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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 22, 2012

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Artist Track
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options
wings  must do something about it   Options
landon pigg  falling in love in a coffeeshop   Options
stone temple pilots  sour girl   Options
cheap star  louder   Options
the flower machine  zig zag paper airplane   Options
st. etienne  heading for the fair   Options
marmalade souls  my heart belongs to you   Options
Martin Newell & Andy Partridge  she rings the changes   Options
paul steel  in a coma   Options
gavin guss  lifeboat   Options
turtles  guide for the married man   Options
jason falkner  i live   Options
the grip weeds  melancholia   Options
Guided by Voices  underground initiations   Options
guided by voices   fly into ashes   Options
peter adams  when the morning dies   Options
the connells  new boy   Options
the very most   the motor-vu lights   Options
the vinyl skyway  golden lights   Options
village green  chomping at the bit   Options
liquor giants  mrs. griffith   Options
trolleyvox  i am annabelle   Options
crocodiles  my surfing lucifer   Options
delgados  everybody come down   Options
america  ventura highway   Options
the kinks  See My Friends   Options
carole king  Pleasant Valley Sunday   Options
zinedines  Take Me, Take Me   Options
research turtles  i see the sun   Options
the nines  hard luck   Options
hudson brothers  so you are a star   Options
suddenly, tammy!  whole lotta girl   Options
the corner laughers  (now that I have you) I'm bored   Options
fancey  lost in twilight   Options
zombies of the stratosphere  ordinary people   Options
lightships  sweetness in her spark   Options
cinderpop  wallowing   Options
zooey deschanel   yesterday once more   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/22/12 9:07pm 12539:

Nothing to say and lots to hear.
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:08pm G.R.:

Good evening!
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:11pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

Hi High Pseu Hi High kids !!! brought back to me summer of '76 or was it '77... love that Wings Number !!
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:17pm G.R.:

Cheap Star -- I like that name. :D
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:25pm mo:

hey there, gal. the perfect post-humido respite right here. lovely.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 9:29pm pseu:

mo! time to get off the internet -- watched a 4-minute trailer for B*A*P*S* today.
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:31pm G.R.:

Marmalade Souls -- another funny name. (Excellent track too!)
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:35pm mo:

fiending for martin landau again?
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:41pm v:

i need to listen to your show more! Thank for reminding me how much you rock!
  Fri. 6/22/12 9:41pm Amanda:

the internet: it's a series of buckets
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:02pm G.R.:

A double dose of GbV. Sweet.
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:12pm mike tp:

fine selections PSEU
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:12pm kelly:

wow connells! haven;t heard this since college. Peeley Wemberly the drummer signed my tshirt at the charlotte show in 1993.
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:13pm G.R.:

That was a nice Connells track, though "Slackjawed" might be my favorite of theirs. :)
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:14pm kelly:

agreed, slackjawed is a great one
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:30pm Skirkie:

They're gonna sell booze at the craft fair too. So there's that.
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:32pm EzSezz:

First recorded use of the word "macrame" on Pseu's TWAH? Did I spell it right?
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:33pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Just tuned in. Sorry to see I missed Pseu playing STP. While their limits are obvious to even the casual listener, a damn sight better band than the execrable Pearl Jam. I love this progrim.
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:47pm kelly:

listening from ithaca, ny this evening
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:47pm EastVanHalen:

Just tuned in, too -- worked until late wrapping my files up so that I can start three blissful weeks off work...now. Ahhhhh.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 10:50pm pseu:

B.S. -- will there be a time when you get past your cool to appreciate why I would be playing STP on this program? Guess not. Thanks to those of you who can roll with it.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 10:54pm pseu:

OK, take back .... thought you said "sorry to see pseu playing STP..." I've been recovering....I'll think of something to yell at you about soon, I swear (insert emoticon)
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:54pm Chris in Newton:

Great show Pseu, thank you.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 10:54pm pseu:

fyi my neck is locked due to this air blowing on it for 2 hours. FML!
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:58pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Pseu-I was being positive regarding your playing STP. If there was reasoning behind your playing them apart from it being a good song, well, I wasn't listening. I totally roll with it.
  Fri. 6/22/12 10:59pm Neck Blower:

Someone's been blowing on your neck for two hours???
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 11:01pm pseu:

BS - see my comment right afterwards. TIME FOR AMERICA.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:01pm Chris in Newton:

  Fri. 6/22/12 11:04pm Joe D.:

LOL @ people who think "Sour Girl" is a bad song
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:04pm G.R.:

  Fri. 6/22/12 11:04pm Old Jogger:

A lot of that America stuff is produced by George Martin.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:06pm Neck Blower:

I find myself forgetting how fucking awesome those Kinks are.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:07pm Julie:

Ray Davies turned 68 this week! Yay for see my friends
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 11:07pm pseu:

Joe D I'm gonna pinch you tomorrow night.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:07pm Neck Blower:

CK is bad-ass in her own way. And did I mention that I LOVE THE MONKEES?
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:08pm Chris in Newton:

Nice Monkees cover... Kidding... Please don't attack
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:09pm Monkeeluv:

Had the pleasure of hearing Pleasant Valley Sunday played by Christian Nesmith (Mike's son) around a campfire in LA. Highland Grounds circa 2001
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:09pm G.R.:

"Pleasant Valley Sunday" is such a great song any way you cut it. This is an interesting version...
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 11:09pm pseu:

hahaha -- SHUT UP!!!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:11pm G:

Can't we get a good feud going? Cmon already :-)
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:11pm Droll:

This week I learned Carole King plays piano on the Cheech & Chong masterpiece, Basketball Jones. Billy Preston played organ and George Harrison played lead guitar.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:11pm nixxon:

just now joining in... hello everyone!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:12pm G.R.:

nixxon -- hello!

