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Options January 17, 2010

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Wolfgang Voigt  Zither Und Horn   Options 0:00:00 ()
Sammy Davis Jr.   Here's That Rainy Day   Options 0:04:58 ()
Quarteto Em Cy  Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar   Options 0:07:04 ()
The Pretty Things  Parachute   Options 0:09:41 ()
Teddy Pendergrass  The Whole Town's Laughing At Me   Options 0:13:14 ()
Silver Swans  Electricity   Options 0:17:30 ()
Supercluster  Mermaid's Tale   Options 0:22:18 ()
Susumu Yokota  Genshi   Options 0:26:42 ()
Jimi Hendrix  Little Wing   Options 0:35:49 ()
Gil Evans  Little Wing   Options 0:38:37 ()
The Skatalites  Fugitive Dub   Options 0:44:55 ()
Sweet Potato Pie  Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?)   Options 0:47:47 ()
The Reverend Apostle Arturo Skinner  God Wants To Heal You   Options 0:53:59 ()
The Sticks  On The Run   Options 1:08:16 ()
Mehter Remix '03  Hucum Marsi (Attack Song)   Options 1:10:09 ()
Lynn Taitt  Steppin' Up   Options 1:13:31 ()
Charlie Gabriel  Two Way Pa-Ka Way   Options 1:16:56 ()
James Brown  Three Hearts In A Tangle   Options 1:18:43 ()
Count Basie  Paradise Squat   Options 1:21:57 ()
Teddy Pendergrass  I Don't Love You Anymore   Options 1:25:18 ()
Dokaka  Hi Score   Options 1:29:07 ()
unknown  Rara In Haiti: Bourg Champagne   Options 1:30:35 ()
Nino Rota  La Passerella Di Otto e Mezzo   Options 1:32:58 ()
Paul White  Surfing Off The Coast Of Mexico   Options 1:40:47 ()
Jack Nitzsche  The Lonely Surfer   Options 1:43:02 ()
Bettie Serveert  Change4Me   Options 1:45:33 ()
Yolanda Del Rio  El Muro   Options 1:49:46 ()
Solomon Burke  Can't Nobody Love You   Options 1:51:52 ()
Bingo Gazingo  Everything's OK At The OK Corral   Options 1:54:22 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 1/17/10 7:05pm Steve:

Nice to have you back. Did you have a good time?
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:05pm CBs:

Welcome back, Mo!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:05pm texas scott:

they are all in heaven now.
making music with the angels.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:08pm Windy City:

Last Sunday just wasn't the same without you.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:10pm G:

Sammy D.track a much better choice for tonight than such flogged dead horses as "Riders on the Storm" that the commercial stations dig out of their 500-song permitted playlist whenit showers.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:17pm cathy lane:

hello monica---how was your vacay?? i hope you had great time ,,,you were missed last week,,,i looooove teddy pendergrass!!!!! super tunes tonite...
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:18pm penny lane:

i'm in your ears and in your eyes.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:18pm Maggie B.:

welcome back, Monica! and thanks for the Teddy. Mmm!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:19pm texas scott:

that comment at 7:05 was not me.we have an imposter commenter...just sayin...
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:20pm comment reader:

yes, no three punctuations in a row, definitely fake TS!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:21pm monica:

evenin' steve, thanks and yes i did,,,CBs in the place to be...T'Scott, yes they are...Windy City, missed you too....G, well let's hope so!....cathy, moi heart teddy tooo....maggie B!!! hey lady.....t'scott, are you kiddin me? for reals?
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:22pm CB2:

Tex S' - didn't sound like you.

Glad to have you back!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:24pm cathy lane:

monica,,please play more pendergrass,,,thank you
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:25pm texas scott:

it's been a very weird day.
hello Monica.Nice to see ya on FB.
hey CBs.what's shakin'?
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:29pm cathy lane:

monica,, as woman to woman do you think teddy is a dream?
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:32pm observer:

rule 74 of life:

someone always goes too far!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:33pm texas scott:

Golden Globes is on.
Sandra Bullock Is a beaut!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:35pm Teddy Pendergrass:

Turn off the light...
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:36pm Steve:

Yeah Dave! No substitute for your style of disc jockeying but amazing in his own element.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:38pm Steve:

I can almost stand covers of Little Wing because the original is so fabulosa.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:38pm anne:

good rainy evening Monica and all
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:39pm CB2:

wanted to use every moniker I have.

