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The contrast between Vegan cupcakes and Officer Tom!
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Vinyl. (1970) 0:00:00 )  
FACES, THE  Too Bad   Options Five Guys Walk Into a Bar. Rhino. CD box set. (2004) post-Small Faces w/ Rod Stewart on vox 0:07:02 )  
BUZZER  Surrounded By Shadows   Options The West. CD. Andy Jordan, formerly of the Cuts and Time Flys -NR 0:10:17 )  
LITTLE BO BITCH  take it easy   Options s/t. EMI. Vinyl. (1979) 0:13:04 )  
THE HOMOSEXUALS  Vociferous Slam   Options Astral Glamour. Morphius. CD box set. London art punk 1978-82 0:15:31 )  
39 CLOCKS  Shake the Hippie   Options Pain It Dark. Bureau B. CD. 1981 -NR 0:18:00 )  
ROXY MUSIC  Virginia Plain   Options s/t. Virgin. CD. remastered 1972 album 0:20:48 )  
RAINY DAY SAINTS  this isn't real   Options reflected. Get Hip Records. CD. -NR 0:23:24 )  
GIRLS AT OUR BEST  Too Big For Your Boots   Options Pleasure. cherry red. CD. -NR 0:26:43 )  
GROW UP  river   Options VA: Auteur Labels Object Music 1978-1981. LTM. CD. -NR 0:29:37 )  
CHORUS REVERENDUS  dans son euphorie   Options va: Wizzz! Vol. 2: Psychorama Francais 1966-70. Born Bad. CD. -NR 0:30:38 )  
HOLLIES  Stop Stop Stop   Options va: Fab! Vol. 1. EMI. CD. (2007) 0:33:09 )  
THE OUTCASTS  1523 Blair   Options va: acid dreams: testament. Past & Present. CD. -NR 0:35:44 )  
LOS EXPLOSIVOS  Fuego   Options s/t. Get Hip Records. CD. -NR 0:37:36 )  
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE  obscured by fuzz/citadel   Options Obscured by Fuzz. Topplers. Vinyl. New Dan Melchior album so good we had to play 2 cuts! -NR 0:39:07 )  
THE FINCHLEY BOYS  Outcast   Options va: up all night: 20 heavy nuggets from the golden age of hard psych. Past & Present. CD. -NR 0:44:50 )  
HOWARD CARPENDALE  Du Hast Mich   Options va: Modesty Blaise No. 1. Past & Present. CD. Mike Sinformational note: Howard Carpendale's "Du Hast Mich" = The Daisy Clan's "Glory Be" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLhMq70zNWg -NR 0:47:20 )  
CONEXION  I Don't Know What to Do   Options va: Sensacional Soul, vol. 2: 32 groovy Spanish soul & funk stompers 1965-72. Vampisoul. CD box set. -NR 0:50:43 )  
BLACK HOLLIES  Gloomy Monday Morning   Options b/w Heart of the Country. Safety Meeting. 7". -NR 1:08:16 )  
THE ATTACK  Strange House   Options About Time!. RPM. CD. 1:26:11 )  
YES  Every Little Thing   Options Yes. Elektra / Rhino. (1969) 1st album 1969 -Beatles cover- Playing this 4 u Danne D! 1:32:48 )  
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS  You Really Got Me   Options Sign of the 3 Eyed Men. -NR 1:36:09 )  
THEE HEADCOATS  We'er Gone   Options va: archive from 1959: the billy childish story. Damaged Goods. CD. Out by request to PJO -NR 1:42:37 )  
PENY DREDFUL & THE BLOODY VALENTINES  Don't Be Happy in Front of Me   Options va: this is ming beat: a tribute to sexton ming. rim. CD. -NR 1:44:51 )  
MARGINAL MAN  Tell Me   Options Double Image. Enigma. Vinyl. (1985) 1:47:10 )  
ADOLESCENTS  Wrecking Crew   Options Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!. Better Youth Organization. Vinyl. (1982) 1:49:41 )  
BONDAGE-T  Images d'Epinal   Options Les Bouchers de Verdun. Memoire Neuvre. 7". -NR 1:51:46 )  
LOVIN' SPOONFUL  Do You Believe in Magic?   Options DoYou Believe in Magic?. Kama Sutra. Vinyl. 1:55:22 )  
ROCKPILE  Teacher Teacher   Options 1:57:08 )  
NIXON'S HEAD  done dealing   Options enemies list. CD. -NR 2:00:56 )  
THE REIGNING SOUND  Is It True?   Options Love and Curses. In the Red. CD. -NR 2:03:03 )  
DC SNIPERS  suicide policeman   Options s/t. Daggerman. Vinyl. for Officer Tom -NR 2:05:58 )  
NAUGHTY KIDS  sixteen   Options s/t. Punk Rock Records. Vinyl. goes out to Alex Attack! 2:08:44 )  
SHEETAH ET LES WEISSMULLER  Pire que le Silence   Options Hola Ye-Yeah!. Screaming Apple. CD. -NR 2:11:10 )  
TY SEGALL  Standing at the Station   Options Lemons. Goner. CD. -NR 2:13:36 )  
TED LEO  The Back Seat of My Car   Options va: Dog: A Best Show Tribute to "Ram". WFMU. CD. here's the link, check out the skull rings!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghmIFFbJ9wc
It's Ted Leo singing "Colleen"
2:32:09 )  
TITUS ANDRONICUS  Titus Andronicus   Options The Airing of Grievances. (2009) the band is playing 9/2 at Monster Island Basement, Metropolitan Ave. at River ST., Brooklynw/ the Smith Westerns & So-So Glos 2:37:37 )  
BRIMSTONES  The Wolfman   Options Spend Eternity With The Brimstones. inferno-phonic. CD. (2003) The Brimstones are playing tonight at Otto's Shrunken Head, e. 14th St. in NYC
Hey Stu!
2:40:52 )  
THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT  caught you redhanded   Options va: vile vinyl v. 1: rare, wild, primitive mid-sixties garage. Past & Present. CD. -NR 2:43:39 )  
TV GHOST  the network   Options s/t. In the Red. CD. -NR 2:45:25 )  
WOMAN  eat d.n.a.   Options s/t. Bang!. CD. -NR 2:47:47 )  
RAZOR BLADES  vigilante   Options Forhadt Ungdom E.P.. ARG. EP. -NR 2:51:04 )  
BLACK FLAG  you bet we've got something personal against you   Options The First Four Years. (1983) 2:51:46 )  
MAYYORS  ghost punch   Options Deads 12". CD. -NR 2:52:52 )  
SUGAR PIE DESANTO  Witch for a night   Options Go Go Power. Ace/Kent Soul. CD. -NR 2:54:08 )  
THE SMITH WESTERNS  Gimme Some Time   Options s/t. Hozac. Vinyl. playing w/Titus A. on Wednesday 9/2, see above! -NR 2:58:06 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 8/29/09 3:17pm Chris:

no posts yet, huh? well, here's one.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:18pm Chris:

Greetings from Chicago!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:24pm Laurie:

For your FYI, this is my favorite Roxy Music song.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:26pm Terre T:

shout-out to Chris, is it raining there? Laurie, you have the best taste. Really.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:28pm Chris:

no, half clouds and half sun. the air has a nice slightly crisp fall feel to it.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:30pm frenchee:

no fall yet, please!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:32pm Chris:

hasn't it been fall for most of the summer?
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:32pm Mike Sin from the Outer Banks:

It's 85 degrees, I'm lathered up in my SPF 50, and I'm on my third rum and pineapple juice -- so hit me hard with Sue, Liz, and Terre's favorite groovy sounds to supplement my bikini watching.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:35pm chris:

hey mike, do you know the name of that island with the wild horses on it down there?
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:38pm Danne D:

what's happenin' Terre T?!?
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:40pm Laurie:

The air is like soup outside today. I am pretty sure it's 100% humidity.

Speaking of bikini babes, Miami hotels have been putting on more and more pool parties. Seriously, it's enough to rival Las Vegas, but it makes SENSE in Las Vegas since Las Vegas is in the desert and doesn't have any beaches or anything.

Not that we've never had pool parties. One time, I saw Michelle Rodriguez do a belly flop, fully clothed, into the Shore Club pool. Homegirl was drunk as fuck. But, hey, that was two years ago.
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:42pm Terre T:

the weather here in NJ is cloudy and cold. Hi Mike, air-clink of the mararita glass to you!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:43pm frenchee:

Hi Hurricane Danne!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:46pm Laurie:

"I'll let you pet my werewolf Glenn." Lyric of the summer?

