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Lea Bertucci
Monday, April 19th, 8pm - 9pm
on Domestic Partner with Faye

Composer & multi-instrumentalist Lea Bertucci joins Faye live in studio to celebrate the release of her new record A Visible Length of Light. Tune in to hear what Lea's been listening to & a bit about her unique creative process that leads field recording into wind instrument into vibration & back again.

Bob Ostertag, musician and author, "Facebooking the Anthropocene in Raja Ampat"
Monday, April 19th, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

Musician and writer Bob Ostertag will be on Techtonic to discuss his new book, "Facebooking the Anthropocene in Raja Ampat: Technics and Civilization in the 21st Century." The three essays in the book discuss the effect of digital technology on everyone on earth - even in remote places like Raja Ampat, a group of islands in Indonesia's West Papua. The coral is dying, the beaches are filling up with plastic, but everyone has a smartphone.

Ecophonic Soul
Monday, April 19th, 3:01pm - 6pm
on Radio Ravioli with Olivia

Olivia will present a mix by writer and musician DeForrest Brown, Jr. called “Ecophonic Soul.” The mix was made in honor of Earth Day and blends together r&b, techno, soul, along with clips of tornadoes and various Amazon workers, to draw attention to how climate change has affected his hometown in Alabama, where there’s also a newly built Amazon fulfillment center.

Bassel guest hosts
Sunday, April 18th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

Past, present, and future sounds of the electronic diaspora from Palestine, to Cario, Niger, and Nubia via Brooklyn.

Special Guest: Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom
Sunday, April 18th, Midnight - 3am
on Mona's show

Mona will be hosting Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R.). He's gonna do a DJ mix and they'll chat about his forthcoming album Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough (out April 23) which features remixes of tracks from his album All Things Being Equal released last year.

Magdalena Sobczak of Polish roots pioneers Warsaw Village Band on their chart-topping album Waterduction and more!
Saturday, April 17th, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

For more than twenty years, Warsaw Village Band has been exploring Polish village traditions in wildly creative ways. They've inspired a Polish roots revival as younger musicians follow in their footsteps - but they're still leading the pack: Their latest album Waterduction hit #1 on both the Songlines and Transglobal world music charts. Magdalena Sobczak of Warsaw Village Band joins us to share the aqueous story of the new album and much more.

Special Guest: Jason Ringenberg
Saturday, April 17th, 5pm - 7pm
on Someday Matinee with Gina Bacon
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Jason Ringenberg came to Nashville in 1981 the with the idea of infusing country music with the energy of punk, and took the town (and the country) by storm as the fearless leader of The Nashville Scorchers. His new album Rhinestoned is an amalgamation of all of his influences and experiences over the years since. We’ll play some songs and talk about all of that!

Special Guest: Ellen Christi
Saturday, April 17th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Since the mid-seventies, Ellen Christi has steadily gained ground as an important contributor to American improvised music and contemporary jazz. As a composer/vocalist, Ms. Christi has worked in varying performance venues ranging from multimedia theatrical productions to solo vocal concerts.

Al Jardine
Saturday, April 17th, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes founding member of The Beach Boys, Al Jardine, to discuss the band's sixty year career, and his new solo release "Waves of Love."

Word to Yer Mutha: Earth Day Special
Saturday, April 17th, 9am - 11am
on Double-Dip Recess
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Songs and stories about greasy garbage, green grass, and grumpy grandchildren.

Midnight Matinee: Byrne After Reeding
Saturday, April 17th, Midnight - 3am
on Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton

John Schnall’s Midnight Matinee returns to the WFMU airwaves with Byrne After Reeding. A relatively minor Coen Brothers’ exploration of espionage, plastic surgery, computer dating and gym denizens is turned into an ambitious Midnight Matinee fugal event. Exposition, development and recapitulation wound tightly together around a base of Lou Reed. And, after we Reed, we Byrne. Hosted by John Schnall.

Joey Altruda
Thursday, April 15th, Midnight - 3am
on Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange

Joey Altruda is an American musician, composer, producer and bandleader from Los Angeles. He's released a number of LPs under the name Jump With Joey, Cocktails With Joey, etc, and has a new single coming out with Brazilian tropicalia legend Tom Ze. Playlist plus longish interview.

Friendly Persuasion is doing a special 7 hour show today.
Tuesday, April 13th, 11am - 6pm
on Friendly Persuasion with Otis Fodder
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Otis will be filling in for The Fantastic World of Kitten Sparkles in addition to doing his own show. It will be one long awesome show!

