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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options December 5, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Repeat  [track 9]   Options Select Dialect     
Tetsu Inoue  Tom & Tone   Options Psycho-Acoustic     
Yximalloo  Plague   Options The Worst of 1982     
Farmer's Manual  [track 3]   Options FSCK     
Farmer's Manual  [track 4]   Options FSCK     
Sil Electronics    Tal-S     
Anthony Manning    Elastic Variatons vol.1     
Slap  Brutal   Options Bed of Nails     
Philip Sanderson  Under Press of Sail   Options Reprint     
Ruth  Mots   Options Polaroïd / Roman / Photo     
Reifenstahl  Intellektuell   Options Wunderwaffe     
P.D.  Progressive Disco I   Options Ingwelos Ingwelos     
Two Daughters  [track 1]   Options Gloria / Kiss the Cloth     
Les Baxter w/Bas Sheva  Lust   Options The Passions     
Perez Prado  Concierto Para Bongo   Options Concierto Para Bongo    Bongo team. GO! 
Tito Puente  Tito on Timbales   Options Puente in Percussion     
Tito Puente  Mon-Ti   Options Top Percussion     
Eddie Palmieri  Que Suene la Orquesta   Options Mozambique     
Konono No. 1  Mama Liza   Options Congotronics     
Masanka Sankayi  Le Laboureur   Options Buzz'N'Rumble from the Urb'N'Jungle     
Kasai Allstars  Koyile / Nyeka Nyeka   Options      
Ikeme  KarigaMombe Improv Lesson   Options [youtube vid]     
  Shumba   Zimbabwe: Shona Mbira Music     
  Taireva   Zimbabwe: The Soul of Mbira: Traditions of the Shona People     
  Nyamaropa Yevana vaVaMushonga   Zimbabwe: The Soul of Mbira: Traditions of the Shona People     
  Urombo   Zimbabwe: The African Mbira: Music of the Shona People     
  Mandowa   Southern Mozambique  ILAM   
  Wemuko Ifwala Mangapala   Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs, Northern Rhodesia     
  Tambuka Nalikishi   Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs, Northern Rhodesia     
  Kabondo Musambo Wa Changachanga   Kanyok & Luba     

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/5/08 12:10pm Sean Daily:

First comment for once! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:12pm annie:

you win!!
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:14pm Ike:

Mmm, the aural equivalent of floating mangosteens! But why are the robotic crickets chirping? Marbles and glass cashews bouncing off the walls!
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:15pm paulthepostman:

It seems only right and fitting you are up there Sean.
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:17pm Bad Ronald:

Mr Daily, if I may, why is it that you have been off your game lately, malaise?
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:23pm Sean Daily:

If by "malaise", you mean "my boss cracking the whip at work and not giving me time nor energy to comment here", Bad Ronald, then yes, it was malaise.
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:24pm Bad Ronald:

Well, it's nice to have you back!
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:27pm Ike:

Malaise is like mayonnaise, but bitter rather than tasty. I'm also chained to my desk and I'm almost ready to gnaw through steel, bone, or a cybernetic steel-bone combo to escape. And I LOVE Farmer's Manual.
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:28pm paulthepostman:

The Accolade is weighty with responsibilities...
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:33pm wow!:

Bryce, this track is nothing short of heroic ... It demonstrates your commitment to some kind of something
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:36pm annie:

i find it simply calming.. the heartbeat, so to speak.
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:40pm Cecile:

bryce, do you have any music by Sten?
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:47pm drunk right now:

How did I ever get through Friday afternoons before Bryce?
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:50pm dc pat:

Bryce's commitment to some kind of something is unyielding.
  Fri. 12/5/08 12:52pm Cecile:

Bryce is totally metal without being metal
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:02pm Hugo:

Cecile, Sten who?
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:04pm dc pat:

Bryce is venturing dangerously close to Liz B's territory
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:04pm Cecile:

Just Sten.
He makes some lovely, witty electronic records of Munich or Cologne or somewhere with a gentle dance beat.
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:05pm Hugo:

Bryce is on a mechanic, motorik sub-disco something something today
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:05pm C:

is that a "golden years" loop in the background? driving me crazy
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:08pm bryce:

hey! sorry for the silence — lot of running today. showed up with two bags of 20th century classical, and....something else happened. beats me
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:10pm dc pat:

I think it is, "C"
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:11pm K:

Two Daughters -- what do they use to make this music?
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:11pm Hugo:

I thought it might be Helge Sten which I've heard and seen (aka Deathprod)
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:14pm Cecile:

Maybe, Hugo? I"m not sure. I thnk he's a deejay who started making records, which are lovely.
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:15pm Hugo:

This guy?

