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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options May 24, 2011: Chrome Bronco & the Nuns

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME        0:00:00 ()
MIX        0:02:48 ()
EMERSON MEYERS  Chez Dentiste (1968)   Options V.A.: Provocative Electronics  1970  0:05:14 ()
HECTOR ZAZOU ET SES RHYTHMES  Le Retour des Braves   Options V.A.: Dix-Sept Musiques pour le Bar Bleu  1982  0:07:51 ()
GUY GOODE & HIS DECENTONE ORCHESTRA  Poetry in America   Options There Are No Clean People  1985  0:10:45 ()
SUZE COZMO BAND  I Don’t Like Russia, Cause She Don’t Like Rock   Options Bound by the Chains of Love (12" Maxi)  1983  0:13:38 ()
NICKY COOK  Coast to Coast Garlic   Options demo  2011  0:16:35 ()
DAN WILSON (MEADOW HOUSE)  Woodlousia   Options http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Mp89QRM7o8  2006  0:18:12 ()
FIRMAMENT & THE ELEMENTS  Shane 1   Options The Essential... (12" Maxi)  1982  0:21:43 ()
ADRIAN WALSH & THE MASTER PLAN  The Community Games   Options A Life Story of My Life  1989  0:22:58 ()
DAVE PHILLIPS  Tonight's the Night   Options 36 Minutes with....  197?  0:25:39 ()
A FULL MOON CONSORT  Ooh La La   Options The Men in the Moon  1978  0:32:32 ()
GEESE  Excerpts from Dante's 9th Circle of Hell   Options demo  2011  0:38:13 ()
NICKY COOK  The Lion Is Awake Tonight   Options demo  2011  0:40:34 ()
BRIDGET ST. JOHN  Happy Day   Options Thank You For....  1972  0:44:54 ()
DAVE FRITZ  Feel the Rain   Options City and Tree  1978  0:48:47 ()
BRONCO  Love   Options Country Home  1970  0:53:37 ()
CLAP  Out of the Shadows   Options Have You Reached Yet?  1971  0:58:04 ()
CHROME  Raider   Options The Visitation  1976  1:04:29 ()
CIA  Your Choice   Options V.A.: What's Shakin'  1984  1:08:27 ()
JIMMY SMACK  Depression   Options Death Rocks (7")  1983  1:10:53 ()
SUE GARNER  Glazed   Options To Run More Smoothly  1998  1:13:05 ()
SLEEPERS  Mirror (1980)   Options The Less an Object  1996  1:16:03 ()
BAUHAUS  Terror Couple Kills Colonel (1980)   Options 4AD  1983  1:19:33 ()
COLIN NEWMAN  Fish Five   Options Provisionally Entitled the Singing Fish  1981  1:23:56 ()
OMEGA BAND  Idols   Options V.A.: What's Shakin'  1984  1:31:30 ()
CRUMBACHER  Sweet By and By   Options Crumbacher  1985  1:34:12 ()
BUSLOAD OF NUNS  Stayin' Alive   Options Red All Over (12" Maxi)  1982  1:37:36 ()
KAREL FIALKA  People Are Strange   Options Still Life  1980  1:42:09 ()
BRIDGES  The Melancholic Chevaliers   Options Fakkeltog  1980  1:45:15 ()
ANGEL  Tower   Options Angel  1975  1:48:15 ()
HEAD EAST  City of Gold   Options Flat as a Pancake  1974  1:58:54 ()
AYERS ROCK  Moondah (Beyond)   Options Beyond  1978  2:02:39 ()
GONDWANALAND PROJECT  South Road   Options Terra Incognita  1984  2:09:19 ()
CYRIL LEFEBVRE & MARIE DELBEK  Berceuse du Matin   Options V.A.: Dix-Sept Musiques pour le Bar Bleu  1982  2:12:35 ()
THE BULLITT CENTRAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT  Evergreen   Options Sounds of "78"  1978  2:16:31 ()
FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL  Cranium Castle   Options Freedom!!  1971  2:22:25 ()
THE PHOENIX AUTHORITY  Journey to the Center of the Mind   Options Blood, Sweat & Brass  1968  2:24:45 ()
TAGES  Seeing with Love   Options Studio  1967  2:28:00 ()
LOS JAIVAS  Foto De Primera Comunion   Options Los Jaivas [aka “El Volantin”]  1971  2:31:35 ()
FRANKIE DYMON JR.  Aftermyth   Options Let It Out  1971  2:41:57 ()
MIX        2:52:14 ()
CURD DUCA  Wind   Options Easy Listening 3  1984  2:57:10 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/24/11 12:00pm tonyc:

Hullo dere!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:02pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back Tony!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:06pm tonyc:

Welcome forward, Alf!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:06pm Drummer Some:

Hi from Pittsburgh, Tony. Can I email your some bratwurst or something?
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:08pm tonyc:

Hey Doug! Yes to (vegetarian) sausage mail!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:11pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

Tony, so glad you're back on.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:12pm tonyc:

Thanks, Noodles!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:13pm tonyc:

The noodle knows....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:14pm Ike:

I can't offer you the prestige of being praised by a tasty food item, but I love these sounds, Tony. Esp. Emerson Meyers.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:15pm tonyc:

Thanks, Ike! Maybe you could pour some coffee under my door?
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:17pm Ike:

Sorry, no coffee here, but I'll launch a weather balloon full of iced jasmine green tea in your direction.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:17pm tonyc:

East Coast garlic is the best!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:20pm Ike:

"Garlic's rubbish in the west" -- best lyrics of the week! NY garlic is yummy. But most U.S. garlic seems to be from CA. It's not bad compared to lousy tasteless Chinese garlic. China is flooding us w/that.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:21pm tonyc:

Those lyrics are based on a facebook post of mine, I'm proud to say.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:26pm tonyc:

Dave is getting lucky tonight....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:27pm Ike:

"Community Games" is delightful. Like a cross between a singing Judson Fountain and an accented, less intelligent version of Michael Scott from "The Office" (U.S.).
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:28pm tonyc:

Thanks, Ike! Oddly, musical backing on that LP is provided by members of the Virgin Prunes....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:30pm Ricardo Montalban:

Forgot this was a Tony C week.
What'd I miss (reads playlist...)?
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:33pm tonyc:

Hola, senor M!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:33pm tonyc:

If it starts to shower, we don't care....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:33pm Ricardo Montalban:

Greetings, Tony! Show sounds fab!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:35pm tonyc:

  Tue. 5/24/11 12:45pm Drummer Some:

Tony, your last post at Beware of the Blog was particularly gorgeous.

Link here: http://tinyurl.com/3qnkdhg
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:45pm tonyc:

Hen E. Body dere?
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:46pm tonyc:

Thanks, Duggers!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

Your 'fmu posts have inspired me to start buying records purely because of the covers again, much to the chagrin of my wife and my straining shelves.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:48pm don:

greetings all, happy day!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:49pm Ricardo Montalban:

I've lately been fortunate enough to find a few kooky xtian records lately where the cheese therein matches the goofiness of the covers, although it's rare.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:50pm tonyc:

Hey, Don!
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:51pm tonyc:

There is a certain kind of weird cover that does often correlate with interesting contents, methinks....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:52pm Mike East:

Cool show, tonyc! Ricardo, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to fight for record shelf space at home.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:53pm tonyc:

Thanks much, Mike! One thing about moving West is that I no longer have to put furniture directly in front of my record shelves....
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's funny that I'll be hesitant to spend a mere buck on a record with a priceless cover, just because the music's dull.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:54pm tonyc:

Yeah, if a painting can go for millions, why not a buck for a great cover?
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:57pm Ricardo Montalban:

I just bought a great xtian record "Branded for Christ" at the wonderful 99 Cent Records. Really bad Lefty Frizzell impersonations and off kilter singing.
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:58pm BSI:

this Bronco track has become unexpectedly awesomemer.... oddly it leads me to a hankerin' for White Witch, not sure why...
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:58pm don:

hilarious tony.. my record shelves have a chair and an amp and a bike in front of them... east coast lifestyle i suppose...
  Tue. 5/24/11 12:59pm tonyc:

