of them.
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:35am nikki:

ya i know peety LOL... the ustream is weird cuz i can't hear it as well
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:35am peetyL:

beta-alanine might be related to phenylalanine...
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:35am huw from Wales:

Bet he knocks over that mug before the end of the show
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:36am nikki:

oh well i think i'm gonna stick with the ustream, i'm behind on my player
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:36am peetyL:

AND Nikki, there's a delay on the UStream broadcast and it's very confusing to listen to both!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:36am huw from Wales:

What did I just Say LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:36am Roel from the Netherlands:

@Huw, i think o too
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:37am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

i CAN hear the ustream it's actually live it's like 10 seconds LIVE-IER than the radio


no one does it like u frank!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:37am nikki:

theres always gonna be a delay
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:38am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

that's right for the cussing, it's great because on ustream was dead silence but the radio had the street noise, this is awesome behind the scenes stuff.
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:39am huw from Wales:

i have the wfmu on itunes and ustream on browser, i just turn down the itunes volume
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:40am nikki:

ya if i get a sound prob i'm gonna switch back to the show on my player
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:41am Neal Ireland:

Yay! Rampler time!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:42am huw from Wales:

morning neal
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:42am peetyL:

Time for the synths!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:43am roel from the Netherlands:

Good Morning Neal
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:43am nikki:

hi neal!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:48am Joe:

Rampling pretty hard.

  Sat. 6/27/09 2:48am nikki:

film yourself sleeping!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:49am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

oof, off to bed guys! nice meeting u all!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:50am nikki:

bye alex! nice meeting u too!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:51am Scott Crawford:

Mornin', Frank and listeners!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:52am roel from the Netherlands:

Goodnight Alex, good morning Scott
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:52am roel from the Netherlands:

Goodnight Alex, good morning Scott
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:52am Scott Crawford:

No, don't do it! Stay away from teh MJ!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:53am Nikki:

hi scott!
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:54am Scott Crawford:

Wuttup, Roel y Nikki?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:54am nikki:

nothin... what u up to?
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:56am Scott Crawford:

Not much. Another day in paradise, just checkin' in on Mr. Nora's first show.
  Sat. 6/27/09 2:57am nikki:

u have such a sunny demeanor, scott... thats cool!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:00am Scott Crawford:

Yep, that's me, a real friggin' ray of sunshine. :D
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:00am nikki:

did he just say WMFU?? LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:01am peetyL:

pre-recorded now, no UStream...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:01am nikki:

sounds like me, scott LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:01am huw from Wales:

Whats happened to the live video feed
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:02am Frank:

live video at http://ustream.com/channel/rampler
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:02am nikki:

huw, he plays some of his pre recorded stuff for awhile
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:03am huw from Wales:

got it :0)
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:03am nikki:

ustream is up again
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:03am Val from Cape Town:

Hi Frank! Good morning from Cape Town.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:03am Scott Crawford:

I remember the Tourneau Corner commercials on local TV...lemme hit YouTube and see if I can hook y'all up.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:03am peetyL:

no Nike, CONVERSE!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:04am roel from the Netherlands:

Morning Val
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:04am ytim:

this is my favorite radio staion
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:05am peetyL:

Cons like mine: https://twitpic.com/7ezum
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:06am Frank:

okay gotta go sweep
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:06am peetyL:

Jean Dubuffet! Hell yeah, Art Brut!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:06am Scott Crawford:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz3p7tQloYU will give you a look at the Tourneau Corner exterior.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:08am huw from Wales:

Frank, I'd rather see you work than the poster you are holding up.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:10am Scott Crawford:

How great would that be? A video of Frank sweeping the floor. Classic. So y'all are from all over, I'm actually in NJ, not far from Frank. I may harass him at the studio some night.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:14am Val from Cape Town:

Morning Roel!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:15am huw from Wales:

Frank, how about a Farah Faucett poster
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:16am Neal Ireland:

Hello everybody. I am still half asleep but enjoyng the show on my portable iTelephone
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:20am peetyL:

no UStream again..
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:22am Charles:

I wanna be what your on. Please post your energy drink reviews!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:22am Charles:

I wanna be what your on. Please post your energy drink reviews!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:24am peetyL:

RealPlayer is a piece of garbage, sorry...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:24am huw from Wales:

Have a good day/night everybody, off to work :0)
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:24am peetyL:

changes all yr video-viewing settings...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:25am peetyL:

UStream works great...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:26am Scott Crawford:

Red Bull Cola has coca leaves in it. It's pretty rad.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:29am Scott Crawford:

People keep taking the walrus' bukkits.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:29am Steve:

Listening to you from woolly mammoth country (Old Crow, Yukon).
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:31am peetyL:

Sweeping's harder than you think...I sweep at work, and I'm interrupted 179 times...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:35am rmzak:

Great show Frank! Keep it up!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:36am nikki:

yay! frank!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:36am tim:

what song is that?
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:37am peetyL:

Red Bull Cola is illegal in Germany...
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:37am Neal:

A Madplayer on the real radio! Who'd have thunk it?
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:38am Roel from the Netherlands:

you are allowed to have a poppy seed bagel, have not seen the red bull cola overhere, maybe it's illegal here too.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:38am tim:

how long can you do this?
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:40am nikki:

i have a hello kitty cup i drink booze in!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:41am Neal:

My first day in my first ever job, a Christmas tree factory, they gave me my protective gloves, goggles, fancy blue coat, then handed me a brush and sent me out to sweep the car park because there was nothing for me to do yet.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:42am tim:

are you avoiding me?
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:43am Frank:

Tim, that song was on the MadPlayer, generated randomly
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:43am roel from the Netherlands:

I just read that there is 0,4 microgram cocaine in 1 liter red bull cola, as far as i can see it i not banned here and is available in some places
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:48am nikki:

i'm feeling better, i have the power!! LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:51am tim:

no i still feel like your avoiding me frank
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:51am peetyL:

great job shee-ra!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:52am shimo:

great show from japan!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:53am nikki:

tim u sound like glenn close in fatal attraction... i will not be ignored LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:53am nikki:

tim, just kidding
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:54am tim:

hi nikki
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:54am tim:

  Sat. 6/27/09 3:55am Frank:

did some more sweeping.
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:57am tim:

frank i feel like you can talk yourway into anything
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:57am Neal:

Hey Tim, Frank replied to you ages ago! Wakey wakey! :)
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:58am peetyL:

echo chamber!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 3:59am tim:

is this fighting massive nela?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:01am dale:

listening when i can from a wet wolverhampton, uk! 9.00am here. great to hear you frank!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:01am tim:

is this a promo? frank? neil? nikki?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:04am nikki:

tim, what is a promo?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:05am tim:

  Sat. 6/27/09 4:09am nikki:

oh ok, how u doing?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:11am tim:

im ok a little tired. how are you?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:12am tim:

frank. what is your favorite song ever?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:13am peetyL:

Hello, ANDY calling...
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:14am YannickJoker:

Hello everybody
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:15am peetyL:

no, it's NIKKI calling!!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:16am YannickJoker:

I hate these math questions.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:16am peetyL:

you're on the air, Nikk!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:17am peetyL:

Hi Yannick, hate those math questions too
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:17am YannickJoker:

Yeah, how arrogant to call yourself the king of pop.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:18am YannickJoker:

Is there any way to get away from these questions?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:19am peetyL:

I don't know: I think you have to do the math, all the time, EVERY time!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:20am YannickJoker:

Michael was just insane. And people are overreacting about his death now.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:20am tim:

he was the king of pop
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:20am YannickJoker:

I mean, he was a very good artist, but he did nothing that was absolutly lifechanging.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:22am tim:

for music he did and popular culture
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:23am YannickJoker:

I have all of his albums, bought them on cd. So I'm not a hater. But I don't agree with the whole way people suddenly see him now. All the guys who called him a pedophile are now saying how great he was. It makes no sense.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:25am tim:

nikki has a boyfriend?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:25am peetyL:

Yannick, I agree. But I never saw him as a pedophile, so I always thought he was great and I still do.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:27am peetyL:

I have problems with the REGULAR Rubik's Cube
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:27am tim:

his music? who really cares about anything else
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:27am peetyL:

Nikki, you sound GREAT!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:27am nikki:

thanks peety!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:28am YannickJoker:

4:27? It's 10:27 here and I just got out of bed.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:28am nikki:

i'm kinda buzzed so i was kinda scared LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:28am nikki:

lol yannick
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:29am tim:

great job nikki
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:29am YannickJoker:

One last thing I wanna say about MJ. People are acting like he was Jesus Christ right now (and I'm an atheist). You can take praise a bit too far.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:30am nikki:

thanks tim! i appreciate that
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:31am nikki:

tim, what do u mean i have a boyfriend? LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:33am YannickJoker:

No, this track is not repetitive at all.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:33am tim:

i was a little disappointed is all
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:34am YannickJoker:

Everything can be broken up!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:34am nikki:

ah i see, thats cute LOL, i'm sorry... u on twitter or anything?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:34am tim:

are you on myspace nikki?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:35am nikki:

lol! yes i am tim... my screenname is hot sauce jesus... same on twitter
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:36am YannickJoker:

Get a room you two!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:37am Dave from England:

Hi Frank, 9.37am here, just got up and tuned in. Sounding good.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:37am nikki:

lol yannick, we're just networking! LOL.. how u been yj?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:37am nikki:

hi dave!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:37am YannickJoker:

  Sat. 6/27/09 4:38am YannickJoker:

But I'm more awake now than ever!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:38am tim:

nikki find me please www.myspace.com/disappearer2
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:38am nikki:

the rampler will always do that yannick! hows bill?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:38am Roel from the Netherlands:

OK I have to go, have to catch the rest of the show later online, have a good saturday everybody.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:39am YannickJoker:

Hallo Roel, hoe gaat ie? Welterusten
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:40am BILLNADANOPPES:

  Sat. 6/27/09 4:41am ?:

Goed hoor, met jou? net wakker lees ik, moet helaas stoppen met luisteren nu duty calls!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:41am nikki:

ok tim, i sent u a friend request... anybody else wanna be added to anything?? LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:42am YannickJoker:

Ok, met mij ook goed. Veel plezier nog vandaag!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:43am YannickJoker:

Rock me Amadeus by Falco is a great song. Play that one Phrank, you're on the radio!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:44am nikki:

i'm gonna have to agree yj, falco is the shit!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:46am YannickJoker:

Falco's dead, that makes him even more of an icon.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:46am tim:

go myspace nikki
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:47am YannickJoker:

Hahaha Phrank.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:47am nikki:

tim, i did
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:49am Neal Ireland:

Yannickjoker - So does that mean you don't believe in Michael Jackson?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:49am YannickJoker:

You gotta wonder, what will they say when I die? 'Genius behind Bill is dead?' or 'Nutjob dead'?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:49am YannickJoker:

I only believe in Sinterklaas.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:50am peetyL:

Rock Me Amadeus is such a kick-ass song! Didn't Falco die in a carwreck on the Autobahn?
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:50am nikki:

LOL yj, u will never die!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:51am Neal iIreland:

I wish this thing would stop refreshing while I'm trying to catch up. I've been outside breaking at least 12 plastic clothes pegs.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:53am Sinterklaas:

I agree Yannick, I don't believe in MJ either. I just believe in myself.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:54am Neal Ireland:

I just had chocolate cake for breakfast.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:55am nikki:

nice gluttony neal! i love it!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:56am Neal Ireland:

@nikki Thanks....we were going to have Pizza but we're saving that for later.
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:57am nikki:

sounds awesome!
  Sat. 6/27/09 4:59am nikki:

yay boostah!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:06am Dave from England:

Wife just walked in and thought I was listening to Paul Gambaccini, hehe.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:07am nikki:

lol dave
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:07am YannickJoker:

A Dutch article on MJ's death called him a poster instead of popster (popstar). They were talking about resuscitating a poster. I had to laugh.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:08am peetyL:

You did the Cleanse diet, Frank? I could NEVER do that! Yikes!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:08am nikki:

thats pretty funny, yj
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:08am Dave from England:

Rooibos is great. Black, green, oolong and pu-erh are my faves. Would recommend all if you like teas.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:09am nikki:

peety, i agree with ya
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:10am Brian Jude:

Morning, Ramplerverse/WFMUville!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:10am nikki:

hi brian!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:11am brian Jude:

Ha. I will be shaving in approximately 45 minutes. (I'm to sleepy to do it know - I'll tear up my face if I try!)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:12am Brian Jude:

Hey, Nikki!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:12am nikki:

ya don't do that!! LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:12am YannickJoker:

Phrank, you're doing great but I have to go now. I'm glad I tuned in, bye everyone!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:13am nikki:

echo echo echo!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:15am peetyL:

I love performance art!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:16am peetyL:

I'm one, I guess!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:16am John:

Hey Frank. I was sleeping damn it. Guess I missed all the MJ talk...
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:16am peetyL:

Bye, Yannick!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:17am nikki:

performance art is cool!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:19am Dave from England:

We tend to see Smart cars being used as delivery vehicles for pizza or Indian and Chinese takeaway food. I wouldn't own one.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:19am nikki:

gottta go guys!! i'll catch ya all later!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:20am Brian Jude:

So who else is here this morning, besides Nikki, peetyL, John and Dave?
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:21am Brian Jude:

Or not nikki (Bye!)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:22am boostah:

I think frank must be sweeping the archive room :)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:23am Scott Crawford:

I'm still here, but I was preoccupied for a little while. >:D
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:24am Frank:

I finished sweeping.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:25am Brian Jude:

Do all of the DJ's have to do house work, or only Frank because he's the new guy? ;^P

Hi, boostah & Scott!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:27am Frank:

Hi Brian! I think all the DJs have to do tasks...
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:29am Brian Jude:

Hey, Frank! Guess that helps keep costs down - no need to hire cleaning crew if everyone pitches in.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:29am Scott Crawford:

Frank, did you take calls while I was away from the show? My phone's actually out in the car, so no go this time either way.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:30am Frank:

Scott, I talked to Nikki from Utah and Boostah in the Phillippines
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:31am Brian Jude:

I just have this image of The Count from Sesame Street counting pasta. "Six hundred ninety seven vonderful elbow macaronis! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" (That's what happens when you have a 4-year-old!)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:33am dadaist:

hey all, mat in edinburgh here

back in for the last half hour
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:34am Brian Jude:

Good day, Mat!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:35am Scott Crawford:

Frank: bringing it home with this segment, or are you gonna have another extended live stretch in the back 20?
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:36am dadaist:

hi brian from a misty edinburgh

where you at?
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:37am Brian Jude:

I'm in Passaic, NJ. I live about 5-10 minutes away from Frank.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:37am Val from Cape Town:

Back again and have managed to get the Ustream link! Hi everyone from a cold but sunny Cape Town after a week of storms!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:38am Frank:

Scott, coming back live in 7 minutes for last 15 minutes
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:39am Brian Jude:

Hi, Val!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:40am Val from Cape Town:

Hi Brian!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:40am boostah:

not easy doing a show all through the night like that after working full time all week, id say fen is really feeling it now. especially after those chill pill things..lol
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:41am Dave from England:

Hi Mat, busy day today? I gootta shoot off soon, taking kids to gym club. There's a Ustream?
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:41am dadaist:

hey boostah :)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:42am Scott Crawford:

Dug up a phone, if there's any space in the home stretch. If not, no worries, I'll shoot for next week.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:42am dadaist:


just arrived at my office, glad i caught the last half hour of this

yes busy day of books as per usual!!

where is the ustream??
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:42am Val from Cape Town:

Methinks Frank is going to put on weight with all the nibbles he has during his prerecorded segments!!! LOL@
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:42am boostah:

Yo dadaist! :D
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:43am Scott Crawford:

Nah, he walks it all off!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:43am Brian Jude:

Yes, but he burns off the calories walking around the city. ;^)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:44am Brian Jude:

Scott - great minds think alike!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:44am Scott Crawford:

People just turning on FMU when Frank is om nom nomming, with no context, have got to be kinda confused.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:44am Val from Cape Town:

That's true!! LOL
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:48am Brian Jude:

Ah! I'm behind the times - just found the ustream!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:50am Brian Jude:

Too bad there's a delay between ustream and iTunes. The audio is so much better with iTunes.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:51am Brian Jude:

Still it's good to see you. Kinda like the Howard Stern show on E!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:52am Scott Crawford:

Pinball Corner=A+++++
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:52am Val from Cape Town:

I get a delay with the audio on ustream. But I watch anyway!! :)
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:54am boostah:

Well done fen, hope you enjoy a good sleep, look forward to many more live shows on WFMU!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:54am dadaist:

bliss mix focus nicely on ustream
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:55am Scott Crawford:

Definitely keep Pinball Corner.
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:58am dadaist:

open it up to MAME corner!!!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:58am Brian Jude:

I enjoyed the last quarter of the show. Looking forward to the rest!
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:59am peetyL:

You did a great job, and you've got a weekly listener in me! Awesome!
  Sat. 6/27/09 6:00am John:

Enjoyed the last hour... have to get on Frank's regimen to stay up.
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