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May 24, 2014 Options
Second to last? SECOND TO NONE!!! The Penultimate Show (With Tom Scharpling)
Terre T's LAST WFMU studio show (for at least 6 months)! We're taking a break peeps! Hope to return in November 2014... See you next week- broadcasting LIVE from the WFMU Record Fair! NOTE NEW ADDRESS! - 69th Regiment Armory - 68 Lexington Ave. (at 26th St.) NYC LIVE MUSIC FROM: Dan Mechior - 3:30pm The Flatmates - 4:30pm Come out and show your support of WFMU and The Cherry Blossom Clinic! REST IN PEACE - Bob Rixon - You were there when "it" started. (You know what I mean, Bob. I hope to see you round the roses some day.) Miss you too much.
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. 0:00:00 )  
JOEL RL PHELPS  Cherry Blossom Hours   Options Joel RL Phelps' Facebook and Soundcloud. New LP "Gala" out now on 12XU!. 0:10:47 )  
THE DIRTBOMBS  By My Side   Options live on Cherry Blossom Clinic/WFMU. 0:14:26 )  
THE REIGNING SOUND  Debris   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 0:14:50 )  
BOK BOK  Misfit   Options Come Back to Me 7". captured tracks. -NR 0:16:40 )  
THE CLASH  Last Gang in Town   Options Give Em Enough Rope. Capitol. 0:19:50 )  
THE CYNICS   The Ring   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU. 0:24:30 )  
THE GEARS  The Last Chord   Options Rockin' at Ground Zero. 0:27:46 )  
THE GREENHORNES  Saying Goodbye   Options Four Stars. Third Man. 0:29:46 )  
HUNX  Say Goodbye Before You Leave   Options Hairdresser Blues. 0:32:25 )  
KELLY STOLTZ  Wave Goodbye   Options Bellow The Branches. 0:34:34 )  
THE BLACK HOLLIES  Gloomy Monday Morning   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 0:38:20 )  
THE LOONS  A Last Goodbye   Options Red Dissolving Rays Of Light. 0:41:24 )  
HÜSKER DÜ  First of the Last Calls   Options Metal Circus. 0:45:14 )  
THE OTHERS  I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye   Options Mindrocker. 0:48:58 )  
BARE WIRES  Ready To Go   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 0:50:50 )  
THE CHARACTERS  This Is Goodbye   Options The Best of Rodney on the ROQ. 0:52:49 )  
STIV BATORS  The Last Year   Options L.A. L.A.. BOMP!. 0:58:23 )  
THE FRIENDS  Bye Bye Friends   Options Searchin' For Shakes: Swedish Beat 1965-1968 (V/A). 1:00:52 )  
BARRY WHITE  You're The First, The Last, My Everything   Options Can't Get Enough. 1:02:53 )  
FEEDTIME  Last Time   Options Cooper S. 1:21:11 )  
BLACK MARKET BABY  Nothing Lasts Forever   Options hyped to death #61. 1:24:04 )  
GEORDIE  Goodble Love   Options Dynamite: the best of glam rock. 1:26:50 )  
EUROPE  The Final Countdown   Options LIVE on Cherry Blossom Clinic/WFMU. 1:30:10 )  
BAZOOKA  Bye Bye Girl   Options Bazooka. 1:33:58 )  
THE DEL-VETTS  Last Time Around   Options 1:36:53 )  
LOVER!  Goodbye   Options No Dreams Please EP. 1:39:23 )  
THE DAMNED  Anti-Pope (Live May 16th, 2009)   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 1:43:40 )  
RAVE  Long Goodbye   Options Live! At the Red Lion. 1:46:56 )  
GENTLEMEN JESSE  Highland Crawler (Live 2-7-2009)   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 1:50:05 )  
THE ACTION  I'll Keep Holding On   Options 1:53:00 )  
GARY AND THE HEARTTHROBS  Hey APMike (Live on The Best Show)   Options Live on The Best Show. 1:57:22 )  
GARY THE SQUIRREL  Squirrel In The PIT   Options Sneak Preview!. 2:25:01 )  
KRAUT  Last Chance   Options New York Yorlk Thrash. 2:26:21 )  
THE BYE-LAWS  Run Baby Run   Options 2:28:20 )  
THE DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE  Let It Die (Live January 2010)   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 2:31:07 )  
ROCK CITY  Think It's Time To Say Goodbye   Options Thank You Friends: The Ardent Record Story. 2:34:25 )  
FLAMIN' GROOVIES  You Tore Me Down (Live November 16th, 2013)   Options Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (FMA). 2:36:52 )  
MATTHEW SWEET  Nothing Lasts   Options Girlfriend. 2:40:15 )  
MIKE KROL  A Million Times   Options Trust Fund. CCC. 2:43:30 )  
LAURA CANTRELL   When The Roses Bloom Again   Options When the Roses Bloom Again. PLAYING THE WFMU Record fair NEXT Sunday! 2:46:52 )  
THE FLATMATES  If Not For You   Options Shimmer EP. The Subway organization. 3:02:13 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:14pm Callieflower:

Good afternoon, everyone! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 3:14pm eyenoise:

"You're listenin' to Terre T!"
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:20pm Cliff:

We're off to a good start today :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:24pm Nate K:

Fantastic set Terre! Please Terre don't hurt 'em.
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:25pm John:

Hello! Very happy that Terre's doing her thing today! :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:26pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 3:28pm eyenoise:

Oh, Michael K.
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:30pm Barbara:

Ohh that's so sweet! And the ever profesional Michael had totally lost his voice the night before at Magnetic Field and yet you can't hardly tell... well a little bit :) Thanks T!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:30pm Callieflower:

This is such a great set!
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:31pm marmalade kitty:

Hello Terre & all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 3:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's the penultimate Cherry Blossom Clinic today.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:34pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello all. Is there a theme here?
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:36pm the Brooklyn kid:

Hello terre t.
I'm very sad:( only this and next weeks show and we won't hear you for the summer and fall
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:37pm Danne D:

Hi Terre! Hi everyone! I hope this is only a short term goodbye. I am gonna miss you when I am out and about on Saturday :( you are the Queen!
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:38pm Danne D:

i will see you at the record fair next week though :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:39pm Barbara:

Crap! I had no idea this was a Goodbye Set! Now I'm sad :( I guess no more working saturday afternoons at Get Hip anymore... Terre T was the only thing that made it bearable :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:40pm Fredericks:

Penultimate Clinic? Say it ain't so, Terri.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:41pm KevinfromBayRidge:

It's nothing more than having FMU's emotional heart ripped out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 3:41pm eyenoise:

"It's the penultimate Cherry Blossom Clinic today." *SADFACE*
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:41pm Cliff:

Terre will be getting a well-deserved break, and having listened to her before I'm sure DJ Keili will do an awesome job in this timeslot. :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:42pm the Brooklyn kid:

You will be sorely missed!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:42pm Callieflower:

She'll be beastin hard
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:45pm Danne D:

I am happy at least a certified Princess in DJ Keili will be in this slot two weeks from now
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:45pm Carolyn:

I'm also very sad to lose Terre. You will be missed.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:46pm Callieflower:

Terre will always be the queen of WFMU in my mind
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:49pm BadGuyZero:

Thank goodness for the archives. I'll still be able to visit the clinic, though it won't be quite the same as getting a Saturday afternoon checkup.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:53pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Your first "break in service" was really rough. I'm sure this will be better!
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:57pm ScottC:

WHAT! No Terre on Saturdays? If I was driving I would just hit a telephone pole :(
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 3:58pm Michael K.:

Ima cryin' ovah here :(
  Sat. 5/24/14 3:59pm Ron:

Terre owns Saturdays. Nobody can replace her!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:00pm Danne D:

Paulie B said on twitter Terre will be back in November. I am now holding him to this. :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:01pm ScottC:

  Sat. 5/24/14 4:02pm Danne D:

@BGZ at least used needles from this Clinic won't hurt you :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:03pm Danne D:

@KevinFromBayRidge agreed
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:04pm Terre T:

Aww... THANKS EVERYBODY! Hopefully just one schedule off. Need a break- I am fried.. But will hopefully return very soon! The future is unwritten!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:04pm the Brooklyn kid:

I will be counting the days to the return of the cherry blossom clinic in November
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:06pm Danne D:

heard X.Ray play this last week :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:06pm Robert:

Thanks for many years of excellent programming. Besides your being just all-around good, you've been a good example of what my Cousin Alan says about WFMU's DJs promoting a lot of acts, esp. new & local ones.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:07pm dk:

not a last call, but a new day rising.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:07pm Barbara:

Hahaha Barry White!!! Awesome...
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:07pm listener mark:

Ally McBeal!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:08pm the Brooklyn kid:

I'm going to follow you on twitter and I suggest the faithful here do the same
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:09pm Danne D:

she's @TerreCherry on twitter, peeeeple
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:10pm the Brooklyn kid:

Already following @TerreCherry
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:10pm Robert:

Kevin, by "first break", did you mean Terre's cancer surgery?
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:13pm Callieflower:

OH MY GOSH. That's a line to remember
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:14pm tonyb:

...such sweet sorrow.

tom, now terre.

if joe belock takes off
i'm moving to new zealand.

i know i'll be seeing you..
best regards!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:15pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Yes Robert.0bviously another LTListener
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 4:18pm Parq:

Very psyched to be there for the season finale at the Fair next week.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:18pm Callieflower:

Tom on Terre's show :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:19pm Danne D:

Tom! :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:19pm dk:

  Sat. 5/24/14 4:19pm Nate K:

Hi gang!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:20pm dk:

damn, 2 minutes on the air and scharpling's already killing. the man is un. stop. able.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:21pm Danne D:

Hey Nate - congrats on the regular spot :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:21pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hey!!! A little respect for A Lord of Flatbush!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:22pm Andrew Fetter:

Great show today. Enjoy the time off Terre and we hope you'll be back soon.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:23pm the Brooklyn kid:

Terre T your more of a Leather Tuscadero to The Fonz
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:23pm Robert:

Even My Ol' Pal Irwin took a break recently.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 4:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi Tom. Have you had some creative projects lately? What ya been up to?
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:23pm Danne D:

i need coffee to stay awake at 3pm too ;)
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:25pm Danne D:

um wait if Tom is the Fonz does that make Paulie B Chachi?
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:25pm dk:

yeah, terre is both tuscaderos, richie cunningham and the fonz rolled up into a bundle of cool. the rest of us are just a mess of potsies and ralph malphs.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:25pm dk:

ralphs malph? what IS the plural of "ralph malph"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 4:27pm Goyim in the AM:

A Malph of Ralphs.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:27pm Jesso:

Wow this is a great version of The Last Time. Sounds nothing like The Verve! Terre your show today, as every week, has been fantastic!!!!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:29pm dk:

if it weren't for terre, i wouldn't know about the h2d comps, and so much else. thanks terre.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:31pm Michael K.:

i got a feeling Tom and Terre are moving to Cali to become the next Allen & Burns , Meara & Stiller ? or Detectives The Thin man or
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McMillan & Wife
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:32pm the Brooklyn kid:

I am almost 50! And I've been listening to wfmu for over 30 years. I have never known a Saturday without terre t and the cherry blossom clinic. This is going to be like if earth didn't have a moon to look at in the sky
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:33pm BadGuyZero:

Where's G.O.B.?
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:33pm ScottC:

Hey it's Gob's magic act music!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 4:34pm Andrew Fetter:

Wait, whuuuuuuuut????
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:34pm the Brooklyn kid:

Terre! Don't be a stranger to WFMU! I expect to hear you hear and there call in Dave hills show once and a while
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:34pm Cliff:

I loved this song so much when I was like 8 years old
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:35pm SpamPrince:

Say it ain't so Terre! Thanx for all the fish! (on behalf of The Choke especially!) So where you guys goin'?
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:35pm Nate K:

I'm not sure I've heard this song played past the intro in 20 years.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:35pm ScottC:

I'm expecting a bunch of pennies to come shooting out at me...
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:35pm Danne D:

I think this Europe is as close to prog as we'll get today ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 4:35pm Cory:

I effing love this effing song. Thank you.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:37pm Joey Tempest:

The version by Laibach is good.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:37pm CZECHANO:

Terre Noooo!!!!! Thanks for the great tunes and radio stuff!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:38pm Barbara:

Ha! Final Countdown was the summer hit when I was 18 in Madrid and midsummer I felt if I heard it one more time I'd puke!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 4:38pm Cory:

thanks for the heads up Joey!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:38pm On the Yazoo:

Thanks Terre, It's been fun.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:39pm KP:

Hi, Terre!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:39pm Danne D:

@BK waant Wild Girl on Saturdays back in the day? i know Terre was on a weekday afternoon when she came back the first time. i rushed home on lunch to listen.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 4:40pm Cory:

(reads rest of comment board) Have fun Terre, thanks for all the awesome music. I hope you enjoy whatever is next for you guys!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:40pm herb.nyc:

Plz, no more talk of Terre taking a break. Im afraid my cat is on the c(h)atboard. It'd really hurt her
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:43pm grassmother:

This is fuzzy
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:44pm the Brooklyn kid:

I've been a listener since 1986! I remember
Pat Duncan
John schnall
Sub genius hour of slack
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 4:45pm maestroso:

Enjoy your break Terre T, thanks for all the music and I look forward to your return!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:46pm Danne D:

@BK do you remember Radio 'Active' Theater? (wouldnt sbe surprised if not - I think 'Radio Chat Room' lasted longer :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 4:48pm Callieflower:

This is such a great show and great reminder of what we're going to miss when Terre takes her much needed break. THE BEST
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:49pm marmalade kitty:

The Damned!
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:50pm the Brooklyn kid:

I remember
The cosmic cowboy
Janitor from Mars
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:55pm Joey Tempest:

I hear a squirrel.
  Sat. 5/24/14 4:56pm KP:

My greatest WFMU moment came when I hooked up my iPhone to my car stereo and drove around eastern LI listening to Terre T. Free at last
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:00pm Danne D:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:00pm Callieflower:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One day, the guys from The Move are going to call up asking why they aren't getting royalty checks anymore.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:00pm Parq:

KP, once I was driving with my daughter in the front seat and Terre T on the radio. My kid had just gotten big enough to sit in the front seat, so this was kind of a touchstone moment for her. She asked me who was on the air and I told her. She stared thoughtfully at the radio for a moment, and then reached over and turned it up. That's my girl!
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:01pm Ignore Function:

I hear a hit!
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:01pm grassmother:

  Sat. 5/24/14 5:01pm grassmother:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:02pm Keili:

Hi Terre! Hi everybody!
I love youuu!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:02pm Danne D:

I think there can be a whole fill-in show just of these great Terre T bumpers :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:02pm Listener Jumpy:

Soundin' good.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:04pm Danne D:

Keili :D
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:04pm Danne D:

A secret(!)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:04pm Callieflower:

I'm enjoying this conversation :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:05pm Callieflower:

Yay, Keili. Gonna love beastin in this timeslot
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:05pm grassmother:

Tom good to hear you
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:06pm Keili:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:06pm Callieflower:

Therese is the official Mike handler? I guess that makes sense. Her or Spoony
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:07pm acid casualty:

Ter, enjoy your break. You deserve it. You are a true virtuoso.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:08pm Callieflower:

Tom's bringing it
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:09pm Danne D:

I heard the Shout Radio Network has a big $ deal lined up for TT.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

An episode of Fawlty Towers had a guy called Mr. Hilter.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:09pm Danne D:

@Keili :) Woohoo you got the Tom seal of approval
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:10pm Danne D:

@Callie Spoony only handles business with AP Mike that invovles #Filth
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:11pm Robert:

I have a refrig. full of Coors Light. It (and regular Coors) was salvaged from a stash from an organiz'n's Xmas party for 2011. It tastes just as bad as when fresh, but it's free.
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:14pm Robert:

Breaking out one of those salvaged Coors Lights right now. Hardly any hops, so no skunkiness.
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:14pm Steve-O:

So this is the last Cherry Blossom Clinic show for a while? Aw man.....say it ain't so. =(
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:15pm Danne D:

@Steve-O actually next week is - but that one is live at the Record Fair.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/24/14 5:21pm eyenoise:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:24pm amEdeo:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:25pm Danne D:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:25pm Danne D:

@amEdeo I'm hoping your break from the schedule is also short.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:28pm Parq:

Squirrly Wrath.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:29pm Danne D:

All I can do to hold back and not start singing along at the Starbucks right now!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:29pm Carolyn:

I like angst-y Gary The Squirrel.
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:30pm BobobU:

Dr. Rockso on FMU--I mean, Gary the Squirrel!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:31pm Callieflower:

This show has been so wonderful today. And helloooo, amEdeo
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:40pm tk:

So sad! I have loved this show for years. Introduced me to such amazing music. Thanks Terre!!!
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:41pm Steve-O:

@Danne D: Well, whatever the case, I'll be sure to tune in, and with Real Player next time! =)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:43pm Danne D:

Terre's gonna make me cry now.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:44pm slugluv1313:

awww Terre T., we are ALL going to miss you so much!!! hoping you come back after your totally deserved (and probably long over-due!!!!!) break!!!!!! xoxoxooxox
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:45pm KP:

This is sweet
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:46pm Ignore Function:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:50pm Callieflower:

Laura :)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:51pm Danne D:

Terre manages to masterfully tie a bow (hopefully just for now) on things, invoke another classic WFMU DJ, and preview a live performer for next week's record fair. This is why she'll almost be the Queen. Nobody does it better.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:54pm Danne D:

always be the queen! always!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:54pm Danne D:

Ugh, I knew I'd typo that :(
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:55pm Danne D:

Thank you for everything Terre!! You're the best - a first rate DJ and and a first rate person!

Hope you come back soon!

Have a good holiday everyone and see you next weekend Terre. Long Live Queen Terre!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sat. 5/24/14 5:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Have a great summer/fall vacation. Do you plan to travel or lie low? Will we see you at the WFMU performance space?
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:59pm Carolyn:

See you soon Terre. Saturdays won't be the same without you.
  Sat. 5/24/14 5:59pm Steve-O:

Well, I guess this is it, then. Goodbye for now, Terre.....You were one of my first favorite DJs on WFMU, and I can remember *many* a fun weekend jammin' out to the tunes you played. Not to mention that you are just an awesome person in general. =D

So enjoy your vacation, Terre T.....happy trails. =)
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 5:59pm Cliff:

Bye bye Terre, and see you next week! ;)
  Sat. 5/24/14 6:00pm ScottC:

Saturday rocked with Terre at the wheel. Made the neighbors complain with a squeal. This Break stuff is a RAW DEAL!
  Sat. 5/24/14 6:01pm KP:

Bye Terre
  Sat. 5/24/14 6:02pm Ignore Function:

Thank you Terre T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:02pm Callieflower:

<3 those two :)
  Sat. 5/24/14 6:02pm Robert:

So indirectly, Terre's responsible for Tom's getting a job on "Monk".
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:02pm party sub:

thank you Terre!
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:03pm BadGuyZero:

I cannot put into words how much I love Terre and Tom.
  Sat. 5/24/14 6:04pm ♫NoBunny of Note♬:

Exceptional unique program will obviously be missed - & gratitude.
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:04pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:04pm Callieflower:

Seriously, Randall. I've only met them a couple of times, but they are the sweetest
Avatar Sat. 5/24/14 6:05pm KevinfromBayRidge:

terre, you're the only thing that could make me loook forward to November
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