Help! The neighbor's cat is staring at me hypnotically from the other side of the glass "studio" door....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:00pm tonyc:

BSI: I've been thinking about White Witch too! Wish I hadn't gotten rid of their first album. Will have to find it again....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:02pm tonyc:

I've been thinking about contacting the Better Business Bureau: 99 Cents Records always charges me a dollar a disc...
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:03pm Ricardo Montalban:

I wonder if they'll change their name? They started out as a place to cull out one guy's enormous record collection.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:04pm BSI:

The two White Witch CD reissues were treated with much love & care, and they sound great... though it's still not as pleasant as putting on the old Capricorn vinyl, but that's collector geek talk....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:08pm tonyc:

I've often wondered whether CDs will be dumped massively at some point, the way VHS tapes were, and show up at liquidators and thrift stores en masse for a buck or two. That'd be fine by me....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:10pm tonyc:

Anyone know if this is the "famous" CIA? The punk/hardcore band, I mean...
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:10pm Ricardo Montalban:

yep. I know some thriftstores no longer remove CDs from the cases like they used to (and keep them up front). One owner told me that they wish someone would steal their CDs.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:14pm tonyc:

Could Jimmy Smack and Tonetta be one and the same person?
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:21pm Ricardo Montalban:

Haven't heard this song in ages..
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:22pm tonyc:

I was always suspicious of Bauhaus because of their perfect haircuts, but some of it isn't half bad....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:26pm tonyc:

Jesus synth-pop coming up next!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:28pm J-Mar:

Funny, when the Bauhaus song came on, at first I thought it was PiL. And that's when it occurred to me -- hey, these guys actually did some good stuff!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:30pm Acapulco:

Hi, Tony -- Nice to hear your broadcast; hope you're well.
Bauhaus was a terrific band. Their first LP is a postpunk masterpiece, and they have at least a dozen killer singles and BBC sessions besides. Too bad they're so closely associated with "goth" -- probably turns a lotta people off. Also, they were very funny.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:32pm Jesus Stuff:

Hi Tony,
why not air every week?? There is a gap in the week...
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:35pm Jeremy:

Arg, missed the rapture and half of Tony's show...at least i can Be Here Now!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:35pm tonyc:

Acapulco! Nice to hear from you!! I do indeed like Bauhaus's first LP and early singles....
Jesus Stuff: Thanks for asking, but doing a weekly show would be too much of a time commitment at the moment. Hopefully soon!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:36pm tonyc:

Hi Jeremy!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:37pm Jesus Stuff:

You have my sincere blessings !
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:40pm tonyc:

Thanks, Jesus Stuff! I'm amassing equipment slowly but surely, and that will eventually make things much easier....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:42pm Brian in UK:

Evening, Tony & friends. Speaking of Bauhaus there will be an exhibition of the original Gropius concept in London next year. Good excuse for y'all to come over.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:44pm tonyc:

Mornevening, Brian! (Man, you guys are futuristic.)
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:45pm Jesus Stuff:

Hopefully one day you can do a Christian rock special? As a lover of Jesus (and Psychedelics) l'll be very happy...
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:46pm Brian in UK:

We lead the way, except in popular music concepts. Did I just write popular. Make that musical conceits!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:47pm Brian in UK:

This i before e except after c is total crap.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:47pm tonyc:

Bridges (on now) are pre-A-ha!

Jesus Stuff: Some day, for sure, the Jesus Special will rise up....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:49pm tonyc:

Rise up from the bread....
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:50pm Brian in UK:

Funny you should write that I've just put a loaf on. If I had some loafers I'd put them on as well.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:52pm tonyc:

Is Jesus unleavened? With loafers on?
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:52pm Brian in UK:

It would have to be at Yeaster.
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:53pm still b/p:

Recall the miracle of the loafers and fishnets...
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:53pm Jesus Stuff:

Great, looking forward. I'm sure you'll make a lot of Christians happy. In the mean time, keep on rocking!!!
  Tue. 5/24/11 1:54pm Brian in UK:

This is odd. We are having mackeral for tea tonight. The Naz is on tomorrow.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:00pm Drummer Some:

The Naz (Amanda Nazario, for the uninitiated) is back on the stream tomorrow with her weekly show Nazario Scenario. Amanda's show airs every Wednesday, Noon - 2pm. (Cross fingers, but we hope to have Amanda LIVE on the stream tomorrow and on into the future.)

