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I am but a vessel. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 24, 2010

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Bradbury  Nymphs & Shepards   Options 0:00:00 ()
3 Leafs  Dyani   Options 0:04:41 ()
Paul Kalkbrenner  Bengang   Options 0:11:00 ()
Irmin Schmidt/Inner Space Productions  In Kalkutta II   Options 0:16:31 ()
The Clarke-Boland Big Band  Sakara   Options 0:18:49 ()
Syreeta  To Know You Is To Love You   Options 0:23:48 ()
John Facenda (music by Sam Spence)  The Facenda Files   Options 0:34:15 ()
First Choice  Double Cross   Options 0:39:26 ()
Christopher Scott  Wives And Lovers   Options 0:43:32 ()
The Johnny Harris Orchestra  Here Comes The Boot   Options 0:45:28 ()
U.S. Army Rangers  Fired Up   Options 0:48:06 ()
Jocko  A Little Bit Of Everything   Options 0:50:45 ()
Hector Rivera  Drown My Heart   Options 0:53:10 ()
The Staple Singers  Two Wings   Options 0:56:24 ()
Jules Ah See  Maui Chimes   Options 0:58:29 ()
The Magnetic Fields  You Must Be Out Of Your Mind   Options 1:06:29 ()
George Jones  Sometimes You Just Can't Win   Options 1:09:29 ()
The Delmore Brothers  Blues Stay Away From Me   Options 1:11:35 ()
David Hemmings  Reason To Believe   Options 1:14:41 ()
Jimmie Noone  Let's Sow A Wild Oat   Options 1:19:35 ()
George White  Away All The Time   Options 1:19:41 ()
Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton  My Blue Tears   Options 1:22:29 ()
Jeri Southern  I Don't Know Where To Turn   Options 1:25:08 ()
Billy Bennington  Waltz:Dulcie Belle   Options 1:28:09 ()
Judee Sill  The Archetypal Man   Options 1:36:03 ()
Spirit  Girl In Your Eye   Options 1:39:28 ()
Dionne Warwick  Theme From Valley Of The Dolls   Options 1:42:46 ()
Ann Sexton  Have a Little Mercy   Options 1:45:54 ()
Nina Simone  The Twelfth Of Never   Options 1:48:48 ()
Joe Brown  I'll See You In My Dreams   Options 1:52:29 ()
unknown   If We Never Meet Again   Options 1:55:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 1/24/10 7:06pm CB2:

With that thumpin' beat had to put Mr. B in the BR.

Go, Vessel!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:08pm david:

that's one space oddity, right there.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:09pm Windy City:

S u p e r

M o n i c a

S u n d a y
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:09pm jbird:

Im in a laidback mood tonight-rainy and icy outside.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:11pm cathy lane:

hiya monica--how was your week? i hope it was great,,btw you never told us about your vacay three weeks ago,,,also do you like family guy??
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:13pm Parq:

Hola Srta. Monica. Got to go about the Sunday night chores soon, but wanted to check in. Yeah, that was one trippy base line on that "space" track.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:14pm cathy lane:

and as long as i am tossing out random questions,,,is your poor sick pusspuss back in the pink?
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:14pm lani:

bengang >> just hit the spot. thanks for going there so soon. my 8-year-old is in heaven.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:20pm monica:

hi lani, your 8-yr-old has discerning ears!...cathy l., am afaraid not, am taking butter(doggy) to a neurologist tmrw morn...hiya parq!! pls. come do chores at my place when you're finito with yours....hola jbird, me too....hey now windy city!!!....david, from one space oddity to another...CB2, you go in the crate next!!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:21pm uma:

my mom was right i am rocken out ! i just learned the bump. thanks
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:22pm Mal:

Great blend!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:23pm monica:

good girl, uma. it should be compulsory for every child to learn the bump. you mama knows her stuff.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:26pm cathy lane:

don't believe in imposters,,,and i'm sorry to hear about butter,, monica =(=(
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:26pm G:

Thought Syreeta was Stevie Wonder circa 1973 for a minute there...
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:28pm Parq:

G, that was him. They were married for a while.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:28pm CB1:


SYREETA! And, yes Stevie Wonder. What memories of this album....
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:28pm G:

my bad, hard to mistake SW's singing voice...
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:30pm monica:

Hi CB1!! and you too, G!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:36pm texas scott:

just pokin' my head in to say hola.
Football's good tonight....
AH SNAP.John Facienda.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:38pm cathy lane:

well monica this will my final post of tonite,,,i'll be listening to rest of the show,,g'nite,,& beware of imposters!! see you next week=)=) keep on rocking!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:38pm miketp:

hello monica and fellow listeners. went to a church coffee house in park ridge nj last nite to see and hear the sweet vocal talent of loretta hagen. the coffee house scene is refreshing.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:39pm Da Jets:

Better smile when you say that, Tex. Football not going so great in the NYC area.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:40pm Fiona DeWitt:

Finally, football I can relate to.

Caribou, where are you when I need you?
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:41pm texas scott:

cheer up Da Jets.You guys went further than the 'Boys.
Jets rawk!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:43pm caribou bellunciaga:

Hello Fiona,my dear.
Going to the bar,What'll you have?
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:44pm miketp:

the river boat gambler is lighting up the saints 14 to 14 rite now
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:44pm Lush:

Just buy some bottles at the package store, Bellu
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:46pm Fiona DeWitt:

Oh, the kindness of strangers!

Powder Room - 8PM - surprise me!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:46pm Mal:

When elevator music was chic!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:47pm Windy City:

Ciao! Manhattan
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:48pm miketp:

the word boot means lots of things. what does he mean?
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:50pm Dagmar:

What a show!

Caribou - order me one!
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:52pm jbird:

Army Rangers got me movin'
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:54pm caribou bellunciaga:

Powder room 8PM,Dag.Fiona is probably already there.You know how gassy she gets.
I'll be there with bells on.And I'm bringin' the bar with me.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:54pm dave:

Army Rangers: Fightin' The Commies, Not The Funk.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:57pm Fiona:

Dagmar, as usual, is tryin' to hone in on MY action!

Just remember - Mama always said, "Gassy-ous is as Gassy-ous does."

Drown My Heart In Tears.
  Sun. 1/24/10 7:59pm Dan:

Early Staple Singers rule.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:01pm caribou bellunciaga:

girls,I brought...OH Stop it,Fi.Get off her.You know how she gets without her pills....
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:01pm CB's:

Going for dinner - but we'll be listenin'. Great show, Mo!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:02pm monica:

right on, dave...caribou, don't fergit the air freshner, grl... you gots it right, dan...down, fiona, down, no leash aggression pls...dag, jbrd, MAL!! mike TP, t'scott ..
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:03pm Mavis:

Well, bless your sweet little cottonpickin heart, Dan.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:07pm cissy davis:

i just want to chime in and say that you & efd are the greatest dee jays EVER on fmu monica!!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:07pm G:

Realism, due out the 26th...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:11pm Mal:

"dag, jbrd, MAL!!"

Did you just swear at me?!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:11pm dave:

in a sane world, they'd have parades in the streets to mark magnetic fields album releases, and no metropolis would be without a decent collection of statues of stephin merritt.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:12pm texas scott:

George Jones...how nice.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:12pm tony cormier:

nonsense - you are still astonishing looking and such stuff as dreams are made on. Brava
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:14pm texas scott:

Realism....Got it.

  Sun. 1/24/10 8:15pm PAULIE:

  Sun. 1/24/10 8:17pm Mal:

I have yet to hear a bad version of "Reason to Believe". Another great rendition!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:20pm cissy:

hey cathy, doing anything tonight,,,wanna "come over"? i feel you are a kindred soul,,,
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:22pm monica:

oh tony, you're a gent...t'scott, nuffin like some george...paulie, i hope butter will be better soon...mal, i hear ya!...dave, stephin wouldn't argue with that idea....thanks, G...hey cissy, thank ye...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:22pm Fiona DeWitt:

Here I sit striking match after match - alone.

Pretty soon I will be reduced to writing in #%(%^*^(@ - to express my appreciation for all the great music tonight.

