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Here are some Clash and Joe Strummer memories sent in by WFMU listeners during the Cherry Blossom Clinic's tribute to Joe Strummer with guest co-host Hova. At the bottom of the page are some links to Joe Strummer websites.
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From: Gerard
Subj: first Clash US tour vs. first Pistols US tour
Date: 02-12-27 15:46:48 EST

re : doomed Sex Pistols US tour.   Pretty much suicidal on purpose ;
tour kicked off in Nashville,  I think.  Other than San Francisco,
they pretty much skipped every big deal cosmpolitan media center.

the first Clash US tour in '79 (Bo Diddley supporting) hit all the
places you'd expect (Paladium, NYC,  Harvard Sq. Theatre, Cambridge,
MA, etc.).  While it was true that there was good general awareness of
the material on offer,  the first album still hadn't received a proper
domestic release at the time of this tour ('Give 'Em Enough Rope' had
just been issued stateside --- a version of the s/t debut came out
later with a different sequence, a couple of omissions, slightly
altered art, etc.)

...local supports for those US shows in addition to Bo Diddley.  The
Rentals played first in Cambridge (not the Weezer spinoff band).
Can't remember who got the NY gig but I have a bad feeling it might've
been the Stimulators.

.  .  .  .

From:   Cynthia
Subj:   I just remembered re: Strummer
Date:   02-12-27 17:54:03 EST

I just remembered something I had shared with Hova about the time he
interviewed Strummer...I send out a survey every year for entertainment ,
mostly my own, with questions about opinions and hypotheticals and such.One
of the questions is "If you had to be someone of the opposite sex for a day,
who would you be?"
Much to my (very pleasant) surprise, the #1 answer (from women obviously) was
Joe Strummer!! Mind you this wasn't mulitple choice. I thought that was
pretty cool, especially since I kind of expected the winner to be the
significant other, or Jesus or something!!

Thanks again for the tribute today.

.  .  .  .

From:   Dave
Subj:   clash gigs
Date:   02-12-27 16:15:53 EST

... I was at the Palladium show (their first in NY?), 4th row on the
aisle, thank you! I was 14. I can still see them exploding off the stage
during the opening chords of Safe European Home....

and my first sight of Lux too!

.  .  .  .

From:  The Web Princess
Subj:  Condolence book on-line
Date:  02-12-27 17:27:12 EST

Thank you all very much over there for doing this
tribute show. I run the US Strummer website called
Strummer News. We currently have a condolence book
on-line that people can sign if they would like. It's

Thank you,

The Web Princess

.  .  .  .

From:  Sean
Subj:  Tribute to Joe
Date:  02-12-27 17:32:57 EST

This may be the best single show I've heard on WFMU, not counting Jones'
Guinness weekend, topping Belinda's 'Tribute to Wildgirl' from
mumblety-mumble years ago...

But thanks for this.  We're losing heroes right and left, and you're
doing a great job of reminding us, not how terrible it is that he's
died, but how much better the world is because he was here.  As Bill
Murray playing Hunter Thompson said, "He stomped on the terra."  (That's

The competitive part of me needs to add, since I never saw the Clash or
Joe solo -- the closest I got to him was hearing Hova's interview -- my
first show was the Ramones.  I once sat on a stage, having been squeezed
up off the floor by the crowd, and had Iggy Pop sweat on me, and yes I
touched his leg, hell, there was no way to avoid it.  And I've met
Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian, do they count for anything?

Adios, Joe.

.  .  .  .

From:   Mike
Subj:   Hi
Date:   02-12-27 17:41:30 EST

You guys are doing a great job, thanks so much...

My Clash story:

Saw their 1982 Orpheum Theater show in Boston (the one that ended up on
"Live From Here to Eternity"). They removed the first ten rows of seats and
released a block of extra tickets at the last minute -- I was actually in
the front row, right in front of Paul. I was fifteen years old! One of the
greatest concerts ever ever ever.

.  .  .  .

From:   Stuart
Subj:   Sandinista! is my fav!!!
Date:   02-12-27 17:47:14 EST

Yup, the bonds show was my first clash show.  The it was the first
Monday and the warm-up bands were The Slits and Grandmaster 5.

I knew you'ld play Keys to my Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sux about Joe.

Rock on!!!

.  .  .  .

From:   Michael
Subj:   Joe and Monty
Date:   02-12-27 17:50:55 EST

amazing show! I wanted to thank my friend lincoln for dragging me to the 1979
Clash Paladium show. Otherwise, I would have been to lazy to go.
Also, Monty is buried in the middle of Prospect Park in Brooklyn--in the
Quaker cemetery.

.  .  .  .

From:    Julie
Subj:    Strummer Show
Date:    02-12-27 18:34:33 EST

i too drank some of his dna, i sipped out of a cup he had drank beer from and
left on stage in 1984 in stony brook.  that show sucked big time, they came
out (minus mick - this was lawsuit time or something) and then played like 2 or
three songs and walked off - they never came back, all my friends were furious,
i was like, "yeah mee too, fuck joe strummer," and as we were filing out of
the gym we walked past the stage and i was like "oooh joe strummer was drinking
out of thissee here solo cup!!" I grabbed it and slugged down the rest of his
(then I saved the cup for a long while )  they were all mad at me for being
so fannish.

.  .  .  .

From: Lisa
Subj: Nice Tribute to Joe Strummer - loving this broadcast in KC,MO
tonight- thank you soooo much!
Date: 02-12-27 18:44:56 EST

I'm listening to this braodcast with my ole man Tom PenderBlast the
Guitar Gods do it better for sure!!!!
Thanks a million.
p.s. His title song- Love Kills on the Sid & Nancy film soudtrack was pure

.  .  .  .

From:   Brian
Subj:   thanx TT
Date:   02-12-28 04:56:10 EST

... haven't wrote in a long while, but just had to say thank you to you
and Hova for the superb show this week.  I've been really down about Joe
leaving the building and hearing the two of you celebrating his life and
music really lifted me up. I realized Joe and his music have been a part
of my life for 26 years, jeez I'm 40, that's over half my life! No wonder
it hurt to lose him. My Clash story is just that I grew up in a veeerrry
small town in Ohio, and like Hova, there weren't any cool older kids to
turn me on to anything. I'd discovered the Dolls when I was about 11
(scary and dangerous, no wonder I grew up wrong!) and sorta followed
them into punk. Got the first lp on import as a Christmas present,
they sounded exactly like I thought they would, they sounded like they
looked! Instant favourite band status. I did get to see the Clash several
years later, in Chicago. It was actually on the Combat Rock tour, so I
saw the line up from the first album, very cool. I have so many memories
associated with those guys. All good ones. It sucks that Joe's gone, but
as long as there are people like you and Hova, and myself, on the planet,
Joe will live on. I'll never stop listening to the music. So, thanks
again for puttin' a smile on my face. I'll be tuned in next week as
always. You can't beat Fridays, I listen to Cherry Blossom Clinic all
afternoon, then I get paid! Have a great new year, and thank Hova for
me too.  LAMF

.  .  .  .

From:  John
Subj:  Re: joe strummer
Date:  02-12-31 11:22:48 EST

hey terre, happy new year!  i got the news from pam on the 23rd. i've been
depressed since then, it's like losing a really old friend. I can't remember
feeling this way over the death of someone who i didn't actually know, sorta
similiar feelings when d.boon died, but 1000 times worse, really feels like a
piece of me has been torn apart. joe was  the embodiment of everything i
always wanted to be, he was the man.

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