The Problem With Head Transplants, with Station Manager Ken
Monday, April 12th, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

Station Manager Ken guest hosts Techtonic and explores the medical history of head transplants with Brandy Schillace (pronounced: (skil-AH-chay), author of the new book "Mr. Humble and Dr Butcher." The book covers the cold-war era race for the first succesful head transplant, and details the work of Dr. Robert White, the Cleveland-based neurosurgeon who pioneered head transplants among living Monkeys. Dr. White also strived to perform a head transplant among human beings, but passed away before he was able to attempt it. WARNING: this program will contain vivid and disturbing discussions of animal experimentation, so do not tune in if this is likely to disturb you.

Spectrum Audio goes rogue!!
Monday, April 12th, Midnight - 3am
on Spectrum Audio with Kellen303

Kellen303 breaks his electronic / coldwave format and dives face first into his favorite fuzz driven and noise rock artists, proto and punk icons and more.

DJ Ted guest hosts
Sunday, April 11th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

Tone poems, ear plays and banks of fog.

Special Guest: Charlie Treat
Saturday, April 10th, 5pm - 7pm
on Someday Matinee with Gina Bacon
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Charlie Treat grew up on a farm, started playing guitar at 16, and has spent his life since traveling from Memphis to LA to Austin and Savannah, most recently landing in Nashville, with a front yard community garden. I’ve recently been playing tracks from his new album The Comet, which was released this week! We’ll talk about all of that, and more!

Interview with Leland Russell of The Gordian Knot
Friday, April 9th, 9pm - 11pm
on The Perfumed Garden with Zoe Lynn!
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream)
Gordian Knot bassist & songwriter, Leland Russell, talks about playing gigs at The Factory, touring with Nancy Sinatra, meeting Fred Astaire, & more!

Put The Needle On The FMU Cru Improv
Friday, April 9th, 7pm - 8pm
on Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam

In addition to playing all new 2021 hip-hop on this week's show Billy Jam will also be joined by the FMU Cru's Scott Williams (organ), Greg from ZONE 5 (drums) and Jimmy Penguin (turntables) for a short improv freestyle music session on Put The Needle On The Record on WFMU 7pm Friday April 9th

The World's Worst Records Radio Show with Darryl W. Bullock
Wednesday, April 7th, 2pm - 4pm (on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Special 2-hour show. DJ Georgie Girl will be back next week.

Pilotpriest (Anthony Scott Burns)
Tuesday, April 6th, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Composer and director Anthony Scott Burns discusses his latest IFC Midnight sci-fi horror film "Come True," which he not only wrote and directed but also co-composed as Pilotpriest with Electric Youth. The soundtrack is available digitally from Milan with vinyl pre-orders from Waxwork. Pilotpriest's 2012 "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" Waxwork's 3-vinyl LP of reimagined film scores is a must for any soundtrack collection.

Tim Harford, author, "The Data Detective"
Monday, April 5th, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

Tim Harford returns to Techtonic to discuss his new book "The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics."

Javier guest hosts
Sunday, April 4th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

One hours' worth of México's finest and dandiest makers of that sweet thing called música. Straight from México City.

Ivoirian-American Singer Fely Tchaco On Her Inspiring New Album Yita
Saturday, April 3rd, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Fely Tchaco is a singer, songwriter and visual artist originally from Côte d'Ivoire. She's now based in San Francisco, where she founded and co-directs the African Arts Academy. Tchaco has a vibrant new album out, Yita, inspired by a trip to Syrian refugee camps in Greece: It’s dedicated to African and Middle Eastern migrants who perished crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Hear the music and meet Fely Tchaco on our show this week!

Bergen White
Saturday, April 3rd, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Bergen White who started his 50+ year career performing on quicky sound alike recordings for the Hit Records label, and quickly progressed to becoming the most prolific arranger in Nashville's history, though to some he's best known for his 1969 solo album, the baroque/soft rock masterpiece, "For Women Only ."

You Are Cordially Invited To Learn Romance From The Masters
Friday, April 2nd, 10pm - 11pm
on The Torch Is Burning with Constance DeWitt and Leland Meadows
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Constance and Leland request the honor of your presence for an evening of mystery, adventure and interior decoration. Learn how to put your feelings into words and plan the ultimate love rendezvous. That's Amore!

