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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options July 4, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 2 - Skag

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Artist Track
  “Summer 2009 Ep. 2 - Skag” - 3:57:39 / 217 MB4:00:20 / 220 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, July 4, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. NYC recordings: Trains (6/30/09) 18:51, Automat (6/18/09) 33:59, Couch (6/29/09) 21″51, Crystal (6/24/09) 15:33. Topics include recent celebrity deaths, alphabet pasta, Walt Disney, a recording from Frank’s childhood in Montana in July 1980 - with parody of Karl Malden TV show “Skag”, energy drink review, Bryce in studio, cat scratch injury, and much more. Pinball Corner with “Rollergames”, “Scorpion”, “KISS”, “The Who’s Tommy”, and “Rocky”. Phone call with Brandon General from Ontario, Canada. Songs “Party Lip”, “Planet Zoing Zoing Banjo Mix”, and “Night Life”. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 7/4/09 2:00am Frank:

Welcome to the show!! Happy 4th of July!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:01am Roel from the Netherlands:

Hi Frank, goodmorning to you
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:01am Brandon:

FRANK!!!!!!!!!! I can actually listen tonight
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:05am J. Wiz:

Hey Frank!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:11am Frank:

How does it sound?? Can you hear it?
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:12am Brandon:

yes currently listening as you wonder which train to get on or not get
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:12am J. Wiz:

Sounds great!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:14am Roel from the Netherlands:

Sounds good,!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:15am Brandon:

I keep wondering what this episode would've been had you stayed on the train!!!...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:18am Frank:

live video http://ustream.tv/channel/rampler
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:20am roel from the Netherlands:

see you
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:20am Neal:

  Sat. 7/4/09 2:21am Joshua K:

Ive got audio coming from the video stream, my laptop internet stream and i had the real radio on in the other room cause im packing things... im getting 3 different franks at once
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:22am Brandon:

it's like you are talking to all of us as you talk because you are talking to the camera...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:23am joshua K:

That rogue beer is good, I should have picked some up earlier while the liquor store was open.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:25am CEC:

How do I watch this while listening? Its very exciting to finally check this out since you started broadcasting on WFMU.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:26am Brandon:

Hey Curt, Frank put the link up the page a bit
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:27am peetyL:

Hi ev'rybody. Frank's discussion of alphabet soup is very intriguing!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:28am roel from the Netherlands:

Frank, say hi to Brice from me.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:28am CEC:

Thanks Brandon! I will look for it
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:30am joshua K:

Maybe Frank could add it to the playlist section on the left somehow so people can click.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:31am joshua K:

Indian tabac is a rocky patel brand, pretty nice.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:31am John:

Awake in Martinsville... Twilight Zone marathon on mute.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:32am Brandon:

It's actually not a link per se, its the address, but you can't click it...
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:32am peetyL:

Happy Indie-Panties Day! LOL
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:33am peetyL:

...it don't bother me at all..
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:33am Brandon:

  Sat. 7/4/09 2:35am peetyL:

"Indie-Panties" = Independence. Independence Day. Play on words. AND A DUMB ONE AT THAT! ;)
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:36am Brandon:

I'm Canadian....
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:36am Val from Cape Town:

Hi everyone! Good show Frank!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:36am Brandon:

DON'T DRINK IT FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:39am John:

Serious Delirium.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:40am peetyL:

Happy Canada Day Brandon, then, I guess. Though it's three days late...
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:40am J. Wiz:

Is that a midget hanging in the background?
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:41am John:

TZ- Martin Landau as a young, sleazy cowboy
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:44am Brandon:

Thanks, yes it was cloudy and rainy but it stopped just in time for fireworks...so it wasn't all bad
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:47am Neal:

For the first time ever, I shall now walk down to my local town while listening to WFMU live on the mobile cellular worldwide electro-Internetwork
Don't let me down, O2.
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:47am peetyL:

I ate some yellow prana once...but it wasn't in the air. It was in the snow...
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:47am Stephen D. Maddox:

I wonder what frank is doing...
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:50am Stephen D. Maddox:

he looks focused
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:51am Joshua K:

Frank, padron 1964 commemorates an anniversary of company or something. No 1964 tobacco in it. heh
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:53am Brandon:

Is that so we don't see Phrankie looking at porn?
  Sat. 7/4/09 2:59am joshua K:

now i want a cigar, but im in the middle of cookin food.
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:02am Brandon:

What happened to the uStream?
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:03am Frank:

I restarted the video stream, so each recorded segment is not too long
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:08am Brandon:

I see...
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:11am Frank:

OK, I tested the video to see if you can see the hallway. I might try and sweep live on video
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:12am joshua K:

Live sweeping on the internet
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:13am Brandon:

art-house radio
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:22am Brandon:

I listen from my iPhone from work usually
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:23am Brandon:

Ghosts used to play on Muchmusic every weekend, it got annoying but now I miss it
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:24am joshua K:

ive got one of them palm pre things
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:27am Brandon:

I'm on wikipedia(the most trusted online reference) and nothing is mentioned aboot MJ and Walt Disney's house
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:29am John:

I was a huge fan of Fred T, when I was 12 or something.
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:38am John:

We sound like muppets.
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:38am Neal:

Frank, at the moment when you were painting that beautiful audio image of me walking through the Irish countryside, I was walking very quickly past a smelly illegal dumping ground, situated between a rather disgusting canal, and a noisy factory. :0
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:39am Stephen D. Maddox:

you were destined for radio frank
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:40am Neal:

There goes my career in tourism promotion. Oh well
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:45am Brandon:

there's audio too...for the sweeping
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:46am Brandon:

number again???
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:48am Brandon:

the disco records come to life after hours
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:48am joshua K:

  Sat. 7/4/09 3:56am joshua K:

for me the day kurt cobain died was way weirder. MJ wasn't the same person he was in the 80s when he died. But all the tribute shows on WFMU were great.
  Sat. 7/4/09 3:59am John:

Yeah the MJ I knew was gone a long time before last week.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:05am peetyL:

Lambchop and Shari Lewis kicked ASS!!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:06am Joshua K:

Oh man when I was a kid we had Willy Wonka on VHS and I would watch it all the time but every time it got to the boat scene with the flashes of snakes and stuff I would hide behind the couch.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:09am peetyL:

"There's no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going..."
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:15am Brandon:

Anyone ever hear Marilyn Manson's album Portrait Of An American Family? it's all based roughly around Willy Wonka...it's weird and good/bad
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:19am Brandon:

YESSSSSSSSSSS! Banjo and trance!!! Go PARTY LIPS!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:22am Brandon:

Oh and I neglected to mention while on the phone...While MJ's death was sad for me, I do remember the day Kurt Cobain died and remember it being a huge loss and feeling kind of lost. I remember the day Jeff Buckley died, and shedding a tear...but when Elliott Smith died, I bawled my eyes out all freaking day...but everytime I hear Man In The Mirror or Who's Loving You I shed a tear for MJ
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:26am Brandon:

what's also sad is all the people who hated MJ, making jokes, all openly embrace him now, it's hypocritical
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:32am Neal:

I know a Clifton in Galway or somewhere, if that helps.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:35am Neal:

Live sweeping! Where else would you get it?
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:37am Brandon:

I guess if you just I dunno...sweep your floor...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:39am Neal:

Don't remind me. My floor is full of spilt cat food. If I don't see it, it's not there.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:40am Brandon:

hahaha...get on it...then you'll have LIVE SWEEPING!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:40am Neal:

Is it just me, or is that corridor on a weird curvy slope? http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rampler
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:42am Brandon:

its an optical illusion....no I think it actually is on a slope
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:46am Neal:

I'm not convinced. I think it's on a slope. There's a handrail.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:47am peetyL:

Yeah. It's a slope. I grew up with all sorts of corridors that were this way.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:48am Neal:

Am I on the Internet watching a guy sweeping a floor 3.000 miles away, and debating with a stranger whether the floor is sloped? Just checking.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:50am Brandon:

yes yes you are correct...was this a debate? I thought I was just answering a rhetorical question...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:51am Kat:

  Sat. 7/4/09 4:52am Neal:

Yes it is a debate. Now let's swapped sides. I'll agressively maintain that not only is the floor NOT sloped, it is in fact so level that it's invisible except to dogs.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:52am Neal:

Hi Cat. Kat.
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:53am Brandon:

hey Kat I was on the radio!!!...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:53am peetyL:

hi kat
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:54am Brandon:

  Sat. 7/4/09 4:55am kat77:

did you confess, brandon? LOL
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:55am Brandon:

You swept that floor like a champ Frank
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:56am kat:

why do men always need praise? you swept good, frank! :P
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:57am peety:

Sounds like the floor is in, er, good shape there Frank...
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:58am Brandon:

Confess what????
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:59am Brandon:

SOMEONE ELSE CALL IN I look forward to the call ins
  Sat. 7/4/09 4:59am peetyL:

DON'T sweep up the broken tiles, Frank: that's not part of the sweeping deal...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:00am peetyL:

repeating decimals...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:00am Brandon:

Yea don't be a slave to the man Frank...leave them tiles alone!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:02am kat:

who is calling?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:02am Brandon:

alarm clock...WFMU
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:03am Brandon:

promo my site in someone's dream...subliminal messeging
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:05am kat:

which site?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:05am Brandon:

I'm shameless I know...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:06am kat:

i agree, awesome music, brandon :)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:07am Brandon:

thank you Kat...hopefully someone wakes up and feels the same...lol
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:07am Neal:

Madplayers are COOL. I gots one.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:09am Pallindrom:

What happened?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:10am Brandon:

whoa...I was half expecting Donna Summer
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:10am kat:

hi pallindrom. what happened where?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:11am Frank:

Any pinball requests?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:11am Pallindrom:

The show went off & got quiet.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:12am Brandon:

it was fine on my end
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:13am Neal:

All fine here too
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:13am Brandon:

It is fine here...signal is good and never went away
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:14am kat:

nope, no problems here.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:14am Pallindrom:

Maybe it's my ustream?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:15am Brandon:

Video is up now too
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:16am Pallindrom:

I can see him. I just dont hear him.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:17am Neal:

Ah...Ustream. I'm just listening off the WFMU.org audio feed.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:17am peetyL:

Is the UStream player on mute, Palindrom?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:17am Brandon:

  Sat. 7/4/09 5:18am Val from Cape Town:

Can see him but not hear him on Ustream! Can hear the audiostream though :)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:19am Pallindrom:

No it's not muted, maybe they have a limit for how long you can listen without joining or something?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:19am Neal:

Station's fine Frank, just Pallindrom can't hear you on UStream
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:21am peetyL:

Well, you can't hear him now 'cause he's playing a pre-recorded segment...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:21am Pallindrom:

NOW I can hear it! Thanks Frank! Looks like he fixed it!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:22am Brandon:

ok well just for arguments sake, I decided to check out the ustream feed...and I can hear and see everything just fine
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:23am Brandon:

I could hear him from just after he went to NYC segment
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:24am Val from Cape Town:

Can hear both now but prefer the audio stream - much clearer and louder so I can listen away from the pc!! :)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:25am peetyL:

Yeah, the sound on UStream just isn't as good as the radiophonic experience...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:26am Neal:

The WFMU audio stream is great! Been listening on my iTelephone all morning, moving from wifi to cell and back, even walked down the town, not one interruption.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:26am Pallindrom:

You probably got there as he fixed it Brandon. So are we getting FRESH video and OLD audio now?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:26am Frank:

I figured out what happened. I plugged the cord into the wrong jack,
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:27am Frank:

Next time I'm gonna try and plug in the station audio into the video stream.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:28am Brandon:

Thanks for the add Peety
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:29am Pallindrom:

That's funny Frank! I think I saw you AS you fixed it! I was talking to Al Terry on Twitter earlier about you. He said you might be a creation of thenathanmccoy and I said it could be the reverse...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:30am Brandon:

...and for the record I've been switching back and forth between the audio stream and the ustream feed and both have been working since 2am as far as switching back and forth go
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:31am kat:

al terry is a creation of stealthuk
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:32am Pallindrom:

For the record I'm not the only who couldnt hear it Brandon. Frank admitted he had the wrong cord plugged in or something.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:33am Brian Jude:

Morning, all!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:33am Brandon:

when he goes to the NY segments I like listening to the ustream feed for ambiant effect like what if he farts or something we'd never know...not that I care...but it's much more entertaining listening to the goings on while listening to the segment
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:34am Pallindrom:

Who the *&$# is stealthuk Kat?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:36am Brandon:

not denying others couldn't hear it. I'm not hear to argue, just saying I had no interruption during the braodcast from either the audio stream or the ustream feed...that is all
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:37am Brandon:

  Sat. 7/4/09 5:37am Brandon:

  Sat. 7/4/09 5:38am Neal:

Frank is a pro. He would never fart on the radio.
Belch on a podcast - Maybe.
Fart on the radio - never.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:38am peetyL:

KISS pinball, Frank!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:40am Brandon:

lol...not on the air!!...while his segment is being played he is physically not on the air, so all bets are off...thats whats exciting!!!!...LOL
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:41am Neal:

Right I'm off. Going to listen to the rest later on the download. byebye
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:41am peetyL:

YEEEESSSSS, KISS pinball! And I'm not even a big KISS fan, the pinball's just a memory from childhood...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:42am Brian Jude:

Frank's a pinball wizard! There has to be a twist...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:42am Kat:

pallindrom that is the question. :)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:43am peetyL:

Thanks, Frank! You're freakin' AWESOME, man!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:44am Brian Jude:

That's a reference from "Tommy" (The Who)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:45am peetyL:

Frank's got such a subtle GRIIIIIIIIP....
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:46am peetyL:

Sorry, Frank...Ace Frehley kicked yr ass...try Tommy if you can find it...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:47am Brian Jude:

How do you think he does it?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:47am Pallindrom:

What about that Rocky pinball macine that Paulie threw his booze glass into at the start of "Rocky 3"?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:47am peetyL:

I think DataEast made the RoboCop Nintendo game, which was fun...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:48am dave from england:

Hey Frank, cool pinball stuff here: http://www.arcadenovelties.com/
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:48am peetyL:

Tommy, can you feel me...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:49am Pallindrom:

  Sat. 7/4/09 5:49am Brian Jude:

Yes, there's a movie. It's WEIRD! Very cool, though. Cameos by Eric Clapton, Elton John, Tina Turner & Jack Nicholson.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:50am dave from england:

Sorry I only got in for the last half hour, over slept cos of this rotten cold I'm getting over.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:52am peetyL:

Yeah, Brian, I like when Tina Turner the Acid Queen gets Tommy to go into that sarcophagus of syringes and he gets injected up...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:53am peetyL:

I also like when Ann-Margret gets covered in baked beans from the TV...LOL
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:53am Kat:

goodnight everybody! well done, frank. take care. :)
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:54am peetyL:

Thank you, Frank...awesome show!!! great job!!!!!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:54am peetyL:

goodnite kat
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:54am Brandon:

good show, good talking with you Frank, will tune in next week same Rampler Time, same Rampler channel
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:55am Pallindrom:

I might have to tune in again. Is it on every night?
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:55am peetyL:

only fridays 2am-6am eastern time US
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:57am Brian Jude:

peetyL - That scene ALWAYS freaked me out! (And I saw the movie in the theater when I was 5!
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:58am peetyL:

Saturday morning actually, Palindrom...
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:58am Pallindrom:

Thanks peetyL. I'll check it out then. If you're on Twitter follow me, I'm KentAllard. Let me know who you are there IF you're there and I'll follow you too.
  Sat. 7/4/09 5:59am peetyL:

I was a year away from being born when the movie was in theatres, I think...
  Sat. 7/4/09 6:00am dave from england:

this robocop t-shirt is for you. http://www.lastexittonowhere.com/shop/product/ed-209/
  Sat. 7/4/09 6:00am Val from Cape Town:

Bye all - thanks Frank!
  Sat. 7/4/09 6:00am Pallindrom:

And I'm Pallindrom27 on youtube also (Where you'll find me most often.)
  Sat. 7/4/09 6:00am Brandon:

Good day everyone and good night some
  Sat. 7/4/09 11:32pm Spooky:

Hey Frank, listening to the playback, awesome show. Sorry I missed everyone!
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