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The Everymen, Christi Chiello, Psychic Baos, Primitive Sound System and MORE! Live From Monty Hall
Saturday, June 25th, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
It's the return of Prove It All Night! LIVE from Monty Hall! With stand up comedy from Christi Chiello, live music from The Everymen and Psychic Baos. plus, the promise of very special surprise guests! Opening and closing the show will be resident DJ, Primitive Sound System. You can watch live video of the show over at the WFMU.org homepage from 9:30 - 11:30. The video will also appear on the WFMU phone apps, and Pat's playlist page. Or, if you're in the area- swing by Monty Hall and see the show in real life for the low low price of $5 (cheep!).

La Femme
Sunday, June 26th, 5pm - 8pm
Hello Children with Faye
Faye welcomes French visitors LA FEMME to Hello Children this week! La Femme plays an irresistible combination of dance & krautrock-inflected pop music, both "flippantly light-hearted" & "aggressively dark." Put on your most glamorous clubbing outfit, pick up a pack of Gauloise, & join the new-wave rave that is La Femme. Though they are back in Paris by now, La Femme will be releasing a new record this September, so keep your finger on the pulse! You can also hear some of their sounds on their bandcamp: https://lafemme.bandcamp.com/

Shredded Nerve
Monday, June 27th, 8pm - 9pm
Infinite Distortion
Over countless tours, tapes, homes, and jobs, Justin Lakes has been perfecting the interwoven tape loops, cold synth blasts, processed breaths, and crumbling soundscapes of SHREDDED NERVE into a science entirely onto itself. He stopped by the WFMU studios to record a mesmerizing set for Infinite Distortion. Be sure to check out that, as well as his recently released debut LP on Chondritic Sound, "In The Shadow Of What Never Was".

Pere Ubu
Tuesday, June 28th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Undoubtedly one of the most important bands in the history of the American underground, Pere Ubu emerged from Cleveland in 1975 to challenge art and rock music to step outside its well-trodden '70s safety zone. They're often credited with being thee missing link between the Velvet Underground and the late 70's punk explosion, but have also established a solid discography of records way beyond that continuing into the modern era, continually reinventing their own identity and always looking forward. Hence it's a rare and exciting treat to have them visit Brian's show today to solely focus on the material they released from 1975-82, as part of their "Co-Ed Jail" tour in the wake of two comprehensive boxed set anthologies of that period, currently out on Fire Records. We'll be hearing material from The Modern Dance, Datapanik in the Year Zero, the Art of Walking, and Song of the Bailing Man, and needless to say it will be an unmissible event in the WFMU studios! Pere Ubu plays the Bowery Ballroom (with Obnox) Wednesday, June 29th.

Bob Brown
Tuesday, June 28th, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

After releasing two albums of fragile, orchestral folk tunes in the early 1970's, Bob Brown essentially left the music business. Both albums, "The Wall I Built Myself" and "Willoughby’s Lament," were originally released on Richie Havens’ Stormy Forest label and disappeared after a couple of big-label mergers. Jump ahead to 2016 and the Tompkins Square label has reissued both of theses delicately pastoral gems. In celebration, Bob Brown along with Wall Matthews play live on Irene's show in advance of a gig at Joe's Pub.

Abdu Ali
Thursday, June 30th, 3am - 6am
Champ Sound with DJ Guy
Poet, rapper and performance artist Abdu Ali visits the Champ Sound to deliver a live set of new music. Born and raised in Baltimore, Ali is unapologetically radical in both his lyrical content and musical aesthetic. Carefully combining key elements from Baltimore Club music, harsh noise, punk and jazz, Ali and the producers with whom he works create new musical worlds that serve as compelling backdrops for Ali's lyrics. Taking on subjects such as homophobia, police brutality and cultural appropriation, Ali writes "Black self-care" anthems from the perspective of a Black gay man trying to live day to day in a society not built to recognize his humanity. Ali's work seeks not only to chart new musical territory within a sometimes stale DIY punk scene, but also to envision a culture outside of the structures power and oppression present in the contemporary United States. Tune in!

Better Than The Beatles
Thursday, June 30th, 9am - Noon
Imaginary Radio with Chris M.
A personal statement from Chris M: More than any other artist, The Beatles shaped pop and rock music from the 1960s to today... and I hate them. I hate their cloying singing, their stupid lyrics and I hate most of their dumb baby songs. On this show, you will hear only covers and songs inspired by the Beatles to prove that pretty much anybody can be better (but not necessarily bigger) than the Beatles.

Please Kill Me: Voices from the Archives – Part 1, plus Monte Melnick former tour manager of The Ramones
Saturday, July 2nd, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
A punk origin spectacular! Tune in for part one of The Please Kill Me Archive, compiled 20 years ago and presented by the original interviewers, NY Times best-selling authors and music historians Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil. It is hosted by Michael des Barres and produced by Jon Ehrens (WHYY). Part One: "The Pioneers of Punk", How the Warhol 60’s morphed into the Punk 70’s, marginalized inhabitants of a near-bankrupt New York City, changed 20th century culture, and influenced the World. Pat will be airing part 2 of this special broadcast on the following Saturday, July 9th. Also on the show will be author and legendary career spanning tour manager of The Ramones, Monte Melnick. He'll be talking calls, sharing stories, and talking about his recent archive being shown at the current Queens Museum show: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk.