Put The Needle On The 2021 Community Skratch Games (feat Jimmy The Hideous Penguin)
Friday, April 2nd, 7pm - 8pm
on Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam

WFMU will officially kick off the Easter weekend 2021 Community Skratch Games (CSG) on Good Friday when Billy Jam in Oakland CA will be joined by Jimmy The Hideous Penguin from 5000 miles away in Galway Ireland to discuss the internationally renowned annual DJ battle and showcase series, that this year will be a live online virtual event, plus play lots of exclusive upcoming turntablist releases. Friday April 2nd at 7pm (Eastern) on WFMU.

Gaylord Fields hosts Aloha Fridays
Friday, April 2nd, 11am - 2pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)

Electric Youth (Austin Garrick & Bronwyn Griffin)
Tuesday, March 30th, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin of Toronto synthpop duo Electric Youth discuss their second score for director Anthony Scott Burns, IFC Midnight's sci-fi/horror film "Come True." The soundtrack is available digitally from Milan with vinyl pre-orders from Waxwork . They all previously worked together on 2014's "Breathing." Electric Youth's 2012 MTV Movie Award-nominated "A Real Hero" was prominently featured in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive."

Nick Drnaso
Monday, March 29th, 8pm - 9pm
on Domestic Partner with Faye

Faye welcomes award winning graphic novelist Nick Drnaso to Domestic Partner. Nick will be presenting some of his favorite tracks to draw to, transferred from vinyl from his own collection. Tune in for folk music from Morocco, Greece, the USSR Niger, Zambia,Tobago & more.

Disinformation and a stuck boat
Monday, March 29th, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

A giant container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal last week, messing up global commerce, around the time that three Big Tech CEOs went in front of Congress to explain how they messed up everything else in our lives. Mark Hurst will explain it all on the next Techtonic.

Double Your Fun w/a two-hour LIVE Bubblegum OD! With Special guest: DJ Kitten Sparkles (Don Bolles)
Sunday, March 28th, 6pm - 8pm
on Bubblegum OD with Becky Ebenkamp
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream)
Bubblegum OD starts an hour earlier tonight!

Peter A is back to guest host!
Sunday, March 28th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

New Music Discovery with a NYC focus

A Thad is Born, and Tete Too
Sunday, March 28th, Noon - 6pm
on The Stork Club with Stork
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Michigander trumpet and flugelhorn immortal Thad Jones celebrates his 98th birthday at The Stork Club this Sunday. Likewise we shall basque in the glories of Catalonian pianist Tete Montoliu (MOAN-tell-yu) - born 10 yeas later in Barcelona. Thad Jones is best known for his big band recordings with drummer Mel Lewis, but we’ll also hear him with Basie, Monk, Mingus, Ben Webster, Yusef Lateef and many others. To Tete Montoliu’s gorgeous solo work we add his recordings with Roland Kirk, Dexter Gordon, Anthony Braxton and more and more.

Special Guest: Saco Yasuma
Saturday, March 27th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Composer, lyricist, vocalist and pianist, Saco Yasuma’s musical experiences are wide, incorporating blues, funk, rock, bossa nova, salsa, jazz, and free improvisation. Saco blends it all together with her native Japan’s melodies and sensibility to express love and gratitude to nature and the Universe that we are a part of.

Darryl W, Bullock Hosts Aloha Fridays
Friday, March 26th, 11am - 2pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)

Daniel Smith (Danielson) & Director Chris White ("Electric Jesus")
Tuesday, March 23rd, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Danielson's Daniel Smith and writer/director Chris White discuss the soundtrack for "Electric Jesus," a Summer of '86 coming-of-age musical-comedy film about a Stryper-esque Christian hair metal band starring Judd Nelson, Brian Baumgartner and Andrew Eakle. Daniel composed the music and Chris penned the lyrics for the soundtrack (with four new proper Danielson songs) available digitally now and on vinyl in June via Joyful Noise.

Paul Kingsnorth, author, "Alexandria"
Monday, March 22nd, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

English writer Paul Kingsnorth's new book is "Alexandria" - a novel set a thousand years in the future, in a world ravaged by totalitarian virtual reality and runawayvclimate change.

