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An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word.

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Upcoming events:

Tue. Oct 22nd, Midnight - 3am: Jonathan Herweg (Blurred and Obscured) fills in for Marcel.

Options June 21, 2015: Gary Busey Overdrive!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
  Absolutely Real/Adult Entertainment/Transmission Begins       0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Empty Spaces   Options   From An Interview about Hunter S. Thompson  0:03:16 (Pop‑up)
o13  Lost Pavillion   Options Lost Pavillion    0:03:47 (Pop‑up)
Ricardo Sinigaglia  Ringspiel (Remix)   Options     0:04:46 (Pop‑up)
Alan Courtis / Aaron Moore  Bring Us Some Honest Food (Exceprt)   Options Bring Us Some Honest Food    0:05:54 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Spontaneously attached to NOTHING!   Options     0:11:46 (Pop‑up)
Battles  ipt-2 + ipt2   Options Domino 06    0:12:26 (Pop‑up)
Marie Davidson  Le lieu où vous voulez vous rendre   Options Maries Davidson    0:15:10 (Pop‑up)
Die Form  Specific Sci   Options Les Electriques (V/A)    0:20:17 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Nah Und Fern    0:23:11 (Pop‑up)
Gen Ken Montgomery & Conrad Schnitzler  My Father's House   Options Gen Con Con Gen: New Dramatic Electronic Music    0:29:58 (Pop‑up)
Damaged Bug  Jet In Jungle   Options Cold Hot Plumps    0:32:18 (Pop‑up)
Eric Frye  Ride A Cock Horse   Options Comb    0:35:26 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Art Is Only The Search   Options     0:37:11 (Pop‑up)
Akitsa  Les Flots De L'enfer   Options Grands tyrans    0:38:19 (Pop‑up)
Amphetamine Logic  Vaseline   Options Port Out Starboard Home    0:43:27 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Take It   Options     0:46:19 (Pop‑up)
Michael Thieke Unununium  Paroles Sans Papiers   Options Nactileder    0:47:38 (Pop‑up)
DZ Lectric and Anthon Shield  Eurasienne   Options Lickin'    0:51:36 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Constant River   Options     0:56:55 (Pop‑up)
Japanther  Evil Earth   Options Master Of Pigeons    0:57:49 (Pop‑up)
Stone Harbour  You'll Be A Star   Options     1:09:05 (Pop‑up)
Essaie Pas  Le fruit des solitudes   Options Liasons Dans La Nuit    1:13:28 (Pop‑up)
Don Robertson  Contemplation   Options Dawn    1:21:58 (Pop‑up)
Eden Ahbez  La Mar   Options Eden's Island    1:24:56 (Pop‑up)
Position Normal  Fart In a Bottle   Options Position Normal    1:28:31 (Pop‑up)
Plankton Wat  Voyage of the Night Pavilion   Options Dawn Of The Golden Eternity    1:30:32 (Pop‑up)
Caecil SubTxt  Higher (Excerpt)   Options Collective Meditations    1:42:08 (Pop‑up)
Lilly's Children  Uncle NJO   Options     2:07:04 (Pop‑up)
Sunn Circle  Acid Raga Pt 1and 2   Options     2:13:10 (Pop‑up)
Danny Clay And Greg Gorlen  Conch (Except)   Options Conch    2:18:07 (Pop‑up)
Aurora  La Fascination des Enfants...   Options Theatre Du Chene Noir    2:21:00 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey   Stolkholm   Options     2:25:59 (Pop‑up)
Vince Collins  Trippy Animation Audio   Options     2:26:51 (Pop‑up)
Das Audit  Phase Interference   Options     2:29:08 (Pop‑up)
Jono Pelicio   Zebu Nuclear Junco   Options Anagram Jam    2:35:30 (Pop‑up)
Vimana Aircraft  Tumble Heavy   Options Crops, Though Not Circles    2:37:17 (Pop‑up)
Gary Busey  Surprises   Options     2:38:56 (Pop‑up)
OCS  Hey Kid   Options OCS 3    2:39:36 (Pop‑up)
Von Himmel  Rock N Roll   Options     2:46:51 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:05am Simon P:

Absolutely real dreamland. Morning Jonathan
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:06am Jaackk:

Hi jonathan...
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:08am Jonathan Herweg:

Hey Fellas doing the whole show off my laptop tonight which I don't usually do
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:08am Jonathan Herweg:

Hope it sounds ok??
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:08am rw:

Good evening or... morning or whatever you call this time of day... night...
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:09am rw:

Laptop night. Did you pre-program or are we winging it?
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:11am Simon P:

sounds just fine
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:11am Kafuka:

Good morning Jonathan. It sounds ok.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:11am Jonathan Herweg:

No I spent all damn day on this fucking playlist and was going to burn it to disc but my disc burner shit the bed .
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:12am nanantatee:

all frequencies resonating in dynamic stereo
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 6/21/15 3:13am Ike:

Hang in there, JH.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:13am rw:

Sounding great so far! Just make sure you don't run out of batteries!
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:13am Jonathan Herweg:

  Sun. 6/21/15 3:14am Jonathan Herweg:

This is like the old Unknown Tongue days!
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:18am P-90:

The tech gods seem to be messin with DJs today. Sorry to hear that the the disc burner burned you, but it all sounds like the same Good Ol' Adult Entertainment as always from the audience end...
...if that's at least good for a little cold comfort?
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:19am Jonathan Herweg:

They can't stop me, they can only hope to contain me!
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:19am P-90:

Um, the battery on that thing IS in good shape, right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:20am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Insomnia is kewl! All the kewl kids have insomnia! WooHoo! It's ok JH - I happen to be *listening* on a computer - so I won't tell if you don't...
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:20am rw:

Happy Solstice!
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:21am riff randell:

Best show
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:22am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...yeah - it's a short night anyhow...
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:22am Simon P:

@ rw - yeah solstice greetings everyone
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:24am P-90:

May I ask a personal question?
Just don't answer if it's too private, or a sensitive subject.
Q: Mac or Windows machine? [*ulp*]
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:25am jaackk:

  Sun. 6/21/15 3:27am jaackk:

I'd rather have pee wee Herman for president.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:29am Gary Busey:

Is this the show where they're talking about me? Am I allowed to reply in "Listener Comments"? You're in New Jersey, right? Hello everybody.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:29am tezurak:

thsats goods frezch
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:29am Simon P:

Trump 'Hell Toupee!' doing rounds on FB. Making those with come-overs feel that much worse
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:29am joeray:

Gary Busey can be Trump's vice president...no, wait, Trump fired him didn't he?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:30am ! I X Key !:

I love Die Form!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:30am ! I X Key !:

I have a bunch of CDs by them!
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:31am tezurak:

i have music opinions!
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:32am P-90:

@Simon P: You mean "comb-overs," right?
I think "come-overs" may be something else entirely.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:32am Jonathan Herweg:

What are they? share them?
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am tezurak:

their a bunch of old come overs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Oh-fficially Summer @ 12:38 P.M. today.
...What is the Gary-HST connection? Hm.
...Yeah - imagine they don't nominate Jeb over there but some other freak...pretty weird! I'd just be amused by the show until Primaries
...but this country's so full of militant wingnuts & mass-murderers & 1%ers pooching the electoral process - it's a nervous laff @ best...
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am Jonathan Herweg:

I want to do a kick ass show..
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am Simon P:

@P-90 hahah yeah..comb-overs but you never know what Trumps got up his sleeve and you probably don't want to know
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am nanantatee:

hubris--possibly the most deliciously gratifying hamartia from an audience perspective, but not so fun when that shit is playing out IRL and the drama includes watching the earth's resources dry up and die out.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:33am jaackk:

P-90, I thought the same thing exactly.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:35am Simon P:

hahahah nothing like a bit of Freudian slippery
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:36am Jonathan Herweg:

How's this song/album title for irony.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:36am tezurak:

nobody invited trump to poloticks but he a ol dutty cum ova
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 3:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'We Shall Overcomb'
...Trump nominating himself for the race just underscores our Electoral Process being the cheapest dumbest sort of TV entertainment for the super-rich who can afford it, & anything they want to spew...@ least in the old days Newspaper tycoons had to buy *real* corrupt politicians...
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:37am Jonathan Herweg:

Toupee Hubris is a good band name.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:37am Jonathan Herweg:

Or just "Trump's Toupee"
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:37am nanantatee:

ha best song title "ride a cock horse"
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:38am Simon P:

an this Eric Frye, Jon, is that following the Trump theme
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:39am Simon P:

@nanantatee ...'to Banbury cross'
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:40am jaackk:

My new band is called Trumphead
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:41am Simon P:

@jaackk - that's put me right off my breakfast
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:45am nanantatee:

@simonp hm very interesting thanks for the enlightenment, but even so when i hear that i doubt i will think of nursery rhymes
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:49am jaackk:

Good luck pronouncing that name Jonathan.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:49am Jonathan Herweg:

I know I'm already dreading it.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:50am Jonathan Herweg:

Let me just apologize in advance ..
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:51am Simon P:

one syllable at a time don't rush it
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:52am jaackk:

I believe in you
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:52am Jonathan Herweg:

Lots of suggestive titles in tonight's show.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:53am nanantatee:

michael teak you-noo-noo-nium parole san pa-pee-air nac-til-ay-day
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:53am Jonathan Herweg:

I guess subconsciously I was feeling naughty
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:54am Jonathan Herweg:

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:54am nanantatee:

or maybe michael teak-eh
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:55am nanantatee:

oops and it's pa-pee-ay not pa-pee-air
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:56am jaackk:

Lickin....ride a horse cock...vaseline...you dirty old man.
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:56am Jonathan Herweg:

Mmmm Chicken Teekah mmmm
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:57am P-90:

"SUB-consciously?" That's a little disappointing, but we'll work with it.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 3:58am nanantatee:

just say it way wrong and hope that dude calls you up and curses you out in french and you can record it and then play it on another show
  Sun. 6/21/15 3:59am Jonathan Herweg:

It's happened before.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:00am jaackk:

Really? Did you record it?
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:00am Simon P:

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:01am nanantatee:

i for one would love an hour of clips of angry french freak outs. so gratifying to hear french people spew their anger, it's like they're expressing things i never knew i felt before.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:01am P-90:

My-cal Teek, Pah-rhohl sonh papeeyay.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:03am Mary Wing:

Granny lube???
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:04am P-90:

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:04am Simon P:

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:04am Mary Wing:

And where's the Gas?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 4:04am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...he said grannylube...
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:05am Simon P:

Blame it on Trump
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:06am P-90:

See? I thought I'd heard it all. "grannylube"? Now THAT is a new one.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:07am Mary Wing:

  Sun. 6/21/15 4:08am rw:

I can't wait until I'm a grandpa.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:08am BEAVO:

I Had the same experience at a recent Steve Winwood concert old lady smell! Bad perfume, uhgh
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:08am P-90:

@ Mary: Exactly. It's not that hard.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:09am nanantatee:

i toldja so www.youtube.com...
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:10am nanantatee:

i love this song
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:11am Jonathan Herweg:

I'm going to be the greatest old man in the history of old men...
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:12am jaackk:

I'm amazed that such a video exists, nanatee
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:13am jaackk:

Nanantatee, whatever
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:13am nanantatee:

you're not old until you're 70... and that's just until some new technology that expands lifespans even longer and then 70 will be like 40 but you'll probably need some major fillers to not look weird.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:13am BEAVO:

I haven't seen the movie yet but the clips with John Cusak I saw look like he made no attempt to look, act or sound like BW.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:15am P-90:

They got a video on how to pronounce
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:15am nanantatee:

Unununium is a chemical element, a man-made transitional metal first discovered in 1994. Almost every word has a pronunciation vid on youtube.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:16am nanantatee:

It's like "nonentity."
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:16am nanantatee:

it's a character from tropic of cancer, henry miller novel
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:17am P-90:

That means "nursemaid of a manatee," right?
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:18am nanantatee:

but of course also a theme of alienation, detachment
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:18am nanantatee:

  Sun. 6/21/15 4:18am P-90:

Ohhh, it's from one of the "Tropics." OK.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:19am jaackk:

Lots of French music being played today...
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:20am Jonathan Herweg:

I know I didn't plan that either
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:21am Jonathan Herweg:

Le' Detachment
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 4:23am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Summer Solstice is when the sun shines most directly on the Tropic of Cancer.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:23am rw:

So I know this is off topic, but my kids and I were going to go out to breakfast in the morning and we just realized it's Father's Day. You think it will be crowded?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 4:24am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

As long as it's not off-Tropic.
- & probably?
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:26am P-90:

Is this Johnny Depp narrating?
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:27am nanantatee:

i was born literally the day after henry miller died
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:28am jaackk:

This is weird as hell...
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:28am jaackk:

Which is great
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:30am nanantatee:

i have to go listen to that you'll be a star song a few more times
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:31am jaackk:

This is very high-minded...
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:33am Simon P:

now Plankton Wat does remind me of Unknown Tongue
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:38am Kafuka:

This is beauty
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:38am nanantatee:

k stone harbour is my favourite band i've found here since carol of harvest. "wonderland" sooo gooood.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 6/21/15 4:41am Ĩkє:

I hate using menthol-based ache-and-pain creams and gels (even though they work pretty well) because they make me smell like an old man. At least to me. That's way old-ier than talcum.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:43am Simon P:

Odour of old man/fart in a bottle they'll all be fashionable fragrances one day
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:44am nanantatee:

i dunno drugs are kinda neat with music sometimes. but for now i'm making do with some cool led lights i got from amazon
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/21/15 4:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@ike: Ya gotta cut out the middleman & go straight for the essential oil main ingredients - if you don't mind smelling like a new age shop.
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:46am Jonathan Herweg:

This would be a good show to take drugs too.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 4:50am Simon P:

@rev rabbit -we are assailed by ubiquitous manufactured fragrances
  Sun. 6/21/15 4:51am Jonathan Herweg:

Uhhggg brut cologne it aqua Velva.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 6/21/15 4:53am Ĩkє:

Good point @RevRab, although the basic source of that old man Bengay smell might be the menthol oil itself. But I'll check it out. Smelling like a new age shop would be a big upgrade from old man smell.
  Sun. 6/21/15 5:03am rw:

Haha! This reminds me.. I have a client who signs his emails with something cheesy like, "Be true to yourself". My daughter and I were laughing about it and then the next day we both found ourselves grooving to this Hawkwind song.
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 5:08am Simon P:

Jon, this is the smelliest show you've done
  Sun. 6/21/15 5:10am Jonathan Herweg:

Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 5:11am Simon P:

  Sun. 6/21/15 5:11am rw:

JH, It's been fun hanging out and listening to your laptop on my laptop. Have a good week everybody!
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 5:12am Simon P:

Laptops rule
  Sun. 6/21/15 5:33am Max:

Simon P and me are listening from the same location today. Fathers Day, Summer Solstice and all that.....
  Sun. 6/21/15 5:42am Kafuka:

Another great show. Thanks Jonathan. Respect for the laptop
Avatar Sun. 6/21/15 5:48am Simon P:

we exult you
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