  Fri. 12/5/08 1:16pm Sean Daily:

Sounds like she's passing a kidney stone the size of a watermelon.
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:18pm Billy (Ask Bryce) Jam:

Bryce will you be playing that Rick Astley/Stock Aiken Waterman set soon? Don't want to miss it.
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:18pm Hugo:

Or here?


The kid loves this kind of thing (and he's a huge fan of Bryce, of course)!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:20pm dc pat:

God, please make me as cool as Perez Prado? [and make me able to holler like him]
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:21pm Cecile:

Yes, Sten aka Peter M. Kerstern, aka Lawrence
that's it Hugo!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:26pm Mark:

Tuning in late, but it's a pleasure to hear Mr. Prado this Friday. Thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:26pm Desi:

I love it! Babalooooooooooo!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:30pm Hugo:

Has Bryce morphed into Doug? In any case, luv it madly!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:33pm paulthepostman:

nice, kinda heading yello

  Fri. 12/5/08 1:40pm Chuck7:

Dang I love the bassline on "Tito on Timbales." I'm going to have to learn this one. Thx Bryce
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:41pm Chuck7:

Dang I love the bassline on "Tito on Timbales." I'm going to have to learn this one. Thx Bryce
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:43pm Bad Ronald:

Nice set Bryce. I wonder if Hot Rod is listening, she'd dig it!
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:44pm Chuck:

Oh man it just gets richer. Cool!! Mon-Ti.
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:48pm annie:

absolutely sweeeeet. cannot sit still..typing this as i pass by the puter
  Fri. 12/5/08 1:57pm dc pat:

konono! they ARE numbah wawn!
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:00pm paulthepostman:

the harman/kardon's def' pref' 128 mp3 stream.
Am sold on konono congobongo, utterly
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:03pm Cecile:

Hells YEAH.
Now some Nigerian car horns?
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:06pm paulthepostman:

what i'd give for just a leettle durban poison...
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:07pm bzul:

Sure wish someone would dish something like Masanka live in my town tonight.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:09pm MONTREAL:

if you have never heard this song, about halfway through turns inside out from smile to laugh
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:11pm ike:

Paul, try the 32k AAC+ stream if your ISP gives you more crap for gobbling bandwidth.

I like Harmon/Kardons. Harmon/Kardons are nice. Harmon/Kardons do not have an apostrophe. AIIIEEE! Let me out, let me out LET ME OUT! Bad office! BAD! Midtown is the bad kind of urban jungle. Not enough jungle.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:16pm dc pat:

jeeze glad there arent more Ike's in hear. apostrophe's arent bad. There good. Just like CrAzY cApItAl's.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:19pm Bad Ronald:

Oh no DCP don't get him started. Apostrophes do not have an apostrophe. However if PtheP meant "The HK IS preferable..." he was correct...
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:24pm Ike:

Oh no DC Pat, don't do that no no no no no NOOOOOOOO! Ikes has no apostrophe! There can be many Ikes but there can be no apostrophes in those Ikes! NO! BAD!
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:25pm Bad Ronald:

That's his thing man, kinda like Stingy and the peanut guy.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:26pm bryce:

their their.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:27pm paulthepostman:

Thanks ike, have just had to take screwdriver to mac's (macs) prefs. I'm catching the 32 AAC+ stream on realPlayer and, yeah, it IS preferable.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:28pm Jeff Mullan:

real cool show today sir
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:28pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/5/08 2:36pm Jeff Mullan:

hehe, pulling some full name moves today as i discovered there is another frequent Jeff M poster
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:37pm paulthepostman:

ike, thanks for the grammatical tip, you are not wrong sir.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:41pm bzul:

Hey, now. Hey, now,
Hey, now. Hey, now
Ike no like no wrong way,
Apo no strophes improper, okay?
Catastrophe strike today.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:47pm paulthepostman:

bzul dozing!
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:49pm dc pat:

apostrophe's, peanut guy, what other pet peeves do we have here?
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:52pm dc pat:

I for one hate when people drive and talk on cell phones but everybody hates THEM...actually I just hate cell phones. No I don't need to hear about your incredibly interesting life at FULL VOLUME!
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:55pm Bad Ronald:

I abhor assholes with an overinflated sense of self importance who must use their car horns to bring attention to their selfishness!

There I said it.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:56pm Ike:

You misspelled "apostrophes" again, DC Pat.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:56pm Sean Daily:

I just abhor assholes, period.

I do a LOT of abhorring nowadays.
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:59pm bryce:

bye everyone; thanks again! have a great week...
  Fri. 12/5/08 2:59pm Bad Ronald:

Bryce is nice!
  Fri. 12/5/08 3:00pm dc pat:

hey, Bryce got the last comment!!
  Fri. 12/5/08 3:00pm dc pat:

No, Bad Ron did!!
  Fri. 12/5/08 3:14pm bryce:

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