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Playlist for August 2, 1999:

Fay's trembling fingers created this sound experience.




 *Denotes a selection from my collection.
Fay Lovsky "Bad Continuity" Fay Lovsky & La Bande Desinée
Fay Lovsky "Had By You" Fay Lovsky & La Bande Desinée
Fay Lovsky "Appellation Controleé"  Jopo In Mono

Live Performance by Fay Lovsky

Singer, songstress, guitarist and Theremin player Fay Lovsky hails from Holland, her home base at the moment, but she's lived in England and Europe as well. Lovsky has been releasing albums since the early 80's, in a style combining jazz, folk, 'dancehall' and country music. Fay's songs are very playful and she writes and sings in English, French and Dutch. She's written a perennial Christmas favorite, as well as been sidelined into jingle writing. An accomplished player on many instruments, Fay Lovsky brought her guitar, her expert Theremin playing and her lovely voice to WFMU.


All CDs by Fay Lovsky are available through the Basta Label, located in The Netherlands. Her two most recent albums are also available through sites like or CD Now.

*Arling & Cameron "Voulez-Vous" All In
*Lida Husik "Joyride" /"Mother Richard" Joyride
*Radiohead "Paranoid Android" O.K. Computer
*Hollins and Starr "Vivace Bach" /"Lovable" Sidewalks Talkin'

*David Garland "Almost" Togetherness
*The Beach Boys "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" Pet Sounds
The Music Tapes "Opening: Song for Soon To Be Sailor" /"an Orchistration's Overture" 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad
*The High Llamas "Cropduster" Hawaii

*Vinicius Cantuária "Tucumã" Tucumã
*Carlos Barbosa-Lima /Thigo de Mello "Canto Dos Esquecidos /Yara Levou o Meu Amor (Chant of the Forgotten Ones /Yara Took My Love)" Chants For The Chief
Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet "Seventide" Come To The Meadow
*Mark Humble "Wait and See" live on WFMU 12/98

*East River Pipe "My Little Rainbow" The Gasoline Age
*Saggitarius "Another Time" Present Tense
*The Left Banke "Men Are Building Sand" There's Gonna Be A Storm
*The Free Design "Daniel The Dolphin" The Free Design Sing For Very Important People


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