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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 7, 2010: First show of the decade! Filling in for Ken

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Yann Tomita and the Doopees  Doopee Time   Options 0:00:00 ()
Fantastic Plastic Machine  Baby   Options 0:02:37 ()
Broadcast   Before We Begin   Options 0:06:04 ()
Modular   Femme Fatale   Options 0:09:25 ()
The GTOs   I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man   Options 0:11:13 ()
Kazmi With Rickies   Aguas De Marco   Options 0:14:40 ()
Felix Kubin and Coolhaven   There Is A Garden   Options 0:17:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
Mystic Moods Orchestra  
Theme From A Summer Place   Options 0:20:40 ()
Tep   Plume   Options 0:25:27 ()
Edwin Torres   Peesacho   Options 0:28:07 ()
Water Melon   Tiare   Options 0:30:05 ()
nose blows    0:31:57 ()
Baccara   Sorry I'm A Lady   Options 0:32:04 ()
Patsy Gallant   From New York To L.A.   Options 0:35:22 ()
Giorgio   From Here To Eternity   Options 0:38:48 ()
(with) Go Home Productions   Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Your First   Options 0:39:39 ()
Giorgio  From Here To Eternity   Options 0:40:30 ()
(with) Go Home Productions   Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Your First   Options 0:43:13 ()
ToToM   Tambourines Are From Barcelona   Options 0:45:57 ()
Grind Orchestra   Chicken Feed   Options 0:50:20 ()
Systema Solar   Crees Que Soy Sexy?   Options 0:52:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right   Options 0:58:03 ()
Steve Reich/Different Trains  America - Before The War   Options 1:00:59 ()
John Oswald   btls   Options 1:08:51 ()
Sasquach and the Bologna Caper   A Cover Of Scott Joplin's Caper   Options 1:09:33 ()
John Armieder  16 Great Turn Ons   Options 1:10:34 ()
John Oswald   O Hell   Options 1:10:49 ()
Mark Ford   Chart Sweep   Options 1:11:19 ()
John Oswald   O Hell   Options 1:13:05 ()
Eric Rogers Chorale   Camptown Races   Options 1:13:15 ()
Mutation   Norwogian Weed   Options 1:15:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
The Times They Are A-Changin'   Options 1:17:17 ()
Messer Für Frau Miller   2x2=5   Options 1:20:49 ()
Ground Zero   International - 1   Options 1:24:24 ()
(with) Gwilly Edmondez   Chorus   Options 1:25:54 ()
(and) Fantastic Plastic Machine   One Minute Of Love   Options 1:26:11 ()
Otomo Yoshihide   Sega   Options 1:26:54 ()
(with) Gwilly Edmondez   Chorus   Options 1:27:04 ()
Kid Koala   A Night At The Nufonia   Options 1:27:45 ()
Gwilly Edmondez   The World Looks Better From Behind   Options 1:29:58 ()
(with) Grandmaster Flash   White Lines   Options 1:30:14 ()
Poj Masta   Scorpio (Grandmaster Flash)   Options 1:31:49 ()
RX   White Lines   Options 1:32:35 ()
Gorse   Apeman   Options 1:34:42 ()
Magdalena Abakanowicz   Cough   Options 1:35:53 ()
(with) Barry Manilow   Bermuda Triangle   Options 1:36:03 ()
Hanatarash   Audio Gunshot   Options 1:37:06 ()
advert featuring Blue Danube    1:37:09 ()
Gregory Brothers   AutoTune The News 6   Options 1:37:35 ()
Wobbly   Killer Queen AutoTune   Options 1:40:33 ()
DJ Earlybird   You Can't Hurry A Hard Life   Options 1:43:28 ()
The Oath   We Are The Champions   Options 1:45:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
Blowin' In The Wind   Options 1:47:48 ()
ToToM   Lay Bittersweet Lady   Options 1:52:58 ()
Mexican Institute Of Sound  Sinfonia Agridulce   Options 1:56:33 ()
Dsico   Can't Cut You Up   Options 2:00:34 ()
DJ Lance Lockarm   Don't You Want My Big Head   Options 2:03:15 ()
Blondie vs Mr Trick   Goodboys (UltraBlonde Stooge Mix)   Options 2:07:13 ()
Tatu   How Soon Is Now   Options 2:09:31 ()
Felix Kubin   Hello   Options 2:12:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Mystic Moods Orchestra 
Theme From A Summer Place   Options 2:16:43 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   Boojum   Options 2:20:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Mystic Moods Orchestra  
Theme From A Summer Place   Options 2:35:05 ()
Die Welttraumforscher  Anker Gelichtet   Options 2:35:11 ()
Thiaz Itch   Earth Wind and Fire   Options 2:36:33 ()
Gwilly Edmondez  It Had Been 5 Years At The Lugubrious Gay   Options 2:40:21 ()
Carl Stalling   Flea Ridden Sheep Dog   Options 2:41:59 ()
(with) Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock   Das Fest   Options 2:42:10 ()
(and) Hall & Oates  Maneater   Options 2:42:17 ()
(into) Franco Godi   Track 6 from Signor Rossi   Options 2:43:06 ()
Gwilly Edmondez  Makin' A Album   Options 2:43:58 ()
(and) PhD   I Won't Let You Down   Options 2:44:10 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  Electronic Noises   Options 2:44:19 ()
(into) Franco Godi   Track 1 from Signor Rossi   Options 2:44:55 ()
(also) Americo Rodriques  A Espera   Options 2:45:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
John Zorn 
  2:45:32 ()
The Muppets   For What It's Worth   Options 2:47:55 ()
Rolf Harris   Bohemian Rhapsody   Options 2:50:58 ()
Rank Sinatra   Take On Me   Options 2:56:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:01am Vicki:

good day
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:01am BSI:

suddenly it IS a good day....
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:02am Vicki:

happy spring!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:03am Parq:

Mornin', Miss V. Loving the D/DIY feed, by the way.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:04am Vicki:

oh good! There's several weeks of music in there, real time
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:05am anne:

excited to see your show with Ken at the issue project room!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:05am Vicki:

yes - really looking forward to that - a nice WFMU evening
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:08am ironing:

a lovely start to the morning!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:08am Vicki:

couldn't agree more
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:08am annie:

present and accounted for!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:09am paul:

yeah, the stream assures that work will never be boring again!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:10am Vicki:

morning all - calling the register - say "here!"
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:11am Dan B From Upstate:

Here! Good morning Vicki and fellow listeners!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:11am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:12am Ne-guh-tor:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:12am Charcutero:

HERE. HELLooooooo!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:12am paul:

here here!!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:13am Parq:

I should add that "Baby" is my all-time favorite Tropicalia song. Way-thanks for playing it. Oh, and now "Ooh-Ooh Man"? Dang, I may never get to work.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:14am Vicki:

yes it is one of the best Tropicalia, and that version is really good too from Fantastic Plastic Machine
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:14am Suffolk Annie:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:15am Pat in Philadelphia:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:16am Ne-guh-tor:

I was born and raised in Shnit-Shnit Land as well. Any idea where Ooo-Ooo man went to school?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:16am Bill Shatner:

This takes me back.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:16am Vicki:

Very good, all. As you were. Most people have the same name I notice.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:17am Listener darien:

Here! Here! Sorry I'm late, dog was eating my homework and i show up to class to find out i'm in my pajamas!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:19am JCityAaron aka Dead Air Detector Specialist:

morning ken and other woofmoo addicts
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:19am Vicki:

yes, morning Ken!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:20am Nery:

Here! Good morning.
(It's 4pm here)
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:20am Vicki:

hello Europe!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:20am pauldepiperssoninberlinski:

vicki bennett. well done. keep doing your thing.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:21am dei xhrist:

here! sorry I'm late Mizzuz Us, I was facebooking. And I did bring enough gum for the whole class.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:21am fishmonkeystew:

Here! Good morning! And here's to an 85 degree April day in CT!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:22am Tim (eu, FIN):

Good afternoon, time here is 4:20 PM. What a great place this world is with Vicky, great to hear a new compilation. I couldnt enjoy musical humour more, among other things.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:22am Ne-guh-tor:

Your aunties were charming! I remember that show.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:24am Vicki:

the sun is out, the sky is blue (etc)
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:24am Dan B From Upstate:

At Cecile's suggestion last week I (finally) went back and listened to the Aunties. It was a fantastic show! Also, yes, I love love love the 24 hour stream!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:25am Vicki:

I passed on all your comments to the aunties last week, and they are still completely amazed that anyone wants to hear them
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:25am Parq:

'Guh, I was just thinking about her aunts as well. Is it too soon to suggest that they be featured on next year's premium for the stream?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:26am Vicki:

that's a good idea - I'll try and remember to do that!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:29am Vicki:

glad you's like the DO or DIY stream - that was a right old slog getting that much music together, but it's great - never have to decide what to listen to here now!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:30am John from Oslo:

I'm LOVING it!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:32am pseu:

Fancy meeting you here, Mizz Vicxxxkkzz...Wondrous in fact!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:32am Vicki:

herro Pseu!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:33am Listener Darien:

Oooo Baccara! makes us sorry we're a lady
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:34am Vicki:

I would rather be just a little shady actually
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:35am Ne-guh-tor:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:37am Vicki:

this song makes me laugh all the way through
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:37am Ne-guh-tor:

I bought this "From New York To L.A." by Patsy Gallant 12" at the thrift recently!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:38am Vicki:

I wonder if there's a later song where she goes home?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:38am Gwilly:

This is the 4'33" of the post-disco generation. No, the 'Teen Spirit.'
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:39am Vicki:

It's Gwilly Edmondez, good day to you
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:39am Nery:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:41am jeremy the listener:

love this
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:42am Vicki:

this is the disco section of the show, make the most of it
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:47am Gwilly:

Good day to you!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:47am PMD:

yay! PMD here. Happy day!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:47am Rich in Washington:

Brilliant! Wish you were on more often. Your set's keeping me from hoping in my car and driving to work.
Thanks for the interesting tunes, Vicki!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:48am Bad Ronald:

I'm doing the L.A. Hustle on my desk.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:48am Vicki:

hello all
playing you later in the show, Gwilly..
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:48am ironing:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:48am Gwilly:

Hurray! Except what if I'm in the insurance office claiming for flood damage?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:49am Vicki:

do they have internet?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:49am Gwilly:

Can I have an iPhone, now?
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:49am Vicki:

that's what you ask them!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:49am Gwilly:

I'll ask - they need this eveywhere.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:50am Lizardner Dave:

I am really enjoying this show. Thanks Vicki!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:51am Gwilly:

Yeah, I had this iPod, and that, and when the kitchen flooded, well, what do you expect? iPdo caput. Now I need another one. NOW. Before Do Or DIY stops.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:51am Gwilly:

Yeah, iPhone even.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:52am Vicki:

yes, it fell out of the pocket of your sequined dress when you diamond crown fell on your pedigree schitzoo
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:55am ?:

Great cultural filtering Vicki does, no thing remains meaningless
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:55am Cecile:

Morning, Vicki! Awesome.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:56am ironing:

this systema solar track rules! new favorite song. did they mix that old cumbia track in there or did you? i recognize that bit from some mix that dj rupture posted some time ago.
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:56am Vicki:

you can thank Rob Weisberg for this Soy Sexy track! He played it on his show a couple of weeks back
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:56am Cecile:

@Dan B, they are so delightful!

Vicki, they shouldn't be surprised. They're stars!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:57am Vicki:

no, it's straight - yes I can imagine DJ Rupture would play this for sure!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:57am ironing:

  Wed. 4/7/10 9:57am Doug in Canada:

Okay, okay ... I'm here ...
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:58am Vicki:

OK, can we go now?!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 9:59am jan:

My favorite substitute for Teacher Ken is here. I am going to behave today.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:00am Doug in Canada:

Yes, sorry, continue ... I'll catch up.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:00am Cecile:

I saw Giorgio on your playlist. Could you slide some Patrick Cowley on or "Born to be Alive"?

I'm on such a diiiiisco trip these days.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:00am Dan B From Upstate:

Good call on the bouncing on office chairs, Vicki. I literally was bouncing up and down. Yeah... I got a few strange looks.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:01am ironing:

yes -- cubicle dance party indeed!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:01am Vicki:

afraid we're doing the art section now
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:02am Cecile:

aw. alright.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:02am Lizardner Dave:

You mean it isn't all art?
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:02am Vicki:

also you are talking to my past :)
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:03am Vicki:

yes, but if I tell you there are sections it sounds impressive
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:03am Cecile:

It's terribly impressive. Good call!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:04am Tim:

A little like Van Dyke Parks Song Cycle, which you also have plyaed
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:05am Vicki:

yes, he's really great
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:06am jez:

I'm calling for some Taylor Dupree
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:08am listener mark:

Here! Sorry I'm late. I have a note from me mum.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:13am paul:

i burned a cdr of chartsweep for my little sister years ago and she listens to it a lot, she plays it for all her friends and family
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:15am Vicki:

yes, Chart Sweep is put together so well - thanks to good old analogue splicing
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:15am Dan B From Upstate:

I loved the chart sweep. Last summer my lady friend and I would play speed-name that tune in the car while listening to the podcast.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:18am Vicki:

oh whoops my mic - I had a squirrel moment
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:23am Vicki:

we're now going to enter the noisy section
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:24am j-bklyn:

Charlie Lewis' Radio Show is here: http://beingslowlynowhere.typepad.com/
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:24am another old man:

Vicki - Charlie does a weekly show on a Vermont station
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:24am Vicki:

and very good it is too!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:25am another old man:

what he said....^^
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:25am Laura L:

Hi Vicki--thanks for that shout-out to Charlie Lewis. I miss him very much too! And thanks for sub'ing for Ken today--lovely to hear you on the Web waves this morning.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:25am Doug in Canada:

The greatest Ground Zero track of them all!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:26am Doug in Canada:

American football?
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:26am Vicki:

I know Charlie still does a radio show but I want him back on WFMU in the mornings - it's more timezone friendly for some of us!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:28am another old man:

His show was a great way to start the week. But now I download it and still do it!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:29am Vicki:

that's true but there's nothing like the shared experience
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:30am Laura L:

What Vicki said.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:32am ironing:

nice sounds, gwilly!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:34am John from Oslo:

This is the best show I've heard this year! Thanks Vicki ;)
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:35am Vicki:

it's the ONLY one by me so far :)
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:38am Mike L:

This is all so precious. Please play something listenable. Thanks
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:38am GenericPlacebo:

Barry Manilow nose for Coke!
(at least Bush inhaled)
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:39am John from Oslo:

The best show on radio on the best station in the best year by the best DJ
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:39am Maria D:

Oh my lord. Autotune taken to its logical conclusion.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:40am Vicki:

WFMU, home of all Precious Things
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:42am John from Oslo:

Freak me out with some 10CC Vicki ;)
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:43am Vicki:

funny you should say that...
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:44am Vicki:

ah actually sorry - I thought I was about to play the Queen mashup with 10cc in it...
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:53am Brian:

Is Obamer the Lore & Order candidate?
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:54am PMD:

I wonder if Ken will mind that he wasn't missed?
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:55am Vicki:

I'm sure he's water skiing right now or eating a crocodile
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:57am listener mark:

I'm googling DIY and Vicki and I found,"Visit Vicki's gallery of decoupaged suitcases, wallets, journals and more." Very impressive!
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:57am Vicki:

yes, having DIY in your name doesn't help always
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:58am Vicki:

keep it to yourself about the wallets, by the way, I'm reformed
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:59am less_cunning:

what is this radio show. Andrew Chadwick posted this on his facebook.
  Wed. 4/7/10 10:59am Brain:

Everytime I hear the muzak "bittersweet symphony", I start clucking along to the melody like a chicken. Try it, it's therapeutic!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:03am paul:

bizarre, i don't think i've heard this dsico cutup... he stopped doing this sort of thing forever ago, i assumed i'd had all his mashup tracks
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:04am Kevin:

This has been such a great surprise!! Like a little glimpse of summer. Thanks VICKI!! We love you Ken but the sub lets us do stuff...
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:04am listener mark:

Found you! Oh my, --- you a hottie!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:05am Vicki:

I think the dsico was one of his last mashups before he did that electro cut up stuff.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:05am Brain:

"a great surprise"? Ken only announced it for the last 2 weeks.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:06am Jive Bunny:

Ken who? Liking your style Vicki... Hey didn't I do this song?
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:06am Brain:

I've been eagerly awaiting this fill-in.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:07am anne:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:08am Brain:

@mark: yes, yes she is... tho' I doubt she'll admit it or appreciate us for saying so
I appreciate her genius.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:10am Rich in Washington:

These are absolutely brilliant!
Just when I think I might grow tired of Mashups, I hear something amazing.
Thanks again, Vicki!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:11am Brain:

Tatu's cover is "criminally vulgar"... to a Smiths fan like me.

