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Playlist for April 6, 1998:
Mecca Bodega hammers out a few tunes.


*Denotes something from my collection

*Oregon"Rejoicing"Moon and Mind
*Peter Knight"Brackenberry Road"An Ancient Cause
*Eyeball (Jasper van't Hof, Bob Malach, Aldo Romano, Didier Lockwood, Bo Stief)"In A Minute"Eyeball

*Bob Dylan"Not Dark Yet"Time Out of Mind
*Pearls Before Swine"The Riegel"/ "When the War Began"The Use of Ashes
*Theo Bleckmann/Ben Monder"Late Green"/ "Gemini"No Boat

*Gary Lucas"Sandman"Busy Being Born
*Kali Fasteau"Whispersong"Comraderie
*Beekeeper"Wake Up"Anywhere Will Do
*Ry Cooder"Paris, Texas Theme"Music By Ry Cooder

Live Performance by Mecca Bodega

(Paul Mueller, Marc Mueller, Marlon Cherry, Simon 7, Kevin Huppert)

  • "Cicada" (from theMahatma Gumbo album)
  • "Jesus Complex"
  • "Myrrh"
  • "Red Shoes"
  • "Hummous Around the Horn"
  • "Red Shoes" (from the HBO soundtrack album Subway Stories )
  • "Trust"
  • CD: "Kentucky Fried Medulla"
  • "Rosetta Peer's" (from theCity Of Rocks album)
  • "Death of the Cool"
  • "Jama Rama"
  • CD: "Isle of Kadapous"/ "Stump"

Mecca Bodega's latest album is Hammered Dulcimer, available for $12 from Fang Records, P.O. Box 652, New York, NY 10009. The group is featured in the HBO's Subway Stories and wrote the soundtrack for the movie. Catch Mecca Bodega playing in a NYC Subway near you!

*Vinicius Cantuaria"Samba Da Estrela"Sol Na Cara
*Wichita Fall"Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show"/ "Crystal Rain"/ "Hectivity"Life is But a Dream

Tren Brothers"Gone Away"7" on Secretly Canadian Records
*Patrick Grant"A Visible Track of Turbulence"Silent Treatment

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