I ran from the dinner table hearing Jimi, but Lil' Wing!

You have transported to the past.

Girl, just tell Texas Scott that it is time to GATOR!

XXX (TS, how about U of A at Rose Bowl?)
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:41pm Fiona DeWitt:

Stop it!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:41pm monica:

cathy/ozzy, i see you....observer, yes they do...t'scott, you're inimitable, don't worry...steve, hear hear....thank you, mizz anne!...CB2, bama boy in the house!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:44pm Parq:

Ah, I was right, this is from the Gil Evans project. I remember the original release of that album very well. I was a college freshman, had just joined the campus radio station, and was just starting to push my horizons beyond mainstream rock. I didn't understand a lot of the album, but it still made a big impression on me. Very cool, hearing it again after all these years.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:47pm cathy lane:

monica,,why does everybody calls me ozzy??? I SICK of it!,,i'm not a man,, i'm a woman.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:49pm Traffic Cop:

Stay in Lane.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:49pm texas scott:

Rose Bowl was a fluke.Naw,just kidding...Go U of A !!!

CB2,It will be time to Gator when the music is right.
Just say when.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:51pm monica:

hi parq, nice to hear from you. yes, there's a shopworn vinyl copy of that album hear in the library. i read that jimi was going to record with gil evans but then he kicked... HA! good one, traffic copp.... Fiona, how art thou... Hey, who's lookin' good on Golden Globes? Any fashion wipe outs yet?
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:53pm texas scott:

chill cathy/ozzy...you can be whoever you choose.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:53pm Windy City:

Oh me oh my ...i love sweet potato pie.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:55pm cathy/ozzy:

I am way God maid me,thahk U: )
a woman with a thang.
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:56pm CB2:

Texas Scott,


XXX cb2
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:56pm Billy Jam:

nice music Monica!
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:56pm John:

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you
in time - It's easy.

All you need is love, all you need is love,
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:59pm texas scott:


  Sun. 1/17/10 7:59pm miketp:

jets win 17 14
  Sun. 1/17/10 7:59pm Ray Davies:

Ho ho la lay Lola, L-L-L-L-Lola!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:00pm Parq:

Actualmente, my first version of "Little Wing" was neither the original nor the D and the D version. It was a sparse, gorgeous live version from the "Hendrix In the West" album. I came into almost everything ass-backwards.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:02pm cathy lane:

monica please tell ken to stop with this stupid "OZZY" crap,it's bugging me...ok i'll chill scott/ sally
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:02pm CB1:

Gospel Disco!!! Yow-zir!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:03pm you'll chill?:

kinda late for that, neigh pa?
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:03pm texas scott:

is that short for Oswald,dude?
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:07pm texas scott:

Sandra Bulllock is smoking, very hot!!! oh gotta
U go CB2!! Gatorin!
get my donation in to fmu, i love you guys...
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:08pm texas scott:

you can drop now,ozzy.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:09pm cathy lane:

well monica--i'm outa here,,,have a wonderful week,,i'll see you next week have a great week!!!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:09pm G:

308 mill, or ish
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:09pm trs:

I'd guess ~300 million.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:11pm texas scott:

300.0465 mil
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:12pm G:

we passed 300 mill around the middle of the aughties.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:14pm The Gov:

  Sun. 1/17/10 8:16pm texas scott:

yeah, Bullock is hot, I would do her...
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:17pm wise guy:

texas has gained the most population. all those commenting personas.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:17pm texas scott:

thanks FAKE me.You're hilarious.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:19pm Renee Z:


Wondering if you were around.