Great show, Vicki!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:11am KEvin:

TATU - Oh maybe Ken is there, actually...
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:11am Vicki:

I could never get tired of collages of pop music!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:13am Vicki:

I'm playing this Tatu for Ken, who is enjoying a dolphin souffle at the pool side
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:16am Rich in Washington:

Nor do I.
In some ways, collage, cut-ups and mashups make me appreciate the originals in a way I wouldn't otherwise.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:16am Laura L:

Tatu, Felix Kubin--you're our favorite substitute, Vicki!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:17am Carmichael:

Wow, this is not what I expected to hear this morning. Pleasant surprise!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:18am listener mark:

@Brain -- Today's show is absolutely brillant.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:21am Kevin:

I went to Collage for a few years, it was a gas.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:21am Rich in Washington:

I love Mystic Moods Orchestra. I once had One Stormy Night in my crate and went down to do my show and a horrible rain storm broke out.
Watch out what you randomly throw in your crate.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:21am ironing:

lol @ college degree!!

strange cubicle laughter!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:22am Vicki:

it was a Ladyfest in Luxembourg - all these fancy girl bands playing and me with my college degree at the bottom.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:23am Vicki:

yes, the Mystic Moods are one of the best - what 101 Strings should be
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:28am Carmichael:

I have several college degrees. And look at me, just look at me. Honestly, have you ever seen anything like this?!?
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:29am Rich in Washington:

Lately, I've developed a fondness for Norman Luboff. I've been seeing his records forever and my wife finally bought me one on a lark because of the funny title ("Sing! It's Good for You!". Pretty lush orchestration and singing and somewhat silly
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:30am Vicki:

Generally songs that tell you to Sing are good songs, or at least ludicrous.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:32am John from Oslo:

Ladyfest in Luxembourg, brilliant name for a band!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:32am Vicki:

I like songs that tell you to be happy too.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:33am Vicki:

I went through a whole phase of Ladyfests, it was torture
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:36am John from Oslo:

Or maybe "The Torturous Luxembourg Ladyfesters"
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:37am Duke of Earl Grey:

I imagine Alan Watts would laughingly (cough cough hack hack) point out that a song telling you to be happy is silly because you can't be happy on command, just like you can't love God on command. But that takes all the fun out of commanding people to do silly things.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:38am Vicki:

I prefer songs that tell you to clap.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:42am seang:

i need to get stoned
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:42am Vicki:

thanks for being so nice, btw. I think WFMU breeds patience into people! Some people would just tell the DJ to just play what THEY want but you're ever so trusting, and thank you for that!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:43am bryce:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:45am Vicki:

hello Mr Bryce!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:47am AnAnonymousParty:

Squeaking hooters?
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:47am listener mark:

Thank You, Vicki, for a very lovely time.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:47am Vicki:

Not ONLY squeaking hooters, John Zorn's squeaking hooters
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:48am Nate in Detroit:

Vicki, thanks for the absolutely fucking brilliant show! What an amazing way to start the day!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:49am Vicki:

you're welcome! Hope to be back again soon - hopefully over the Summer Season on WFMU, but we will see
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:49am seang:

yeah cool show Vicki--first time listening
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:49am listener doug:

this is such a great show; ken better watch out!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:50am Vicki:

Ken started it! Wasn't me!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:51am Vicki:

if you want to hear more DO or DIY there are 7 years of show archives at http://www.wfmu.org/peoplelikeus
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:52am Vicki:

173 comments - not bad!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:53am paul:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:53am Gwilly:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:54am Vicki:

oh good, counting! Let's count! Ha ha.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:55am Vicki:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:56am Gwilly:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:56am mb:

::turns off lame local radio::
::tunes in to Do or DIY::
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:56am Dan B From Upstate:

Fantastic show today, Vicki. I can't wait for summer! 178.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:56am philo:

very nice show. i'm going to have to go back and hear the beginning. and it's good to hear your voice!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:57am Vicki:

Hi Philo!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:57am Kevin:

YEAHHHHH. Shred it.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:57am Rich in Washington:

Thanks for the great show, Vicki!
Really made my day.
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:57am Vicki:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:57am ironing:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:58am Vicki:

great to be back on the air, thanks everyone!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:58am Gwilly:

Roll on summer season!!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:58am PMD:

Great show!
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:59am Vicki:

  Wed. 4/7/10 11:59am listener mark:

187 Great website "People Like Us'
  Wed. 4/7/10 11:59am Vicki:

hey - don't forget - WFMU peoples at Issue Project Room NEXT Thursday!
  Wed. 4/7/10 12:00pm Nate in Detroit:

Srsly getting a bit sad that this show is over :(

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