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In Real Life is a weekly show hosted by Emily and Kimzilla on WFMU. In each episode, Kim and Emily follow their own curiosity to interview people on about a variety of themes, getting the real scoop and learning about the real people behind each topic. Previous WFMU aired episodes include topics such as circus performers, taxicab drivers, bartender therapy, alien abductions, nudism and so much more.

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Options August 9, 2017: Road Trip Summer Series Episode 10:Down the Shore - Jersey Style

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Listener comments!

Avatar 7:00pm TehBadDr:

Hey Ladies!
  7:03pm Torbjørn:

I'm guessing Daddy Garbage won't come out to the studio without any lavalamps going, so how many are there ?
Avatar 7:04pm JakeGould:

”Hey Jack, what's happenin'?
I don't know.
Well, uh, rumor around town says you might be thinkin' 'bout goin' down to the shore.
Uh, yeah, I think I'm gonna go down to the shore.”

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:04pm Asheville Jon:

was Daddy Garbage wearing a tank top at the shore?
Avatar 7:07pm TehBadDr:

Any Snooki or Situation sightings?
  7:08pm Emily:

Hey everybody!
Avatar 7:08pm kimzilla:

@TehBadDr, thankfully no!
  7:09pm Emily:

@AshevilleJon: he wasn't, but not for lack of trying on our part! We tried to buy him one...
Avatar 7:09pm JakeGould:

“Win this dumb pickle!”
Avatar 7:09pm Jeff:

"Claw Boy"
  7:10pm Emily:

@AshevilleJon: hello mountain friend! I'm an Ashevillian, too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:11pm Asheville Jon:

hey Emily, nice to hear! do you live here, or are you in nj/ny?
  7:12pm Jeffy from SP-F:

Whose playin the Dead in the background there? Golden road!
  7:13pm Emily:

I live in NY now, but I just moved here from Asheville about a year ago.
Avatar 7:13pm JakeGould:

Look in a mirror and say “Claw Boy” three times.
Avatar 7:13pm kimzilla:

@Jeffy I can't imagine any of us playing The Dead, so it has to be from some public radio background.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:14pm Asheville Jon:

cool deal. well, i'm sitting here in west asheville, constantly streaming FMU
Avatar 7:14pm JakeGould:

I still haven’t had a pork roll yet.
  7:15pm Emily:

@ashevillejon: Cool! Agh, I miss it there...I used to be an AshevilleFM-er :)
Avatar 7:15pm kimzilla:

@JakeGould- more for me!
Avatar 7:16pm JakeGould:

@kimzilla: Enjoy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:17pm steve:

Silverball is my fav place... i got up at 6am last Thursday to get on the train and get there at 10 and play all day
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:17pm Asheville Jon:

Emily: i'm less than a mile from asheville-fm. been considering becoming involved there and maybe getting back on the air (did local radio in PA years and years ago).
the only two stickers on my car are WFMU and ASHEVILLE FM. :)
Avatar 7:18pm TehBadDr:

I tried some Taylor ham earlier this year. Not bad, it has to be crisped in the pan well, put it in over-easy egg samich w/ cheese. Mmmm!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:18pm Ike:

@Kimzilla@7:13, Jeff Conklin must not have been there, ha ha
  7:19pm Emily:

@avlJon: awww, yeah!! You should do it--it's a GREAT group of people there. And they're a hotbed of FMU sympathizers there :)
Avatar 7:20pm franny:

Garbage OMG!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:20pm futurescamp:

Star Trell TNG is truly the best pinball game!
Avatar 7:20pm kimzilla:

@Ike, yup, totally! @TedBadDr welcome to the PECwSPK club!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:20pm Asheville Jon:

Emily: that's what i;ve heard. i have yet to see another FMU sticker or t-shirt in this town though. :?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:20pm Asheville Jon:

Addams Family was a superior pinball machine
Avatar 7:21pm franny:

@Ike I still think Conklin Chronicles is needed. A wfmu feed on Conklin gps.
  7:21pm Emily:

@avlJon: oh weird! I know a bunch of people at the station have wfmu tshirts, but maybe just not stickers :/
Avatar 7:22pm Jeff:

Oh, Emily!