The playlist for Amanda's show tomorrow exists here:
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:03pm Ricardo Montalban:

Great show, Tony! Thanks for making an otherwise dull deskbound day more fun
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:04pm tonyc:

Jeez --- they tie you to your desk? How are you supposed to search for the City of Gold?
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:10pm tonyc:

Dig the didgeridoo....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:11pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's a chain, actually. After ten years, they give you a fuzzy handcuff cover.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:15pm tonyc:

And a gold chain when you retire?
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:24pm tonyc:

Current sounds brought to you by the Teen Challenge Thrift Store.....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:29pm Ricardo Montalban:

it's so hit-or-miss as to which thrift store will have records and even then more so as to which ones have decent records.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:31pm tonyc:

Yeah, but it's still more fun than downloading mp3s....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:31pm tonyc:

dig the crumhorn
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:32pm Ricardo Montalban:

That one is near Full Life Coffeeshop, I see. Full Life has a music school, which also does an awesome radio show twice a week.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:33pm Ricardo Montalban:

  Tue. 5/24/11 2:34pm tonyc:

Ah -- thanks for the linkage....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:38pm tonyc:

Hey: Did anyone go to a high school that put out records? Would love to hear if so....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:44pm tonyc:

My high school did, in my year even, but I don't have any of them, unfortunately....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:48pm Brian in UK:

What's a high skool?
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:49pm Jeremy:

You could contact some high schools directly, I bet some of them will have archived stuff by now. Bobby Shad & the Bad Men is a pretty good entry in that Horn Rock series on Mainstream...
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:50pm tonyc:

Brian: You know ... where you go to get stoned between classes....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:51pm tonyc:

Good idea, Jeremy.... Haven't heard the Shad Men ... will keep eyes peeled....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:51pm Brian in UK:

Before my time, brother.
Do you think the drummer has got a Zimmerman twist for tonight?
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:52pm Jesus Stuff:

I remember now also... The flexible walls and trhe bellowing sounds far away... Schooltime in The Netherlands was the best!
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:53pm Brian in UK:

I'll be in the alms of Morpheus then. Nice guy.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:54pm Amanda:

Hi Tony! Super late due to running around, but I'm psyched to catch up on the archive. Nice on the Sue Garner, I love that album.
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:55pm tonyc:

Hey Amanda! Nice to read you here. I hope to tune in tomorrow....
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:57pm Brian in UK:

Tony, as we are on a high skool jog, do you think that Amanda should stay back for detention for such lateness?
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:58pm tonyc:

Absolutely, Brian. In fact, she should see me in my office after class...
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:58pm Jeremy:

Now you're schooling usl, Tony! Is that the professor breathing down my neck? I won't be late next time, sir!
  Tue. 5/24/11 2:59pm Ricardo Montalban:

I found a record from my High School's choir but I sadly didn't buy it
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:00pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening everybody!! See you next time.....
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:36pm Kay:

I noticed on your old playlists you used to include Label name (though it got a bit complicated with reissues and self-released). Have you considered having that again or is it (a) too much work or (b) against the Accuplaylist rules.
  Tue. 5/24/11 3:44pm tonyc:

Hi there, Kay. I stopped including label names just to make typing the playlists faster -- but I have thought about going back to adding such info. I'm sure the labels (particularly small ones) would appreciate it....
  Tue. 5/24/11 4:26pm Kay:

Only if you don't mind, especially if you know it without having to research. You're right, if the label is still a going-concern it might mean more exposure. I sometimes find what you play in my music subscription service, especially if the label is recognizable. THANKS!
  Wed. 5/25/11 11:04pm Parq:

Tony, nothing clever to say, just a long-time fan catching up with you on the archives. Pleased to see you get so many comments.
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