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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options April 25, 2009: the third show

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Listener comments!

  Sat. 4/25/09 2:00am Rampler:

Hello and welcome to the show!
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:02am Roel from the Netherlands:

Hi Frank
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:03am Rampler:

Hi Roel!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:04am GreatEscapist:

Hey Frank.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:07am Roel from the Netherlands:

Good luk with the 3rd show, great way to wake up on a saturday morning.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:21am GreatEscapist:

Leaving worksite, trying to get back home in time to listen to rest of the show.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:25am Teemu from Finland:

Good morning people! Reporting from the office, I heard the start of the show while bicycling to work.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:27am roel from the Netherlands:

Good morning teemu
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:29am Teemu:

Good morning Roel! Who else is there? I thought Rich was never going to announce Frank...
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:29am dan kirkhus!:

  Sat. 4/25/09 2:30am Roel from the Netherlands:

Escapist was just here but he is on his way home, and Frank of course
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:31am Roel from the Netherlands:

I do not remember TV Pix :-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:32am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hey frank just started listening, no horrible hacking cough, KUDOS!
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:36am bill from new zealand:

you'll be up all nite ,my friend....

i'm just saying
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:37am Roel from the Netherlands:

Jerry from SoCal developed a mix with red bull cola and rum, called redrum
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:37am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hey frank, i was at the awesome anniversary live show,
i have a question, you might not read this or not out loud which is perfectly understandable... but i think with your brother's (i believe) now ex girlfriend was there on the mic, you looked like you wanted to jump out of your skin whenever she kept going on talking..
maybe I'm delusional, but i got great enjoyment from that sort of schadenfreude type of entertainment.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:38am Teemu:

I have a feeling he's not the only person so far having come up with a drink called redrum...
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:38am bill from new zealand:

i'm ready to take a nap,frank...
drink some green tea .
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:39am roel from the Netherlands:

@teemu I am sure he wasn't ;-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:40am jaded:

Boring. Talk. Talk. Talk. Bye, going to itunes. Don't let the door hit you ass on the way out.
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:41am Roel from the Netherlands:

note to self, rewatch "The Shining"
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:41am bill from new zealand:

  Sat. 4/25/09 2:43am Pearly Sweets:

  Sat. 4/25/09 2:43am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

woah jaded just qwitted u
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:44am texas scott:

my pearly sweet!
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:45am Pearly Sweets:

You give her hell today, texas scott?
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:45am Val from Cape Town:

Weird to listen to you 'live'! Keep it up! :)
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:46am texas scott:

hell,today ,PS
what did i miss?
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:49am Pearly Sweets:

Hi Frank! How's ya doin?
TS - Pseu, You still have your on going feud, yes?
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:50am texas scott:

first time listener.

happy times with your bag o'tricks!
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:53am texas scott:

i love pseu.
i like to mix it up with the WFMU welcome wagon rep
  Sat. 4/25/09 2:59am ?:

station identification
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:01am Neal in Ireland:

Hello Rampler! Missed the first 45 minutes. Detained by a dream involving my back garden, an uncle who's a priest, this computer, a cat and a less than successful Christmas dinner.
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:05am Rampler:

Hello everybody! Hey Scott, welcome to the show!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:10am Teemu:

I have to go for a walk and lose the headphones for a second. The office air conditioning is not working on Saturday, it's getting quite stuffy at my desk.
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:13am Pearly Sweets:

It is starting to become ol' pearly's sleep time. It's been fun!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:18am roel from the Netherlands:

good morning neal
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:20am Neal in Ireland:

Hi Roel
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:22am Neal in ireland:

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  Sat. 4/25/09 3:31am Dave from England:

Hi Frank and all, just got up and tuned in. Good tosee you on th air again. Doing things around the house so won't be anle to catch everything.
Petzel Croissants sound lovely.:-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:32am Dave from England:

As you can see I'm not quite with it at the moment. ;-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:33am Huw from Wales:

Morning Frank, Just got up, you're sounding good as usual, how are the Redbulls holding out?
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:33am Teemu:

I'm back with some Dr. Pepper
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:34am Roel from the Netherlands:

hi dave, hi huw
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:34am Huw from Wales:

Morning Roel, how they hanging :0)>
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:35am Andrea:

Good morning Frank, and everyone, finally tuning in to listen live!! Fun to know that it's actually middle of the night over there :)

Bon appetite, Frank ;)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:35am Huw from Wales:

This is a good time slot for us over here
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:36am Teemu:

Yes I agree this is great service for all European Rampler fans
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:36am Andrea:

It really is, it's like a morning show for us.
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:37am Rampler:

Huw and Andrea, hello!!!! What time is it over there???
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:37am Roel from the Netherlands:

I am doing fine, waking up on this beautiful sat morning while listening to FEN
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:38am Huw from Wales:

  Sat. 4/25/09 3:38am Roel from the Netherlands:

Morning Andrea
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:38am Andrea:

Hey Frank! It's 9.37 am over here. Luckily, this time i didn't oversleep!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:38am Roel from the Netherlands:

9:38 here
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:39am Teemu:

10:39 in Finland
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:39am Huw from Wales:

Didn't realize they played music, don't know what made me think otherwise. Who picks it FranK?
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:40am Lee from UK:

Great show so far Frank, 8.39am here on my wife Kelly's birthday!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:40am Pearly Sweets:

  Sat. 4/25/09 3:40am Neal:

8:40 here
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:41am Roel from the Netherlands:

@Lee Happy Birthday to your wife
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:42am Peter:

Prague is listening too - you‘re cool!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:42am Andrea:

@Lee Joining the Happy Birthday wishes :)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:42am Dave In London (UK):

Happy Birthday Kelly!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:43am Lee from UK:

Thanks Roel, she's cursing me for waking her up so early!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:43am Huw from Wales:

Noooooooo, not more AK, we'll have Chem trails and Paul Mc Cartney is Dead next :0)>
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:44am Lee from UK:

Thanks guys, pray for the weather today, we're BBQing this evening!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:45am Roel from the Netherlands:

mmmmm BBQ
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:45am Pearly Sweets:

Jessie needs to release her kitty album and/or get a good scandal going. That's the next step.
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:45am Dave from England:

I am not Dave in London just so we don't get confused, I'm in Hastings. Happy Bday to Kelly. :-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:45am Huw from Wales:

Lee you got no chance, It started raining here already
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:47am Lee from UK:

Yeah it was sunny at 7.20 this morning but it's started raining here now. Wet burgers taste fine to me!! Ta Dave
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:54am Andrea:

All this talk about the press conference brings back some good memories (lol)
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:54am Dave from England:

http://andykaufmanlives.com/ to check out more of the madness.
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:55am Neal in Ireland:

And if a cat has nine lives, does it sometimes get a weird "feeling" that it was famous in a previous life?
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:55am Huw from Wales:

Sorry, I'm off. Hector the dog is nagging for his walk. Recording the show for later. Enjoy :0)>
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:56am Lee from UK:

I interviewed Stven/Andy for my podcast around the time of Frank's first interview. A very weird experience
  Sat. 4/25/09 3:59am Teemu:

Top of the hour!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:00am GreatEscapist:

I'm back from my work this evening. Awaiting something interetsting!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:01am GreatEscapist:

  Sat. 4/25/09 4:02am GreatEscapist:

Do you take transmitter readings as well? That's what the other clipboards are probably for.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:04am Dave in London (UK):

You musthave been a Shepherd fan growing up. Excelsior!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:07am Neal from Ireland:

Hi Lee, what's your podcast?
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:09am Rampler:

Call in segment next. 201-209-9368
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:10am GreatEscapist:

Roel, if you ever get to SoCal, I'll make you and Jerry Novak REAL CA BBQ, not just grilled meat, but real "Q".
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:11am GreatEscapist:

I even do a real Vegetarian "Q" of vegetables. Nice and smokey!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:19am Rampler:

Dave, yes Jean Shepherd is a huge inspiration for me...
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:21am roel from the Netherlands:

@escapist, i do all kinds of veg on the bbq too, endives, mushrooms, asperagus, etc, but i will give you a call if I am in SoCal
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:21am Dave from England:

Have to get ready to go out soon so will miss the call in portion of the show. Hope it all goes well. Have a blast. Will continue to listen on and off for the next half hour or so.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:22am Neal:

Carp! I pressed a wrong button a while ago and have been accidentally listening to a recent Rampler podcast instead of the live feed!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:22am GreatEscapist:

There is waining lone coyote howling up on Mulholland Road above us.. Shall I stream it? Maybe FEN can use it as background audio?
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:23am Rampler:

Yeah Escapist, stream it!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:23am GreatEscapist:

Carp? I love that fish fried and served with capers and CZ potato salad during the holidays.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:25am GreatEscapist:

Setting it up...
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:26am Dave from England:

Your all making me hungry and I've not had any breakfast yet. GE,Can you stream your bbq next time you do one. :-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:27am Neal:

It always comes back to food, doesn't it?
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:28am Teemu:

I heard a truck tone the other day that wasn't just "beep beep beep". Kind of hard to describe how it sounded.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:32am Teemu:

Almost lunch time here...
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:37am Teemu:

I heard an s-word :)
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:38am GreatEscapist:

Wait for 2 mins until the 7 sec delay can catch-up. The online listeners may not be affected by the dump button.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:40am GreatEscapist:

The live audio stream is up with the wild mic from SoCal Santa Mtns. The coyotes are quiet now, but you can still hear an owl now and then.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:40am Roel from the Netherlands:

having to go on the road will continue to listen on my iPhone, will call in next time :-)
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:45am GreatEscapist:

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ceska-serenity-live-cam nothing audio-wize happening now, but at any time...
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:49am Teemu:

I hate to leave in the middle of the call-in segment, but the cow orkers are planning to hit a restaurant for lunch.
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:52am Teemu:

Lunch in 30 minutes. Still some time to listen...
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:57am bigfoot:

frank you should youstream yourself
  Sat. 4/25/09 4:58am Andrea:

I agree with Bigfoot. Now there's a sentence i never though I'll say.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:02am bigfoot:

not inramble. a static cam watching the rampler struggle with an owl. thats what people want
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:03am GreatEscapist:

It wouldn't be a Rampler with out Roel calling in.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:03am Val from Cape Town:

11 am here - housework done - pouring with rain outside. No barbeques here today! :(
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:04am bigfoot:

tom hanks follows @ons on twitter
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:05am Neal in Ireland:

@Val I've experienced Capetown rain...I sympathise!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:05am GreatEscapist:

KATT!!!!!!!! Love you!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:05am Andrea:

YAY, Real Kat calling in!!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:06am bigfoot:

no im kat
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:07am GreatEscapist:

Kat, props to KPTM!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:09am Andrea:

@bigfoot Yea, you wish :P
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:09am Val from Cape Town:

@ Neal - not the storm we can get thankfully. A bit too early in the season for that, but a steady light downpour. Not too unpleasant!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:12am bigfoot:

i can dream
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:14am bigfoot:

weird new jersey $6.00 includes shipping
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:17am GreatEscapist:

Strategic Air Command had Bigfoot parties funded by the Illuminati in 1988-1992
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:17am bigfoot:

whats going on in the world. dateline albuquerque new mexico... 3:15am i just ate a spoonful of peanut butter and a swig of green tea
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:22am bigfoot:

Villains embrace the dark side in order to seize power. The compassionate and selfless use the Force only for peaceful purposes
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:23am GreatEscapist:

I love Omaha. My experienced there has been positive. Visit The Zesto, have a dog and a malt. Support my inherentence (sp?).
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:25am bigfoot:

All thru' the day I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.
All thru' the night I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.
Now they're frightened of leaving it
Ev'ryone's weaving it,
Coming on strong all the time,
All thru' the day I me mine.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:27am GreatEscapist:

The coyotes are now quiet. Shutting down the live feed in preparation of a short nap before sunrise. Sophia needs a walk too.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:30am GreatEscapist:

Don't forget Frank, try to button the close music to the top of the hour. Dead-roll the closing audio file accordingly.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:33am GreatEscapist:

If you let me be your co-host I can show you what to do the whole show. Consider it pleeeeeeese.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:36am Dave in London (UK):

Has anyone constucted a virtual route 22 withh all the great lost roadside attractions on-line? Things like the Flagship, the Bowcraft admusment park, the leaning tower of Pizza?
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:38am harviekrumpet:

Hey...I made it.sounding GREAT FEN!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:41am harviekrumpet:

fen it's 740pm Sat
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:43am owen:

ha! isthmus. what a great word.
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:43am harviekrumpet:

Gotta go FEN - will d/l the rampler on wfmu show when it's posted.dinner calls!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:44am jackhamster:

i love this song
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:46am Teemu:

This song is so Rush-esque and I love it too!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:46am bigfoot:

twitter @ons
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:56am Teemu:

Lunch now, it was great to hear the entire show live. Have a nice day / night everyone!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:59am bigfoot:

lock the door keep going!
  Sat. 4/25/09 5:59am GreatEscapist:

(bigfoot et al) Co-host? I don't think so - I don't have the time. I support Frank in his efforts (we've talked offline at length) says the licensed professional broadcaster and Internet investigator.
  Sat. 4/25/09 6:00am Andrea:

Great show, Frank!! Wish they would give you a regular slot, so we could enjoy Rampler Live every Saturday morning!
  Sat. 4/25/09 6:02am ?:

Yes, we all listen to YOUR show Great Escapist
  Sat. 4/25/09 6:11am Dave in London (UK):

I went to the Funland Slotcar racetrack when I was 8, in 1967 with my Dad and brother. My brother even brought his own slotcars to race. I was more into model trains and was interested in watching the trains in Planefield. Also, I used to go the Bowcraft to meet girls when I was 16, (they where around 14/17) with a few friends, usually with someone who had a brother who drove us there. Never got past 2nd base, but still had a great time.
  Sun. 4/26/09 9:06pm Kat77:

Elvis was into slotcars. thanks frank! really enjoyed the chitchat. very good it wasnt all andy related. *waves bye*
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