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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 15, 2012

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Artist Track
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options
Pete Townshend  mary (demo)   Options
gary jules  mad world   Options
shoes  your very eyes   Options
summer fiction  she's bound to get hurt   Options
canadians  summer teenage girl   Options
bruce springsteen  Girls in their Summer Clothes   Options
beach boys  pacific coast highway   Options
ll cosmonauts  we came in peace   Options
tenniscoats  kuki no sako   Options
Guided By Voices  they and them   Options
gavin guss  X   Options
eric carmen  my girl   Options
well wishers   tonight   Options
van duren  hand over hand   Options
lemonheads  into your arms   Options
dreaming in stereo  the traveler   Options
jen trynin  better than nothing   Options
sara bareilles   gonna get over you   Options
sally crewe  sleepyhead   Options
hang ups  one of these days   Options
Loveydove  soft sun   Options
karla bonoff  i can't hold on   Options
marmalade souls   daydreams   Options
suddenly, tammy!  places we go   Options
olivia newton-john  please mr. please   Options
grass widow   under the atmosphere   Options
liam finn  this place is killing me   Options
the wallflowers  hallelujah I was born   Options
lightships  the warmth of the sun   Options
sophia knapp  evermore   Options
Brendan Benson  happy most of the time   Options
tegan & sara  in your head   Options
johanna samuels  breaking up with you   Options
crocodiles  hung up on a flower   Options
edward rogers  blind man's blues   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/15/12 9:08pm Mike East:

Pseu your theme song is amazing. I usually listen on archives, so I never get to comment, but that is a number 1 hit if ever I heard one.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:09pm ~L:

Love this song, now I've got to re-watch Donnie Darko after your show tonight!
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:10pm Websie:

cellar door
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:10pm G.R.:

  Fri. 6/15/12 9:11pm Mike East:

ever watch the sequel? I don't recommend it.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:23pm G.R.:

Bruuuce! :)
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:23pm ~L:

Unfortunately, I did watch the sequel.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:23pm G:

Bruce sometimes sounds oddly like Stephin Merritt. Or vice versa.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:24pm Mike East:

Where we suckers, ~L, or do we just enjoy punishment?
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:26pm Mike East:

You're makin' Friday night feel like Sunday afternoon, in a great way, Pseu
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:26pm Mike East:

(were) we suckers, ahem..
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:27pm G.R.:

Ah, new Beach Boys... I picked up 'That's Why God Made the Radio' on CD this week -- I especially like those last three tracks.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:29pm bruce:

anytime . you hear me ? anytime . bruce .
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:30pm G:

Citadel? They're really big now.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:30pm Websie:

G, Stephin explained exactly why that song sounds like him. Bruce, like Stephin, is imitating the Ronettes.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:31pm G:

I obviously missed that interview. Thanks, Websie. :-)
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:34pm small panties:

thanks for summer fiction, pseu
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:40pm know panties:

I like to think that Bruce knew panties . Jersey Sho ain't what it used to be . Pseu brings it .
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:42pm S.B.:

Hi Psue,
Thank you...great show;MARY by Pete first appeared on "Scoop" released in 1987.Very surreal hearing it on the radio...I must say..one of my faves.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:42pm G:

While you're at it, maybe warn people coming to the playlist not to overpost unless they are looking for Chatboard Chernobyl. :-)
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:45pm Galganga:

I just got this Tenniscoats album yesterday! So fantastic and lovely.
  Fri. 6/15/12 9:48pm nixxon:

Yeah, this is really pretty.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:08pm EastVanHalen:

We're here! We're here!
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:09pm million owls:

can we hear some more GBV please?
i'm from Brooklyn but now in Htfd, CT
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm in Minnesota this week. In a parking lot in front of a Panera Bread. I haven't run into Cecile yet.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:10pm jersey boy in nicaragua:

listening in the jungle, in Nicaragua....
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:10pm Lewis Goldfarb:

Can finally listen on my new iPhone! Great to listen to you again in Boston !
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:10pm Destroit:

oh yeah, Detroit chiming in. Hello Pseu, and all good people.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:10pm 12539:

Here in boring Lower Manhattan. (Nice show so far).
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:10pm OKThen:

Fine. I'm from NW NJ (Sussex Cty), live in NYC, and also listened a lot online form Pittsburgh when I was there for 15 yrs. Happy? (love the show!)
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:12pm Mark Z.:

You little people are just gonna hafta live with Facebook BWAHAHAHAHAHA
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:12pm Barkevious Shabazz:

My hooves are filth-addled.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:13pm Rocket:

Easton, PA checking in.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:13pm ledzeppelinsucks:

Dutch trash!
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:13pm kelly:

listening in ithaca, ny! love tonight's show
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:14pm emmagineering:

atl dirty south checking in. the Dutch anti-defamation league is going to be all in a tear about this your dj speaks...
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:14pm slugluv1313:

he is still here, Pseu!!!!!!!
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:15pm joe k:

Richmond, CA listening! This show kicks ass. Loved the townsend, gary jules, summer fiction, gavin guss.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:15pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Mounted from behind. Salacious.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:16pm ledzeppelinsucks:

A Mowgli-like wild boy who appears to have been raised by a dog since he was three months old has been discovered living in a remote part of Siberia seven years after he was abandoned by his parents.