Spam is a thing.

Pork roll is a thing.

They're not the same thing.

"Can you tell me how spam isn't pork roll?" is like "Can you tell me how baked beans aren't a hamburger?" or "Can you tell me how JakeGould isn't Nick the Bard?"
Avatar 7:22pm franny:

"Behind the Music with Daddy Garbage."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:22pm ultradamno:

I had to look up pork roll to see what you were talking about. We have breaded tenderloin here, which is evidently not a thing in much off the rest of the country.
Avatar 7:22pm kimzilla:

BTW @TehBadDr: the acronym means- Porkroll Egg and Cheese with Salt, Pepper and Ketsup
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:23pm Asheville Jon:

Emily: I'm sure they do. I'm just saying that when i am out and about, i never see another fmu person. maybe i need to get out more!
  7:23pm Emily:

@franny: hahaha yesssss
Avatar 7:23pm JakeGould:

@Jeff: Thank you for immortalizing me in a comparison I never thought of.

To be fair, Kimzilla is onto something: Spam and Porkroll are both based on goopy hunks of pork that could not be sold otherwise.
Avatar 7:24pm kimzilla:

@UltroDanno- Breaded Tenderloin? NOT the same thing!
Avatar 7:24pm franny:

Oh my --- Mama Garbage?
  7:24pm Emily:

@jeff: okay okay! Point taken. I don't know my packaged meat products...
Avatar 7:25pm franny:

What you TALKIN' about?
Avatar 7:25pm franny:

I'm gonna shut up now --- that's like he Garbage standard phrase....what ARE you talkin' about...that is.....quiet time for franny now.
Avatar 7:26pm Jeff:

Pork roll isn't actually goopy. It's SPAM® which is delivered in a tin of ooze.
Avatar 7:26pm JakeGould:

Halal supermarkets have lots of different types of canned meat. Like, imagine a Pringles can filled with goopy Halal chicken luncheon meat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:27pm Asheville Jon:

SPAM has minimal "ooze" compared to the "good old days". mmmmmmmmmspammmmmmmm
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:27pm ultradamno:

Right, pork roll is processed and prepared differently, is that gist of it? I was also kind of commenting on these food items being particular to a region.
Avatar 7:27pm kimzilla:

@ to be fair, Matt was not being dramatic, Todd-a-Phonic Todd had a similar reaction.
Avatar 7:27pm JakeGould:

Is Matt okay? He sounded like Flanders screaming.
Avatar 7:28pm JakeGould:

What happened? A place closed?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:28pm Asheville Jon:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:29pm Ike:

That sounded more like a classic Homer scream to me! But I haven't watched any Simpsons in years and years.
  7:29pm Emily:

@ultradamno: right! I get you--I'm so fascinated by regional foods. And the porkroll/Taylor ham debate is SO specifically Jersey. I find it fascinating.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:29pm ultradamno:

So it's straight up potted meat? I think I got confused when Kim said something about pork loin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:30pm Asheville Jon:

yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog yappydog
Avatar 7:30pm kimzilla:

Yes, a place called Circus Drive In, in Point Pleasant. A burger joint. Old school. It looks like a big top, not a Whole Foods sits next store. Progress, gross.
Avatar 7:30pm JakeGould:

Flander’s scream. youtu.be...
  7:30pm Emily:

@ultradamno: EXACTLY.
You got it--Kim is just trying to glorify it.
Avatar 7:31pm kimzilla:

@ UltroDanno, not Pork Loin, Pork ROLL.
Avatar 7:32pm Jeff:

The SPAM® ooze always struck me as being kind of like Cosmoline for tinned meat - which may fit with their military backgrounds.