WFMU 2021 Fundraising Marathon Grand Finale, with the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia, Station Manager Ken, MicheLe and more!
Sunday, March 21st, 7pm - Midnight
on Marathon Finale
(on Video & WFMU stream & FM radio)

Saturday, March 20th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Tune in for an ALL-STREAM DRUMMER PARTY ON THE AIR featuring all your favorite DJs from WFMU's alternate stream Give the Drummer Radio. (That is, featuring all the DJs we could coax off their private yachts and back into their lavish home studios.) Tune in, pledge your support to WFMU and the Drummer Stream, and rub earlobes with radio royalty!

MarkTime hosts Aloha Fridays
Friday, March 19th, 11am - 2pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)

The Fuzzy Glove Hour Raises The Roof!
Wednesday, March 17th, 6pm - 7pm
on The Fuzzy Glove Hour with Ken and Andy

Artist SHAG takes over Bubblegum OD turntables!
Sunday, March 14th, 7pm - 8pm
on Bubblegum OD with Becky Ebenkamp
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream)
SHAG is a mood. A lifestyle. A moment in time captured on canvas that also reflects the current zeitgeist. Shag is… OK, that’s marketing BS. SHAG is Josh Agle, and he’s my favorite artist. Maybe yours too? SHAG is my guest on this Sunday’s Bubblegum OD! We’ll talk about art we love—high and low, visual and aural—as he plays songs that inspire his whimsical creations. Do not miss!

State of the Station with Station Manager Ken
Sunday, March 14th, 5pm - 6pm
on Ken's show

Tune in this Sunday at 5pm for a mid-marathon edition of Station Manager Ken's occasional report to the listeners, aka The State of the Station. Ken will be filling in for Radio Row, and will be addressing WFMU programming, finances, technical matters and of course the controversial new Bagpipe Policy. If you have any questions or comments you would like Ken to address, email him before Sunday at 5pm from this page here.

The Annual Yo La Tengo Song-a-Thon, with Todd, Gaylord Fields and Yo La Tengo
Saturday, March 13th, 3pm - 6pm
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

Special Marathon Guest: Claire Daly
Saturday, March 13th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Claire Daly is a top baritone sax player from NYC. She is a working bandleader, teacher/clinician and hired gun. She has received the Jazz Journalist Award for best baritonist in 2018. 2017 and 2005. Always in the Downbeat and Jazz Times reader and critic polls, Claire has established herself as a leading voice on the baritone sax and the flute.

Martinibomb hosts a special, "Aloha Sampler Friday"
Friday, March 12th, 11am - 2pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Martinibomb hosts a special, "Aloha Sampler Friday" Live sample manipulation with audio sources provided by Leland's pal, Otis Fodder.

The Soaking of the Breckman!
Wednesday, March 10th, 6pm - 7pm
on The Fuzzy Glove Hour with Ken and Andy

MicheLe with One "L" with her Co-Host Joe McGasko
Tuesday, March 9th, Noon - 3pm
on Feelings with Michele with One "L"

Rob W with his Co-Host Katie
Saturday, March 6th, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Special Guest: Jaimee Harris
Saturday, March 6th, 5pm - 7pm
on Someday Matinee with Gina Bacon
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Jaimee Harris relocated to Nashville from Austin a few years ago, bringing her own unique sound and powerful voice. She's about to release her latest EP, The Congress House Sessions. We’ll play some songs and talk about her career, including her great pandemic Sunday livestreams with Mary Gauthier!

Special Guest: Anaïs Maviel
Saturday, March 6th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Anaïs Maviel's work as a vocalist, percussionist, composer, writer and community facilitator focuses on the function of music as essential to settling common grounds, addressing Relation, and creating utopian future.

Special Guest: John Bucchino
Friday, March 5th, 7pm - 9pm
on Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn Bishop
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
John Bucchino, the songwriter behind the 2008 Broadway musical A Catered Affair and the 2000 album Grateful, talks to Bronwyn about Grateful's 20th anniversary celebration and his advice for aspiring songwriters.

April March & Olivia Jean "Palladium" split single premiere and interview!
Friday, March 5th, 3pm - 6pm
on Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.

April March & Olivia Jean will be joining Sophisticated Boom Boom to celebrate the release of their split 7” EP "Palladium" on Third Man Records. The pair has recorded two renditions of Liz Brady’s French ye-ye classic from 1966, with Olivia Jean singing "Let's Go" in English and April March singing "Allons-y" in French. The gals will be on hand to chat about their groovy new single and to select a few of their Franco-pop favorites.