Thank you, Lady Mo - for a joy ride tonight.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:25pm monica:

awww, fiona.... let us strike a lonely match together, shall we?
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:26pm poot:

  Sun. 1/24/10 8:28pm Windy City:

amazing show as usual.
You could be on any Red carpet
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:29pm Mal:

It's kinda ironic that she doesn't know where to turn, and her name is "Southern"...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:29pm ?:

Or a flying carpet.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:31pm monica:

windy city, poot - let's hear it for a FABULOUS audience....mal, your are killin me over here.... you too "?"
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:31pm cissy davis:

monica thnx very much for your company,,,i enjoyed it!=)=)
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:31pm Dagmar:

Mal - not really. From my experience many Southerners don't .
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:33pm ?:

Touche, Dag, touche!
; )
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:36pm texas scott:

H E Y ! ! ! Dag.Douche.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:36pm CB2:

Texas Scott, can you believe these comments about "Southerners" - Can we talk?
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:37pm ?:


  Sun. 1/24/10 8:38pm Dag:

Simply stating a fact. Have you met Fiona's relatives? Anyway, I didn't say "all!"
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:39pm texas scott:

Ignorance is WORLDWIDE,CB2.
But you probably know that.

Kisses to you,Mo.
Je t'aime.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:40pm Renee Z.:

"THEY" do protestest too much!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:40pm Sybil:

Hey Monica,

Breaking lurkdom to say: this show is just perfect for the mood I'm in tonight. Heck, it's just perfect.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:42pm Mal:

Spirit! Cool! Monica, you're definitely the "Anti-Delilah"!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:44pm sugarwolf:

yay valley of the dolls!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:44pm Fiona DeWitt:

Parle vou, frenche?

I sit here all alone waiting?

Merci, for the complimentary match striking Monica.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:46pm CB2``:

Stop it!

I have to clean the kitchen and you insist on creating wonderful music/memories.

You are one of a kind!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:47pm texas scott:

Get up off the floor,Fiona.
We're leaving.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:47pm strunk and white:

complementary, even
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:50pm Fan:

Syreeta and Ann Sexton, two Northern Soul faves...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:50pm Mal:

Strunk & White got style...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:51pm Fiona DeWitt:

Mon Sewer,

I am waiting for Mssr Caribou.

Thank your for your kind offer - would it have been at your place?

  Sun. 1/24/10 8:51pm monica:

howdee, fan, love those gals too...much gratitude, windy city...CB2, no rest for a wench like you!...t'scott, wipe her up from the floor, will ya?... fiono, bien sur (sp?)....lady sugarwolf, for you darlin'!...mal, you too cool, fool....hi there, sybil, love to hear from lurkers!! thanks so much...renee z, you've been might quiet tonight...g'night cissy!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:53pm texas scott:

that would have been a Yes,FD.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:53pm CB2:

Really, STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Simone is beyond.

A simple thanks.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:53pm -max-:

Very enjoyable show! Segues are so smooth, showing a real loving respect for the artists' creations. Coming out of The Magnetic Fields tune it was truly seamless! And the placement of the songs is wonderful. Thank you, Monica!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:53pm caribou bellunciaga:

  Sun. 1/24/10 8:54pm ?:

Nina Simone sounds like Cleveland Brown, jr.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:54pm jbird:

Havent heard any torch songs lately. Great show Monica.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:54pm trs:

Tu es radieuse ce soir.

radieux: dazzling
from French Word of the Day - Transparent Language
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:55pm sugarwolf:

this message board is turning into a jacqueline susann novel!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:55pm Fiona DeWitt:

I may be a slut.

But I live for love and only one.

I await Caribou.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:56pm Windy City:

Why do your 2 hour shows always feel like 10 minutes.????
They go by so fast...
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:56pm Caribou:

Hi, there!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:57pm caribou bellunciaga:

let's go,bitch.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:57pm monica:

thanks all for tuning in tonight and have a great week!!!
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:58pm Reindeer:

I herd about Caribou.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:58pm Fiona DeWitt:

I am here for you, mon Caribou.
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:59pm caribou bellunciaga:

stifle it,will ya?
  Sun. 1/24/10 8:59pm Paul:

A simply spectacular two hours.
  Sun. 1/24/10 9:00pm County Clerk:

Just so you know, if you get married and use both last names, you're Fiona DeWitt-Belenciaga.
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