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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options November 26, 2010

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
  Gondang Haro-Haro   Music of Nias & North Sumatra  Smithsonian Folkways   
:  Ceremonial Music with a Guru Sibaso   Sumatra: Musiques des Batak     
  Song and Rina Plung   Orgues-À-Bouche Rituels Des Murung: Bangladesh     
  Ua Putuputu Tatou E   The Tahitian Choir Vol. II: Rapa Iti     
  Eifiti Fenua Herehia   The Tahitian Choir Vol. II: Rapa Iti     
  Keni ni mato "The earth-woman" / The lullaby of Rokeha'a   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Intimate and Ritual Music     
  Enumerating song, nuuha iisisu   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Intimate and Ritual Music     
  'Ohowasina's lament / Houpua's lament   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Intimate and Ritual Music     
  Song for Gathering Mushrooms   Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music     
  Mongombi   Aka Pygmy Music    shouts uttered while hunting with nets 
  Anduwa   Aka Pygmy Music     
  The Humming of the Bees   Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music     
  Song of a Mahaber Festival   Ethiopia: Polyphony of the Dorze     
  Musique de Tej Beit   Ethiopie: Polyphonies Vocales et Instrumentales     
  Wub Allem "Beautiful World"   Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music, vol. 1     
Asfaw Kèbbèbè  Tèmèlèsè baburu   Options      
Misrak Mammo & Tchista Band  Gizié Biyasayègnem / Nanu Nanu Nèh   Options      
  Datchèna Koba        
  Taddèssè Andargué        
Alem Girma Band  Yètentu Feqratchen   Options      
  Gizéw Honèshenna        
Bèyènè Habté  Embi Ila   Options      
Ayalèw Mèsfin  Hasabé   Options      
Mahmoud Ahmed  Bèmen Sèbèb Letlash   Options      
Mulatu Astatqé  Dèwèl   Options      
Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo  It's a Vanity   Options      
Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady  Ain't Nobody Better   Options      
Funkhouse Express  Music Makes You Move   Options      
Muchos Plus  Funky Sheriff   Options      
Nite-Liters  Afro Strut   Options      
Nina Simone  Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter   Options      
Black Nasty  Party on 4th Street   Options      
Maxine Sellers  Be That Way   Options      
Sly & The Family Stone  I'm an Animal   Options      
Sly & The Family Stone  M'Lady   Options      
TSU Toronados  Ain't Nothin' Nowhere   Options      
Jimmy Johnson & The Lucky Hearts  Let's Get a Line   Options      
Vibrettes  Humpty Bump   Options      
Electric Jungle  Funky Funky Christmas   Options      
Ramona King  Super Chicken   Options      

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:03pm Vicki:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:04pm ~:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:05pm @ @:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:06pm Ike:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:07pm >..<:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:08pm Vicki:

Bryce you can't run away like that
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:08pm @$$:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:08pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:09pm Vicki:

now someone wrote boobs and you're only 8 minutes in
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:10pm @$$:

no, it's just 58008 upside down
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:11pm Vicki:

oh, sorry - now I got it
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:11pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:20pm ms_a:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:22pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:23pm Vicki:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:25pm bryce:

you should see a physician
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:26pm Vicki:

Is it not normal?
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you're asking Bryce what his standard of normalcy is. I would rethink that approach.
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:29pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:31pm Vicki:

I JUST CLICKED ON (oh caps locked) a lot of option keys to find stupid character and then three windows opened including one dialogue box that was entitled "under the hood". That'll learn me.
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:35pm bryce:

did you buy anything?
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't touch the coil wire
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:36pm Vicki:

I think I bought a leopard
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:38pm leopard workers of america:

Just what an ailing economy needs.
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:46pm ms_a:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:51pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:51pm Vicki:

you're back then
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:53pm bryce:

sorry, i was just buying some leopard rings

  Fri. 11/26/10 12:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

are you proposing?
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:54pm Vicki:

do you suppose that is the size of a galaxy?
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:56pm bryce:

i think this building is a box of raisins
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

just don't end up in the oatmeal
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:58pm bryce:

did you know africa has leopard clams? http://j.mp/eVtlXu
  Fri. 11/26/10 12:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well this lazy @$$ half day is done...good day folks
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:03pm Vicki:

Damn they've watermarked it, I really wanted to steal their design
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:09pm Looms:

This Pygmy chant is sweet as honey.
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:19pm postmanpaul:

Zaggharyaya is the name for that kind of deap throat screaming the women do, Bryce
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:24pm cleef:

ahoi,im a hearer from germany.first time that i get in touch with this radio station. im writing at this moment for an radiodrama script about travelstorys and this programm is really really inspiring. thanks for the great trip!
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:26pm kitchen attendant:

ah... goring a pumpkin to this music. (thanksgiving never stops)
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:29pm jack:

WTF is this French ? hahhahahhah
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:30pm bryce:

i think it's chinese
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:31pm jack:

I Hope so ! hahahah
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:32pm jack:

speack englosh lol hahahhahahah
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:34pm jack:

wat the hell is this the voice of vietnam hahahahha
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:35pm bryce:

hi, what's your name?
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:35pm jack:

and ha ah ha lol
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:36pm jack:

to my three people audiacne hahahahah
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:37pm jack:

my name is jack on the internet jack sprat hahahahahahahahh
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:39pm jack:

what the f is this islam babes in heat ?
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:41pm jack:

I luv yur burka hahahahh
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:48pm jack:

what is this stupid crap ? it ain't music, you should go stick your head in the toilet bowl !
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:49pm david:

This Thanksgiving season, I'm thankful that I'm not an idiot like jack.
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:50pm jack:

and I'm damm thankfull I ain't an asshole like you
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:52pm kitchen attendant:

holidays are tough
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:53pm jack:

yeah but invite david over hahahha
  Fri. 11/26/10 1:54pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 1:55pm jack:

don't lol
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:01pm kitchen attendant:

my kitchen is a castle in the clouds & allah is invited over :-) cheer up bro's...
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:04pm Looms:

Nice words, KA! At last...
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:05pm Vicki:

take that, Bryce, you useless talentless waste of space, you complete loser with no listeners, like DUH
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:07pm Vicki:

Bryce plays rubbish foreign music
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:07pm Vicki:

:) hi :)
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:07pm jack:

allah sucks the moon god ahhahahahha
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:07pm nick:

once heard some pygmy music that sounded like a Wolfgang Voigt sideproject...ring any bells?
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:08pm jack:

I don't have a life, ahah ahahahaaaaa
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:11pm kitchen attendant:

Happy T-day & its aftermath, y'all. Time for an ether-only drink! Indulge..
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:15pm bryce:

i'm sticking with freon for now
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:17pm jack:

  Fri. 11/26/10 2:17pm kitchen attendant:

Oh. Ether is actually quite strong when taken alone; and just as much so in the double-entendre. hmmmm. dig yr freon ;-)
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:18pm Looms:

Funk it up, Bryce!
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:19pm Vicki:

I looked up Freon (thinking it must be a dragqueen) and got this:
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:22pm bryce:

there are thousands of those inside your refrigerator
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:23pm kitchen attendant:

V: if you looked in your drink & saw that reflected it would be a happy date..
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:23pm Vicki:

at the back?
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:26pm bryce:

yes, they carry the heat particles over to the cord and push them in, where they are carried to the sewer.

this is how your ether stays cool and refreshing.
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:27pm Looms:

  Fri. 11/26/10 2:27pm Looms:

  Fri. 11/26/10 2:33pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Bryce, your show is making me very happy today.
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:34pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 2:35pm Bad Ronald:

Funkin A!
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:39pm Imfreedsoul:

please help me find nina simone funkier than a mosquito's tweeter as a rar or zip file
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:42pm dave in a cave:

nice work on the ones and twos!
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:42pm Vicki:

I like bom-bom music
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:42pm Joe voltage:

Hey bryce!!
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:44pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/26/10 2:45pm Joe voltage:

Just chillin. Been cross pollinating christmas cactus
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:45pm The Breton Drinking Company:

:) :) :) :) :)
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:47pm Parq:

Been absent from the puter, but the radio's been on since noon. Must-hear program, as usual.
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:54pm o no:

Not Christmas already!
  Fri. 11/26/10 2:56pm bryce:

it's xmas 4017 and pimples can talk!!
  Fri. 11/26/10 8:15pm Mitten John de Détroit:

Bryce - Listened live and now re-listening--captivating and amazing! Don't understand any of the comments (thought I knew 'BOOBS', then @$$ confused me), but your audio is stellar.
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