Need to check my make up.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:21pm texas scot:

that comment at 8:17 was not me.we have an imposter commenter...just sayin...
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:22pm fudgie dellamoor:

c'mon RZ,let's go to the bar.
I need a drink.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:22pm G:

OK, to keep it simple, should we all just bear in mind that you are not really you?
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:24pm brandon Pines:

where can i get that arturo skinner "god wants to heal you" mix??
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:24pm Fiona and Dagmar:

The bar it is!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:24pm Steve:

Learn about rhythm

  Sun. 1/17/10 8:24pm monica:

HI Billy Jam!!!....Love pot pie too, WC...Thanks, John!...Go, Jets!!!......Love ya, Ray D....Parq, never heard that one....Cathy, no probs, all good....CB1, thanks to the man upstairs...You'll chill, we chill.....G, Fudgie,Renee, Wise Guy..Gov, TRS, T'scott,...let's reapir to the bar
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:26pm anne:

Hey Monica, where did you find those census figures again about immigrant groups in NYC? that was totally interesting and didn't get to hear the rest of the list cuz we were having a conversation about it once you mentioned China as being #2...Thanks!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:27pm trs:

pop'n figures seem dry w/o growth rate and age structure
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:30pm G:

http://nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/census/nny_exec_sum.shtml#sco :

"New York City's 2000 foreign-born population of 2.87 million was an all-time high and represented 36 percent of the city's population of 8 million. The Dominican Republic was the largest source of the foreign-born, numbering 369,200 or 13 percent of the total, followed by China (262,600), Jamaica (178,900), Guyana (130,600), and Mexico (122,600). Ecuador, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, and Russia rounded out the city's ten largest sources of the foreign-born.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:30pm Steve L:

Listening in the kitchen as usual. Loved that Gil Evans "Little Wing."
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:31pm Census:

308,505,778 to be exact.

All things popular are here if you can figure out how to arrive at them.

  Sun. 1/17/10 8:31pm cathy lane:

thank you very monica,,you're the best!!!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:32pm anne:

ahh, thank you G! gotta brush on the chinese pronto
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:34pm Windy City:

That Afrika Bambaataa interview you did back in 2002(?),
archived anywhere? I'd love to give it another listen.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:37pm Parq:

Gotta go cook, Miss M. Bring it into the home stretch.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:38pm listener Gary:

Thanks for the Nino Rota ...I needed that! Couyldn't send in notice earlier as I was making potato pancakes. Best...
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:39pm Stephin Merritt:

Reno Dakota, I'm no Nino Rota,
I don't know the score.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:40pm cathy lane:

monica,,,don't you love teddy pendergrass as much as i do?
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:41pm Population Hint:

You people out there are fucking a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:43pm cathy lane:

thank you very monica,,you're the best?
I have a beard,,,hee tee
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:47pm Heloise:

Cathy, dear. Have you tried Nair?
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:48pm I just ate:


Doesn't everyone shave anymore? That was my impression, anyways, based admittedly on a statistically unreliable sample.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:50pm ?:

Can't we just talk about the census
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:51pm G:

Apparently we're now out of our census.
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:52pm texas scott:

yolanda seems all tore up...
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:54pm ?:

In the Jersey area>?
come see NJ's Premier Ozzy/Sabbath Tribute @
Feb 6 2010 10:00P
Alstarz Bordentown, New Jersey
Feb 17 2010 8:00P
Whiskey Bar Hoboken, New Jersey
Feb 21 2010 12:00P
BlankFest NJ IV At Alstarz Bordentown, New Jersey
Mar 27 2010 10:00P
High Velocity Beachwood, New Jersey
Apr 16 2010 10:00P
Alstarz Bordentown, New Jersey

come help out the homeless and hear some kickass live music at Blankfest 4
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:55pm ?:

  Sun. 1/17/10 8:56pm G:

RIP Bingo baby
  Sun. 1/17/10 8:59pm monica:

hi anne, jan. 14 ny post..G..trs, yeah i like it when they break it down....G, good diggin!...Steve L!!!!....Census, that's what I'm talkin' about...Cathy, you're counted twice...Windy City, dunno, gotta check!!....Parq, Listener Gary, good lookin!....Stephin, you know a few scores....Pop Hint, duh!!....Heloise, yer killin me....you too I...OK, folks, this is a wrap!! thanks for hangin' tonight and have a great week!!!
  Sun. 1/17/10 9:00pm Thanks:

Well, you're back and everthing is in order..
  Sun. 1/17/10 9:00pm Paul:

  Mon. 1/18/10 6:04pm Domenic:

what a beautiful set...as usual Monica!

I always listen on Monday evenings cooking din-din....and I never add too much Hungarian Paparika dreaming about the broth of next Friday
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