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Playlist for 15 January 2020 Favoriting | World Famous Superstar Really Really Good DJ Show

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Playlist image Favoriting

(* = new)
Artist Song Album Label Images New Approx. start time
Quintron  Bohemian Caverns   Favoriting Erotomania: Quintron at the Chamberlin  Mind Meld Records 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Pyrolator  Ein Herrenzimmer In Schottland   Favoriting Wunderland  Ata Tak 
  0:05:03 (Pop-up)
Liz Durette  Waltz of Crickets   Favoriting Delight  Feeding Tube 
*   0:08:51 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Telling the Truth About K Minor   Favoriting Lower Lurum  Rastascan Records 
  0:11:52 (Pop-up)
Tomaga & Pierre Bastien  Machines With Ideas   Favoriting Bandiera Di Carta  Other People 
*   0:16:12 (Pop-up)
Tjupurru  Stompin' Ground   Favoriting The Rough Guide To Australian Aboriginal Music   
  0:22:37 (Pop-up)
Bradford Reed  Feelgood Movie   Favoriting Live! at Home  Ft.Lb. Records 
  0:25:26 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Rockabye Baby 
The End   Favoriting Lullabye Renditions of Oepipus Rex   
  0:29:07 (Pop-up)
The Reveries  Crazy   Favoriting Matchmakers Volume 1: The Music Of Willie Nelson  Rat Drifting 
  0:36:11 (Pop-up)
Erica Stucky  All I Really Want To Do   Favoriting Suicidal Yodels        0:41:54 (Pop-up)
Qubais Reed Ghazala  Silence the Tongues of Prophecy   Favoriting Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones  Ellipsis Arts 
  0:46:29 (Pop-up)
Christine Lauterburg  Erika's Alptraum   Favoriting    
  0:51:07 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Haskell  Appapopoulisberg   Favoriting California 99        0:53:41 (Pop-up)
Bob's Burgers  The Spirits of Christmas (excerpt)   Favoriting The Bob's Burgers Music Album   
  0:57:24 (Pop-up)
Magoo  From A to Z and Back Again   Favoriting The Soateromic Sounds fo Magoo   
  1:07:33 (Pop-up)
The Passions  I'm In Love With A German Film Star   Favoriting    
  1:11:50 (Pop-up)
Tracyanne & Danny  The Honeymooners   Favoriting Self Titled   
  1:15:24 (Pop-up)
Hana Vu  Outside   Favoriting Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway   
  1:18:41 (Pop-up)
Munya  Des Bisous Partout   Favoriting Meet   
  1:22:15 (Pop-up)
Schwabbingrad Ballet  Moderne Welt   Favoriting    
  1:25:45 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Sin Swing 
Curd Duca   Favoriting         1:31:05 (Pop-up)
Rockstar Affirmations  World Famous DJ   Favoriting    
  1:36:10 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Left Side: Start Heeeears   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ   
  1:41:48 (Pop-up)
The Slew  Robbin' Banks, Doin' Time   Favoriting 100%   
  1:46:59 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  What Are You Worth?   Favoriting 777 Vol 2   
  1:51:00 (Pop-up)
Negativland  True False (excerpt)   Favoriting True False  Seeland 
*   1:55:19 (Pop-up)
Foetus  New York Or Bust   Favoriting Deaf   
  2:04:59 (Pop-up)
James Chance and the Contortions  I Can't Stand Myself   Favoriting No New York (V/A)        2:06:34 (Pop-up)
Mars  Helen Fordsdale   Favoriting No New York (V/A)        2:11:14 (Pop-up)
New York Gong  Much Too Old   Favoriting About Time   
  2:14:04 (Pop-up)
Bill McClintock  Get Ready For The Grave (Temptations Vs Black Sabbath)   Favoriting    
  2:16:29 (Pop-up)
David Bowskie  Singer Imitations 1-8   Favoriting    
  2:21:53 (Pop-up)
Warmduscher  Rules of the Game (feat Iggy Pop)   Favoriting Tainted Lunch   
*   2:29:30 (Pop-up)
Warmduscher  Precious Things   Favoriting Tainted Lunch  Leaf 
*   2:30:40 (Pop-up)
We Here Now  Gathering and Separation   Favoriting The Chikipunk Years  Elektrohasch Schallplatten     *   2:33:09 (Pop-up)
Los Pirañas  El Venado Triste   Favoriting Historia Natural  Glitterbeat Records 
*   2:36:24 (Pop-up)
Schlammpeitziger  Rollrockers Feinrippröhren   Favoriting Vorausschauende Bebauung   
  2:40:17 (Pop-up)
Larry Gus  Ayler The Pilot   Favoriting Subservient  DFA 
*   2:47:10 (Pop-up)
Cut Chemist  Home Way From Home (feat Laura Darlington)   Favoriting Die Cut   
  2:51:47 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 8:51am Nacho:

Hola Ken! Hola a todos!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:03am Strandlund:

Lotions of love to you Ken!!
  Swag For Life Member 9:03am Flowers_For_Bokonon:

Good morning, invisible friends! I still believe in you!
  9:03am Don Pickles:

Love Mr. Quintron
  9:03am Listener Phillip In Bronx Little Italy:

good morning KEN!!!
  9:04am FտFտ (:

Hola, Nacho und Strandlund and Don!
  9:04am Listener Phillip In Bronx Little Italy:

as usual loved the hazmat report. laugh riot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:06am Handy Haversack:

Morning, all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:06am David (in London):

Greetings Kenmeister.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:07am -Ken:

Morning all!
Avatar 9:08am mouskowitz:

this is basically the Epcot theme park music & I love it
Avatar 9:09am Nick S.:

Hey, Ken!
Avatar 9:09am Snoochienucci:

morning y'all!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:09am Strandlund:

Hola FտFտ (
Avatar 9:09am Snoochienucci:

lets see how long it takes for this to go off the rails ;)
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 9:10am Aaron Working In Newark:

Good morning SMK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am steveo:


also, good morning
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am Webhamster Henry:

The Ken Show Daxophone wakeup call!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:13am Webhamster Henry:

Nice Strangers On A Train gif too!
  9:13am xippyy:

I just bribed my doctor to get some medicine for my erotomania I just don't know if it's supposed to increase or decrease the symptoms
  9:16am FտFտ (:

Daxophone? I have lived my whole life in the wrong thinking Hans Reichel used balloons to make his sound.
Avatar 9:18am fleep:

Good morning you shiny happy people
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:18am melinda:

hi everyone
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:19am Ken From Hyde Park:

Bouncy greetings!
Avatar 9:19am sphere:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:21am Michele with One "L":

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:21am PigeonsAndRust:

Howdy all, listening to music so good you don't need drugs! But I bet they would help
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am -Ken:

I got Prog for ya, you damn prog-lover
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am Michele with One "L":

What did you call me?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:23am Stephen O:

Good morning. Thank's Ken for the woozy start.
  9:23am FտFտ (:

Let us not forget Valentina Magaletti. She's also part of this Pierre Bastien project.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:24am PigeonsAndRust:

Happy National Bagel Day everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:24am Stephen O:

i don't know why that apostrophe is there. woozy I guess.
Avatar 9:25am Lixiviated Life:

Halo Kinney
  9:27am FտFտ (:

Ken is just being ironic as he LOVES prog. And just to prove it he will now play the first track of Yes' Tales From Topographic Ocean entitled "Intro Part 1'. It last only 17 minutes and features a 19 minute long keyboard solo
  9:29am Sam:

Good morning!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am Handy Haversack:

Hey, it's that Nico song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am PigeonsAndRust:

Oh, it's not the end, it's just the beginning. I need to save this to my phone as I want to hear this at the start of the apocalypse
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am ratso:

That's 2 versions of The End in 2 days on the station. What, did Jim Morrison die?
  9:33am johnzo:

who knew bail bonds were so complicated... what do you mean i can’t sign cause Ive only known the person for a month and they threatened to stab me... what kind of bs is that shm. Hey Ken!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:33am Michele with One "L":

LESS TALKING MORE PROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:34am Webhamster Henry:

Herrenzimmer == Mens' Room.
  9:35am FտFտ (:

Oepipus Rex the guy who gouged his own pipes out and not to be confused with his cousin Oedipus Rex.
Avatar 9:36am Snoochienucci:

@ratso its just genuinely the end haha
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:37am Webhamster Henry:

Ooh can you follow this Crazy with some Jethros?
  9:37am FտFտ (:

The call for a Prog show is strong today, Ken, not gonna lie.
Avatar 9:38am Snoochienucci:

ooo this is a tease, just bring on the real Willie
Avatar 9:39am Mister Dobalina:

& definitely not to be confused with Rex from Fool's Paradise.
Avatar 9:39am Snoochienucci:

i feel like when you hear crazy versions of classics like this it makes you realize how good some songs are written
Avatar 9:40am Stashu:

What a perfect song! Gogogogogogogo ya!
  9:42am FտFտ (:

A better definition of The Reveries would be "the Human Centipede of music bands. A grotesque combination of audio colonoscopes and mouths".
  9:42am Dave in Morristown:

Patsy Cline the way it should be!
Avatar 9:42am People Like Us:

  9:43am FտFտ (:

Hello, Vicki! Long time no see you here.
Avatar 9:43am People Like Us:

the yodels beckoned
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:44am -Ken:

Vicki ! Hi!
Avatar 9:44am People Like Us:

I've needed my ears, FOFO
Avatar 9:44am People Like Us:

herro Ken :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:45am holland oats:

yodelin' friendzone
Avatar 9:46am People Like Us:

I know this yodel is not over but I'd like some more please.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:46am melinda:

Cool cover
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:46am Rich in Washington:

Hi People Like Us!
Avatar 9:46am People Like Us:

Erica's Alptraum!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:47am PigeonsAndRust:

This noise is making my pigeons very uncomfortable
Avatar 9:47am People Like Us:

I mean Erika
Avatar 9:48am People Like Us:

hi Rich! Don't suppose you're going to the marathon?
  9:48am FտFտ (:

There's nothing quite like Erika's Alptraum!
  9:49am Ahnolt:

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:49am Webhamster Henry:

Q. Reed Ghazala's instruments are "circuit bent" Speak 'n' Spells.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:51am Webhamster Henry:

This record is good, BTW, it has Wendy Chambers playing New York New York on car horns.
Avatar 9:51am People Like Us:

Avatar 9:51am Snortley:

Re: The Japanese monster diagram:
The Doro-ta-bō ("muddy rice field man"), a monster found in muddy rice fields, is said to be the restless spirit of a hard-working farmer whose lazy son sold his land after he died. The monster is often heard yelling, "Give me back my rice field!" Anatomical features include a gelatinous lower body that merges into the earth, a 'mud sac' that draws nourishment from the soil, lungs that allow the creature to breathe when buried, and an organ that converts the Doro-ta-bō's resentment into energy that heats up his muddy spit. One eyeball remains hidden under the skin until the monster encounters the owner of the rice field, at which time the eye emerges and emits a strange, disorienting light.
Avatar 9:52am People Like Us:

I could almost hear Ken looking for it there, oh that WAS the noise of Ken thinking
Avatar 9:52am People Like Us:

That Wendy Chambers NY NY is excellent
  9:53am Sam:

Lay ee yodel lay ee yodel lay hee hoo!
  9:53am FտFտ (:

  9:54am FտFտ (:

  9:57am FտFտ (:

Never heard this Apapaapapadapolisburg song without its intro context. It sounds completely insane.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:58am Handy Haversack:

Thank you, @Snortley! That info will def. be useful to me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:01am melinda:

I like these Bob's Burgers holiday numbers you play
Avatar 10:01am Hubig Pie:

Bourbon and eggs for b-fast
  10:01am happymaan:

loving this song
  10:01am Sam:

All the muppets join in now!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:02am Webhamster Henry:

Nice chord changes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:02am SSS:

Burbilin' bourbon.
  10:03am GListener MW:

this Oh Bourbon song really gets me.
Avatar 10:03am βrian:

The House of Bourbon really appeals to this guy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am Phillippe Bastille:

  10:04am Patty D:

Can we give demon names when we call in?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am SSS:

The parents will know anyway.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am steveo:

is demon voice another function of the echo machine or is that a whole nother twiddly knob?
Avatar 10:07am Okasa:

Oh Ken.
  10:08am FտFտ (:

I believe Apltraum means Alpaca Trauma. So Erica's Alpaca Trauma is an injury she got from vacationing in the countryside in South America
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am Rob W:

Erica Stucky actually pronounces her name SHTOO-key (rhymes with hooky)! Just for the record...
Avatar 10:11am

(aside - long post, sorry. as ken once told us of WNYC calling WFMU a "crappy radio station", versus "scrappy", I write. I work for Lower East Side Ecology Center, a non-profit, and we collect food scraps and convert to compost (among lotsa other things we do). we need to leave east river park due to construction, but the city said we could return. but the plans submitted do not show us. we're fighting city hall. we've got a petition. help, plz? thanks - )
  10:11am FտFտ (:

I think I heard my name over the radio, but missed the whole sentence. How can one focus on writing a comment AND listen to the radio at the same time? Not possible!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:14am -Ken:

What I said was: "Check the oven, f0f0, I think you left it on by accident."
  10:14am Sam:

Ohhhh, FoFo!
  10:16am FտFտ (:

Oh, noooo!! There goes the baby.
  10:16am weiterso:

the elfes (and sometimes bad food) brings you your Alptraums, not the alpacas, fofo.
Avatar 10:24am βrian:

Bisous are good for a soul.
Avatar 10:25am βrian:

Is that an espresso machine in the background?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:26am steveo:

i heard Ken say your name but I couldn't understand it because i don't know how to pronounce տ
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:28am Webhamster Henry:

I just woke up to that gif.
Avatar 10:30am βrian:

  10:30am FտFտ (:

weiterso, I'm afraid we need to agree to disagree as, I don't think I have ever told you, but I did a German introductory course in 1998 (die Aussprache des Alphabets. Von A bis M) and I know my Alpacas from my Llamas.
  10:34am Earth Walker:

Kisses below are fun too. Bisous Bisous
  10:35am Earth Walker:

Hello from Nice France
Avatar 10:35am Undead83:

Thumbs up for show ^^ Die deutschen Liedern gefallen mir sehr
Avatar 10:35am Undead83:

*For the show
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:36am steveo:

@β, that's still pretty hard to pronounce
  10:36am weiterso:

fofo, i wish you many happy Alpacas in you dreams!
  10:36am FտFտ (:

Hello, Earth Walker. Sure France is nice.
  10:36am Earth Walker:

Thanks for the show bro
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:36am Rich in Washington:

  10:37am Earth Walker:

Da show
  10:38am Earth Walker:

Hi fun
Yeah France is cool
I’m originally from Brooklyn
  10:38am Don Johnson:

I can Don Johnson the Hell out of anything that needs to be Don Johnsoned.
Avatar 10:39am βrian:

DJ Sniff!
  10:39am Sam:

These DJ's suck! No soul. They should at least be talking like Casey Kasem.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:39am Rich in Washington:

That whole thing begs the question: can someone make de-affirmations for people who are prone to narcissism? Like a barrage of negative self thoughts.
If so, I am uniquely qualified to write them.
  10:40am FտFտ (:

Thanks, weiterso! From now on whoever messes with weiterso, messes with me!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am melinda:

@herb I signed the petition, it sucks that they are trying to squeeze you out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am Rich in Washington:

Why did I not see the DJ one?
  10:40am Earth Walker:

I think I heard this one on LSD in the early 70 s
  10:41am Sam:

This just symbolizes are current culture so well. A bunch of deadpan, soulless, talentless folks rambling on endlessly about how amazing they are.
  10:43am Earth Walker:

And I like it
  10:43am Earth Walker:

Variety is the spice of life
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am Handy Haversack:

And turmeric.
Avatar 10:47am βrian:

Speaking of, I bought the fancy saffron yesterday and made a biryani-like dish. Tasted great, but nobody could detect the saffron.
  10:48am Earth Walker:

WFMU serves up a great dish of Variety
  10:48am Sam:

Paprika makes everything taste awesome
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am crateslinger:

I like salt
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am Handy Haversack:

@βrian, that's why you gotta keep saying, "WOW, the saffron really makes this dish! Amazing! What a coup" as they eat so they never forget what you did for them. You're the hero. They are witnesses. Make sure they know!
Avatar 10:50am Hubig Pie:

Salt sandwich for lunch
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:51am Asheville Jon:

Avatar 10:52am thormagma:

viva tonetta!!!!
  10:53am Earth Walker:

Salt and pepper
Avatar 10:54am βrian:

Oddly, I've come across numerous warnings about adding too much saffron, as it can supposedly ruin a dish.
  10:54am Earth Walker:

Curcuma and ginger ain’t bad
  10:54am Roary:

Hey Ken and all, I'd like to request a song--I heard it on Nate K.'s show and loved it: "Hinckley Had a Vision"
  10:55am FտFտ (:

I'm worthless HA! Song doesn't apply to me. In your face, Tonetta!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am crateslinger:

A salt sandwich is not bad with a little hot sauce
Avatar 10:56am Hubig Pie:

Net worth: 20 nickels
or a small bog o' potato chips
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am David (in London):

Does this mean that we won't be mounting the puppy today?
Avatar 10:57am Snoochienucci:

aaaand thats enough nonsense for me, see yall for the Duane train
Avatar 10:57am tmbrett:

  10:58am weiterso:

anything without an onion makes no sense
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am Webhamster Henry:

Negativland keeps delivering the goods!
Avatar 11:00am βrian:

Is that marmot ready for standoff with the screaming goat?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:01am David (in London):

@βrian - I wouldn't want to bet on the outcome of that one. That marmot looks proper hard.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:03am Handy Haversack:

Well said, @weiterso. FտFտ was right about you!
  11:04am Earth Walker:

Garlic too
  11:04am FտFտ (:

From now on I'll keep record of for how long Snoochienucci resists Ken's show.

Signed in at 9:09; signed off at 10:57. Total time: 1hr48m
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am AnAnonymousParty:

I haven't decided if I can't stand him either.
  11:11am Dropof Goldensun:

Love this song!
  11:11am Skullfarmer:

I can relate to the title of this song.
  11:16am FտFտ (:

Best song about New York, hands down.
  11:16am Roary:

'diarrhea from Chick Corea"--love it
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am AnAnonymousParty:

Looking at the map Rock-n-Roll map of Manhattan, the location of Uptown Girls is conspicuous by it absence.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:20am SSS:

We are both too old to eat like that, Ken.
  11:21am GListener MW:

where's this Blur muzak in the background from? it's adorable
Avatar 11:21am northguineahills:

@AnANonymousParty: and Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner is actually in Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Art Museum.
  11:22am Erin in TO:

I also want to know who the artist for this amazing background music!
Avatar Ken's Marathon 2024 Swag For Life Member 11:22am Lizardner Dave 2:

Did I miss the Neil Peart tribute?
  11:22am Sam:

  11:22am thecultofsolidgold:

how do you spell bowsky?
  11:22am FտFտ (:

I want to think that but I think it says "diarreah from cheap Korean". Although I'm not going to deny I once had a little diarreah from listening Chic Corea with Jaco Pastorious
Avatar 11:23am Hubig Pie:

Bon Jovi
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am The Oscar:

Tom Petty?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am AnAnonymousParty:

Bette Davis
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am Brian C.:

Patti Smith?
  11:24am Sam:

Bobcat Goldthwait
  11:24am GListener MW:

Tom Waits?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am David (in London):

Tom Waites no 3?
  11:24am GListener MW:

these are great
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Brian C.:

Yeah, I get Tom Waits too
  11:25am GListener MW:

  11:25am Dean:

Springsteen/Bowie/Tom Waits/Lou Reed...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Ike:

On #2, did he aim for Bob Dylan but hit Tom Petty by accident?
Avatar 11:25am Mark S:

It's a trick they're all the same
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am AnAnonymousParty:

Bob Dylan circa the Christmas album
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Handy Haversack:

Rolf the Dog?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Oxidized:

Springsteen, Donovan, Iggy, Lou Reed...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Brian C.:

Iggy on #4?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am AnAnonymousParty:

Liz Taylor
Avatar 11:26am Hubig Pie:

Anthony Newly
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am Ike:

That Lou Reed was too good to be accurate. He needs to be a crummier singer to be a believable Lou Reed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am steveo:

@Lizardner Dave, Jeff Conklin played 2 Rush songs
Avatar 11:26am sphere:

David Bowie imitating David Bowie!
  11:26am GListener MW:

Gawd damn you for making me remember the Bob Dylan christmas album XD
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am David (in London):

Oxidized, I wondered about either Donovan or Bolan for no 2 due to the tremolo.
  11:27am FտFտ (:

GListener MW,

I wasn't paying attention because it's impossible to write a comment while at the same time AND simultaneously listen to the radio but I guess Ken was talking over the Rockaby Baby, a band comprised of babies who play cover songs using toy instruments.
  11:27am GListener MW:

i was thinking Bolan on #2 as well
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:27am PigeonsAndRust:

So far I heard Bruce, Tom Petty, Tom Waits, ?, Bowie, Iggy
  11:27am Dave in Vermont on the phone:

Thought 2 was Marianne Faithful
Avatar 11:27am sphere:

Neil Young
  11:28am GListener MW:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am jmd:

Neil diamond near the start?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:29am David (in London):

That Iggy impression was amazing. Christ, if the Ig had one too many in Berlin, maybe Bowie finished The Idiot by himself...
  11:29am GListener MW:

!! thanks, FunFun!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:30am David (in London):

  11:30am FտFտ (:

It all sounded akin to Daffy Duck sounding like Bugs Bunny.
  11:31am weiterso:

you can try again:
  11:34am FտFտ (:

You are all seem very impressed with David Bowskie impersonations. But if you want to see a realistic impression, listen to me while I do a David (In London) impression. Listen:


I sounded almost identical, isn't it ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Granny Spicy Tuna (they/them):

ehhh, What's Up, Quack?
Avatar 11:35am (Murakami Whywolf))):

I thought that #2 was Carol Channing, two others were Bowie and Neil Young. On YouTube there's (was?) a clip of Bowie imitating Bowie for a lullaby, I think it was on O'Brien's show.
  11:40am FտFտ (:

The Los Piranas sounds similar to the Colombian band whose name can't remember at the moment.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:41am -Ken:

Pablo Y Los Escobars?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

Yeah, now we're rollen!
  11:43am FտFտ (:


I don't think I have ever told you, but I did a German introductory course in 1998 (die Aussprache des Alphabets. Von A bis M). So I know how to pronounce this band name:

SCHLAMM = this combinations of letters sounds like Schrimp
PEITZI - this is like saying Patsy
GER - This sounds as GRRR

So basically it is pronounced "Schrimp-patsy-GRRR!"
  11:44am weiterso:

waiting Ken saying "Rollrockers Feinrippröhren"
  11:46am FտFտ (:

No, it's not Pablo and Los Escobars. HA! What's their freaking name! Can't listening to the radio while at the same time try to remember a band name. Yassus!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:46am -Ken:

I can say that one with my eyes closed and my mouth sewn shut
Avatar 11:47am Carmichael:

Good morning, Kenneth.
Avatar 11:50am KRYPT:

Howdy Ken, hallo everyone!
  11:50am John from Florham park:

Late morning fellow ken listeners
  11:51am FտFտ (:

Got it! No wonder why Los Piranas sounded like The Meridian Brothers. One of the brothers plays with them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:52am Handy Haversack:

Hiya, @John from FP.
  11:52am John from Florham park:

@handy hello again
  11:54am JakeGould:

Switched over from WNYC and man, Ken… Why aren’t you commenting on hard hitting topics like Roz Chast and her husband arguing over which direction spoons go in when put in the dishwasher. And then play bad ukulele with bad Upper West Side jokes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:55am Phillippe Bastille:

Thanks Ken
  11:55am FտFտ (:

German people listening live to WFMU from their cubicles is all set and ready to listen for Ken saying "Rollrockers Feinrippröhren".
  11:56am JakeGould:

Speaking of the Upper West Side… Nobody has written any rock songs about the Upper West Side? I mean, Zabars and Needle Park and that one flea market are not worthy of rock and roll?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:57am Granny Spicy Tuna (they/them):

Will the real Iggy Pop please stand up? Phony!
  11:58am Bill W:

@Jake: "Central Park West"
  11:58am FտFտ (:

Thanks, Ken and people. Till next episode. Loosen up and BE HAPPY!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am Handy Haversack:

Shoot, 12 already! Thanks, Ken!
  11:59am weiterso:

we have to work on the ö, but great show, thanks!
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