  Fri. 6/15/12 10:17pm Nat K. C.:

There was a boy
A horny hipster Holland boy
They say he mounted some poor girl
And had his evil way with her
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:17pm G.R.:

"Into Your Arms" -- I can never get sick of this song. :)
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:18pm Destroit:

Nat, next beer is on me.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:22pm nixxon:

Brutal use of autotune towards the end of the traveler...
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:23pm Irwin:

  Fri. 6/15/12 10:23pm G.R.:

Cool track from Jen Trynin. :D "Maybe we could talk in the shower..."
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:24pm Destroit:

Autotune needs to die, quickly.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:26pm G.R.:

Destroit -- agreed. :p
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:27pm Jeezy:

Great show as usual, Pseu... Do you thang, girl!
Oh and have you heard the new Regina Spektor? Quite poptastic in places...
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 10:28pm pseu:

Everyone loves a critic. I defy you to write or produce a song even close to that greatness - autotune be damned.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:31pm Destroit:

Please tell me you are not defending autotune?
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:31pm nixxon:

I think autotune is fine, if used responsibly. But sometimes it's just not OK.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 10:33pm pseu:

Destroit, do you actually listen to this show? There's no shortage of auto tune and similar software used. 90% of the time it's completely undetectable.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:34pm Destroit:

Vocal effects are one thing, they can be useful. Autotune is just ridiculous over the top nonsense.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 10:34pm pseu:

That's not completely informed.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:36pm Jeezy:

Lennon/McCartney, Westerberg, Dylan, Neil Young, Andy Partridge and Elvis Costello are my fave songwriters ever... And I LOVE autotune! It's a tool... it can be used well or poorly, like any other...
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:36pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Music these days would be much improved by Autowrite.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:37pm PiLA:

I'm here for the debate, am I late?
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:39pm Destroit:

That was typed before your 10:33 comment. Lets drop it, I think we generally agree.....software driven vocal effects are ok, so long as they don't drift into Cher/bieberland.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:39pm EastVanHalen:

Sometimes autotune's poorly used and it gives the vocals this weird metallic feel. When that happens it's like nails on a chalkboard.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:42pm G.R.:

Destroit & EVH -- well put.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:43pm PiLA:

<- is there a song missing after sally crewe and before loveydove or am I tripping or was that soft sun song very long??
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 10:44pm pseu:

thanks, PiLA
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:48pm Irwin:

A tingle runs up my leg. Thx.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:50pm Destroit:

Right on G.R. I have a love/hate relationship with boards...this autotune crap would be solved in one minute.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:50pm EastVanHalen:

Oh my god, I have not heard this song in years and years.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:51pm Newton:

Great show Pseu, thank you.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:53pm marc:

WHAT AN AWESOME SONG! Love "Please Mister Please." GREAT show as always, Pseu.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:54pm Chop Scott:

Pseu! Thanks as always for yet another fantastic show!!
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:56pm marc:

i had her poster on my wall as a teenager.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:56pm Olivia Newton-John:

I came up with Please Mr. Please upon hearing an autotuned Diddy track.
  Fri. 6/15/12 10:57pm Destroit:

I always love when the FMU soundmakers drift into country. That ONG song was great, and 100% sure she nailed some whiskey. (don't get to close to my fantasy)
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:00pm Irwin:

I'm there in two weeks. Have to Codger-sit next Friday.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:04pm Coffee Cola:

Hi all! Just tuning in. Looks like Ya'll (if you know what I mean) have been enjoying the show; I'm exited.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:05pm G.R.:

Coffee Cola -- hello!
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:06pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Better than being entranced.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:08pm Destroit:

CC- nice to see you!
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:09pm James in ATL:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/timksmith/freeform-or-death-a-documentary-about-wfmu - Love the Freeform or Die shirt! I can't wait to see the finished movie.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:12pm Coffee Cola:

evening G.R., Destroit.

