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A viking ship appears on the horizon, a likeness of Loretta Lynn carved into its bow. Rare birds flock together to sing Francoise Hardy as soul hits. A sunset of blips and bleeps fills the air.

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Options March 4, 2014: the imaginary space of the outlaw

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
supremes  it's time to break down   Options     0:00:00 ()
the legendary jim ruiz group  spain   Options     0:04:38 ()
the style council  you're the best thing   Options     0:07:38 ()
robert glasper  the consequences of jealousy, georgia anne muldrow's sassy gee mix)   Options     0:13:59 ()
fourtet  glue of the world   Options     0:17:38 ()
allah las  Catamaran   Options allah las  pledge now and get in the running wfmu.org  0:21:36 ()
  wega 2 stones rmx( two stones     stop the world and let me off! 75$ pledge gets this automatically  0:34:27 ()
isabelle antena  be pop   Options     0:35:42 ()
the sugargliders  top 40 sculpture   Options     0:39:20 ()
julia holter  in the same room   Options ekstasis  get in the running for this cd pledge wfmu.org  0:48:22 ()
francoise hardy  tout ce qu'on dit   Options     0:52:04 ()
juana molina  eras   Options wed 21  pledge now and get in the running for this cd wfmu.org  1:01:16 ()
zooey  little thunder   Options stop the world and let me off premium  $75 gets you this cd premium automatically  1:05:55 ()
anna von hausswolff  epitatph of theodor   Options ceremony  get int he running for this cd!! pledge wfmu.org  1:19:38 ()
syl johnson  i'm talkin about freedom   Options     1:23:59 ()
william onyeabor  body and soul   Options Who Is William Onyeabor?  pledge now and get in the running for this cd!! 1800 989 9368  1:38:35 ()
space art  love machine   Options stop the world and let me off premium  $75 gets you this premium automatically!!!  1:51:07 ()
wade flemons  easy lovin'   Options stop the world and let me off premium  $75 donation gets you this premium automatically!  2:04:46 ()
trash can sinatras  how can i apply?   Options     2:06:43 ()
X ray pop  le mouchoir violet   Options stop the world and let me off premium  $75 automatically gets you this premium!!  2:09:40 ()
makh makh  why why?   Options kassidat raw 45's from morocco  get inthe running! doante to wfmu.org  2:20:17 ()
lonnie holley  Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants   Options Keeping A Record Of It  get in the running for this record!! pledge wfmu.org 1900 989 9368  2:32:53 ()
vex ruffin        2:43:56 ()
West Coast Consortium  lady from baltimore   Options stop the world and let me off premium  $75 pledge you get this automatically  2:44:36 ()
Yuko Ikoma  powdery   Options stop the world and let me off premium    2:55:17 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:02am bobdoesthings:

morning all!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:03am Trouble:

good jolly morning all! coins a clinkin i hope...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:05am common:

good morn trouble and bob and all!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:08am Faye:

Good happy morning everyone! Let's get those phones-a-ringin for Trouble this AM!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:18am ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:19am SeanG:

Where is everyone??
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:20am ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

raoul vaneigem all the way...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:21am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ah, cool. A black & white GIF, suitable to print out and color! On the back, maybe draw a picture of the creep and what he's thinking.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:27am Snortley:

That gal needs to learn to better punctuate her outbursts.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:29am Cecile:

yesterday was day #50 of below-zero weather in Mpls this year. Today it's 10 degrees outside and we are all dancing with joy.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:30am Cecile:

The cute sweater level in the FMU control room is probably 1000 % up.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:30am Cecile:

You have to buy solid silver rattles for Blue Ivy. Wait, that's Jay-Z.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:33am bobdoesthings:

Trouble do you make cookies every marathon?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:34am Cecile:

I have a Martha Stewart receipe for chocolate gingerbread cookies that is the most ridiculously delicious thing ever that a child under 8 will not touch.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:35am Cecile:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:35am Ken From Hyde Park:

@Snortley - Punctuation saves lives: www.themodernausten.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:35am Cecile:

If anyone decides to make, them I can give you a couple of shortcuts that make sense if you are in that situation.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:36am Cecile:

awesome, ken. hahahaha
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:38am Cecile:

this sound is so light and frothy it makes cappucino foam seem like cement.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:45am Roberto:

For Faye and me. Not for Faye and I. Unless you're Rastafarian.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:46am bobdoesthings:

That's me! ahh
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:46am Andrew Waterloo:

good morning
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:49am Guido (Cologne):

Julia Holter!
the current live ensemble is sooo greaat!
Guten TZAG everyone!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:50am bibi:

hello trouble makers. this holter tune is sweet, it glides, it's a sugarglider by itself.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:51am common:

nice sounds, trouble!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:51am Guido (Cologne):

First regular album!
First or second (= domino) edition?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:51am Trouble:

yes i do make cookies every marathon show! it's the least i can do for someone who gets up to answer phones for WFMU!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:52am Cecile:

tell me about your chocolate gingerbread recipe. I love Martha''s but it's so fricking labor intensive.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:53am bibi:

is there a cookies premium on the way ?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:54am Guido (Cologne):

This song is from that one i think:
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:54am Guido (Cologne):

... it is!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:56am sugarwolf:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:58am Fernando M P:

Trouble and Faye, a perfect team.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 9:59am Fernando M P:

Trouble, I got your email last night. I'm sorry I can't afford to pledge again. I already did last saturday on Faye's.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:01am Trouble:

all pledges are good fernando!! no worries!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:02am Guido (Cologne):

DON'T MISS THE VIDEO to this song !!!
(On her homepage.)
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:02am glenn:

speaking of genius. www.incrediblethings.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:02am MikeY:

What exactly is the stations goal to raise during the marathon?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:03am Trouble:

if i could do a cookies premium i would!! the actual cookies won't last well in the mail. but i will post the recipe for these, that i made up , if we do well today!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:03am Trouble:

1.2 million dollars is our goal
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:04am MikeY:

That should buy a transmitter I hope
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:10am mariano:

'Morning everyone. All pledged out, blame Liz B.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:11am Scott McDowell:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:11am bibi:

kind of 'hippy' cookies ? what do you exactly mean trouble ? hmm ?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:12am fred von helsing:

@ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ raoul you betcha
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:12am bibi:

do you mean you feel like a squirrel in a horse head feeder ?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:13am jamesie:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:13am Andrew Waterloo:

this is making me hungry
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:14am mariano:

As a graphic designer I gotta say that that Hillary magazine cover was an absolute Photoshop disaster.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:15am Scott McDowell:

Five spice powder expert cookie samurai move.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:15am bobdoesthings:

As a retoucher.. please send me this cover.. I must see
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:15am bibi:

we are all connected to wfmu, poor Denise. ill set up a petition for her.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:16am common:

@bibi: i love the horse head squirrel feeder!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:16am bibi:

i thought madonna was unbeatable about photoshop disasters...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:17am Vivian:

Why are they called hippy cookies?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:17am Scott McDowell:

More hippies.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:18am Guido (Cologne):

real 'hippy' cookies would be space cakes I'd expect.
but that's possibly not for the DJ on the air and better not to be told on the air ...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:18am mariano:



@bibi: do tell more!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:19am Scott McDowell:

Vivian I think brown rice flour www.birkajazz.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:19am bibi:

vivian, your eye wouldnt be that immaculate if you try them out ;)
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:19am Guido (Cologne):

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:20am Andrew Waterloo:

Wo.. sort of waiting for Edward Ka-spel to start singing.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:20am bibi:

mariano, the guys in the black van are back, now at wfmu headquarters... they smelled the cookies.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:21am Guido (Cologne):

... gonna sing the "om mani padme hum" mantra forced by the brown rice.
Is it a kind of medicine?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:22am mariano:

Uh oh, bibi. They're onto everything!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:23am bobdoesthings:

@mariano.. it's not a disaster.. but it is ridiculous.. are they hiring teenagers to make covers now?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:26am bibi:

wait, mariano's link is the real nyt cover ?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:27am Caryn:

@Scott: that cover looks like it features a squirrel with its head in an acorn-shaped squirrel feeder.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:27am mariano:

@bobdoesthings: yeah, certainly seen much worse, but it's amazing that this wound up on the cover of the NYT mag. Yeah, bibi, that was the real cover, to the Sunday magazine.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:29am bobdoesthings:

is it against the rules to try to win more than one give-away in one show?
  Tue. 3/4/14 10:29am Ralphine:

Adolph Ochs is spinning in his grave.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:30am Guido (Cologne):

Is she going to sue them?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:32am Caryn:

@bob: Not against the rules, but somewhat frowned upon. I almost suspect that if you've won something (unless it's one of those situations where you are eligible for the grand prize as well as a smaller prize you've already won with the same pledge), they put your pledge card aside during the shuffling. Of course, maybe that's the paranoiac in me...
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:33am bobdoesthings:

hehe ok cool
  Tue. 3/4/14 10:35am Ralphine:

I remember they did a "WFMU-on-a-stick" (every DJ premium) giveaway during the marathon finale one year, and some guy sent in what had to have been a couple dozen small pledges. It got old very quickly.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:35am Vivian:

@Scott- thanks for the clarification. Funny how hippie is thrown around these days..
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:35am Caryn:

@bob: I think it's way more ok during the overnight shows, where there are fewer pledgers. If there's no-one else up for a prize anyway, I don't think anyone minds giving the prize to someone who has won earlier during the same show.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:36am bobdoesthings:

Yeah, all good, I'm super happy winning once. I wont be greedy. thanks caryn
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:38am Scott McDowell:

Bob - No it's cool. Keep pledging keep going for prizes. Play the marathon like a slot machine! You could win 'em all! :)
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:40am bobdoesthings:

Wahaha. I'm almost guilty to say I've won 4 items already.. Working towards a bigger goal of a pledge.. no worries. I shall pledge more before the week is over!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:40am Caryn:

@bob: I wouldn't call it greedy. After all, you're pledging money every time you are up for a prize! If you want to try your luck again, go for it!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:42am mariano:

This Onyeabor certainly has merits to discuss.
  Tue. 3/4/14 10:43am M:

No phone room romances allowed.
  Tue. 3/4/14 10:43am Ralphine:

I think the title of his album has merit.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:45am WFMU dot OMG:

B23 here! I gave at the office.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:45am Caryn:

I wonder if, whenever he hears the name of his album, William points at himself with his thumbs and goes, "This guy!"
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:45am mariano:

C'mon, let's hear the dairy story!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:49am highlowe:

feeling the love today and always when I find Trouble in the house!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:50am duke:

WMFU volunteer room - witness protection program
  Tue. 3/4/14 10:51am tonyb:

the 30 minute "william onyeabor"
doc. is up on youtube
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:52am Trouble:

indeed! no greedy about it! everytime you pledge you are in the running for a prize. go team!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:53am bobdoesthings:

ahh pphhffeww, I feel good again,
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:55am Doug Schulkind:

Ichenna Ikonne of the blog Comb & Razor, who was instrumental in helping track down William Onyeabor for Luaka Bop, was hugely generous to WFMU this marathon. Hail Ichenna!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 10:57am Doug Schulkind:

And by Ichenna, I of course mean Uchenna!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:00am mariano:

Thanks for the info Doug, didn't know about this at all. Ladies: let's not even joke about a world without FMU!
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:01am Nixon:

I am not a creep!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:03am sugarwolf:

I am dying to read that yé-yé book. I'm a little obsessed with Sylvie Vartan this week.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:03am Alessia:

Serge Gainsbourg, pretty ambiguous guy.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:05am Caryn:

Wait, is the ye-ye book up as a prize?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:05am Trouble:

sugarwolf you will LOVE this book!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:06am Trouble:

yup ye ye book is up as a prize right now!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:06am βrian:

Cieux neigeux au-dessus de l'Isthme aujourd'hui. Je suis en route au pledge form.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:08am braveness23:

This 'trash can sinatras' guy sorta sounds like Morrisey
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:08am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Just pledged to the ~Wonder Twin Power~ show! Go Frouble! Go Traye!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:09am Caryn:

Thanks, Trouble! Had to go pledge like the wind. (Trying to listen and clean the house at the same time, so I initially missed you putting it up as a prize.)
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:14am common:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:14am sugarwolf:

you need a special graphic with added chickens to the dog & cow
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:21am mariano:

@brian: quelle isthme?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:25am maja:

hi what's up? :)
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:25am βrian:

Ben, c'est l'isthme entre les lacs Mendota and Monona, juste au centre du monde !
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:27am βrian:

But remember, "Orange" has only one "a."
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:29am bibi:

brian, have you tried out hippy cookies ? i feel like i'll never manage to reach this isthme. au centre de la terre ou au centre du monde. et quelle monde ? le monde de cookies troublants ?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:34am βrian:

I haven't, but I tend to like most things hippie.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:36am braveness23:

This song made me get out my calculator to see if the math really works out. It does.
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:37am Marc:

Did Trouble post the recipe?
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:38am Marc:

91% Woo Hoo
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:39am Sam:

Brian, is that in Minnesota?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:40am mariano:

@brian: ah, got it!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:40am maja:

Love you Trouble!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:41am βrian:

No, Minnesota's evil twin: Wisconsin.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:42am mariano:

A German friend of mine didn't know how the term in English for space cakes and called them sh*t cookies. Everyone went Eeeeeew!
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:42am Justin:

Enough with the Lonnie Holley please!!!! His voice is irritating.
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:42am PattiVill:

I love Trouble! Just submitted a Mouse pledge online :-)
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:43am Sam:

Wisconsin, c'est dans l'ancienne Nouvelle France. Le pays du Pere Marquette.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:43am Guido (Cologne):

  Tue. 3/4/14 11:44am Marc:

You did make your goal!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:44am mariano:

99%, that's great! Lots of high 80s/low 90s all week.
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:44am Sam:

Mariano, that's because in France, and maybe Germany, they call it "sheet", since that's what the hash looks like.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:46am mariano:

Sam: Yeah, I always found that curious. The one word in English they both agree on.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:46am hazelsavacool:

I dont know how to donate part of my Swag For life to you!!! ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am Guido (Cologne):

Spanish term was "Chocolata Buena"!
Much more tasty!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am braveness23:

that transition hurt my head!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am northguineahills:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am listener james from westwood:

Yay, Trouble!! Bataan down the hatches!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

  Tue. 3/4/14 11:47am Marc:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:48am common:

yip yip! wagginhappen!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:48am Vivian:

Where is the hippie cookie recipe????
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:48am mariano:

Omaha! Love that town.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:48am bobdoesthings:

  Tue. 3/4/14 11:50am Marc:

Keili & Faye should have a Japanese conversation/
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:51am Guido (Cologne):

agree Marc
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:51am Marc:

Cookie recipe?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:53am common:

  Tue. 3/4/14 11:54am KatyFromIzleworth:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:54am Guido (Cologne):

What was about the infamous Pan-Am sticker on the Silver Apples cover and on the cover back site was a crashed plane?
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:54am fleep:

Need an eccentric billionaire to endow this sucka, no strings attached. Lookin' at you, George Soros.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:56am northguineahills:

I'm an eccentric tenaire!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:57am Guido (Cologne):

She sounds like Josephine Foster ... her voice.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:57am rsj:

that's not rosemary's baby?
  Tue. 3/4/14 11:57am Marc:

Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:58am mariano:

Hah! I am worth HUNDREDS!
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 11:58am listener james from westwood:

Trouble, Faye, you are both wonderful DJs. Thanks for making WFMU, in turn, wonderful.
Avatar Tue. 3/4/14 8:00pm Trouble:

as promised!
CHOCOLATE GINGER COOKIES preheat oven to 350 degrees

1.5 cups flour
1TBL cocoa powder
1TSP 5 spice powder
1TSP ginger powder
1TSP baking soda
1TSP cinnamon
pinch of salt

½ cup coconut oil
½ cup dark blackstrap molasses
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup crystallized ginger, chopped
½ cup dark chocolate chips
2 TSP warm water

mix all the dry ingredients together. In separate bowl combine all the wet.
Knead together if needed. Let stand for 60 minutes.
Cover cookie sheets with parchment paper. Roll dough into small balls (tsp full size), roll in white sugar. Put on sheet, few inches apart. Slightly press down with back end of fork.

Bake 12-13 minutes. Let cool somewhat before moving to cooling racks.
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