The Chills (live from WFMU's Monty Hall May 23rd)
Tuesday, July 5th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Tune in today for a full broadcast from the Jersey City stop on the Chills' first American tour in 20 years. Formed by Martin Phillips in 1980, the Chills spent several decades as one of the more internationally-visible New Zealand exports of lysergic pop music, touring the world, landing on both indie and major US labels, and becoming John Peel darlings. As the mid '90s hit, Phillips dissolved the band, occasionally revamping its lineup for homeland gigs, and sporadically recording material with shifting members and other artists, until finally returning to a full-time presence on Fire records last year with the album Silver Bullets. They recently headed to New York and played NYC Popfest in Brooklyn May 22nd, followed by a triumphant gig at WFMU's on Monty Hall May 23rd where they tore through a setlist of songs that appeased even the most diehard fans in attendance. Tune in today at 4pm and hear it all on Brian's program.

The Muffs PLUS The Coathangers
Saturday, July 16th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
The Muffs perform live for Todd-O-Phonic Todd and the listening audience. They are celebrating the expanded Omnivore reissue of their amazing second album, "Blonder and Blonder". L.A.'s finest will be performing July 14th and 15th at Union Pool and July 16th at Monty Hall. Hopefully Todd's post-set interview will include questions about why The Dodgers are still struggling.

The Coathangers celebrate the release of their opus Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze) with an appearance on The Todd-O-Phonic Todd show. Whether it’s the foreboding garage rock of the title track, the post-punk groove of “Burn Me”, the stripped-down pop of “I Don’t Think So”, or the dynamic grunge of “Down Down”, The Coathangers command their songs with passion and authority. Be sure and catch them at Bowery Ballroom on July 12th.

Jared Leibowich
Sunday, July 17th, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K.
Best known to the world as Jared Zoltar of the Zoltars, Jared Leibowich is an Austin-based musician/writer/filmmaker. His debut solo album, "Welcome Late Bloomers," is, as Jared says, "an album about how a person can experience youth, adventure, and rebirth, even as the country he or she lives in is falling apart." Indeed, think introspective Jonathan Richman-esque pop songcraft with a stripped-down veracity perfect for these heady times. Be sure to tune in for this not-to-be-missed live set on Sunday, July 17 on Burn It Down!

Gino and the Goons
Sunday, August 7th, 6am - 9am
Burn It Down! with Nate K.
To paraphrase Dolly Parton’s famed adage about costing money to look cheap, it takes a lot of brains to rock as dumb as Gino and the Goons. The Tampa, Florida–based troublemakers do keep it simple, though, with their bruising beer-bash punk, channeling greats like the Ramones, the Heartbreakers, and the MC5. But Gino and his gang are no humdrum revivalists, they are dedicated keepers of the good-times flame and they have the hooks to prove it. The band drops by Burn It Down! on Sunday, August 7, to deliver their own true testimonial.

Tuesday, August 9th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Hailing from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Senyawa forged new directions in sound by wedding experimental approach with strong elements of their cultural traditions and their musical folklore. Together, Senyawa employs extended vocal techniques with oddly-rigged and heavily amplified instruments of primitive make. Founder Rully Shabara also led the mathy-rock combo Zoo, until meeting Wukir Suryadi, an East Javanese musician who created a bamboo-based electric instrument called the Bambuwukir and began collaborating. Senyawa explores the possibilities of stringed and percussive textures, both plucked, and bowed, noised up, and again dosed with a heavy element of tradition. A number of their recordings can be found on the Free Music Archive, and New Yorkers can see them live August 10th at the Bridget Donahue Gallery 99 Bowery, 2nd Floor.

Tuesday, August 16th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Rosali Middleman has just released Out of Love, a gorgeous collection of hazy, introspective, acoustic songs mining terrain somewhere in between NYC primitive urban folk of the ESP era and pre-Mac Buckingham Nicks demos of the early '70s with contemporary originality. Personal ballads with a touch of lilting psychedelia encompassed by an embracing voice, live in the studio today. Out of Love is out now on Siltbreeze Records.

The Mystery Lights
Saturday, August 20th, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
The Mystery Lights might be the next great New York rock'n'roll band. Their sound is so captivating that Daptone Records started a new rock imprint just to release their powerful debut longplayer. Check out The Mystery Lights in all their caterwauling glory on The Todd-O-Phonic Todd show Saturday afternoon and at Monty Hall with The Electric Six that evening.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show

Best described as "pugilistic rhythm-and-noise", the trio known as Sumac have just released their second album "What One Becomes", and have hit new peaks of dense, complex, face-punching, feedback-drenched chaos. The band is made up of Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mammifer) on guitar, Nick Yacyshyn on drums (Baptists), and Brian Cook on bass (Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes, Botch). They'll be at St. Vitus in Brooklyn a couple of nights earlier, August 18th, but hear them metallicize WFMU's studio B today.

Guest DJ Tom Lax from Siltbreeze Records
Tuesday, August 30th, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner's show
The annual visit from our pal Tom Lax, bringing up yet another assortment of obscuro and extremely special 7" singles wax from Siltbreeze headquarters in Philadelphia. If you've checked out this special in past years you know that you will certainly be hearing a lot of DIY/post-punk and general oddball stuff you will probably not hear anywhere else (and see as well, as we will be posting the sleeve art on the playlist page live). Not to be missed!

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