I enjoyed the trailer for the doc., maybe I should see the one for the Pixies. How limited do you(anyone who wants to take a guess) think the release will be?
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:13pm Sarah:

Did you seriously just blame Olivia Newton John's beauty for causing her daughter's anorexia? You said it was a cruel joke to have such a beautiful mother? Really? You fall into the group of women who disparage that to which they aspire, who make beauty a double-edged sword that women spend WAY too much time and energy trying to achieve but then shun and castigate our sisters when they attain it and then blame them for the psychological pain of all who are close to them (like sisters and daughters). You spend way too much time talking and not enough time playing music, anyway, but you have really reach a new low as a woman speaking about another woman like that.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:17pm Newton:

Somebody say something..
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:18pm Barkevious Shabazz:

And then they go and get mounted from the rear. In the Siberia woods no less.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:22pm Chop Scott:

I think WFMU needs a black velvet painting by Jorge of the recent Berlin wolfie Boy for the hallway gallery.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:24pm pseu:

Dear Sara: Seriously? People like you spend WAY too much time worrying about "sisters" like me. Thanks for lumping me into a group, just like you're accusing me of doing. Piss off.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:25pm pseu:

Cops, don't like 'em.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:29pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Wolfe had a rakish smile in the picture I saw of him.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:32pm pseu:

that exchange is a shining example of why I find it impossible to hang out with some women. What a f*cked up attitude. Only hears what she wants to hear based on whatever she was diagnosed with. Dumbass.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:32pm Sarah:

Actually, I didn't accuse you of lumping anyone into a group. I basically accused you of being a hateful woman-hating woman who blames beautiful women for being beautiful. It's pretty low. I can easily shut off your show (just did, actually), but you are just part of the problem that women face everywhere, and it's hard to shut "everywhere" off. Call me a cop, call me PC, call me a militant feminist, or whatever you choose. It doesn't matter. You still just ridiculed a woman for being a beautiful and blamed her for her daughter's anorexia and then kind of gleefully celebrated that she had breast cancer and other problems in her life, saying you guess life isn't so great for the perfect woman. It's hateful, anyway you look at it, and disliking me for calling you out on it doesn't change that. The thing is, you were pretty publically cruel to a woman who isn't likely to be able to respond back to you, and now it seems you basically can't take the heat when someone actually responds.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:33pm pseu:

see above. You weren't listening to a single word I said -- check it on the archive and shut it.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:35pm pseu:

and thanks for filling in the blanks in your empty head with words I never used. You're a f*cking wackjob.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:36pm Chop Scott:

@Sarah: Since you shut off listening or understanding the show, please end the commenting.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:37pm Barkevious Shabazz:

I prefer women who are privatalley cruel.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:38pm Newton:

Where did my buzz go......
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:38pm Destroit:

Christ, I just made a pizza and missed all the action. Right or not Sara, I like it. Keep hanging around.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:38pm Coffee Cola:

I'm not going to take sides here, but, curiosity compels me: Pseu, did you leave out the 'h' on purpose or was it to abbr?
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:39pm pseu:

actually, I left out the "u"...
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:40pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Destroit-how's the pie?
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:44pm Destroit:

Great bark - sausage, spinach, feta involved.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:44pm pseu:

The Pie is Part of The Problem.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:47pm Jeezy:

Oy veyshmir.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:48pm Destroit:

Do CAPS have some significance Pseu?
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:49pm Barkevious Shabazz:

I always thought of pie as a uniter.
Avatar Fri. 6/15/12 11:54pm pseu:

the caps were to meant add even more gravitas to that weighty corporate slogan from the 90's lobbed at me earlier.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:58pm Destroit:

Drifting to rich Bark, let's enjoy pie. Pseu, great show, Let's rip it up next week. I appreciate what you do.
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:59pm G.R.:

Comment board drama aside, I'd say this was another fine show. :) (And thanks for playing that Karla Bonoff track, by the way! Love it.)
  Fri. 6/15/12 11:59pm Coffee Cola:

yeah, those darn 3rd wavers...Can't we just all get along (and still think of the children!)?
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:00am Barkevious Shabazz:

Does anyone remember laughter?
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:01am Destroit:

Doing it right now, freak.
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:03am ?:

  Sat. 6/16/12 12:04am Barkevious Shabazz:

  Sat. 6/16/12 12:04am EastVanHalen:

I actually am a militant feminist and that kind of asshattery gives militant feminism a bad name. Bah. I need a drink.
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:04am Ike:

Oh yes, yes, your ideas for beheading and slicing up the Snuggle Bear are exemplary. Yes. Thank you. I hate that horrible little bastard so much. I don't know why.
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:04am Destroit:

Machete + snuggle bear= great funbloodspewtime
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:05am EastVanHalen:

Ditto on the Karla Bonoff. I love that song.
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:07am Barkevious Shabazz:

Best dollar store item ever? "Tink" candy bar from Ukraine.
  Sat. 6/16/12 12:09am R. Stevie Less:

I will contribute to the kickstarter if Pseu does a commentary track on the dvd
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