  Sat. 8/29/09 3:47pm kelly:

Chris, here's some info on the annual round up and auction of Chincoteague ponies (Misty of Chincoteague was one of my favorite books growing up):
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:50pm Chris:

hey, thanks kelly!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:51pm frenchee:

the chinco ponies, yay!
  Sat. 8/29/09 3:53pm Chris:

i must have been there off season 'cause all i saw were the horses.
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:01pm Danne D:

Hiya Frenchee!! :D How are you?

The Hurricane/Tropical Storm name thing's always interesting.
I mean on the one hand who wants a wimpy little storm after
them? On the other hand the whole destruction people
getting hurt by something named after you is a major bummer!
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:07pm Joe Steele:

You'd probably be weirded out if I hung around the station next week in the hopes of helping you carry stuff.
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:07pm Mike Sin from an iPhone:

Howard Carpendale's "Du Hast Mich" = The Daisy Clan's "Glory Be"
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:23pm efd:

Emily Wells is Thurs 9/3 at southpaw, Big Sandy is Fri 9/4.
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:25pm Danne D:

Wooohooo! efd!
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:27pm PJO:

Hey Terre, great show. I don't get much of a chance to listen anymore, but it's always great to catch you when I can. How about some Billy Childish?
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:33pm Danne D:

whoa is this what I think it is?!?
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:34pm Danne D:

LOL It is!!!

Way way early Yes!
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:34pm Danne D:

(by the way anyone catch the little "Day Tripper" riff in there for a brief moment?
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:36pm Todd:

OMG-YES covering beetles. Terre T is the greatest .
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:36pm Todd:

OMG-YES covering beetles. Terre T is the greatest .
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:38pm Danne D:

(Not the first time Terre has played Yes, btw folks. Though it doesn't cease to amaze and amuse me when I hear stuff on FMU that I was into in my high school/college years before I discovered FMU). It happens so rarely. :D
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:39pm PMD:

Hi there - I always listen to your show on archives. HOme right now doing chores. Woo hoo! Get to listen.
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:40pm Terre T:

@ Danne D- I knew u would know this within seconds of me playing it!
@Mike SIn- Thx mucho for info note! THIRD RUM!? Awww yeah!
@Efd- u FREAGIN rule! thanx MUCHO!!!!
@Laurie- im coming over!!
@ Joe STeele- HAr !Thanx 4 the offer!
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:45pm Danne D:

btw, that is crazy that the Artist/Band Browser automatically puts the stuff in there right as you play it. I know you played "Heart of the Sunrise" off the Buffalo 66 soundtrack during one of the marathons when I was in the phone room. Might actually predate the archives for all I know :D

In your honor, TT, I will have to e-mail you a couple you-tube links to some pretty outrageous covers - at least one Yes and at least 2 UK. They are crazy but worth it :)

That was fun, though, since it really did slowly dawn on me what you were playing :)
  Sat. 8/29/09 4:58pm Danne D:

Only Terre T can conceive of a set like this! Genius :)
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:01pm krebstar:

Hey Terry... the Howard Carpendale track made my German friends recoil like Superman from kryptonite (Howard Carpendale being a dark prince of German schlagger) anyway, My Berliner friends hepped me to this guy:
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:06pm Hugh:

Completely spectacular show today!
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:06pm maxnix:

Like the way this set is shaping up! How about some rank and file?
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:23pm Stu:

That Rockpile song you played was written by Eddie Phillips & Kenny Pickett of the Creation
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:25pm Laurie:

I want cupcakes.
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:25pm Danne D:

LOL thx for the shout out TT! Even in a loud room I heard it :)
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:27pm Joe Steele:

Puh-lease The Petite Cafe in Nutley would probably kick they're arse.

er...not vegan though.
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:37pm Joe Steele:

I want a pinky skull ring for my thumb.
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:48pm Terre T:

You know, Officer Tom's pinky ring would probs fit on your thumb!
  Sat. 8/29/09 5:56pm Danne D:

Have a great night Terre!
Have fun everyone!
  Sun. 8/30/09 2:14pm andy r:

Thanks for playing "Done Dealing", Terre.
  Sun. 11/22/09 4:26am mrs. blak:

what song has the lyric about werewolf glen.
please and thanks
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