Don-O guests hosts with a special 4-hour show
Friday, March 5th, 11am - 4pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)

Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock, authors of Nöthin’ But a Good Time
Wednesday, March 3rd, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

The new book Nöthin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the ‘80s Hard Rock Explosion (St. Martin’s Press) is a 500+ page oral history of the rise and fall (… and latter-day resurrection?) of the decade-defining music known variously as hair metal, glam pop, or just plain rock. Authors Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock interviewed over 200 band members and supporting players, and they’ll share some stories with EFD.

Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka Returns
Tuesday, March 2nd, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Dusseldorf-based Volker Bertelmann returns to discuss his score for Peter Moffat's Showtime miniseries "Your Honor" starring Bryan Cranston, out now on Lakeshore Records. Volker has nearly 50 film and television credits, including "Adrift," "Hotel Mumbai," miniseries "Patrick Melrose" and co-collaborations with Dustin O'Halloran for Academy Award-nominated "Lion" and Golden Globe-nominated "Ammonite," as well as his numerous prepared piano solo works as Hauschka on Fat Cat imprint 130701. Check out Volker's prior appearance on 1/3/2017.

Nabiha Syed, president of The Markup
Monday, March 1st, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

The tech-news organization The Markup, at, combines data-driven journalism with a strong ethical sense. On the next Techtonic, Nabiha Syed, president of The Markup, discusses how her team is revealing Big Tech's toxic practices.

Monday, March 1st, 9am - Noon
on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko

One of the musical bright spots of 2020 was the emergence of Brighton trio Sairie, who updated English folk styles to beguiling effect on their two EPs, "Scarlet and Blue" and "The Trembling Earth." Heavily featured on Surface Noise, the band has kindly recorded an exclusive live session for the show while in lockdown. We'll hear that session on today's program, as well as chat with band members Emma Morton and Jon Griffin about their music.

Maria Chavez and Sandy Ewen host
Sunday, February 28th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

Stuff we got on tour but haven't heard until now. Sound artist Maria Chavez and musician Sandy Ewen go through cd's and cassettes that they have acquired on tours that they never had time to listen to until now.

Special Guest: Anana Kaye
Saturday, February 27th, 5pm - 7pm
on Someday Matinee with Gina Bacon
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Originally from Georgia in Eastern Europe, Anana and her partner in all things Irakli Gabriel settled in Nashville via NYC a few years ago, and have made themselves invaluable. Their new album Whispers & Sighs, a collaboration with David Olney, was finished on the eve of his unexpected and tragic passing last year. We’ll talk about the project and play the first two singles, and more.

Special Guest: Thomas Sayers Ellis
Saturday, February 27th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Thomas Sayers Ellis co-founded The Dark Room Collective (1989) and Heroes Are Gang Leaders (2014), a Free Jazz literary band of musicians and writers who were awarded the American Book Award for Oral Literature in 2018.

415 Records co-founder Howie Klein and Jonathan Postal of The Readymades
Wednesday, February 24th, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

415 Records, based in San Francisco, played a key role in the rise of punk and new wave in the Bay Area and beyond. Label co-founder Howie Klein and Jonathan Postal of 415 band The Readymades (who recorded a song called "415 Music") will join Evan "Funk" Davies to talk about the origins, influence, and legacy of the label.

Fringe Factory special 3-hour show
Wednesday, February 24th, 6pm - 9pm
on Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream)
Vikki Vaden fills in for Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic adding the two hours to her own show, The Fringe Factory for a three-hour extravaganza of psych, garage, freakbeat, soul and hard rock sounds from 1966 to NOW!

Annie Jacobsen, author, "First Platoon"
Monday, February 22nd, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

Annie Jacobsen discusses her book "First Platoon: A Story of Modern War in the Age of Identity Dominance" - which tells the outrageous story of a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan, which reveals the surveillance state being built all around us.

Aleix Martinez hosts
Sunday, February 21st, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

Take a walk down the wrong side of the tracks and get a little darksided with Aleix Martinez as he offers up punk, goth, trashy kitschy rock, and hits from the other side.

Nina Simone is 88
Sunday, February 21st, Noon - 3:28pm
on The Stork Club with Stork
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Three hours of the music and words from The High Priestess of Soul - a year for every key on her keyboard. Hear her here.

