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A sonic collage both unpredictable and fluid. Think cosmic synth, heavy acid rock psych, international pop, and the latest in experimental bedroom projects.

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Upcoming events:

Mon. Jul 6th, 8pm - 9pm: Zoe fills in for Faye (Domestic Partner)
Tue. Jul 14th, 9pm - Midnight: Zoe fills in for Burn It Down with Nate K

Options October 30, 2019: I draw your guardian angels' eyes in blue ink

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
CZ Wang / Neo Image  Just Off Wave   Options     0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Danielle Dax  Pariah   Options     0:06:18 (Pop‑up)
Jah Wobble  Take Me to God   Options     0:10:36 (Pop‑up)
Chrisma  Rush '79   Options     0:14:14 (Pop‑up)
Sunny Balm  Bad Sleep Well / Blasted Health   Options Eucalypt    0:18:20 (Pop‑up)
Sojuz Kompozitorov  Dzin Pin Mej   Options     0:22:01 (Pop‑up)
graham gouldman  bionic boar   Options     0:33:24 (Pop‑up)
Thomas leer  Letter from America   Options     0:33:44 (Pop‑up)
Su Kramer  Magic   Options     0:37:21 (Pop‑up)
Special Occasion   The Word   Options The Word    0:42:26 (Pop‑up)
Peter Ivers  Alpha Centauri   Options     0:45:32 (Pop‑up)
Android Sisters  Huh?   Options     0:48:31 (Pop‑up)
Silvia   Mata Hari   Options     0:49:53 (Pop‑up)
Dennis Larsson   I Can't Get Over Hating You   Options   lol  0:56:52 (Pop‑up)
Ami Dang  Bopoluchi   Options     1:01:32 (Pop‑up)
New York City Survivors  The Game   Options     1:06:25 (Pop‑up)
Switchblade Symphony  Wildflower   Options     1:19:10 (Pop‑up)
Enya   Orinoco Flow   Options     1:19:25 (Pop‑up)
Pat and Barb  Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer   Options     1:21:57 (Pop‑up)
Stinkworx  Coelacanth (Syncom Data Nerine Mix)   Options     1:27:14 (Pop‑up)
Rose McDowall  Don't Fear the Reaper   Options     1:31:58 (Pop‑up)
Thick Pidgeon  Dog   Options     1:34:55 (Pop‑up)
Bohonian Plimquins  Gut Feeling   Options     1:37:20 (Pop‑up)
Baby Buddha  Then I Sleep   Options     1:40:30 (Pop‑up)
Lou Miami  Dancing With Death   Options     1:43:53 (Pop‑up)
Can  Laugh Till You Cry, Live Till You Die   Options     1:49:04 (Pop‑up)
Deee-Lite  What is Love? (World Clique)   Options     1:54:50 (Pop‑up)
Aphrodite's Child  Good Time So Fine   Options     1:58:34 (Pop‑up)
Todd Clark  Stars in Heat   Options     2:02:00 (Pop‑up)
Todd Rundgren  The Spark of Life   Options     2:07:38 (Pop‑up)
Angie   The Computer Did   Options     2:11:06 (Pop‑up)
Danielle Dax  Fizzing Human Bomb   Options     2:16:44 (Pop‑up)
A.C. Marias  Looks Like   Options     2:21:20 (Pop‑up)
south korean track  //       2:21:59 (Pop‑up)
The Chordettes  My Sandman / Slowed Down   Options     2:25:58 (Pop‑up)
Rebeca Huamani (la princesa del requinto)  Entre cerveza y cerveza   Options   <3  2:29:16 (Pop‑up)
Laibach  Gerburt Einer Nation   Options     2:38:18 (Pop‑up)
Gladio  Of Hyperborea   Options     2:42:07 (Pop‑up)
Vasilij Sumov  Kitaj Gorod   Options     2:47:51 (Pop‑up)
Culture Beat  cherry lips   Options     2:51:23 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04am coelacanth∅:

-so, that's why my guardian angel doesn't see when shit's coming down anymore...
  12:05am greatbarrington:

evenin, Zoe and all!
  12:07am BH:

the fundraising bar flashing the "only x left to go" thing has caused me to use math over and over when I see it
Avatar 12:08am Zoe B:

lol @ coelacanth∅
  12:09am greatbarrington:

The mission was summed up well last week: Let the strange strangery rip
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:15am Ken From Hyde Park:

Zoelent blue is the angels' eyes. Zoelent green is people!
  12:16am yippie:

I have Charlie Purple
  12:21am Post Music:

I just got here. Did I miss anything?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:24am Yes:

Hi friends
  12:27am Post Music:

Is this Greek or Russian?
Avatar 12:27am tak:

pretty song
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:28am coelacanth∅:

i leave the room for 3 minutes and everything turns beautiful in my absence.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:29am coelacanth∅:

should i leave again?
  12:29am Post Music:

This really reminds me of a song I downloaded on Napster a long time ago.
  12:31am greatbarrington:

maybe it was in the distant future
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:33am diciassette:

I always think Portuguese sounds like Russian and vice versa and it turns out that I'm not actually crazy! (there is phonemic explanation). But anyway, hi!
  12:34am greatbarrington:

like looking at one of those goth-y turn of the 20th century photos where it looks like someone is looking down at an iphone
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35am coelacanth∅:

funny diciassette the song was in progress when i entered the room and i thought it was portuguese at first
  12:35am greatbarrington:

that exact thing happens to me dici, something about the soft z and j sounds
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:37am coelacanth∅:

well if any of us are crazy then i guess we all are.
  12:38am zpulpa:

Hey Zoe and radio friends! Listening in bed
  12:39am greatbarrington:

some telepathy too :)
  12:39am Post Music:

Hey Zoe Is m almost asleep.
  12:42am BH:

Greek and Spanish (at least European Spanish) get confused sometimes too
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:46am coelacanth∅:

zpulpa hey
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:49am coelacanth∅:

i hope to be listening in bed soon.
i don't understand when people don't understand that falling asleep during their music is usually a compliment.
....or maybe that only applies to me..?
  12:54am greatbarrington:

finally made it to the other side and bed myself. i've got a multi-channel kind of thing going with the show and a white noise maker
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:55am diciassette:

also when a song comes on so good it becomes part of your dream
  12:55am kayla e:

maybe you have this one already...


It says here that suspended
animation’s come a long
way since bygone Lazarus/
Passover Plot times

It says Walt Disney never
really died he’s lying
on a bed of chilled cubes
somewhere in Anaheim

taking what his associates
laughingly call a
holiday on ice.

If I only had life to live
I would live it with a blond like you.
Frozen roses are frozen red,
frozen violets are frozen blue.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:04am coelacanth∅:

diciassette i think it all influences the dreams, at least in some subtle way. but yes i've awakened from dreams that were really dynamic and fun and there was a really good song as the soundtrack.
  1:06am greatbarrington:

i've written amazing songs in dreams
  1:06am mickey:

Walt Disney still alive....that's Goofy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:07am coelacanth∅:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:08am diciassette:

g.b. yes! also absolutely bizarre science fiction
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09am coelacanth∅:

great b i have too, i think! but i'll probably never know.
  1:10am greatbarrington:

i've had full-on fanfic dreams for my favorite sci-fi shows...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:11am diciassette:

there is a transitional state, when you're actually aware of what you're dreaming and you're like whoa
  1:13am greatbarrington:

that's where lucid dreaming can begin. that could be useful in composition
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:14am diciassette:

"if you're such a damn genius when you're asleep why don't you go back to bed"
  1:15am greatbarrington:

wots that from dici?
  1:18am greatbarrington:

sounds like it could be from "inception"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:19am diciassette:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:20am coelacanth∅:

i once decided to write some of my cooler dreams out but quickly realised that it would make me lose too much sleep to turn a light on, be conscious enough to write it down in detail, then eventually sleep again.
so i tried a recorder, but even that wakes me up too much.
i don't sleep much as it is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:20am diciassette:

I will clicky-star this
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:21am diciassette:

I did!
Avatar 1:21am Little Danny:

Heya Zoe, heya all
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:22am coelacanth∅:

...but i remember a few, and i have recurring themes and recurring "fictitious" places and structures, and have drawn some of them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:23am coelacanth∅:

hey Danny!
Avatar 1:23am tak:

walt disney is asleep listening to disneyworld ride musics on repeat all day and night
Avatar 1:23am Little Danny:

Dang, this Pat and Barb is fantastic. New to me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:24am diciassette:

Cool, coelacanthØ!
Avatar 1:24am Little Danny:

My good man coela, how goes it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:25am coelacanth∅:

haha tak - serves him right!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:26am coelacanth∅:

pretty good Danny, fading out soon though
how you?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:27am coelacanth∅:

Avatar 1:28am Zoe B:

gracias, that sounds much more elegant
  1:28am greatbarrington:

yeah, i've found awareness of dreams doesn't necessarily make for better sleep
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:29am coelacanth∅:

it was fate! thanks for turning me onto my theme song!
  1:31am greatbarrington:

we should make a line dance to this
  1:31am greatbarrington:

Elvira style
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:31am coelacanth∅:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:34am ZeeBee:

Ohhhhh this is my fave karaoke song because of this fab cover!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:34am coelacanth∅:

...maybe everyone should create something that represents themselves as presented to others -like a theme song, or a painting or a poem or sculpture or photograph but not of themselves...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:38am coelacanth∅:

i've got a gut feeling!
  1:38am greatbarrington:

Enya was a bright light in those dark '80s times
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:40am diciassette:

Thick Pigeon unghhhh
  1:41am Mike Wolf:

just got here
sorry i’m late
what’d i miss
  1:43am greatbarrington:

astronomically high tides
  1:50am BH:

WebMD only has 11 signs of death on their site?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:50am diciassette:

Avatar 1:51am Zoe B:

this is healthline ;/
  1:51am greatbarrington:

what speed did angels communicate at
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:53am diciassette:

"have some rioja" - dr spaghetti head
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:55am coelacanth∅:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:56am diciassette:

Faster Than the Speed of Night
  1:56am greatbarrington:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:57am coelacanth∅:

faster than wine
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:58am diciassette:

slower than a valium
Avatar 1:58am Little Danny:

Always nice to hear Deee-Lite
  1:58am greatbarrington:

quicker than fiber optics
  2:07am BH:

if the site had the top 40 signs of death, it would have a great radio voice at least.

Tuning to a classic AT40 episode (streaming thru an evil media monolith) inspires the guessing game of "which year in the 70s/80s is this episode from". Also Casey will look out for us and mention that Kool & the Gang singer James Taylor isn't *that* James Taylor
  2:17am BH:

so anyways.. it's mid-30s here with a threat of snow. So it's cold without any of the upsides of it being cold
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:24am ratchicks:

South Korea BABY
  2:25am jacki:

the day is close to death...the moment shines regardless...honor and celebrate your loved ones...past and present...teach our children thru nature..sprinkle rosemary generously...merry meet and merry part...thanks Z
Avatar 2:25am Little Danny:

Lovely stuff
  2:28am BH:

Mr. Sandman ('How you'd sing it to a baby while rocking it to sleep' Version)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:30am coelacanth∅:

that was the nightmare remix
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:38am diciassette:

"Il faut être toujours borracho" - chulls b.
  2:43am BH:

the night is still young, we can groove in multiple languages
  2:50am BH:

the time is 1:49 here, and the cat that has been asleep in my bed since around 6pm is awake in the bed. Good times.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:53am diciassette:

I wonder if poetry is the most legitimate reason for learning another language.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55am coelacanth∅:

Thanks Zoe good night everyone
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55am diciassette:

thank you, Z.!
  1:32am Andre Milota:

Hay Zoe,
You never seem to miss finding something new and interesting which is pretty amazing as well as reminding me of old things I had forgotten about. Sometimes looking up the song on you tube introduces me to a new band or even better yet it then suggests other bands. If a DJ can do that every other show I would be a loyal listener but, you usually do this a few times a show these days, amazing! You were never this good at KALX and you do this better than all the WFMU DJs but you have some competition from KXLU.
Any way today you almost did one better by playing a song I had been trying to identify for a very long time. Unfortunately someone else had done it just recently. You are only the third person I have ever heard play the Thick Pidgeon song. So lots of gold stars and feathers for you!
Keep digging for records or whatever it is you do, to do such a great show. Note I am listening a week late as getting through your show with the YouTube excursions can take a while, hope you see this.
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