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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

Wednesdays 7 - 8pm (EST) | On WFMU | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Options February 26, 2014: #12 - Another Radio Show with a Tote Bag (Marathon Week 1)

Support innovative new programming on WFMU!

Today's show is your first chance ever to voice your support for Why oh Why. I'll be joined by DJ Faye from Hello Children, one of my favorite sources for music airing every Saturday night at 9pm-Midnight.

Donate $75 and get a Why Oh Why Tote Bag! It's the tote bag that lets everyone know you're interested in the honest, thought-provoking, soul-crushing, cringeworthy particularities of human relationships, and Randy. Not to be confused with public radio tote bags.

If we make it halfway to my goal, I'll be playing you the beginning of my not-a-date to Bubba Gumps with our regular guest Randy.

If we make my total goal tonight, I'll be playing you a moment from after my dinner with Randy, where I've had a bit too much to drink. Did I mention today's my Birthday?

All gifts of $75 or more will be in the running for my prize, which is this very special chapbook from Believer Magazine of Lena Dunham and Judy Blume in conversation. This is an exclusive eighty-page mini-book featuring two cultural icons discussing their childhoods, careers, favorite breakfasts, ThunderShirts for dogs and humans, Fifty Shades of Grey, and more.

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    Support innovative new programming on WFMU! Today's show is your first chance ever to voice your support for Why Oh Why. I'm joined by DJ Faye from Hello Children, one of my favorite sources for music airing every Saturday night at 9pm-Midnight. Donate $75 and get a Why Oh Why Tote Bag! It's the tote bag that lets everyone know you're interested in the honest, thought-provoking, soul-crushing, cringeworthy particularities of human relationships, and Randy. Not to be confused with public radio tote bags.   
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This is a photo of me from 2007, my first visit to WFMU!      
My DJ Premium for $75 or More     
All gifts of $75 or more are in the running for this prize!     

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy BDay Ange!
Happy Pledging Listeners!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:01pm Callieflower:

Hiii, everybody. Kick butt, Andrea
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:02pm Ange:

Thanks for joining me!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, long history on 7SD...and THAT "Why Oh Why", from the 7SD scandal that took out the "Metropolitan Diary"?! What a great inspiration for your show's name! :D
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:03pm Y-O-P-90:

Happy Birthday, Ms. Silenzi
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How much is Randy pledging? Lots & lots, I hope. Free publicity shouldn't be free.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, even now you kinda *sound* like a 17 year old girl ;)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:05pm RSB:

wow - great
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:05pm Greg from VA:

My first time listening to you Andrea, I guess you can say I just lost my Why Oh Why? virginity!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:06pm RSB:

ends with an a is always good
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:06pm Y-O-YP-90:

"...struck some kind of great blow for coolness" indeed
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:07pm RSB:

Love You Andrea -
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:08pm Matt from Springfield:

"In February 2007, the show received wide attention for a program in which an entry to the Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times was faked. The faked entry was submitted to the Times by the program's blogmaster, who then lied to the editor who called to fact-check. After the false story ran in the Times, many blogs mocked the paper for it, and the Times editor called the blogmaster to berate her and threaten her future academic and career prospects. Freedman and Breckman called the editor on the air the next week to apologize (and to correct the error by causing an incident in real life that mirrored the one they had earlier fabricated). Subsequently, the story circulated that the Times might, as a result of this incident, cancel the Metropolitan Diary altogether."
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:08pm itsok:

andreas done awesome stuff for 7sd and wfmu.

but my pledge will come with a request...please move away from the npr style and find a voice that is your own (and less precious)!! take the skills you mention and ditch the gross ira glassisms. you can be yr own style!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey hey, can I get the number for your past self! ...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Well my deadlines are dead..
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:11pm RSB:

Happy Birthday!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:12pm Reno Dakota:

Happy 29th Birthday, Andrea!
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:12pm mayoknave:

It's some kind of curse that I always tune on when it's the membership drive. You guys are rocking it but I've gotta go. See you next week.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:12pm Lizardner Dave:

I'm 46 and I read the below somewhere and found it to be true:

In your 20's, you're worried about what everyone thinks about you.
In your 30's, you say "screw it" and don't care what everyone thinks about you.
Inf your 40's you realize nobody was thinking about you at all.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:13pm Chris T.:

Y O Y wouldn't U pledge to Why Oh Why?!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Good one, L.Dave!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:17pm Rhody Chris:

Evening people. Yay, 24%!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:18pm Mike East:

my daughter is really into Judy Blume books right now
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:18pm RSB:

Elena in Oakland says Hi
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:19pm RSB:

she is the best boss i ever had
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:19pm RSB:

le jambe est blesse
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:20pm JakeGould:

RSB, you know who Joe Dolce is? What about Lou Monte?
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:20pm Marc:

Randy is a misogynistic jerk
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:20pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:21pm RSB:

love that
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: I guess "Are You There God" and the like have a timeless association for tween girls growing up. Though, I personally like Judy--she also wrote the "Fudge" series of books.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:21pm RSB:

Lou Monte of couse
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:22pm RSB:

Love Big Lou
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:22pm Studio B Ben:

I'm not sure Randy is real, but I know there are a lot of guys that are really close to being Randy, which is the scary thing.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Go Judy Blorme!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:23pm JakeGould:

RSB, here you go. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:24pm Skirkie:

I said I was "pushing 30" starting at age 27
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:24pm RSB:

  Wed. 2/26/14 7:24pm SeanG:

Andrea and Faye both ROCK!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:24pm Mike East:

@Matt - she's only read the Fudge books (she's 8). But she loves them and reads them over and over.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Pointèd barb @Ken & Andy--Iiiiiii like it! :)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:25pm SoRefined:

First time listening live, love Why Oh Why! (But hate Randy.)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:25pm RSB:

  Wed. 2/26/14 7:25pm someone:

The show is not about 'women's experiences' as such ...it's about the experiences of ultra-privileged white women in New York who are junior (and therefore anxious) members of one of the most exclusive and elite professional castes on the planet...the attitudes which are expressed towards men and relationships are so laden with class assumptions and unacknowledged snobbery that it's sometimes scary...that doesn't make it any less compelling. It's still great radio.But if only it would stop saying 'women' when what it means is 'American women in exactly my age group with exactly my social background who live in exactly the same 3 neighbourhoods as me and all my friends', it could be so much more interesting.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:26pm RSB:

j'adore sss voix feminin
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:26pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike I enjoyed those myself, that's a good choice in reading for that age.

And whoa whoa wow wow! I just saw your avatar with Ken--NICE! :D
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:26pm Callieflower:

Oh. Okay
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:27pm Ange:

Thank you for all the comments! I can't wait to read these when I'm not freaking out. You are all amazing. The support will help me keep on editing these shows into the wee hours.
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:28pm Paul:

Love this show, just donated, keep it up! xo
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:29pm R-86:

A puffy B+. Charming start
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:29pm JakeGould:

Andrea, he didn’t say you are stumpy.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:29pm Callieflower:

You're awesome!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:30pm Dominick:

Randy Scouse Git
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:31pm R-86:

When bleeped, last name sounds like: "Shithead"!
This is improving
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:31pm Patrick:

hey someone, you sure are making a lot of assumptions hiding behind an antonymous comment. anyway, you know what they say about haters!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:32pm chris:

My grandfather was A.S.S. Randy is an ass, an honest ass, but definitely an ass.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:32pm Skirkie:

But thanks for the mansplanation.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:32pm Rhody Chris:

Podcast would be rad since most of the daytime shows I listen to I have to get from the archive or podcasts.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Skirkie: A manstionary or mansaurus can be useful to me, in general.

All right Mike Noble!
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:37pm R-86:

2/3rds of goal for the puffy B+ birthday girl!
A breakout show scores breakout support!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin only gives to debauchery! ;)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:38pm Mike East:

the feelings Randy inspires are not welcome. I listen to this show in spite of Randy, not because of.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Ahhhhh, BREAK OUT!
C'est chic!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:39pm Skirkie:

BW needs to woman up and listen.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:41pm sugarwolf:

yay! I can carry my book in my totebag with my makeup & tampons!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:49pm JakeGould:

Just pledged again just you counter some of the commenting trolls. There!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:50pm Studio B Ben:

21%! Come on people, we can do this! Go pledge online!
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:51pm R-86:

@Niles de Printempsterre: mais OUI!
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:52pm R-86:

mais oui, IUD!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:53pm JakeGould:

But now that I have pledged again, Randy is so unreal. I want to see some kind of picture of the dude. I do not believe him. I do not believe. DO NOT BELIEVE!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:53pm Foolbert:

Just my two cents, but as an autist who's been forced to learn how to read voices
0.) Randy is quite possibly Aspergic
1.) Randy is also a jerk---you can be both at once. (I try not to be, but 'try' implies the possibility of failure...but there is no 'do', only 'try'.)
2.) Randy strikes me as not so much an honest man as a manipulative man with an 'honesty' schtick. I have long known someone who excuses his own cruelty as 'honesty', but is never honest when he understands that it might hurt him...fortunately, he so badly understands how other people's opinions are formed that he slips-up now and again. If Randy is as similar to the person I've in mind as I'm guessing, he would have an <em>extremely</em> thin skin himself. Example: someone actually dedicated to 'telling it like it is', when asked why he had rated Andrea a 'B+', would quickly aver as to his being a 'B+ at most' or else forthrightly say that he were an 'A' or an 'A+'...I wish that Andrea had asked him how he rates himself....

Note as well how automatically he falls into his 'New York Women' routine, saying that he were 'honest' as opposed to those evil N.Y. women, whom I guess are largely so 'evil' because they call him on his obvious bullshit. (Not to say that some of them aren't evil.)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:53pm Studio B Ben:

Randy in person? We need a video stream next week. Seriously.
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:53pm R-86:

Soak Randy?!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:54pm Callieflower:

Yes! What Ben said!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:55pm SoRefined:

I would love to know how many pickup artist seminars Randy has attended.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:56pm SoRefined:

Because he has the whole routine down.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:56pm JakeGould:

RSB, Dave Emory is next. Psyched?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:57pm SoRefined:

yay, I will love the Judy Blume book!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:59pm Foolbert:

Even should all your assumptions be true, isn't there at least something in common with the host and what you seem to think are her ilk that this show were not only enjoyable but also useful?

Class and race and privilege leave their marks all about, but some things are just 'human', and if Andrea is deluded in thinking her experience more generally applicable than it were, that is _very_ human...and likely a delusion from which you are not free---I certainly am not free from it.

The two big mistakes we make about human beings we make:
0.) Everybody is like me, so if I understand myself I will understand them.
1.) Everyone is so different to me that information about them were irrelevant to understanding myself.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 7:59pm JakeGould:

RSB, what do you think of Judy Blume?
  Wed. 2/26/14 7:59pm R-86:

You guys are over-complicating something that's probably very simple:
A true schmuck is JUST a schmuck, he doesn't need Asperger's Syndrome, pickup seminars, or any of that sauce
That's the lesson here
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:01pm Ange:

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I am embarrassed about all the bragging I've done this hour... know that I am full of angst and self-doubt when I'm not pitching for WFMU
  Wed. 2/26/14 8:01pm R-86:

@JakeG: HA ha ha! You win Comment of the Night
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:02pm Foolbert:

Funny that someone suggested that Randy be soaked; I was thinking that there was a bit of a Ken/Andy dynamic in play...but I will note that Breckman has been a performer since the '70s, and a bit of a player in entertainment for over a decade, and so he understands how to make and use a persona.
  Wed. 2/26/14 8:04pm Judy Blume:

Free autographed copy of "Are You There, God?" to RSB!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:06pm Foolbert:

Well, I think that he is an aspie to the extent that he reminds me of me and other known such...but he sounds like the jerkier aspies I've known, and also he sounds like someone who has _tried_ to learn the pick-up artist's repetoire but doesn't have the basic empathic skill-set to make it work even half-decently.

I mean, the man should know enough to at least fake embarrassment around decent folk who don't sell crap food...and for sheer bull I can't think of something much better than the claim that people from Maryland 'tell it like it is'---just ask Tim Kreider about that....
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:06pm SoRefined:

I am the one who said "Soak Randy" and I meant merely to express my distaste for Randy, not to make a direct analogy to Andy Breckman.
  Wed. 2/26/14 8:10pm R-86:

That was just a light-hearted aside, a play on rhyming "Randy" with "Andy"
not everything is so fraught w/heavy meaning, especially here, this IS a party, you know?
  Wed. 2/26/14 8:14pm Young, Super-Priveledged White Women in NY:

Get on w/your Bad Self, Ange!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:16pm JakeGould:

Anonymous troll, there are 168 hours in a week. This show takes up one of them & you are upset?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 8:17pm JakeGould:

Anonymous troll, there are 168 hours in a week. This show takes up one of them & you are upset?
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