@Asheville John: it's sad if the ooze level of classic SPAM® has been modified. It'd be like the Broadcast-brand Corned Beef Hash tragedy - it's no longer "just like Grandma used to open", and doesn't have enough fat to fry in its own grease properly.
Avatar 7:32pm kimzilla:

@EMILY, lets step outside of Studio A, I have some words for you!
  7:32pm Emily:

Uh oh, guys...all caps. I'm in trouble.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:33pm Ike:

Avatar 7:34pm JakeGould:

This is why the Jewish people do not eat pork… Look at all the conflict, mishegas and bullshit it caused. Eat kosher to avoid conflict.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:34pm ultradamno:

See, I think I heard it both ways. ;)
Avatar 7:34pm Jeff:

@Emily - NO. Bad host.

There's no "trying to glorify it" - pork roll is intrinsically glorious.

And it isn't potted meat, because it doesn't come in a can or jar. It comes in a roll (hence its name).
Avatar 7:34pm kimzilla:

Joe McGasko called them the backseat boys, not even in a snarky way. BTW, Matt is cringing right now. Its so awesome!
Avatar 7:35pm JakeGould:

Joey Ramone sang… “Eat Kosher salami…” for a reason.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:35pm Asheville Jon:

i've had many cans of spam over the past few years, and the ooze level is very small.
was Daddy Garbage wearing a tank top at the shore?

ok, gotta go watch movies with the kids. y'all have a good night.
Avatar 7:35pm Will from Seattle:

that was very pretty
Avatar 7:35pm kimzilla:

The ADD is strong right now!
Avatar 7:35pm franny:

of COURSE he was wearing a tank top. With a lava lamp on it.
Avatar 7:36pm JakeGould:

Gonna go there: I think Matt could wear a jumper.
  7:39pm Emily:

I love that Kim's example of metal music is Bon Jovi.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:39pm common:

  7:40pm Emily:

Hi common!!
Avatar 7:40pm kimzilla:

The Jersey is strong up in here...
Avatar 7:40pm kimzilla:

Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:41pm ultradamno:

Maybe I should just change my handle to UltroDanno..I kind of like it.
  7:43pm Emily:

It's like Paul Dano...BUT ULTRA
Avatar 7:44pm franny:

Dano. Ouch its hot in here.
Avatar 7:46pm kimzilla:

The winning moment lasted less than a second!
Avatar 7:48pm kimzilla:

This fucking ride ruined me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:49pm chris:

claw machine wizard, there must be a twist, Matt's a claw machine wizard with such a supple wrist
Avatar 7:50pm kimzilla:

I thought I was going to die, but not in my funny way. It. Was. Horrible. And Emily called me names, like it was my idea!
Avatar 7:51pm JakeGould:

“Claw Machine Wizard” is a song. youtu.be...
Avatar 7:51pm Jeff:

I tried that big slingshot thing at Coney Island where you fly up in the air in a capsule, because it looked cool.

Then I puked the rest of the day and all the way back from Brighton Beach to Jersey City in all the trains.
Avatar 7:51pm kimzilla:

My mouth is all full. Gross.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:51pm ultradamno:

That fair with the scramble ride that just recently fell apart, Poor Jack, came through here every year. How that stuff doesn't happen more often...
Avatar 7:52pm kimzilla:

@ Jeff, I feel for you sooo much right now.
Avatar 7:52pm JakeGould:

@Jeff: Thank you for mentioning my childhood neighborhood and puke in the same sentence.
Avatar 7:53pm franny:

"I want that pork roll.....tell my WHY?" I never want to here you say..
Avatar 7:53pm franny:

I can't spell today so I'm gonna stop.
Avatar 7:53pm JakeGould:

Eye Kant Spill
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:54pm chris:

wow, claw machine wizard is a song. cool.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:58pm chris:

making homemade pizza tonight. :D
Avatar 7:58pm Jeff:

He sings like an angel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:58pm chris:

great show!
Avatar 7:59pm JakeGould:

I like “The Backseat Boys” a lot.
Avatar 8:00pm franny:

What about the PorkRoll Boys.
Avatar 8:00pm franny:

Pork Crumble.
Avatar 8:15pm franny:

Wooooo. Pizza.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:36pm steveo:

First time listener... Saw Warwick's retweet linking here..


All those great locations and sounds. Hurrah!
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