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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 16, 2010: Hello People

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Klaus Wunderlich  Up, Up and Away   Options Up, Up and Away  0:00:00 ()
Joerg Piringer   Schreien   Options Windpipe Moods  0:01:41 ()
Dr. Gruz   Hooliganism   Options unreleased  0:01:59 ()
Hanna Barbera   Cartoon Sound FX   Options Cartoon Sound FX  0:02:54 ()
Gwilly Edmondez   Ready Slated   Options MAX KURT/Anatomical Disseminator  0:03:02 ()
Joe Jackson   Steppin' Out   Options Night and Day  0:03:23 ()
Blanketship   Candy Man   Options unreleased  0:03:40 ()
Joe Jackson   Steppin' Out   Options Night and Day  0:03:47 ()
Blanketship   Candy Man   Options unreleased  0:04:02 ()
Messerchups   Learning To Control Myself   Options Black Black Magic  0:04:56 ()
Julio Iglesias   Volver A Empezar (Begin The Beguine)   Options Begin The Beguine  0:07:19 ()
Water Melon   Hong Kong Blues   Options Cool Music  0:09:25 ()
Stradivari Strings   The Night Was Made For Love   Options Stradivari Strings – Ping Pong Percussion of Jerome Kern  0:10:12 ()
Unknown Artist - Sublime Frequencies   Beirut Cocktail / Khartoum Ent   Options Beirut Cocktail  0:11:32 ()
Otomo Yoshihide   Casio   Options The Night Before The Death Of The Sampling Virus  0:12:09 ()
Howard Skempton   Air   Options Well, Well, Cornelius  0:12:20 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   Culinary Philosophy   Options unreleased  0:13:01 ()
Christian Marclay   Frederic Chopin   Options More Encores  0:15:54 ()
Ramon Sender   Desert Ambulance   Options Desert Ambulance  0:18:03 ()
Christine Lauterburg   Erika's Alptraum   Options Rough Guide to Yodel  0:20:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
Blowin' In The Wind   Options Bob Dylan Song Book  0:22:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen 
talking   Options unreleased  0:28:39 ()
Donna Summer  I Feel Love   Options The Journey - The Very Best of Donna Summer  0:32:22 ()
Giorgio Moroder  From Here To Eternity   Options From Here To Eternity  0:33:24 ()
David Bowie  Cat People (Putting Out Fire)   Options cat people  0:33:40 ()
Jim O'Rourke  Thrones and Dominions (Jim O'Rourke remix)   Options Legacy of Dissolution  0:34:32 ()
Gastr del Sol  ursus Acrtos wonderfilis   Options The Serpentine Similar  0:34:42 ()
David Grubbs  Two Shades of Blue   Options The Thicket  0:35:05 ()
Jason Forrest  The Work Ahead of Us (feat. David Grubbs)   Options Lady Fantasy EP  0:35:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
Blowin' In The Wind   Options Bob Dylan Song Book  0:36:03 ()
Symphony Of Science   We Are All Connected   Options unreleased  0:37:11 ()
Symphony Of Science   The Poetry Of Reality   Options unreleased  0:41:18 ()
386DX   California Dreaming   Options unreleased  0:44:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings  
Blowin' In The Wind   Options Bob Dylan Song Book  0:47:11 ()
Irene Moon  Insect Corner   Options unreleased  0:48:00 ()
Charanjit Singh   Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat - Side 2   Options Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat  0:55:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:00pm bryce:

do something
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:01pm charles:

welcome back Vicki!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:01pm Vicki:

phew I'm here
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:01pm Tom:

Welcome back PLU! I missed Do or DIY so much.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:01pm Vicki:

helloo - just ran in the front door!!!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:02pm charles:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:02pm Vicki:

we just sped here from Copenhagen, rock and roll! Glad to be back
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:02pm Laura L:

Willkommen, Vicki!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:02pm marq:

waiting a very painful 1 day until Kenny G!!!!! 24 hour count down begins!!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:02pm Excellent!:

And now, ladies and gents -- an hour of programming with actual thought and planning behind it!!!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:03pm Vicki:

hello all!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:04pm Tom:

Do or DIY is the absolute best podcast (and program) for working out. It's usually up-tempo, never boring, and always makes me smile. I'm going to enjoy the show live, but I'll listen again tomorrow on the hamster wheel.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:05pm Vicki:

so very glad to be back on the air - thanks for piping in - I'm looking forward to Kenny being back too
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:06pm Vicki:

blimey, literally ran in the door holding my laptop starting up... calming down a bit now
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:07pm marq:

good to have vicki and PLU and then Kenny G exactly 24 hours later back on the air and giving some needed normalcy and sanity to wfmu.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:08pm Vicki:

we'll have to arrange a joint show
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:10pm Vicki:

how was Seven Second Delay jus tnow?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:10pm Vicki:

Bryce, what do you want me to do?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:11pm 7SD just now:

Could it possibly have been more seat-of-the-pants than usual? Is that possible? ken's away.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:11pm bryce:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:12pm Perv Police:

Now, now, Bryce.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:12pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:13pm Dan B From Upstate:

Just wanted to check in. Sad I can't listen right now, but I'm looking forward to the podcast!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:14pm Eliza:

Hey Vicki , you will finish the playlist right?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:14pm Vicki:

I will finish what I started yes
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:14pm Vicki:

Podcast will land later, yes!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:14pm Eliza:

hahaha sorry
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:16pm Vicki:

Eliza, is it you running the board? Yesh I will sign off a tthe end and all that
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:17pm Eliza:

yea sweet
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:21pm Vicki:

are we all present and correct?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:22pm cklequ:

Good lord, I've missed this show......
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:23pm Marshall Stacks:

Present, if not correct.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:23pm seang:

who's this Kenny G dude I keep hearing about?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:24pm Vicki:

just checking, like
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:24pm Happy Listener:

Welcome back, Vicki! I'm looking forward to a great season of Do or DIY.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:25pm Danne D:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:26pm Tom:

Now that Do or DIY is back, people will know of Wings again.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:26pm arfortiyef:

you are really great and i am a big fan
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:27pm Danne D:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:28pm Happy Listener:

The Do or DIY stream is fabulous, as well! High audio quality as well as output.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:28pm Vicki's Phone:

Hey are you on the radio????
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:29pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:29pm marq:

my cats are afraid of plastic bags or any type of sheet plastic when you shake it.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:31pm Vicki:

cats wee on bags too
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:32pm Vicki:

ok it's comments list audience participation time...
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:32pm paul:

duran duran and duran duran duran
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:33pm Marshall Stacks:

Lou Harrison -> John Denver: 10 steps, path score 300. Beat that!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:33pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:35pm marq:

I wonder if my cats would get really freaked out if a helicopter hovered above them with plastic grocery bags attached to the propellers.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:36pm paul:

i got an entirely different donna summer->jason forrest one. it mentions ziggy and damian marley and cypress hill
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:37pm TradeMark G. / The ECC:

Hi Vicki!
As for cats weeing on bags, I have a canvas bag that was pissed on by Jello Biafra's cat. True story.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:37pm Vicki:

yes, it's not 100 per cent reliable!
Hi Mark!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:42pm Vicki:

Charles - you had a problem with cat wee on bags, didn't you
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:43pm Vicki:

thanks for the Six Degrees suggestions
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:43pm Mr Fab:

Hey Vicki, I tried using RIAA in the 6 degrees thing. It led to Mr Fab & The RIAA, which led to that rapper Mistah F.A.B. Durn him!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:43pm bryce:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:44pm Vicki:

STEPHEN HAWKING autotuned there, did you HEAR THAT???!!!

Oh Hi Mr Fab
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:44pm marq:

Hi, seang-

who's this Kenny G dude you keep hearing about? Well, his name is Kenny G and he happens to be back on the air with the Summer schedule tomorrow. Anyone who's who knows that.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:45pm Marshall Stacks:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:45pm Vicki:

I wonder just how many degrees of separation it's possible to list? Bryce just got 167.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:46pm Mr Fab:

6 Degrees can't find WIlliam Shatner?!?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:46pm Milo:

Good grief - is that voice synthesiser Dr. SBaitso from days gone by?
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:46pm Vicki:

William Shatner can't find William Shatner

yes it's flawed
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:47pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:47pm paul:

it couldnt find dan deacon either. but sometimes i write a random word and it'll pick the closest thing it could find
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:48pm Vicki:

I'm wondering if it's using Discogs for it's searches? Cos if it was using Last FM or something maybe it would be better, dunno
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:48pm Who's Who:

Kenny G's actually a professor of avant art/communication, hence his absence for a year. He is a major force behind ubuweb, which Vicki's linked with, given her interests and work...
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:49pm paul:

if it was discogs it's have (#) after every other band name
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:49pm Mr Fab:

People Like Us to Wing in 14 steps!

  Wed. 6/16/10 7:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Welcome back to your summer show. I think I've head the California Dreaming cover before. Good to hear it again.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:50pm Vicki:

yes PLU is in there! I'm mainly linked thru Matmos I noticed - it's quite simplistic I think
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:51pm Vicki:

if you have any future insect questions for Irene Moon, a professional entomologishtst (I think I'll keep it spelt like that), type it here
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:52pm paul:

pretty weird how it includes side musicians as members of groups... like William Rieflin was most definitely not a regular member of R.E.M. but this site treats him like he was
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:53pm Vicki:

well i included 3 Jim O'Rourkes cos I was using iTunes to play the segments and just ended up with some folky twaddle
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:55pm Kidz in the Hood:

U be buggin!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:55pm Danne D:

G'night Vicki :)
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:55pm marq:

Who Knew! But who's who!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:55pm Vicki:

no, that was just Irene going, not me
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:56pm Danne D:

lol - oops that's what I get for trying to multitask during your show :)
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:56pm Who's who:

You can find Kenny G's CV (academic resume) off his FMU personal page.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:56pm paul:

yeah this charanjit singh record is amazing!!!!!
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:56pm Vicki:

I play it all day and eventually go out
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:57pm seang:

thanks for the info!--i dig that ubuweb site
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:58pm marq:

all of the cool books Kenny G wrote. Wonderfully painful and great.
  Wed. 6/16/10 7:59pm Vicki:

so yes... glad to be back etc and see you's next week - and send Insect questions to me for Irene Moon! Email link at the bottom of the playlist which I turn off the comments for once we're done here
  Wed. 6/16/10 8:01pm marq:

actually. Kenny G is his wfmu personality. he has a real name eslewhere

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