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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 23, 2013: Ice Scream Solstice

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Starting at 7pm NY Time...    0:00:00 ()
on the air soon...     
Psychic TV   The Orchids   Options  
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Under Pressure   Options 0:02:55 ()
Go Home Productions   Jacko Under Pressure   Options 0:04:23 ()
The Kleptones   excerpt from A Night At The Hip Hopera   Options 0:06:08 ()
DJ Earlybird   You Can't Hurry A Hard Life   Options 0:09:10 ()
Stereolab/Charles Long   The Extension Trip   Options 0:11:16 ()
Michael Hearst   Where Do Ice Cream Trucks Go In The Winter?   Options 0:14:35 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   Scratch   Options 0:16:38 ()
Pierre Bastien   Solo (Bass Clarinet and Mecanium)   Options 0:19:15 ()
Wendy Carlos   Winter (out-take)   Options 0:21:20 ()
Jaap Blonk & Machinefabriek   Ice   Options 0:25:41 ()
Jonathan Borofsky   Somalia   Options 0:28:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alex Scorier  
Blowin' InThe Wind   Options 0:32:14 ()
Martin Denny   Pagan Love Song   Options 0:37:25 ()
Ennio Morricone   Secondo Intermezzo Pop   Options 0:39:48 ()
Stock, Hausen & Walkman   Hoots   Options 0:40:37 ()
Rex Brown Company   Round Up   Options 0:42:53 ()
Stock, Hausen & Walkman   New   Options 0:43:32 ()
Felix Kubin   There Is A Garden   Options 0:46:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Misfit Toys  
Alone Again, Naturally   Options 0:50:13 ()
Bugs and Friends   Suspicious Minds   Options 0:54:43 ()
Barry Gray   Lyons Maid Fab Neapolian Ice Cream   Options 0:57:49 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 5:42pm People Like Us:

Hello, on the air later this evening...
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 6:55pm People Like Us:

on the air in 5
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 6:59pm People Like Us:

if I disappear it's because we had a power cut - lights are flickering here
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

Good evening
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:02pm irene:

lovely start
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:02pm Phil:

Hi Vicki and all!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 12/23/13 7:04pm irene :):

burnt the toast already!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:04pm ranjit:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:04pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:04pm Danne D:

Yay PLU :)
Happy Holidays All :)
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:04pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:05pm People Like Us:

and you
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:05pm a_genusa:

Yes, happy holidays, Vicki!
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:05pm tim:

Love Phil's version of this.
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:05pm Phil:

I have to say - the 'Cuban Danube' on last weeks show really stuck in my head - had to go out and download the release, and recommend it to friends all week! Great stuff.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:06pm People Like Us:

Hi Angela :)
Hi Tim - thanks for board opping :)
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:07pm Phil:

GHP is almost always amazing
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:07pm People Like Us:

tell people where you found it
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:08pm People Like Us:

do you like my finely crafted rude word removal?
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:08pm Phil:

sure do!
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:08pm tim:

The operative Word... made flesh.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:10pm People Like Us:

I guarantee this show is xmas-free
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:11pm Phil:

So nice!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:11pm ranjit:

aww I was just gonna ask for some xmas.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:12pm People Like Us:

ask me in a couple of weeks and I'll supply
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:12pm ranjit:


anyway I still have the chrismash that MrFab posted last week.
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:12pm tim:

Christmas is soooo last millenium.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:13pm People Like Us:

Christmas is so next month
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:14pm ranjit:

Huh, never noticed before how much Stereolab sounds like Komeda (or vice versa).
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:16pm Clay:

Hi, Vicky! Happy Holidays!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:16pm People Like Us:

do I know who Komeda are? Have I played them?

Hello Clay!!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:17pm People Like Us:

sorry we didn't catch you in NY earlier in the month, the week went too fast
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:17pm Clay:

I mean Vicki with an "I."
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:18pm People Like Us:

eye eye
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:19pm People Like Us:

it's really blowing a gale here - the lights are flickering - the cat is pissed off
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:20pm ranjit:

Komeda's swedish and very 90s! I don't remember if you've played 'em.

I think that should be Michael Hearst with an ear instead of an ur. He recently made Songs for Unusual Creatures which is now on tv!
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:21pm Phil:

Nice one by Mr. Phizmiz! have not heard this one. So prolific!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:21pm People Like Us:

if I disappear then you'll know I'm looking for the candles and me iPhone

I don't think I played Komeda but maybe I have some and don't know, that happens!
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:21pm tim:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:21pm People Like Us:

oh I'll correct
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:23pm People Like Us:

I'll also look up Komeda (thanks for the link)
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:23pm yon:

Pierre Bastien! great choice
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:24pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:24pm ranjit:

heyyy, I didn't know you could search the wfmu archives like that, tim!
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:25pm irene:

i dont fully understand where the ice cream trucks go. but i am glad that they do go.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:25pm People Like Us:

yes, I hope they stay away
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:27pm fleep:

The ice cream trucks migrate to Florida like the snow birds. They feed on the children in Orlando theme parks before returning to northern climes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/23/13 7:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I know 'cooeee' means basically 'hello notice me' - but wouldn't mind a more precise Definition & Derivation (U.S. & U.K. two people separated by common lang. & all that)...
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:28pm irene:

possible to put up a fence to keep them from coming back?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:28pm Danne D:

take care folks :) Thanks Vicki!
Have a wonderful end of '13 :)
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:28pm People Like Us:

I imagine them just driving off cliffs
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:28pm People Like Us:

and you Danne
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:29pm People Like Us:

cooee = hiiIIiiiiii!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:29pm JakeGould:

The ice cream trucks in that Micahel Hearst song refer to the ones that are parked in this huge parking lot on Carroll Street near the Gowanus Canal. Think they are gone now. Definitely were there when he wrote the music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/23/13 7:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& then I'll have a Lemon Lemming Ice, Cheers...
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:30pm irene:

maybe we can attract them to the cliff with the oder attractant of cotton candy
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:30pm People Like Us:

you all know about Michael Hearst - is he well known?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:31pm ranjit:

Maybe he's better known in Brooklyn - he lives in my neighborhood!
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:32pm Phil:

I do not know him
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:32pm People Like Us:

ah - so he's well-known on wfmu-level or local level?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:32pm People Like Us:

I found the album on my drive- I think I got it off of Kenny G
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:32pm JakeGould:

I only know who Michael Hearst is because he’s in Park Slope & I have heard of him that way. And the song piqued my interest when I heard that it was a reference to the exact ice cream truck parking lot I mentioned.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:33pm ranjit:

NYC level at least - I probably first heard of Michael Hearst and One Ring Zero on WNYC's New Sounds program. Plus there's a big One Ring Zero banner hanging up in Barbes.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:34pm JakeGould:

Yeah, Barbes is a place One Ring Zero performs.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:34pm People Like Us:

ah I see
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:38pm People Like Us:

tum tee
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:39pm Phil:

Love Martin Denny
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:39pm People Like Us:

yes is lovely
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:40pm People Like Us:

oop iights flickered again
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:41pm Phil:

Love Pagans too ;-)
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:41pm irene:

cat scared?
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:41pm Phil:

Hope the weather does not pre-empt you
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:42pm People Like Us:

cat oblivious, sitting purring next to me
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:42pm Andy:

How gastric!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:42pm People Like Us:

I saw on Ken's facebook that they are all in Michigan without power until Saturday
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:43pm People Like Us:

that gastric noise is Matt Wand from Stock, Hausen and Walkman going "sfsd asfs glggbblh gghgh" into a footpedal through a mic
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:44pm ranjit:

Imagine if they had a Blibburblabbar.
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:44pm Phil:

it's -7 deg. f / -22 deg. c. where I'm at right now.
Tropical boingyness is nice!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:45pm People Like Us:

oooooh - I think it's that in Michigan too
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:47pm Phil:

Cold and no power is not good at all..
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:48pm JakeGould:

You in in the UK? Or with us normals in the US?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:49pm People Like Us:

I'm in Londin but I'm with you in the US, apart from the normal part
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:49pm Phil:

US. I'm the only person in South Dakota that listens to boingy things - their loss.
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:49pm tim:

I am the proud conduit.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:50pm JakeGould:

Ahhh! I like Tiptree jams & tea… And this show!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:50pm People Like Us:

I have only ever sold one People Like Us CD to Dakota in 22 years
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:51pm People Like Us:

I come from near Tiptree
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:51pm JakeGould:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:51pm People Like Us:

well, unoriginally actually
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:52pm ranjit:

Hmm, I like jam and boingy things - I should investigate this Tiptree jam.

Are you typing and talking at the same time? That is beyond my skills!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:52pm People Like Us:

I am talking although you can't hear me
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:53pm Phil:

That's me... I love ya
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

I am definitely typing, or I'd be lying right now
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:54pm JakeGould:

You mean this is recorded & you are now just chatting.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:54pm People Like Us:

I am. I hope that doesn't matter.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:56pm JakeGould:

I’m cool with that. The rest of these jabronis, I’m not too sure of.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:56pm ranjit:

It would be scarier if the playlist chat were prerecorded.
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm Phil:

no problem at all - see you next week kids!
Avatar Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm tim:

Man, this is so bad, on all kinds of levels... I don't mean anything negative by that.
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm JakeGould:

Don't you ever say Hello?
  Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm irene:

over already?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:57pm JakeGould:

Here is a robot: www.manifestation.com...
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:58pm JakeGould:

This is horrible. There better be a digestif!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:58pm slugluv1313:

sufferin' sucotash! I TOUGHT I TAW A PUTTY TAT!!!!!
HAPPY HOLLY-DAZE, everyone!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm People Like Us:

have a holiday, people
whatever that may be
see you next week, thanks for listening :)
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm People Like Us:

hi Monica!
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm ranjit:

  Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm Phil:

Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm People Like Us:

Happy Holidays
and yes, COOEEEEEE
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 7:59pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 12/23/13 8:00pm irene:

ending with the ice cream song?
Avatar    Mon. 12/23/13 8:00pm People Like Us:


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