Special Guest: Daniel Tashian!
Saturday, February 20th, 5pm - 7pm
on Someday Matinee with Gina Bacon
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
The multi-instrumentalist son of Barry Tashian of The Remians, Daniel Tashian won multiple Grammys for his work on Kacey Musgraves' groundbreaking Golden Hour, has his own band The Silver Seas, and has written songs for people like Charlie Worsham and Lee Ann Womack. He recently collaborated with Burt Bacharach on the stunningly beautiful album Blue Umbrella. We’ll talk about all of that and play some favorites!

Special Guest: Rachel Housle
Saturday, February 20th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Rachel Housle is a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. Drawn both to improvising and playing music with a strong sense of groove, her performance career spans a wide range of styles.

Bobby Johnston
Tuesday, February 16th, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Composer Bobby Johnston discusses his first book " The Saint I Ain't" (Fomite Press), a collection of coming-of-age short stories chronicling the savagery and poetry of an oppressive Catholic upbringing in 1970s Rust Belt America. Bobby's 35+ credits include scores for directors Larry Clark, Laura Gabbert, Stuart Gordon and Darren Lynn Bousman, documentaries “City of Gold” and “Bleed Out,” and features on NPR's This American Life. Check out Bobby's first M.I. appearance on 1/27/2015.

Special Guest: Margot Ferrick
Monday, February 15th, 8pm - 9pm
on Domestic Partner with Faye

Chicago-based comic artist & illustrator Margot Ferrick presents an hour of Korean pop & traditional music.

Andrea Pitzer, author, "Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World"
Monday, February 15th, 6pm - 7pm
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst

Climate change is accelerating in the Arctic, with glaciers retreating and open water in the summer. Andrea Pitzer discusses her new book "Icebound" about Dutch explorer William Barents, who started European development in the Arctic circle - and why it's significant today.

DJ Despeinada hosts
Sunday, February 14th, 5pm - 6pm
on Radio Row

On Valentine’s Sunday, DJ Despeinada will pour her heart out for y’all with a selection of love songs from both sides of the border. She’ll weave in intriguing research, share juicy chisme, and perchance recite a love poem or two. Get ready for love!

Special Guest: Lizzy Young
Sunday, February 14th, 6am - 9am
on Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol

NY-based Lizzy Young will be on hand to talk about her debut album, "Coocoo Banana" and spin some of her favorite records!

Special Guest: Rodrigo Amado
Saturday, February 13th, 2pm - 5pm
on Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Rodrigo Amado is a musician and photographer based in Lisbon. Collaborating with projects in the most diverse musical areas, he chose to focus his own projects on total improvisation. Stuart Broomer has written, "Amado is an emerging master of a great tradition, more apparent with each new recording or performance."

Interview with Urinetown Songwriter Mark Hollmann!
Friday, February 12th, 7pm - 9pm
on Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn Bishop
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Tony-winning co-writer of the Broadway musical Urinetown, Mark Hollmann talks to Bronwyn about his career and what it takes to bring a small, scrappy show to Broadway, the Tonys and beyond.

Put The Needle on the CA NJ BJ SW BiCoastal Mix
Friday, February 12th, 7pm - 8pm
on Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam

In addition to playing a rare recently uncovered 1993 live session with Souls Of Mischief and Broun Felinis, plus brand new 2021 music from such artists as Bored Stiff, Felix Fast4ward and Rahim Samad, DJ Billy Jam - broadcasting from Oakland CA - will do a live improv music session (beat/samples vs. guitars) with skeleton crew engineer Scott Williams back in the Jersey Cit,y NJ studios of WFMU .

Irene Moon guest hosts Aloha Fridays for the Lunar New Year!
Friday, February 12th, 11am - 2pm
on Aloha Fridays
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream)
Irene and her insect friends are in to say Aloha! They will have you buzzing around on your Friday morning with music to shake your antennae.

R Trane and Fred Ones
Thursday, February 11th, Midnight - 3am
on Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange

Two veteran NYC hip hop DJs, R Trane and Fred Ones, guest on Nickel and Dime Radio. Mixes and interview. Fred Ones runs TME Studios in the Bronx, R Trane is host of the Time Travel Mixtape Show on Guerriila Grooves Radio

Alex Krokus
Monday, February 8th, 8pm - 9pm
on Domestic Partner with Faye

Cartoonist & filmmaker Alex Krokus returns for a technical-difficulty free episode of Domestic Partner. Expect instrumental lounge music & irresistibly witty repartee.

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