G -- LOL
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:14pm Neck Blower:

Thanks, Pseu for reminding many of us that pop can stil be cool and that "fucked" can still be pop.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:14pm Auld:

This remonds me of The Shoes, Mathew Sweet, Tommy Keene ...
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:16pm chris m.:

hey Pseu! really enjoying the show tonight!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:17pm aquaman:

me too.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:18pm aquaman:

  Fri. 6/22/12 11:20pm Thrillington:

This is beyond Beatle-esque.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:21pm Lester Bangs:

Let's hear some Pstooges or Bob Pseger & the Psilver Bullet Band
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:24pm DeYoung:

Imagine if Kansas came on next.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 11:24pm pseu:

interviewer to Ringo: "What happened to all the money?"
Ringo: "What money?"
interviewer: "The money your Mother gave you for singing lessons!"
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:25pm G.R.:

Corner Laughers! :D
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:25pm Mal:

And yet, Pseu, when he sings 'Goodnight' I get teary.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:28pm Joe D.:

Ringo? Ringo's not even the best singer in the Beatles?

wait I fucked that up...
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:29pm Jim B:

In GB he says fish & chips, in the US he says pizza.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:30pm Russ:

I wonder what Rod Argent is doing right now.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:30pm larry lube:

This Ringo wouldn't last 5 seconds on America's Got Talent
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:33pm G:

@Russ: It's 4:30AM in the UK and he's close to 70, so I reckon he's sleeping to get ready for the weekend gigs:

  Fri. 6/22/12 11:35pm G.R.:

Zombies of the Stratosphere -- one of the odder / funnier band names I've seen here...
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:36pm nixxon:

sublime as usual, pseu...
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:36pm G:

There's no nixin' nixxon
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:37pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Was anyone mauled by "The Bear" during production of "The Razzle Dazzle Show"?
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:40pm Russ:

Thank you, G. Wish I could catch a gig. Wonder if he does Argent stuff. I love Hold Your Head Up and the Russ Ballard-era material. Cheers.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:40pm G:

This one (ZD) is definitely worth bringing back for this replay
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:41pm nixxon:

Ok, this is a little uncomfortable....
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:41pm G.R.:

Zooey's doing a pretty nice job on this track.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:42pm mid size panties:

oh pseu , every fucking sha la la
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:42pm EastVanHalen:

Need to listen to the Redd Kross version tonight.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:42pm Russ:

Richard Carpenter/John Bettis composition.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:43pm G.R.:

EVH -- I have that 'If I Were a Carpenter' album (on cassette). :D
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:44pm Russ:

I thought Sonic Youth did a good cover of Superstar.
Avatar Fri. 6/22/12 11:45pm pseu:

not you, russ.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:46pm G.R.:

Russ -- agreed.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:46pm EastVanHalen:

Nice, G.R. I'm going on a pilgrimage to see them play Portland this summer. I've never seen them and I have to at least once.
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:47pm Russ:

Not me, right?
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:49pm G:

It took some work, but a whiner did manage to get a good feud going before we could totally run out of time :-) That "ps" "humor" just never gets old, huh, guy?
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:49pm Joe D.:

Explorers Clubbbbbbb
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:52pm Neck Blower:

Long live cultural elitism!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:53pm G.R.:

Pseu -- this was an interesting mix tonight. :)
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:54pm 12539:

Great show, Pseu!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:55pm kiemzi:

pseu! the greatest! thank you!
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:56pm WH Mike:

the singer of Wings sounds like a Beatle
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:57pm G:

Not forgetting the Badfinger powerpop filter...
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:58pm fletcher:

enjoyed the show !!! thanks Pseu
  Fri. 6/22/12 11:59pm Variety Show:

Do NOT mount me!!!!!!!
  Sat. 6/23/12 12:02am WH Mike:

  Sat. 6/23/12 12:05am G:

I'll take the lust, thanks
  Wed. 6/27/12 5:52pm dano:

LOVED the Melancholia cover, a real fave from Pete Townshend's 'Scoop' demos ... I can't get enough of Liquor Giants either ... Carole's PVS was another revelation. Was out playing music last Friday so listened to the archive today here in Ithaca (hi, Kelly!) ... the last 12 minutes was on a loop ... switched over to ISC archive to hear the rest of your conversation. Great stuff - love the antiBeatlefan/antihipster 'tude!
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