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Playlist for April 13, 1998:
A bloom of the spring.


*Denotes something from my collection

Iva Bittová"Paraskeva"Iva Bittová
*Frederic Hand's Jazzantiqua"Bachiaras"Frederic Hand's Jazzantiqua
*Annbjøg Lien"The Battle of the Drones"Felefeber
*Knut Riersrud"Trampin'"Footwork

*William Ackerman"The Search for the Turtle's Navel"It Takes a Year
Justin Vali"Sofina"Rambala
*Carol Kleyn"Blackbird"Love Has Made Me Stronger
*Diane Anderson & Osvaldo Salas: Milhaud"Les Songes Opus 237: Suite Pour Deux Pianos"Darius Milhaud: Music for 2 Pianos
*Mecca Bodega"Canandaiqua Lake"Hammered Dulcimer

Dana & Carolyn Kletter"Beach Song"dear enemy,
*Milos Raickovic"Dream Quartet"Flying Trio/Dream Quartet
*Skeleton Crew (Fred Frith &Tom Cora)"We're Still Free"Learn to Talk
Magical Power"Sound, Mother Earth"Mako

*Fairfield Parlour"Glorious House of Arthur"From Home to Home
*Forest"The Midnight Hanging of a Rumaway Serf"Full Circle
*The Small Faces"Afterglow"Ogden's Nutgone Flake
Peter & Gordon"The Morning's Calling"Woman/Lady Godiva
*Tripsichord"Everlasting Joy"Tripsichord

*The Smoke"We Can Take It"
The Bartlebees"She Loves Monsters"Urban Folk Legends
*The Nice"Azrael Revisited"Nice
Scrawl"For Your Sister"Nature Film
The Green Pajamas"Story of Isaac"Indian Winter

The Bevis Frond"Heritage Coast"
Kukuruza"Landscape"Endless Story
The Original Harmony Creek Dippers (Victoria Williams, Marc Olsen)"Run with the Ponies"The Original Harmony Creek Dippers

Damon & Naiomi"I'm Yours"Playback Singers
*Joel Forrester & People Like Us "When I Was in Heaven"In Heaven

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